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Not true about the paved road. There‘s still a LOT of wildlife from here towards Rio Verde

Ant eaters seen next to the road. -19.93928, -55.52177

Passamos por uma manhã de sábado e havia um policial parando todos os carros.
Ele pediu nosso documento e liberou em seguida. Foi bem tranquilo.

South of Rio Gallegos -51.72410, -69.30792

quiet area overnight, with a somewhat busy road next to it. slept in the gravel equestrian lot, and had no issues there. the bathrooms do close around 10 though, and open in the mornings.

Buckskin Cliff Shadow Trail parking 36.22145, -115.33239

This garage can do any carrosserie bodywork and paint jobs. Our car was heavily damaged after a traffic accident and what they did to it is magic. It looks as good as new!

For a very very fair price (1 month work, welding, metal and bodywork, secondhand backdoors, painting etc...) for 1400 euros.

whatsapp unicar: +77089243932

unicar bodywork and painting 43.25774, 76.86563

I managed to withdraw SOLES with an international VISA credit card.

Caja Cusco -16.56371, -69.03768

2023 prices are 60 Lei per vehicle (80 Lei with electricity, shower, and washing machine)

Camping Muddy Land 45.34685, 26.71018

we did the astra museum from here (10 min by car). Not too crowded but not high season. Prices for washing have gone up (see picture). Well maintained campsite. Clean. Hot showers

Camping Ananas 45.70634, 24.10492

The river meanders through the mountains and the road follows the river. At the side of the road you will find gravel tracks that bring you down to the river. There is no rubbish at this place, and enough wood for fire. The river is perfect for bathing but has a strong current. There is no noise from the traffic in the evening or at night. And it is completely private. The internet signal is extremely weak. So just enjoy nature

Lovely unspoilt place at the river 41.07347, 31.88038

Pretty quiet. Not much cars or people walking by. We had no issues

Street parking (close to Planet Fitness) 36.31236, -119.33075

This area is chained off. You can’t camp here.

Aérodrome St-Jérôme 45.78193, -74.05438

This is a large car parts streets. we needed to change our shock absorber for Fiat Ducato 2019 and asked in Puno first. They only had 1 Shock absorber for 135$, but because we wanted to change both, we drove to Juliaca. Here the sell the same Brand, same Model for 70$, so its worth the drive! They have 2 or more.

Shock Absorber for Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper -15.48977, -70.13124

For those willing to drive 200m further in summer, there's an amazing spot near at the top of an abandoned skilift with an amazing view over the underlying valley

Abandonned ski lift 48.49373, 8.23885

Big restaurant with nice lunch menus, tasty food and okay prices!

La Estación -33.01522, -69.11758

estación de servicio muy completa.
duchas excelente 👌
cómodas y limpias.
con la carga de combustible es gratis.
de lo contrate cobran $200 por persona.
duchas para hombres y mujeres
para que te den la llave tenes que dejar tu documento o las llaves del vehículo

PUMA -38.69198, -62.40589

we have our national park pass and we could get in the state park, but to get here at the dump station and water there's no one that check, you could just enter. there's potable water and non potable water

State park dump station and water open access 43.43258, -89.73336

Easy stop, look for the Auto Propane pump near the north west corner of the store. Fast service, pay inside. Location has gas and diesel as well. Easy access with our 25' RV

Coop Winkler 49.19006, -97.93897

We arrived late so we sleep here one night, very quiet. Lot of locals came for fill there bottle/jug of water during the morning

Flowing Well 42.78447, -88.71470

In the circle across from an office. Nobody around.

Fort Francis Park 48.61765, -93.35878

We stayed here for one night next to the brand new highway. The side seems to be a left over from the street building, so you can hide behind some piles of earth. Some motorcycles drove by in the early evening, but no one came to the car. Mobiles internet reception was reasonable.

Roadside 5.25505, 10.64045

No overnight parking Fermé. Plusieurs pancartes

Grand Bay Park 47.58324, -59.17850

No overnight parking . Pancarte sur place

Port aux Basques Public Library Parking Lot 47.58550, -59.17289

In a pine forest in front of the lake, convenient because it is close to the town.

Półwysep Leśnych Harców 53.99630, 22.01556

There is a tap just next to the road at this gas Station. We talk to the staff and there was no problem using it. The place has free wifi also.

PS: we come back two days later and stay for 3 nights. They let us use the electrical socket for 2 days (ask for not to use air conditioning in case we have it).

There is a pizzeria and a barbershop here. The services have a good price. The bathroom is not very clear but ok.

BR Gas Station -4.70849, -37.35864

Municipal Dump Station / Station de vidange
No water
Camping near by

Station de vidange municipale/Dump Statio 48.75714, -78.99772

New guesthouse. Everything spotless clean. Its still smells new furniture. Cheapest option. I booked a private room for 200.000 som. Owners are helpful and kind. Breakfast included. There is parking spot for bikes, motorcycles and it is big

Mehribon Guesthouse 39.64807, 66.96869

Sewage disposal next to Coop Supermarket. Watertap 10 m away at the wall of the building.

La Ronge 55.11251, -105.29179

Place has cameras :( guess they control now

Old open air bar 45.50010, 13.73684

We searched the whole day for a wild camping spot at the slovanian/ italian coast. Found nothing and ended up at this camping place - 25€ incl. a car and two people - very nice staff, italian feeling, easy, nice pizza and a private entrance to the beach :) would recommend!

Campeggio San Bartolomeo 45.59719, 13.72724

Flat and gravelly pullout. We ended up here because the spots nearby were taken, but it was a nice night, and easy to get to. Some cars drove by but no one stopped. It was SUPER buggy at all times of the day.

NF Pull Out 37.83113, -119.95893

unfortunately sleeping in the van is not possible on weekends, as the parking lot is closed on Sundays from 4am till 7pm, with no chance to enter or exit the premises.
within the week, permission to sleep in your vehicle depends on the person on duty.

City parking Poblado 6.21191, -75.57429

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