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Fantastic mechanics! They repaired our clutch and took our, what we thought was totalled van, back to running in 4 days. They pulled the front beams straight, fixed the door, bonnet,bumper and windscreen. Painted and all. On our Iveco daily.

They say they do all cars brands, and they have quite a few high value cars being serviced/repaired.

Give them a call!

ETS Marco Service Automobile -4.26570, 15.29624

We checked out 6 hotels in town and this seemed like the best value for money. 700ksh for a self contained single room with warm shower and western toilet. the owner Elizabeth is friendly. She let us lock our bikes in a separate room downstairs. meals at restaurant are decent for good price

Nyaki Hotel 0.03925, 36.36293

Nice place to spend the night. We parked at the top left of the esplanade, on flat rocks, more or less hidden from the road. When we woke up, some nice vendors were offering us a few items.

Picnic site next to road -20.25157, 31.04667

They sell vegetables, milk, meat, coffee beans, eggs, cake, wine and more.

Farm shop -8.13929, 35.40959

amazing clean place with two fire pits, two tables and great fishing spot. easy to find.. for big rigs you must back up 90m to the dock parking lot...

awesome place 61.17174, 5.29128

vue incroyable, il ventait à en faire bouger la van, mais quel bel endroit!

Point Amour Lighthouse 51.46125, -56.85729

campamento libre para tiendas, o carpas, y caravanas. amplio espacio, con baños, parque y unas mesas. todo gratis!

camping libre- free( for tents and campers) 41.88349, 2.50788

Good Walmart. Put us in the back at the edge. Very quiet through the night. No problems at all. Highly recommended.

Walmart 46.69863, -68.01308

i was at the pin on the main road outside for a 's not hidden really. just on the side so all cars,trucks will rise dust! I took this side road that i saw before it and is going to S.Clara(?) but definetly less busy .few cars passed but quiet.see a fox (i believe it was?) not a dog sure.lots of birds etc.VIVO 3g

less busy rd. -16.61004, -56.75604

Parking près de la plage de galets un bruyant le samedi soir et tres expose aux vents Proche du centre hormis le vent j y ai passe une bonne nuit npas de services sauf quelques restaurants. Donne 500 pesos au gardien un peu insistant ! Je prefere le parking pres du santuario

Parking by the seaside -45.86139, -67.47328

Nice hostel, great location in walking distance from the old city! Owner speaks very good English and is very helpful.

Graf 39.77695, 64.41949

Just added some more notes for you guys. The owner is very relaxed.

Yakumanka -7.09520, -78.57419

This is a dirt parking lot overlooking the ocean. It was very quiet overnight probably 7 other vehicles. This lot is run by the city of Port Orford. They want $20 placed in a yellow iron post that has no place to put the money in. They do not even offer a trashcan.

Port Orford overnight parking 42.74228, -124.49558

Gas station that does propane fills. Restaurants are also here.

North Atlantic 48.49527, -53.08083
Radio Baobab

Unlike the many Japanese restaurants found in Manaus, this actually has some authenticity to it. Not the usual sushi (although available) but more regular dishes. Not very cheap, but most plates are meant for 2 (or more). Not easy to find, non descript building with small sign.

Sukitaki -3.08426, -60.01320

Great place to see the zebra and wildebeest migration.

Boteti River camp -20.46862, 24.51460

Pretty fancy place where you can get lattes, frappuccino’s and all sorts of goodies you’ve definitely earned cycling through Africa. We got sandwiches, both really high quality. The upper echelons of Burundian society come here to sit and work on their laptops - a world away from the Burundi outside.

bujucafe -3.38702, 29.36005

Sprinter 23 pieds. Super site pour un ou deux van maximum. Magnifique petit lac, place pour feu de camp, il y avait du bois sur place (des locaux l'ont probablement laissé), toilette. Je suis arrivé vers 18h, reparti le lendemain vers 10h30. J'y ai vu un superbe ciel étoilée, un castor qui taquinait mon chien et j'ai entendu un orignal appeler. J'ai aussi entendu des véhicules qui circulaient au loin. vraiment ça vaut le détour pour une nuit. Passer par Saint-Mathieu-d'Harricana pour vous rendre.

