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Awesome views. Clean toilets, showers outside of toilets (cold and not private but still!).
Great playground and easy with a dog :)
Win win win
Gates close at 19

Chimayoy National park 1.26233, -77.28429

Pretty much as described. Secluded campsite with an upper and lower section. Road to get there doesn't require 4wd or clearance, but is pretty washboarded at times. Trains were still running 5x per night, but otherwise quiet.

Toston Dam Campground 46.12176, -111.40911

It's great! Pulled in about 3pm, had the whole place to ourselves except for a deer that was grazing. Found a "pull- through" site that was right next to the corral. Super flat, didn't even have to unhook! Firepit, picnic table, and a short walk down a narrow path to to little creek. Great for a mid week overnight, very peaceful.

Free campground Pleasant Valley 48.04136, -115.29175

Beautiful campsite just off the road. Doesn’t seem to load. Two tent sites by the lake and more spots of vans and RVs. No cellular. Has a water fountain which indicates to boil or purify water.

Marble Canyon Provincial Park 50.83307, -121.69291

Correction from my previous comment, there are about 8 tent sites by the lake. Also the park operator has two kayaks that can be borrowed for a little paddle along the lake.

Marble Canyon Provincial Park 50.83376, -121.69336
Avaleur De Route

Beau stationnement de quai. tranquille la nuit. Une cantine est ouverte de 9-6.

Searsport Pier 44.45352, -68.92532

Great park, well maintained & set up perfectly for travelers. Wish all parks were like this one!

Camp Tamarack RV Park Campground 55.09425, -118.81385

The guy from the Campground and the Laundromat was super rude to us and got personally aggressive.
We arrived at 6pm and just used the shower and the Laundry and waited until the dryer to be finished, when he yelled at us, we can’t stay here for hours and should pay for the Campground. So we grabbed our wet clothes and drove to Teslin Yukon Motel instead, where the people were super nice.

Laundromat 60.48316, -133.30742

Campground in the forest with hot showers, toilets and hiker&biker sites (5$/person)

Burlington Campground 40.30900, -123.91002

Great little dispersed camping site, good for a group of 2-3 units. Campfire ring. 4x4 high clearance access.

Kayla's Hideaway 38.09641, -111.33305

Excellent place for a haircut (and color using Aveda products!). Located in back of building overlooking Rangeley Lake. Owner is an off-road biker, skier and camper. So she’s one of us.

Rangeley Roots 44.96519, -70.64427

Great A/C, hot water, decent wifi, large fridge, microwave and even a small swimming pool. Secure parking out of sight from the road with a gate that gets closed overnight; very tall vehicles may not fit in (see Google Maps for street view of entrance). 10 min walk to a Liverpool mall with grocery store and two movie theaters. Oxxo across the street.
Note the A/C is either on or off; we were not given the ability to adjust it, so the room was either frosty or stuffy. Oh, and the door to the bathroom in our room is glass, with cardboard taped over part of it for some, but not conplete, privacy.
We paid 750 pesos for a king/2 people.

Real Tabasco Suites 17.96578, -92.94893

Entrance is on C29, not 7 de agosto, despite the address listed in Google Maps.
A/C, hot water, half decent wifi, secure parking, though the lot is small (see pic). There's even a swimming pool here. Room had a small fridge. Family run.
Hotel is a block off the main drag, so quiet generally. I think there is a church next door; they had quite a loud service with music on a Wednesday evening, but it didn't go too late.
There's a restaurant here, but it was closed for renos during our visit.
1000 pesos for a king / 2 people.

Hotel Iguana Cabañas 18.78622, -91.49612

Next to tennis courts and walking track. Toilets available but only during 8-8pm.

River Street - Gravel Lot 50.67609, -120.31272

Old gravel pit near Williscroft Creek. Lots of room for any rig. 300m walk to the creek if you need water, but it's there. Great views of the lake. 1 Bar of Lte coverage.

There's a hike up the creek you can do, about 3km there and back with 250m elevation gain.

Amazing views! 61.08633, -138.54177

One of my favorite hostels in Colombia so far! It has a really welcoming vibe, and is really the perfect basecamp for doing any of the hikes in the Nat. Park.

