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This seems to me to be the best planet fitness in the Chicopee Springfield Holyoke areas, that I have found so far. There is a chance you might find shade under the trees surrounding the lot unlike most of the other parking lots that are sweltering in the sun with no chance for relief. To the right side of the building there is a more secluded parking lot and there arent any parking restriction signs posted. This along with the other planet fitness centers in the area are 24 hours m-f and closes 10 or 11 on weekends I believe maybe earlier. But during the week stealth camping option made easier by extended hours for sure and distant from traffic very quiet at night

Planet fitness 42.18903, -72.57616

I think this is the nicest planet fitness I’ve been to this far. Very very nice, clean spacious, and nice lay out in general! I For sure recommend this one

Planet fitness 42.18979, -72.57649

Nice little campground behind rest area. Area is overgrown and hasn't been trimmed and cleaned up in several years. Otherwise a nice campground with pit toilets.

East Fork Campground 63.15044, -149.41043

Stayed here for 4 hours in the morning to work but a city fella stopped by to ask me to move on - apparently the residents don't even like it if you hang out for a while during the day. Still a really nice spot to hang out for a coffee :)

Gonzales Bay 48.41136, -123.33037

I've asked the owner of the barbar shop nearby. He confirmed it's ok to park overnight.

carrefour emilie de lanoraie 45.95782, -73.21821

Stayed the Night After the last Ferry. 14$ for Longtherm Parking. No Noise from the Street.

Parking Lot near Ferry 49.19095, -123.95269

Great place to hang out for the day, and yes, stay overnight. The parking lot is small, so I wouldn't recommend it for a larger vehicle than ours, but we fit fine in our 23' skoolie. we arrived around 1pm and stayed through the morning time. Other vehicles came and went, but no one gave us any problems. It's VERY hot during the day with minimal shade, but beautiful at night. There is a Port-a-potty that isn't too dirty; and a trash can, but it was overflowing during our stay.

Overlook Sonoma Lake 38.68655, -123.01506

Lot is exactly as described. There is a sign near the dog park that says "No Overnight Parking". I went into the convenience store and spoke with am employee who said it would be fine. The area was mostly quiet. If was a very nice way to spend the night and get some rest.

St Regis Travel Center 47.29830, -115.09892

Clean accessible bathrooms.
A beautiful view of the Lock Haven court house (which has a bell tower that rings on the hour) and Levee trail across the river.
A little dock, benches, and picnic tables. Perfect little spot; however, it’s exposed, not really tucked away.
We had no disturbances and rested peacefully.

Lock Haven 41.13980, -77.43596
Defender Canada

Nice quiet place by the lake. Several fire pits started already. Some fishermen may arrive early

old camping closed 49.07238, -66.29257
Charles Williams

Few other vans parked when I arrived at 9ish. There was music playing from a bar a street or so over. A little annoying, but didn’t keep me from sleeping. AT&T has service.

There’s a breakfast spot a short walk from the lot called The Breakfast Deli. Check it out — Their burritos are fantastic.

city lot overnights allowed 39.57481, -106.09909

Gravel and paved parking area on Tern lake joining Hwy 1 northbound and Hwy 9 southbound. Beautiful scenery of the lake and surrounding valley. Verizon 4g, 4 bars. Pretty quiet from 11pm-6am, but otherwise a very busy spot. Vault toilet available about .50 mile away at Tern lake picnic area. Picnic area has "no overnight camping" sign, but this pull out does not. A semi truck and a pickup with 2 hunters also overnighted here.

Rest Area 60.53414, -149.54794

We slept just one night. The place is beautiful and we were alone, but as it is right on the highway it is quite noisy even at night, with truck traffic. The good surprise was waking up and see some snow on the top of the mountains.

Turnagain Arm pullout 60.93261, -149.32265

Suuuuper muddy after rains. Will think twice of doing it in a 2wd if its raining. Not much place to pull off properly. Someone has a water pump down by the lake where you can pull off

Lenore Lake 63.85249, -138.03259

Beautiful park with clean washroom. A quiet residential area no restrictions sign for street parking. Parked here for couple of nights.

