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Uma das noites mais tranquilas da estrada, no estacionamento em frente a Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição (1715). Banheiros custam R$ 2,00 por pessoa durante o dia e água pode ser solicitada ao dono da cabana, que fica bem no centro da praça.

Pátio Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição -16.27941, -39.02437

Uma das noites mais tranquilas da estrada. Dormimos no estacionamento em frente a Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição (1715). Durante o dia, banheiros custam R$ 2,00 por pessoa.

Pátio Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição -16.27943, -39.02440

Nice campsite with clean toilets and cold showers. Pitches are well set out and there is a small shop. We paid $8000pp. We were the only ones staying in the camping area in September though there was a group star gazing with the owners.

Viento Sur Astro - Camping -30.56942, -71.63848
Les aventuriers en gougounes

what a nice place to sleep!!
very quiet. at least places for 3 vans pro master like ours. possible to plant a tent.
We stayed near the lake and were alone.

Superbe endroit pour passer la nuit!
la route est proche mais tranquille. Il y a de la place pour au moins 3 van promaster comme la nôtre. le terrain est assez plat et il y a des endroits pour faire un feu. nous avons dormi sur le bord du lac. Il y a une roulotte dans un coin, mais nous n'avons vu personne.

Small island 49.24499, -57.06612

Great spot looking over the ocean. I got here around 6pm left around 10am with no issues. There were three other vehicles parked overnight. No Verizon service but I connected to starlink great.

Meyers Creek Beach Viewpoint 42.31259, -124.41484

A sandbar at the NE tip of Bras d’Or Lake. There is a lot of trash and cigarette butts around. There are no trash cans and there is heavy day use by locals, but you know overnighters will get blamed so pack it out! That said it’s a pretty area with lots of birds, pleasant paddling, friendly locals, and we had a peaceful night with two other campers nearby and no problems.

Pullout off the causeway with picnic table! 46.01310, -60.40080

Great campsite.Shower warm not hot as it is suicide showers. very clean food at restaurant is ok, meat was quite dry. WiFi is fast when it works but not that reliable as it comes and goes.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05462, -77.79484

Locked with a padlock and a chain. It accessible anymore (9/10/2023)

Wildcamp on top of the hill -27.50388, 17.96026

This place is permanently closed.

Rte de Moustiers 43.76972, 6.32173

Parked close by for one night, had a quiet and safe stay. Lot of spots on paved ground. Walking distance from dwarf and restaurant. Had meals and used washrooms at lake view resort.

Parking lot next to red Apple store 50.63671, -96.98436

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -19.04142, -65.26724

kris bike bike shop -19.04142, -65.26724

Great private campground. Closes for the winter on Sept 30 and no late check ins after dark. Lots of trees and grassy areas, pool, playground, pet friendly and very nice owners. The cleanest bathrooms and hot nice water pressure showers with no extra fee or time limit. Laundry, propane, store with supplies and souvenirs.

Campground St. Regis 47.30145, -115.13352

lugar tranquilo para pasar la noche al lado de la plaza principal.

Tornquist Main Square -38.10170, -62.22400
Defender Canada

Nothing like a hot shower
10$+taxes per person

Motel Pastali/Hotel Interprovincial Truck stop 48.03254, -66.70429

Open Tuesday o Sunday fom 9:00 to 18:30
Closed on Mondays
Foreigners pay 1000 pesos

Pukara de Tilcara -23.58312, -65.40269

beautiful place, great big campsites, quiet, easy to find and $7 a person
camping available after office hours, but gate closes at 10 pm

Lake Mineral Wells State Park 32.81107, -98.06140

Slept here for one night. no problems. two other RVs were also staying.

Walmart 49.82442, -97.20142

right on the river! large gravel lot, semi level. vault bthrm, dumpster, shade, picnic tables, boat ramp. easy to get to. 3 bars Verizon, no problem watching YouTube so far.

Avery Park 45.66237, -121.03614

Lugar único. Mágico. Noite inesquecível som as estrelas. Visão magnífica do céu. Dormimos uma noite no silêncio total. Para chegar aqui pegar a estrada para Calama e pegar a esquerda em direção a Peine. A partir daí estrada de terra. Pegar a esquerda bem na curva para a direita desta estrada. Não seguir a rota do Google maps que está errada. Quando chegar paralelo a posição do magic bus pegar a direita.

The Magic Bus -22.96134, -68.33488

Acá no dan el permiso de circulación. Sólo se puede pedir en la policía de tránsito frente a migraciones.

Police Station For Vehicle Circulation Permit -18.99692, -57.71460

Everything as described. Free dump station.

Alltown Fresh 41.93279, -70.65634

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 45.38877, -71.91266

Ruisseau du Goose Neck 45.38877, -71.91266

Abastecí e consegui colocar Agua na caixa

Posto KM 42 (little lorry park) -14.41414, -39.05600
Taking long way back home

This place is permanently closed.

Kazakh and Russia 53.33748, 83.77852

Very nice approved space. Road to get here wasn’t too bad. All the lower spots were full but then we got up here there were many open spots.

Shadow Mountain 43.69935, -110.61821

So if you ask - for all services it will cost 15$ PER PERSON!!
But that's way too expensive if you only park for the night as we planned - normally we paid 10$ per car in Ecuador.
So we told her it's too expensive for us and finally after discussion we could stay for 10$ PER CAR.

Cuna del Sol Completo Turistico -2.52091, -78.92949

This place is permanently closed.

Petro Peru Car Wash -13.54808, -71.88289

This place is permanently closed.

Mariestad 58.71452, 13.82951

Secluded parking lot at the end of a road. I spent 24-hrs here and had no issues. A few locals came by to enjoy the rocky beach and to walk their dogs. There was one other rig last night and there is one that arrived mid-day today and is staying the night. There aren't any signs prohibiting overnight parking. Good cell coverage.

Mutton Cove Beach 45.19053, -64.15991
Molly Webb

Easy to find a few spots right off the road. Creek drowns out any road noise. After a few spots 4x4 is recommended so we didn't go further.

Ophir Pass Entrance 37.85106, -107.72603

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