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New place serving Ethiopian and local food. In a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Gaia eco hub 0.65324, 30.27742

free Wifi, good coffee, good food. open 24 hours

Penny's Diner 38.39669, -113.02062

unfortunately, now it's 15$ for the day pass

YMCA Lake View 41.94260, -87.67005

Showers open again. Indeed $2 for 5min. Requires a Kananaski conservation pass to park though which is $15 per day. That being said “Wilderness Wednesdays” are free apparently so we got lucky!

Nordic Center $2 showers 51.09034, -115.38428

Three level, paved sites with picnic tables. Traffic noise near by. Close to ferry terminal.

Roadside rest stop 58.36474, 7.78835

free cold shower and washrooms on a nice beach

Montrose beach 41.96472, -87.63544

very recommendable. we stayed one night. very friendly owner, everything clean and tidy, very good food and beer on tap :-)

Landi Campsite 41.10056, 20.02897

Very quiet place, in the middle of the countryside, picnic area.

Gauštvinio stovyklavietė 55.65577, 23.19641

5 soles per kilo and ready next day for clothes washing

Lavandería -12.78609, -74.97463
The Kombi Chronicles

A quiet spot away from the main road next to a little stream.

One or two trucks past in the night, but no barking.

In the morning a few locals came to chat and invited us to their house to try their lamb. Sadly, we had to get going, but they were lovely.

Good cell and Starlink signal

Quiet River Spot -18.69410, -66.15370
Because I turned right

Not very big, especially if boat launch is being used. No signs indicating overnight not allowed. Quiet, peaceful night.

Alix Lake boat launch 52.39775, -113.19560

There are fenses all around thé water.
Impossible to reach thé point

Pataxós - Lago Pataxós -5.61313, -36.82596

ótimo camping pé na areia, com estrutura para motorhome.

Camping sítio Itaparica -15.01759, -38.99734

According to Google Maps this is supposed to be a kite surfer hot spot. Excited at the perspective to see them do acrobatic moves in the water, all we found was a secluded meadow, two benches and a BBQ pit, which made up for the missing kite surfers! There was the occasional person and a dog who passed by, apparently cows graze here, too. Beautiful sunset over the water, long walks into the nature reserve. A lonely and very large eagle circled above us eagle-eyeing our dog! Good internet, a town nearby if you forgot the BBQ coal! Keep the place clean, and despite the occasional cow droppings don’t poop into the bushes!

Vivesholm 57.39760, 18.17238

The ground is gravelled and also perfect for bigger rigs. Some locals passing. Not a beautiful spot with nothing special but good for a rest.

Easy access near the road 9.52409, -13.22161

Excellent spot with many private camping areas.

Capitol Reef NP East Entrance 38.27741, -111.13025

So funny thing: if you take out cash with western union, they retain 500$ from your final amount. "As decided by the owner", and it is a take or leave proposition that is quite close to extortion, as there is no other western union location close to here. I definitely advise you not to take out cash from this place if you can avoid it! Such a shame, as I asked if I could spend the 500$ in the shop instead and they didn't agree, simply took 500$ from my money.

Punto cero, pago facil/western union -31.64949, -69.47448

Despite the “No overnight parking” signs, there were tons of people overnighting in the parking lot. I spent the last 2 nights here in my SUV along with several RVs, vans, trailers, trucks, and other cars.
One night I could smell the stinky smell people were mentioning when in the parking lot, but it was fine with my doors closed and windows rolled up. It’s sometimes loud like you would expect in a parking lot. I used ear plugs both nights.
I had a good Verizon signal the whole time.
I would stay here again if passing through.

Walmart 46.88431, -114.04193

Great spot to hang out. Fast internet, bathrooms, showers($6), comfy couches.

Visitor Centre/Recreation Centre 60.06499, -128.71405

Praça pública com pontos de água de poço e também uma torneira dentro da feira de artesanato. A tomada fica na entrada. Local bem sossegado para dormir. Habitantes bem amigáveis. A noite a praça fica mais frequentada.

Main square -2.52777, -44.23223

Great spot to camp. Very quiet and peaceful. Not far from the freeway.

Byre Lake Recreation Area 43.92998, -99.83602

Arco gas station : there is a tap with a nozzle for filling water. There is a padlock on it but if you ask the staff, they will remove it for you without any problem. Gasoline at a really reasonable price, I recommend!

Arco 36.20285, -121.13705

This place is hell on earth. I dont know why people are still giving good reviews for it.
For 1000 pp you get to sleep in the middle of a bar/restaurant. After parking, our car got quickly surrounded by 20 dudes, staring at us from those shady table bars all around us (and it was not a weekend non sense kinda thing, just a tuesday night). Absolutly no privacy. With all those guys hanging around til late, it was very VERY noisy until 10:30pm and i dont talk about the generator... At 7am the staff and the guys hanging around will wake you up cause they are incapable of communicating without yelling at each other.

It was also sooooo hot at night and humid, temperatures didn't drop down below 27. At 7am, it was already 31°C in our car.

This is not a camp, it's just a gigantic bar and restaurant with bungalows around overcharging meals and drinks (by the way, our beers were not even fresh). The staff was very friendly but the manager wasn't. Very disappointing place.

Don't waste your money here, go sleep at the desert museum on shore. At least you have a view there, there is wind to help you cool down and it's peaceful, as its not situated in the middle of a noisy town...

Palm Shade Camp 2.75630, 36.72120

Western Union transaction possible here. Kind staff.

Western Union -28.05264, -56.02774
Because I turned right

Free rv dump station, Non potable water……

Alix RV dump station 52.40051, -113.19307

Camping grande, con parrillas, sector cubierto para carpas, energía, agua y baños enfrente a la laguna Totora. Pagamos 2500 pesos (precio por equipamiento). Lugar amplio para estacionar vehículos grandes. Con guardia toda la noche.

Laguna Totora -27.37096, -58.50638

Awesome find. There appears to be several spigots scattered about the area! Easy fill in my Sprinter.

Libby Dam 48.41355, -115.31876

Nice backup when the other campgrounds were closed and I looked for a place to sleep late in the evening. Tent sites and full hookup available. Tent site / dry camping 30$ cash, but several tents and 2 vehicles allowed in one site. Hot showers coin operated 25ct for 5min, free WiFi.

Cougar RV Park & Campground 46.04838, -122.30719

little gas station with toilettes an little shop.
a few parking places.
we spend a night here without any problems.

Posto Shell -22.59209, -44.07324

nice public lands just behind the rest stop. stayed overnight and no problems. quiet and safe.

Mountain overlook 40.92025, -117.39248

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