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This is the only proper looking fuel station on Saudi side for the next 600km through the desert. Diesel was 0.86 Rials

Aldrees Barracks 22.19302, 55.49749

Nice 500 year old tree in the middle of the desert. popular to ho there by expats in the evening.

Tree of life 25.99408, 50.58293
james moilanen

small seaport in Maine near the town of Perry Maine

Eastport 44.90544, -66.99009

Great pousada with 3 rooms. Shared kitchen, firepit, parking space, outside shower, bbq, hammock, etc. We paid 120 reis for 2 people for a room with private bathroom. There is a small waterfall and river across the street, you can swim in it. Lovely owner !! We booked through

Sitio Estrela da Manha -12.55328, -41.55959

We spent a couple of days at this lovely campground and can highly recommend it in every single way. There’s room for tents, small vans but for big rigs as well. The showers and the toilet are clean and nice to use.
Andrea and Sebastian are very welcoming and happy to help you with smaller and bigger problems.
Andrea offers bread and smoothies that are so tasty, if you stop here you must try them.
Oh and they have starlink wifi that reaches your van so you can easily enjoy streaming movies and shows.
And of course, the cenote in their property is one of the nicest we have ever visited!

Cenote Xnuuk 20.87497, -87.94660

Great spot! Someone screamed during the night and woke me up twice, but otherwise it was very calm.

Arcata Community Centre 40.86381, -124.07716

El personal muy atento, gasolina y GNC, duchas con agua fría y caliente, muy bien instaladas U$D 0.40.- sin limite de tiempo.

YPF -30.72562, -64.80323
sonny jadun

I got to the site but Tanya was nowhere to be found. Instead I stopped at Pupuseria and asked if they allowed the camper to stop foe overnight. They had no problems. There is not much area to park (small space by roadside) but it may be better than driving all the way back to Copan Ruins.

Mountain Paradise 14.94758, -89.15459

Had a good night sleep here. Washroom building is close and has a really nice hot shower. Nice view to the water

Across from Crofton ferry terminal 48.86598, -123.64115

Nice informal campsites around a small lake. No potable water, and the lake is pretty murky. There are trash cans in most of the sites and picnic tables and grills in some, fire rings in others.
The sites are large and far apart, and you have a choice between full sun and shade depending on where you camp. There are some stone outhouses and shelters here and there but they’re quite rustic and a bit of a walk from most sites.
The place is free and there are no signs indicating length of stay!
There were 2 RVs here when we got here Tuesday but they left and we have the place to ourselves. It’s a beautiful September day here.

It’s 1/2 mile north of Rte 24 close to Morland, but it’s over a hill so minimal traffic noise.

1 to occasionally 2bars LTE on ATT.

Antelope lake 39.37230, -100.11685

Great staff. Lovely campsites. You can purchase showers even if you don’t stay here. Yummy cinnamon buns. Closes mid-September for the season.

Tetsa River Lodge 58.65243, -124.23582

Really nice place for ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, copoazu, aguaje tastes). Green garden. On google is written that you could also get some Pacu fish, we didn't try.

Choco Finca -12.64127, -72.53045

Full thumbs up! Every seat has a view of the water, food is great and the owner is great. All around, if you’re up in this area and need some good grub, make the stop.

The Daily Catch 51.51653, -55.46170

the water is shut off and the attendant said that it isn't available anymore.

Chevron Gas Station 44.29823, -121.56214

It’s a public free park place in front off Club Serrinha. Located in a small village german colonization 25 km from Blumenau,s downtown. During events in the club, it can be full. Better ask before cel +55 47 999033386

Public free park place near Blumenau SC -26.72852, -49.06623

There is water but the tap is missing. So it is impossible to fill anything. You can wash your hands ;)

Fuentes de Agua -22.89001, -69.31950

super cool free outdoor gym right off of the north plate trail. There is also a bathroom next to the parking area. Great resource to have and pretty unique outdoor workout gym!

outdoor workout gym 42.75021, -105.39297

Reforço as observações acima, rua bem calma com residências e hotéis. Entrando pelo centro há espaço para estacionar qualquer tamanho de RVs. Policiais passam com frequência.

General Suarez Road -39.95204, -71.06791

outside of beach bathrooms there's a water bottle fill station that will fit a gallon sized container under it. it's on its way out, the drinking fountain and shower are long broken, but its a good emergency fill spot. the water pressure is very low, but it happens to be broken in such a way that if you nudge it just right, it will stay on instead of having to hold the button. we just parked nearby and watched our jugs fill. finding free water in the city is hard, so im grateful

water bottle fill station 37.73501, -122.50709

ATA sign above the office. Got here 1 month (same price for 1 day up to 30 days) insurance for 9000cfa for a 4x4. Guys spoke a bit English as well.

Assurances ATA- For Western Africa 16.02672, -16.50525

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm

Swiss Bakery 52.83469, -119.26066

Tap visible from gas tanks. Ask really nice staff and they will turn the key.

Ultramar 46.13211, -64.90957

Very hard to find. Turn left off 119. At the end of campground.

Sanidumps Dumpstation 43.03683, -80.87088

Western union agency, really professional

Western Union -32.89535, -68.84224

There is a Sani dump available on the campground.

Ingersoll municipalities campground 43.03675, -80.87064

There is a brown building with yellow trim that has one shower in each the women’s and men’s and also toilets. Nothing super fancy but it work and also it’s free!! I asked at the visitors center and it sounds like the bathroom/shower house is open year round.

Riverside park bathhouse 42.76267, -105.39201

The dumping site is at the end of campground ahead pass the museum.

Sani dump Ingersoll campground 43.03683, -80.86668

Perfect spot for the night! HUGE gravel lot, the lower lot says “no camping” but the upper lot doesn’t. Beautiful sunrise! You can hear the waves hitting the shore! I feel like I am at the ocean.

Taconite Harbor - Upper Lot 47.52083, -90.92635

No potable water!!! Only water for rinsing.

Flying J Truck Stop 42.85181, -106.27004

Wonderful spot for boondockers!

Fuel is inexpensive (diesel 30c cheaper than others), clean restrooms, and all the amenities listed in title.

Laundromatwifi network has very fast download speeds.

Definitely stop here if you need to top up anything!i

Tradewinds: fuel/water/power/wifi/laundromat 44.55893, -68.43421

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