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Ay the entrace there is a little White sign, written : "área minera el arenal" go for that road around 100 meters and you gonna find a little house to register your entrance.

La Kntera -1.40651, -78.46433

Nice pull off on road. Road noise stops by 10pm. Please park on gravel/off to back as road is intended for slow traffic turnout. 1-2 bars AT&T service. Some trash, so please pick up after yourself.

Rest Stop Pull Off 36.74315, -119.04270

Multiple creepy looking vehicles here. Did not feel comfortable. We went to the grassy roundabout on the entrance road but closer to the highway and had it all to ourselves. Left in the AM.

Cottonwood Campground 46.34958, -111.53361

Multiple creepy looking vehicles here. Did not feel comfortable. We went to the grassy roundabout on the entrance road but closer to the highway and had it all to ourselves. Left in the AM.

Lotzofkidz 46.34939, -111.53294

Amazing truck stop!! I took a shower in the private bathroom for $15 and did my laundry for $5 - washer is $3 and dryer is $2.50
Slept great in the parking lot, it was nice and quiet, I felt very safe!

Little America Flagstaff 35.19096, -111.61916

spent two days here. very friendly people. warm showers and clean toilets. nice setting. no road noise at night. bit hard to find a place with level ground. wifi near entry, no claro.

Camping Salto Berrondo -27.48114, -55.19512

Camping amplo, com boa estrutura de banho, cozinha, bar e convivência. Provavelmente em razão do feriado de 07-set, o estado dos banheiros estava deplorável e a ducha masculina, banho frio. Pagamos 30/pessoa com direito à energia e água. Staff atencioso e prestativo.

Trailer e Camping Amendoeiras -22.95036, -42.03338

Stayed for one night, no one bothered me, although there were „No RV parking“ sign, but I am in a car.
Some cars stopped, but the upper lot was pretty quiet, there is a trashcan available and some shelter from a wooden boat-structure.

Fortune fortuna Shop 47.07943, -55.80903

Plenty of space- despite highway being close it was nice and quiet- would stay again

Riverside 49.24783, -120.00724

Perfect for one night, a bit noisy.
Toilets were clean.

Strathmore Rest Area 51.03660, -113.62110

About half the sites were occupied. Nice and quiet in the deep woods. Gravel, forest service road, but any vehicle can make it. Toilets and sites were clean. Forest service is proposing a $14 fee for 2024

Hawk Recreation Area 39.11695, -78.49893

Many taps with drinkable and non drinkable water.

Near Peter Lougheed Park Discovery Center 50.68399, -115.11693

Really nice gas station. Looks bad but is run with heart! Lot of families live there and they have a small community. Every evening they play volleyball and invited us. The showers and toilets were good and the restaurant as well! Highly recommended! Camped there with our two motorcycles

Grifos El Buen Samaritano - Cristo Vive -6.04195, -78.91916
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This is the big one. IC Norte. Has a wide selection including EU, AU and USA brands and products. Not cheap, but familiar. Parking for any size rig along the side. Or street behind. Cash machine. Baños.

Supermarket -17.37239, -66.15128
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

These guys washed and vacuumed our truck and camper for $120B. Then filled all our water tanks. We walked over to a coffee shop.
Note- other water spigot was not working so we found this.

Garage Lavadero car wash and water -17.37024, -66.15319
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

No water coming out of spigot. Main handle to turn it on is locked and chained. Water trucks able to fill, but only from overhead pipes.
Found nearby car wash to clean the truck and fill the tanks while we had coffee. (See “other” pin)

Free public potable water -17.37209, -66.15379
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

We visited the hot tubs and parked overnight in the lot.
Water can be enjoyed in two public pools or pay extra for a private room with bath. Toilets and showers on site. Also a few little shops selling basic snacks and some cooked food stands. May be busy on weekends.

Route options-
Dirt adventure : go through Okosuro.
Cobblestone adventure : go through Vinto

Liriuni Agua Termales Parking -17.28823, -66.29233

Super beau spot direct sur la plage! Faire attention de ne pas descendre sur les roches car vous resterez certainement coincé avec votre voiture! Très calme à entendre le bruit des vagues! Nous étions seuls, la sainte paix! Je recommande!

Seeley’s Cove 45.08477, -66.65454

Possibilité de faire un feu sur le bord de l'eau, il y a déjà le spot prêt! Gardez cette endroit propre svp!

Seeley’s Cove 45.08475, -66.65453

We were not exactly at this place but little bit around and it's amazing. Thoose rocks are impressive and you can climb to have a crazy vue! You can camp everywhere and be sheltered from the wind. A lot of horses. Nobody around.

Between red rock formations 49.01574, 94.64864

The nicest laundromat I’ve ever been to! Super clean, modern, all machines accept credit/debit cards. Super nice attendants, areas to charge your phone. Great hours — open 7 days a week, 6am - midnight.

Cycle Laundromat 36.57263, -87.40582
Familia a Bordo por el Mundo

parking at the rear of the Shell service station. excellent attention, wifi, bathrooms.

Shell -24.82859, -65.43011

6-7 other rigs, had to camp within 200 yards. Very quiet, fire rings full but otherwise nice area, no trash. Hard to find a level ground for roof tent setup

Apache Stables 35.98919, -112.11905

showers were cold. after a long time waiting a little bit warmer. but not hot at all... nice playground for kids.

Lilooet & District Recreation Center 50.68862, -121.93628

Good spot. As described by others. Lots of flies tonight. Sadly there was a lot of trash here too. This is very unfortunate because there is a trash can by the bathrooms.

Rest Stop at MP 1295. 60.49079, -133.29618

There is one (maybe all of them there because all expressed concern and choose this one worker there) ... I didnt get his name but our grey water dump valve guide/support bracket came loose while I was closing the grey water tank valve after dumping. The black plastic handle was down and resting on the pavement and would be torn off while moving forwsrd or reverse. This gentleman shower concern to getting down on the ashphalt and securing the valve pull with a new rubber bungee cord. This because of tight scheduling commitments over the current week, this was wednesday. I offered to pay for his time and for the bungee but the business just said have a good day

Work and Play Limited 46.07507, -64.82421

We found the fontain, sadly the faucet handle was not there. With a pair of pliers easy to get water running, after some time good potable water.

Public foutain 40.94830, 24.45277

Nice spot above the little town. More or less even. Overview. Start point for little hikes.

Between the rocks above Songino 49.03292, 95.91909
Matt King

We stayed in the first no-limit parking space behind the last 15-minute space in front of the Sanders fish shop (there are two or three time limited spaces in front of Sanders but the time limit is only in effect from 8am to 6pm). Our Dodge Pro Master fit right inside the parking lines. It was level side to side with just a very tiny incline from front to rear. We slept great here with zero problems. There were several other spots open on both sides of the well lit street. We got beer, store-cooked shrimp, and sauce from Sanders for our appetizer. We enjoyed walking after dinner throughout the quiet neighborhood. In the morning, we were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise. We would definitely stay here again.

Bridge in Portsmouth 43.07277, -70.75058

Average Walmart. Had no problems with our car camper. We saw others sleeping in their cars here as well. No no overnight signs to be seen. Good for one night

Walmart Littleton 44.30403, -71.80038

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