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Beautiful place 10 min away from the Pousada hotel.
Easy walk, even with kids. No guide needed at all.
The owner if the Pousada hotel took us there to show us but no guide needed at all.
Just enjoy a cool bath in the refreshing current ofcthe river and warm up on the warm rocks.

Natural pools -9.07241, 16.00383
Cubby Van Life

This ONE site is easier to access compared to posted places in close proximity. Drive the paved road behind the rest stop, turn left onto a flat, gravel road and drive about 1/4 mile to the end to a hard-packed pad. No signage, No problems. Very dark. Some highway noise. Toilets at the rest stop.

Behind the rest stop 46.31022, -81.67084

Costanera, Strandpromenade oder besser gesagt Flusspromenade. Ruhige Zone in der Nähe des großen Kreuzes, nicht weit entfernt vom Park, 5 Minuten von der Landstrasse aus zu erreichen.

Costanera von Villa Florida -26.40450, -57.12678

Stunning point of view over the falls from here!
Come to that place to be amazed.

Stunning POV over the falls -9.07526, 16.00314

Stayed here 1 night on our way to Ecuador. Really nice police. Just have to ask permission. Beautiful beach water so nice for swimming

Police Station Parking Lot On Beach -3.95011, -80.94780

Fernando assisted us today with an oil change and a couple of other things.
The place is as posted, with Fernando being efficient, friendly and very reasonably priced. We are happy to recommend him, too.

MyM Repuestos Alineación y Balanceo -26.02221, -54.59971

Take a right to the natural pools.
Straight to the stunning POV.(on your left hand side after 50 meters)

Turn-off Point - Natural Pools -9.07643, 16.00351

2.4 meter height restriction for vehicles

Height restriction 7.81126, 6.07964

Nice gas station with a lot of space. Clean bathroom and wifi in the restaurant.
No phone signal for claro

Shell -33.10205, -58.64309

Abandoned factory - office open good shelter from the rain!

Old factory - blue building 43.42154, 82.82796
Fede Arbelaez

Besides the nice walk and history in this theme park (free), you can taste the best empanadas ever!!

Famailla near Tucuman, Parque Tematico Historico -27.04822, -65.39313

There are two faucets, locals use them as drinking water station, too.

Water direct next to the road 36.74595, 43.24998

Quiet place to spend the night. Close to a river. Not a established camp ground but easy to access and close to the town. There is no road so we don’t recommend it in rainy season

Laguna de lobos -35.26664, -59.11758

This place is a haven! 100/100 would recommend!

Base Plein Air Sainte-Foy 46.78746, -71.33152

The only ATM we found that accepts European cards. They told us it's because this is an old machine, all the newer ones don't except European cards...
You can withdrawal 5.000 M each time, costs are low.

ATM that accepts Maestro -25.96760, 32.57703

Note: bathrooms are by the main square park ask for the SANITARIOS they open from 6am to 7 pm .15 cents. they were surprisingly clean and well keep

Santa Ana 13.99629, -89.55619

ficamos 1 noite. muito tranquilo
sem servicios mas é um bom lugar para pernoctar o deixar o carro e visitar o centro histórico

Centro de convenções (coordenada certa) -14.78744, -39.03289

Typical cracker barrel parking lot. Spent a quiet night here. No designated area for overnight parking, but there is a lot of space to the right of the building, which is where we parked.

Cracker Barrel 41.13228, -85.00938

Beatifuĺ place for 2 cars. 4x4 definitely needed. Keep the place clean

Beach 38.58393, 20.56021

Nice guys, no problems to fill a tank in a motor home

Lipigas vecino -39.28994, -72.22850

There are two nice places. One in front of the wooden bridge, one after the wooden bridge. It's good for 2 RV or vans each. It is a very beautiful landscape and very quiet. Locals come for a walk with dogs.

Dead Creek parking at lake 44.07568, -73.35124

Beautiful open spot. Road down is a bit steep but did it in my ram promaster. Nice views!

Heart's Desire, NL disused quarry, large grassy area, 3-5 acres 47.80914, -53.46324

Good local food in town, normal local restaurant, but very good food
And beautiful atmosphere

Chez Mingué et Matlene 14.43870, -16.97805

Gas and fuel station. You can also recharge for water.

YPF station -35.39883, -59.40926

Now 190pppn. Really expensive compared to other places in the area. We also found Chris to be extremely unwelcoming, never said hello, we felt very much like we were in the way. Very strange atmosphere and wouldn’t stay again.

Twana Lodge -25.80836, 28.38845

We checked this spot out, but didn’t really like it. It looks like the lake has risen a bit, so there is no levelled spot anymore. Also it’s quite close to neighbouring houses with people around

Nyororo/Lake Nzivi -8.54417, 35.09428

The best plov in town. They have 2 types of plov, really really tasty in 2 sizes, small and big. Also a few salads. It's very busy place and you might need to wait a little for a table, but it's worth the wait. Menu in the foto

The Plov 39.78368, 64.42600
Radio Baobab

Excellent mechanic! Specialized in jeep but does all marks. Knows what is important for overlanders and goes above and beyond to do a proper job. Can arrange many parts. Member of a jeep club that assist overlanders in all sorts of things. Could sleep in his uard while they worked on the car. Highly recommended. You can contact them via their Instagram: elmer_jeep

Elmer 4x4 2.82662, -60.66428
Defender Canada

Hot showers still available mid-September. Park manager told me the showers should be available another 2 weeks till the end of the month.

Chelton Beach Provincial Park 46.30277, -63.74600

Nice place, updated rooms, very clean. Good size room with a double and single bed 60s. Cochera for motos and cars. Reccomend.

Hostal Paraiso Lares -13.10371, -72.04481

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