Lac 4H 48.46781, -78.20428

There are signs everywhere saying no overnight parking. Yet, I stayed there 2 nights in the back of my SUV. There were way more than 20 RVs, just as many vans, a Skoolie one night, and a dozen or so cars and other vehicles. I’ve stayed at popular Walmarts before, but this took the cake. It was a nice clean Walmart with mostly well kept bathrooms. 2 bars of Verizon LTE.
Because it’s so popular with rigs pulling in and out at all hours, use your ear plugs!

Walmart - Bozeman 45.69424, -111.04434

Spent several nights here in campground. Full services, 40R pp although electric is extra based on usage. Lots of bathrooms, BYOTP. Nice flat spaces to pull into. There is often a funny smell in the campground, like sewage. Staff very friendly and helpful. We had several packages sent here and they were so kind to allow that. Just let them know who they are addressed to and when to expect them. Decent restaurants along this strip, bike or walk to town on the bike path. Hiking trails on to the beaches or rocky clifftops.

Pousada / Camping Lagoa Da Conceição -27.61021, -48.44932

Campervan Renault Master L1H1 2800kg 2-wheel drive

Way up and down doable for our campervan. Way up a little steep but if you drive slowly it will be fine. If you have a 2-wd then it’s better to wait a little before the gate and then go up. We had to go back a little because of lack of power.

The geyser are still active and for us pretty impressive because we never seen a geyser before. You can go literally next to the geyser so that’s cool!

Cabanaconde -15.67424, -71.86181

Very nice location. You can wild camp anywhere on the farm (you need to be fully self sufficient) or make use of the small camp site near reception. Only one shower and toilet at the moment, but construction of additional facilities is in progress. Sites are electrified. No cell reception. You will need a vehicle with good ground clearance, and the area is accessible to off road trailers and off road caravans. Owners are very friendly and helpful. We will definitely return if in the area.

Buffelsrivier Riverside Camping -33.12620, 20.88591

Nice lake view, plenty of space around. Was far away from Wi-Fi tho.

Camping Prainha -28.50224, -52.55148

There is one part of this road we found has only parking restrictions between 8 & 9.30 Monday to Friday. It's near the corner of Mentana St and Rue Saint Gregorie. Maybe space for 5 cars, had 3 left when we arrived on Friday. Bathrooms open in Sir Wilfred Laurier Parc which is maybe 5 minutes away (they also have wifi). Bit of noise as there is constant traffic but was fine for a night.

Rue Saint Gregorie - Street Parking 45.53166, -73.59126

Pool is closed, no access to showers. Toilets nearby.

Public Pool - Pelican Park 45.54468, -73.57568

This spot is gorgeous! I love it honestly. I have never seen so many mosquitos in my life though. I wouldn't recommend coming here without bug nets.

Miners Canyon Informal Camp BLM 40.19979, -111.88697

A small clearing off of USFS trail 201.2A. Roughly 50 yards by 30 yards, so plenty of room for bigger rigs. It’s a little sloped north to south, but nothing some levelers won’t handle.

Lots of cattle grazing right in this field and nearby and the amount of cow pies may be enough to deter the average person. Minimal road noise from Bogus Jim Rd (USFS 201), just passing by ATV’s and trucks with the occasional SxS taking a trip up 201.2A, maybe one per day.

No cell signal but clear sky for starlink, which is not easy to find in the area.

Bogus Jim Road 44.15416, -103.51181

Stayed 1 night. A guy from the military parking spot advised us to go this direction as it is safe and super quiet.
It’s a dead-end road but not used, we tried to go to the end and it was completely overgrown. So no traffic, but note that you have to go back in reverse.
We parked on the side just in case. Not completely flat but manageable with levellers. Had an amazing quiet night. We had shade until 9AM. Nice views on the river and vulcano in distance. Okay Signal with Bital

Roadside -16.36356, -71.53438

Stayed for one night, parks between two standard campervans and close to one RV (I’m in a truck/SUV camper). Friendly staff, bathroom is all the way in the back. Subway inside.

walmart 38.74839, -112.08487

potable water in front of the cementry, locals told us

Orfanio Cementry 40.77364, 23.95099

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