Victoria Park Street Parking 49.27211, -123.06713

You can stay a night here, no problem,as long as you ask the manager for permission.

Costco 49.71281, -124.96242

Beautiful campground!! Quiet. Trail access to lake, dog beach and people beach from campground. Paved all the way. Sites on nice packed gravel in the trees with picnic tables. Flush/pit toilets. Water and trash bins. Dump for $5. Sites $22. Loved it!!

Purden Lake (Provincial Campground) 53.89574, -121.95631
Jamie Z

Hard to complain for the price. Paid S/30 for a small single with a desk and a chair.

Motorcycle parking in the parking area. You probably won't get anything bigger than a motorcycle in there.

The room is clean and comfortable, with a couple caveats.

My room is on the third floor. The stairs are steep and narrow.

No WiFi in my room. It works if I go downstairs.

There is hot water, but very low water pressure. There's no shower curtain, which makes everything in the bathroom wet when you take a shower.

The provided towel is small and well worn.

Hostal Renacer -6.09700, -78.42298
Jamie Z

Tried to get here today, but ran short on time.

I didn't understand at first that the football pitch for parking is located outside the town of Yamón.

From there you can walk to the trailhead and begin the hike.

I didn't have time to make the hike. The first hundred meters looks steep and rocky.

Yamun petroglyphs (pinturas respuestas) -6.06309, -78.52255

As other travelers have said, this is a very nice campground right on the lake shore with lots of birds to look at.

Lakeview Campground - Free 62.96417, -141.64004

It’s a little pull off but sooo peaceful. Right by the water maybe hikeable but you can hear it. I pitched a tent for the night. Easy to get to, no service and no amenities. Just you and the forest <3

Random side road 47.00589, -121.99810

Free, nice flat space and dark skies, huge fire pit, with ample amounts of firewood.

Just off FR 527 37.53331, -108.41356

free entry with the annual national parks pass, otherwise 8$ for an adult. very good little fort with buildings that explain the history of settlement in BC, little indoor Museum as well. open 10am-5pm every day.
stayed here one night on the carpark which is not very level but has picnic banks. had no problems, but the train goes past multiple times and honks VERY loud every time, clean toilet inside the museum

Fort Langley National Historic Site 49.16879, -122.57398

Amazing spot with spectacular views of the area! Only enough room for one vehicle. We have a Class B Rv and had no problems. Perfect solitude. Only 3 vehicles went by all day. Plenty of room to pull out chairs and enjoy the scenery. Great dirt road for long bike rides.

Ashley National Forest BLM 41.37434, -109.32586

Ay the entrace there is a little White sign, written : "área minera el arenal" go for that road around 100 meters and you gonna find a little house to register your entrance.

La Kntera -1.40651, -78.46433

Nice pull off on road. Road noise stops by 10pm. Please park on gravel/off to back as road is intended for slow traffic turnout. 1-2 bars AT&T service. Some trash, so please pick up after yourself.

Rest Stop Pull Off 36.74315, -119.04270

Multiple creepy looking vehicles here. Did not feel comfortable. We went to the grassy roundabout on the entrance road but closer to the highway and had it all to ourselves. Left in the AM.

Cottonwood Campground 46.34958, -111.53361

Multiple creepy looking vehicles here. Did not feel comfortable. We went to the grassy roundabout on the entrance road but closer to the highway and had it all to ourselves. Left in the AM.

Lotzofkidz 46.34939, -111.53294

Amazing truck stop!! I took a shower in the private bathroom for $15 and did my laundry for $5 - washer is $3 and dryer is $2.50
Slept great in the parking lot, it was nice and quiet, I felt very safe!

Little America Flagstaff 35.19096, -111.61916

spent two days here. very friendly people. warm showers and clean toilets. nice setting. no road noise at night. bit hard to find a place with level ground. wifi near entry, no claro.

Camping Salto Berrondo -27.48114, -55.19512

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