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MTN shop that sells SIM cards for 500f each.
Process takes ages to register your info, for two of us it took about an hour.
They take a photo if you, your passport, and your visa/entry stamp.

We got a promo- pay 6,000f for 8.5GB data for 1 week.

MTN Cellphone store -2.60278, 29.74166

Great spot for an overnight before/after the ferry. No smell, but all the fishing boats are at dock so must be out of season. No wifi that I could find from the post below, but good cell and starlink coverage.

Commercial Street 46.20682, -60.25055

Posh, modern, big shopping centre including restaurants, Super Spar and Choppers. Big parking suitable for big rigs.

Airport Junction Shoppingcenter -24.60580, 25.92861

Just off the road about 100 meters. We used this pit a couple years ago. And again 09/11/23
It has a bit more garbage about but it is a large area that could accommodate about 6 big rigs

Rustic gravel pit 54.72365, -122.78380

Surprisingly quiet for a truck stop. Parked right on the corner far from the store entrance. Lots of grass to walk the dog.

Flying J Travel Center 38.22458, -91.15788

They are not selling neither Gas nor Diesel to foreigners.

Tambo Quemado -18.27510, -68.99934

muy lindo lugar , super tranquilo y buena vista

Playa el Doradillo. Bajada 1 -42.66445, -64.99058

Stay here One Night. It is a Nice quiet Place. No“No Overnight“ Sign. Good for a Short Stay.

Glanford Park 48.47246, -123.38737

Great spot to dry camp. We were able to get our F350 with truck camper into the riverside sites. BLM post says 16 day limit for camping. You pass the Hot Springs on the road and can see them as you go by. Keep going past and you will find the two entrance roads as mentioned in previous posts. Opt for the 2nd 100%. See photos. A few mosquitos but not bad at all while we were here.

Renova Hot Springs 45.79612, -112.11717

avant le village, magnifique vue, pas de niveau mais il y a moyen de s'installer avec une petite van

Blue beach 48.76271, -58.79714

spectaculaire. on est passés en après midi et non pour dormir mais c'est magique. très venteux par contre ;⁠-⁠)

Cape St George - Cap du boutte Park 48.46536, -59.25598

The campsite is part of a bigger complex with many rooms/little houses. It's quite busy and touristy, but the campsite is nice and quiet. Nice and clean ablutions.
There are a little souvenir shop and a bar/restaurant (not really good). You can buy WiFi (50 for 500 Mb, for 2 days), but it only works at the reception and is very slow/not working.
Camping is 145 pppn for camping, 80 pppn park fee.
Walking through the park is very worthwhile!
Motorbikes are allowed to go to the camp, but have to take a shorter route and can't go further into the national park.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary Rest Camp -26.49252, 31.18512

We arrived at 7:40 and they weren’t open yet. We were let into the building about ten minutes later, but had to wait until 8. We were seen immediately, but getting stamped out took 45 minutes due to an error in their computer system about how long I had stayed. The official was very nice about it.

Policia Federal -16.08685, -57.67527

We arrived at 8:50 and had to wait for probably ten minutes. TIP cancelation took less than 5 minutes.

MPF (Aduana) -16.08451, -57.67319

Everything is already said, a beautiful camp spot directly to the water with fireplace and table.

Fisherman's Dock 56.59190, 14.59733

The water is not at these coordinates, it’s 10 minutes away. If you are coming from this location it has marked you go right at the end of co rd 96, you go a couple miles and turn left on Nelson street(turns into Utica street) it will be on this road on the left it’s not hard to miss as it’s coming out of the ground and has a sign that says drinking water.

Ward - Drinking water fill site 40.11465, -105.50479

Still free and right on the Strip. I had my fan on and windows open the whole night and no one checked my car.

Treasure Island Self-Parking Parkade 36.12533, -115.17407

Good mechanic, solved my brake problems for a very fair price

Taller Mecanico -17.25909, -62.55511

Excelente lugar para passar a noite , tem energia , água , banheiros .

Posto Brasil Petro - Ilha solteira -20.40183, -51.33282

Very friendly, filled in the tank for local price with their own ID.
Gave a good tipp.

Gasolinera Flores -17.06226, -62.63598

A hidden little gem of a free camp by the lake. Picnic tables and fire rings at every site. Long drop toilets also on site. No bins, so please carry out what you bring in. It seems most people are obeying this rule as it was pretty tidy. Patchy 4G cell service. We were the only campers there for the night. Super quiet night.

Co-op Lake 54.18729, -125.43374

Always works ! Potable and no potable.
Still open

Rosebud dump station 51.29917, -112.94830

Good spot for any cyclists coming through. A moto might be able to make it but you'll probably have to push at some point. Access is just after the stream/arroyo (may be dry) on your way to Potosí. Rocky and slick road on up but once to the spot, you're out of sight any homes and you have a view. You can hear the highway but a decent spot anyways. Make sure to bring all your water with you

Bicycle ridge 21.51566, -101.12122
Radio Baobab

Station closes at 7pm, so very calm. Road up ahead closes at 6:30pm , so no traffic at night either, just jungle sounds. The house has a generator, but it only ran for an hour or so in the evening. Friendly.

Posto Abonari - gas station -1.31610, -60.38813

Did not visit. Used their Web portal.

EVisa online for CAD passport - issued within 24hrs of completing application. They sent Evisa via email 3 month validity.

Simple straightforward process - hardest part was reducing size of file (compress digital files to <200kb file using Iphone only. And finding workaround for credit card security check for transaction).

Paid $82 online.

(Used Senegal Guinea Conakry web portal - claimed Senegal residency, inserted flight details and hotel bookings - need to submit PDF proof of both.)

Embassy Guinea Conakry 14.75927, -17.46324
Carolyn vetter

Just want to specify that it says no overnight camping for 2023 construction season because of hurricane Fiona damage. Camping may resume 2024. Lets hope! But still nice to visit.

Grand Bay Park 47.58338, -59.18423

campers are not allowed, we leave the place, falls parking with cars

quiet spot 45.21160, 14.55099

Not for long vehicles (7 m), normal parking place with parking fee, we leave 😞

Armenian hotel 45.12641, 14.53628

Very clean place. Dump station, none potable and potable water. Recycle bin.

Fish bridge RV 44.56352, -110.37207

Stayed here last night and woke up to a knock at 10:58pm. But when I got to the front of my camper a few seconds later no one was around and I didn’t see them knocking on other campers to make them leave. So I decided to risk it and stay as there were 8+ other campers here. I am not sure what the knock was about but they didn’t even hang out to say anything.

Walmart 42.84925, -106.26595

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