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Yes really nice place, friendly staff and they also offered a breakfast to us. Only 90km from Lagos but good option if you leave Lagos little bit late.

Havillah Cottage 6.88987, 3.70430

They are really friendly. Meal and drinks are cheap. Unfortunately the generator is working all the night so not really easy for a good night. But it's often like that in Nigéria 😉

Roberts Inn & Q bar & Grill 7.26515, 5.21494

Now it's the Continental not the Sheraton. We tried to ask if possible to sleep here. The manager, really friendly, was already working at the hôtel when it was Sheraton and he remembers travelers overlanders sleeping here. He tried to discuss with the Direction. But after 2 hours, the Best proposition was that we paid 100 dollars to be able to sleep on their parking..... no way. Also we tried at the Hilton and also no way.

Continental Hotel 9.06475, 7.48318

Nice option to sleep in your car. They are friendly. Some shadow on the parking. The generator is working only 2 hours and after they stopped it, so perfect ! We paid 6000 nairas and can use the room for the bathroom.

Ghoko 7.32717, 8.98770

Would need a makeover, but rooms are large, staff friendly, location good, and there is above ground and underground parking on the property. Price is still 9.65 mn, or just under $20.

Sina Hotel 38.07471, 46.28205

Really nice place. Friendly staff. They open a room to use the bathroom. Parking is clean. We paid 5000 nairas for 2 cars and shared the bathroom of the room. They have fresh drinks.

Young JP 7.48976, 11.34177

we arrived at 5:30pm and the wife was here. Prices were correct : we paid 15000p for the night and 15000p for the next day. Last 300m access are a few bad but WE did it without any problem with our motorhome.
This spot is really nice. we slept alone, very well, with the palms all around us. Recommended..

Cocora 4.64103, -75.48351

OK if you sleep in your car. Not a lot of space on the parking but for 2 or 3 cars it's ok. They open a room but it's not clean and no water for the bathroom, we didn't use it. They ask us 4000 nairas. We paid at the evening at one of the guy (a lot of guys were around us) and the day after the "manager" said that we have to pay. We explained him and he said that he doesn't know this guy, he never saw him... ask that we paye him again. Tried to discuss but more and guys around us and we wanted to start to drive so we gave him 4000 again. But if you have choice, sleep somewhere else.

Hamdalla Hotel 6.95900, 11.11867

Very quite and nice place in the nature. When we came in September there was no water visible on the water reservoir as it was a very dry summer.

No one showed up, we heard cows but didn’t see then nor horses, but we saw their excrements.

Some moth and insects at night but bearable.

Cola del Embalse de Bornos 36.83034, -5.69691

Got 3x 20000 with 6 tries. Cost was 1.6% above mid rate, very good.

Ecobank ATM 6.32535, 8.08882

Beautiful small dam with bird life. Camp next to the dam and use the braai facilities. Pool and entertainment area also close by

Jonkersdam Camp -26.86653, 29.17346

staying here for 2 days. there are quite a few options in this town , so finding an accommodation should not be a problem unless there is some festival going on.

I paid 30 soles here for a private room with double bed, they have place to keep bike. no wifi but the owner shared her Hotspot. friendly owners.

Hostel Señor de Mayo -10.07562, -76.73587

The road was just fine for our promaster van. There was a lot of trash at this site to include a couple of mattresses. We wouldn't recommend it for that reason and the fact that there was a lot of traffic and the spots are very close to the road. Fine for one night if you want to stay close to town.

Dexter Creek 38.06284, -107.67843

Lots of cars driving past even after midnight. Not an ideal place to see or capture aurora. The Fairbanks city light is too bright.

Peat Ponds Wildlife Area 64.91153, -147.93480

SUPER easy in and out, 16- 20 sites, very level with quick self check in, FULL hookups. $30.
Pretty quiet, there are 8 roomy pull through sites on the lower level and several back in spots on the upper level with room for tents. OR you can dump and fill $10. Great spot if you need a stopover.

pony Express Self Serve RV park 39.48904, -117.06273

Além da infraestrutura para camping (o espaço é suuuper grande e com opção de área coberta), o Gralha Azul também tem suítes. Ficamos no quarto com a varanda de frente para o por do sol, aproveitamos para fazer tirolesa, rapel, escalada e curtir as trilhas 💚✨🍃 informações sobre valores: 42 9980-4079

Camping Ninho da Gralha -25.06510, -51.51213
David Wright

Great spot! Thanks BLM!! Vault toilets were clean. Place was quiet. A few other campers.

Cowboy Camp BLM 38.99546, -122.35544

this place rips you off when it comes to shower time. I did the initial 7 quarters, followed by 5 more (supposed to be an additional 15 seconds per quarter) which should have totalled about 3 minutes.... I got a 1 minute thirty seconds tops.

not happy about that.

hot coin shower 44.31433, -68.21234
Vilson Gulart

Esteio é uma cidade da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre.
É em Esteio que se realiza a Expointer, uma das maiores feiras da América Latina.
Ali, pertinho do parque de exposições Assis Brasil, e também junto à BR 116, encontra-se o tradicional letreiro da cidade. Vale ressaltar que os letreiros de qualquer cidade, seja no Brasil ou no mundo, são procurados por viajantes para tirar fotos.
Há, no local, um pequeno lago, onde é possível ver pássaros voando.

Letreiro da Cidade de Esteio-RS -29.84895, -51.17947

Serviços de metalúrgica geral - ajustamos nosso engate que quebrou aqui em Natal. Estão iniciando a fabricaçao de trailers. Excelente opção, bem estruturados!

Trailers e Reboque Trajano -5.91111, -35.26327

Great place. It was quite for me, but the do allow generators until 8:pm. Ranger will come by to get cash (cash only, Canadian or US dollars)
Pit toilets and water available. Did not see any showered.

French beach Provincial park 48.39234, -123.94317

Very nice workers. Can pay with card. Filled camper with water. Clean showers and toilets.

P&S gas station -3.52650, -79.99496

This was incredibly easy. We re-entered Peru. Neither aduana checked the vehicle. Friday afternoon it was nearly deserted, no queues at either side. SENASA lady was waiting to take away our fruits and veg in Peru. We ate basically everything anyway but left two sacrificial bananas as distraction. Asked if we had pets, we said no with the two cats stashed in the back. Didn’t search us at all, apologetically took our bananas. Bought SOAT online in advance but wasn’t asked for it.

Yunguyo/Copacabana Border Crossing, Bolivian side -16.22511, -69.09571

There are a few here. This one by the boat launch is easy to drive up to.

Drinking water 50.76354, -111.51683

Pichincha District in the city center to collect the Zoosanitary Certificate documents after filling out the online forms. It is on the 18th floor.

Distrito Pichincha no centro da cidade para retirar os documentos de Certificado Zoosanitario após o preenchimento dos formulários online. Fica no 18° andar.




[email protected]

Oficina Agrolocalidad -0.21155, -78.50180

ducha 6 minutos 100p
wifi playa del uno al ocho

YPF-Petrol-Station -31.01069, -62.67404

Got gas for foreigner price: 8.70 bolivianos.

YPFB -18.34927, -59.75140

We passed by this point today but there was nobody there.

Road block -18.08778, -60.08897

public shower and restroom for the beach. free access and indoor. cold water tho.

restroom and bathouse 44.91174, -93.24304

No police here still… doesn’t look like a permanent checkpoint right now.

Corrupt police - SOAT needed -16.09167, -69.63418

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