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as described by everyone room for 18 rvs


Stationnement de l’Aréna 46.98318, -70.56397

OMG! They felt so good! Specific 1 hour parking for showers. Temp and pressure were perfect. Each shower has individual locked room. Dumpster and spigot here too!

Split Rock State Park 47.20846, -91.37853

This place has signs everywhere saying “registered campers only” and the camp-host is across the road. I went to Split Rock, much more legit.

Baptism River Campground Showers 47.34559, -91.20953

Large grassy plateau with some gravel to the right of the road as you approach the lighthouse. Rough steep potholed single lane gravel road in. I wouldn't recommend this road or space for anything other than a b class. Outstanding views. Nobody here but us and from 5:00 we saw two cars come to visit the lighthouse and that was it for a Friday night. Good cell reception. Windy location. The other location further from the lighthouse with the picnic tables was much more sheltered.

Fort Point Lighthouse, Trinity 48.36158, -53.34776

Clean simple rooms with communal bathroom. Single for 60 dirhams (~$6) per night. Showers with hot water and good pressure.

Hotel Bir Anzaran 28.44010, -11.10597

Passamos duas ótimas noites. Excelente localização, na rua de trás da av. Principal e duas após o trevo da cidade onde está o postoYPF. Varias lojas comerciais, restaurantes etc. Neste estacionamento público não havia placa indicando proibição de estacionamento para RVs. No entanto notei que no outro estacionamento público no final da av. Arrayanes havia placa proibitiva.

Las Frambuesas -40.76331, -71.64510

Stayed here in my 25ft class C instead of traveling up the dirt road to the other spot. Road noise during the day. Only one here. Very leveled. Some cars stopped during the day here and there and seem to use it as a quick rest stop. Good service tmobile.

Sno-Park Parking 44.43215, -121.95892

Big flat spot. I supposed it has been created to have access to underground pipes. No shade, no protection from wind (but we didn't have any wind the night we stayed). Visible from the "road" (which is only a dirt path), but we didn't see anyone. Far from any human presence (there is only a mine far away). Easy access. Very quiet, felt safe, starry night and a vicuña in the morning.

Roadside - A-15-B -20.99597, -68.50892

20$ for a water fill up which tasted disgusting, would not recommend at all

Custer Crossing Campground 44.20523, -103.64927

Very nice place, stayed with two campervans and saw no one at all. Nice swimming water and some hiking options nearby

Big spot right on the riverbed 40.62642, -8.35973

no parking signs still displayed. tourist information office here too, no longer at the pagoda in town. open 9 to 5 seven days a week.

Scenic lookout and Terry Fox monument 48.48509, -89.16855

A well-kept, clean camp ground, as described. Nearly all camp sites are in large open fields, although there are some shade trees.

4 Mile Creek State Campground 43.27520, -78.99731

You can spend the day here, but overnight is not longer allowed.

Parque Maua -33.24253, -58.06471

Stopped on our way back in from Bolivia.

As we are planning to return to Bolivia in a few weeks, we didn't bother with the pet paperwork, as the first time we entered Peru the SANASA was shut and we were let in without documents.

They asked to see the pet paperwork (which we didn't have) and after a lengthy discussion, explaining that we needed to return in two weeks to take our cat to a vet and her let us pass.

SANAT PERU CONTROL -15.86399, -69.99728
Cubby Van Life

Caution. We pulled in to check it out, decided not to stay, and while we were there 3 minutes, someone came and chained up the opened gate! Thankfully, it was not locked. Coincidence or a deliberate action? Be careful.

Olsen Drive Road 46.64927, -84.31090

Yes, nice.
Decor is reminiscent of an old British Pub.
Good WiFi for online working.
Good Cafe con Leche for 16Bob

Cafe La Plata -19.58952, -65.75319

Warm days, cool nights and a view of the soaring Uinta Mountains make this quiet grassy meadow an inviting spot to camp.
Warm days, cool nights and a view of the soaring Uinta Mountains make this quiet, grassy campground an inviting spot to visit. And when you spend a night, you're joining a steady parade of travelers who've stopped here since mountain man, Jim Bridger, built his trading post along the Oregon and Mormon trails in 1843. The Lyman KOA is a short drive from the re-created post (some original buildings) of Fort Bridger State Historic Site. Visit Labor Day weekend to catch the Mountain Man Rendezvous, complete with black powder and buckskins.

Stopped here from Salt Lake City on my way back to Minneapolis. Overall this place was an awesome stop with plenty of room and extremely clean bathrooms and showers. That along with the ability to do laundry and camp/ shower for under $35 for a tent spot in the middle of no where. Can’t beat it. Will be back soon!

Lyman KOA Journey 41.34991, -110.29840

still exists, it is highly recommended slow down! ;-)

Speed trap -25.86821, -55.11777

Co-opting this spot which seems to be shut down but replacing it with Mutual Propane right nearby. Will fill built in RV tanks as well as portable ones.

Mutual Propane 53.56266, -113.60132

Headed southbound you can stop on the right just before the safety barrier.

Natural Arch -16.05932, -73.96079

Flying J is a gas station next to Loves. It has a Denny’s restaurant attached. I stayed overnight in the side parking lot. Lots of others staying as well. Slightly better parking lot than the Loves. I stayed all night and the next morning and no one bothered me. Let the pups walk around a bit. Even had some shade under a tree.

Flying J 38.17508, -87.55108

only'snorkeling' tours for 130-150! I didnt ask for camping .I left. mandatory floating jacket!?!? grew up in the water!

Aquario Encantado -14.58932, -55.93215

Good service. We gave the ropes at 10h and got them back at 19h, same day.
All was cleaned and dryed.

Lavadora in Carhué -37.18113, -62.75491

Sadly we got here to find that the hurricane has devastated Campo Rene, there is no one here and the structures are all destroyed or badly damaged.

Campo Rene 26.79054, -113.51233

Don’t worry this isn’t inside the cemetery!

Parker along the outer edge of the cemetery in a mostly gravel “lot” along the street. Looks to be overflow for the locals who can’t find a spot on the street next to their house. Signage was clear. Not a ton of length on this so recommend only for shorter vans, no big rigs for sure. Otherwise great spot no one bothered me.

Calvary Cemetery 47.66478, -122.29088

Excellent place for multiple RVs. Even big ones are fine here by the first two lakes especially. So many places to explore. We hiked all over. Mushrooms and berry picking. Beaver in the lake. Three bars AT&T. Ample T-Mobile for our hotspot. Stayed four nights, did some work in a beautiful setting and wandered all over. Some road noise but very minor.

North of Radio Tower Road, Clear Air Force Station 64.30589, -149.07477

Camping excelente, passamos 2 semanas aqui, Silvana e Cocao fizeram a gente se sentir em casa! Cachoeira do tamanduá e Maria augusta dentro do camping! Cachoeira super perto fomos todos os dias! Fiquei apaixonado pelo Jack cachorro lindo que foi comigo todos os dias na cachoeira!

Camping do Cocao -20.52261, -46.53083

estacionamiento, hay agua; hay un cuidador de coches, se paga a voluntad. a 50 mts. de la playa, tranquilo e iluminado.

Estacionamiento Playa Itacimirim -12.62788, -38.04583

I confirm, still 4$ for a private hot shower and full of amenities (sauna, hair dryer...).

YMCA 43.69450, -97.95677

Slept one night there. Very quiet, felt safe. We were the only ones. No one at night and in the morning. There is a parc nearby with toilets and drinkable water.

Riverside Park 44.89476, -94.37857

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