Martha the owner is super knowledgeable about everything in this area, and is also the perfect matchmaker if you are looking for a hiking group but traveling solo/in a pair. They can arrange the guide & transportation from here, which is much easier than trying to jump through the complicated process of finding a guide and doing everything on your own. Her guides are 250.000 per group, and transport is also 250.000. You can have up to 5 people in a group, and at that point it’s only 100.000 per person for a full day hike, which is really very reasonable given how strenuous they are.

The private room I had was 75k per night, it was one of the small upstairs rooms and had outstanding hot water. The downstairs rooms did not have quite as strong hot water (they are electric vs gas). Breakfast is also included if you’re staying here.

You can park cars and motos in the lot directly across the street, super secure, and 5.000 per day

Hostal el Caminante 6.40825, -72.44440

No change from the last reports. Large open field (rally site) for Winnebago rallies and for while you are waiting for your service appointment. Hundreds of electric sites, water and dump available. The plant tour is free and great, takes about 2 hours - sign up via phone a day or two ahead of getting there.

Winnebago Plant Campground 43.25085, -93.63433

Fantastic spot by the river. Quiet and peaceful. Just outside of town. Great Verizon reception. 10 minutes to Dinosaur monument and really close to an rv park with showers/dump/water available for a fee.

Red Wash Rd 40.36554, -109.33303

geodesic domes situated at ~ 5200m. beautiful viewpoint and magical sunset but super cold.

chimborazo high camp -1.46536, -78.83804

Was told all sites $47 - no tent sites. They also forgot to mention that there would be no power from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Not cool.

Triple G Campground 58.80374, -122.71999

When you go down the „main“ road to the soccer field and then go into the street that is on the left side (right before the soccer field) there is plenty of hidden space with abandoned buildings. For us it was a little too scary so we stayed on the side of the main road (lit with streetlights). No cars In the night, a few in the morning. Friendly Local farmers who work in the morning.

Old soccer field -17.56677, -66.33893

Parked on Duane street between de 15th and the 16th. No problem there but noisy trafic early in the morning.

Astoria street 46.18862, -123.82511


Clean and quiet spot. Nobody showed up. Road may be difficult when wet. 4x4 only.

Nice spots at Toktogul 41.84956, 72.79349

A gentlemen help me to fill up my tank. The house is behind the rafting company. Ask nicely from the owner. They are helpful. I recommend go there when it is slow.

Glacier Raft Co. water fountain 48.49716, -113.98257

Small hotel in Tariat in the second floor of the market. Ask the girl in the market. Room clean, bed comfy, warm enough. Shared toilet with running water (rare hotel with running water in this area). No shower but you can go to the public shower at 400m. Double room 50'000-60'000, single room 30'000 T.

Hotel in Tariat 48.15733, 99.88520

Nice hidden place, easy to access, good for a night.

Margina - Farmland 45.84340, 22.29010
Bryan Jones

The big plus to staying here compared with Kipepeo is that Sunrise Beach has quite a lot of shade trees under which to camp keeping in mind the hazard of parking under a coconut palm!. The ablutions at Sunrise were OK if smelly and the powerful floodlights at night will bother some campers in tents or rooftops. Could also be noisy with music revellers at weekends. There is also too much trash blowing around on the sand in the camp area. As stated by others Anu the manager is a very pleasant individual and made note of these points. An overland truck belonging to Intrepid Overland arrived late in the evening and its passengers had very obviously not been told by the on board guide or driver not to disturb other campers and failed to switch off their over powerful led floodlight on the truck when they turned in. Uncharacteristic behaviour from an overland truck company.

Sunrise Beach Resort -6.84981, 39.35858

Large gravel lot for popular park. Busy with parkgoers no matter the weather. We parked our 31ft class C on the tree lined side. Quiet at night. Occasional park traffic during the night just hanging out in cars, but no one bothered us. A 10 minute ride to visit St John's and most historic sites. Would recommend

Bowring Park Gravel Parking Lot 47.52548, -52.75642

Peru to Brazil
Very quick border crossing. At the Sunat they ask for your tip and in the meantime you can get your exit stamp in the building at the left side. At the right side there are restaurants to change your last soles to reals.

Border Post - Peru -10.95548, -69.57736

stayed here overnight, there was an area on the way into the car park with lots of rvs and truck but we stayed in the actual Walmart parking lot. There was a street cleaning machine that seemed to be going most of the night, not a great sleep. We did ask a Walmart employee if we could stay overnight and they said lots of people do.

Walmart Parking 40.79303, -74.04024

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