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Nice quiet spot, the railway is decommissioned and the road is far enough and pretty quiet anyway.
There’s even a small pullout lane at the back of the gravel to be more isolated.
One of the very few boondocking spot on the south of the island

Dunsmuir Railway Crossing 49.38717, -124.61344

Parking area off 587 at Sare Road. Look for sign on 587 for a lookout trail. Don't take Sare Rd when you turn off - veer left and into a gravel parking area.
It's well off the road, quiet and private and spots for many vehicles. Aquire a daily vehicle permit using the QR code.
We stayed a night in September after labour day and so no traffic or hikers. Not sure if there would be an issue during summer or if it is checked by Municipal staff.
Short hike into Pass Lake from here. Like all Overlander wild camping spots - please keep them free from any garbage and leave them cleaner than you found them so that we don't lose the privilege of wild camping.

Bay's End Lookout 48.56295, -88.74246
Kaylee Pace

Ready to Camp like its 1985, surrounded by tall trees and shady, spacious spots? *Monthly Spots available* Call for Daily/Weekly Availability. Big Tex Campgrounds in Ben Wheeler is located in East Texas, smack dab between Canton and Tyler. We will have more future RV Sites, a 5 acre Swimming Pond, Teepees ( Tipi ), Accommodations for glamping, Tent Camping, nature trails and much more to come

Big Tex Campgrounds 32.44679, -95.69802

I didn't stay. FAR too expensive. At $70 a night they are mad.

Westview RV 37.38808, -108.55174

This beach bar was empty when I was here, 2 guards where ok to park my car on the parking lot.

There is a ramp so you can drive straight onto the beach as well

Palm Beach Ramp -14.97681, 40.75181

Still 5€ for 1 Person in a tent. The restaurant seems to be a little more expensive than restaurants in the rest of albania.

Hotel Rilindja 42.45999, 19.92219
Camping DRI

Wild free camping. Van , motorcycle, bikes, tents, and other forms of camping. Please be kind and leave clean. For the moment is free. 500 m from the seaside. 2 km from the city. Nice place to stay.

Free Camping IDRIZI 41.75589, 19.62043

Water needs to be boiled currently!
Just random words to get over the character limit (:

Visitor Information of Marystown 47.17696, -55.15167

Several well leveled spots on a beautiful sandy beach. You can hide behind some trees from the road. Fire pits and direct beach access.
The road is close by, so if you are sensitive to road noise pass by. At night quiet.
4x4 recommended because of some deep sand spots.
No cell phone.

Paradise with traffic noise 50.28429, -65.50911

Nice day use area! No one here and very quiet with T-Mobile two bars.

Forest home park and boat launch 45.03060, -85.29685

When I arrived the parking lot was almost empty so I decided to go inside to ask if I could take a shower but no one was around. I ended up asking two people as they were leaving and they said all the numbered locker rooms had showers.

They all seemed to be men’s locker rooms (the ones I checked all had urinals) so I was a bit nervous as a solo female but they assured me that no one was here so I wouldn’t be surprised by a bunch of hockey players walking in lol. I ended up closing the main door of the locker room and putting a bin in front just in case someone walked in since you basically have no privacy.

This isn’t an ideal situation, especially if you’re a women, but it was a very clean, hot and “free” shower. For reference, I came here on a Thursday afternoon. They also have men and women’s bathrooms and a water fountain inside.

Grant Harvey Centre 45.92364, -66.64167
Joe Wren

WARNING: Got towed twice!!! Signs didn't say no camping but distressed neighbors ended up calling on me.

Fowler Trailhead 39.93195, -105.27000

No charge, clean, excellent facility. Drinking water, sewage dump.

Municipal water/Dump station 59.90543, 6.61775
Charles Williams

A little further down Shrine Pass, headed towards Red Cliff, is a nice little spot nestled next to a creek. AT&T is a no-go.

Creekside Shrine Pass 39.55365, -106.28146

nice spot behind the dunes out of wind.

there are 3 parkings.

at parking 1 there is drinking water.

this one is parking 3.

50 meter walk to the beach

parking behind the dunes 51.92415, 3.98286

Spent 1 night in a bungalow. Clean - does the trick for a stopover. Cold beer.
I paid 37,200 CFA for 1 night bungalow, 4 beers, 1 dinner, 1 coffee.

Zebrabar 15.86495, -16.51210

looks ok but still wanted 50 only 1p.swimminpool covered,not in use.not worth it honestly

Estancia Karimã -15.63407, -56.12833

nice place indeed, the river one is the entrance next to the bridge opening. Huge fire pit possible.

perfect spot at river 62.51427, 7.68952

Gravel pull-off. Can get about 30 feet off the roadway. Little traffic during the day. In between two corn fields. Not much of a view. Couple trailheads nearby. This spot is located inside Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge.

pull out 44.77190, -123.06753

egout est haut de 5" env prevoir pour le vidage.

Info Touristique 48.20669, -65.89215

Great place, beautiful lots and lots of room.

Lower Sunshine Reservoir 44.09326, -108.99126

Tried booking a group of 6 cars and 12 people in to this site. Very difficult communication and not because of language barriers.

Eventually had things arranged and arrived. Some staff are friendly but the evening staff rude and ignorant, particularly the man on crutches. Told us we couldn’t used the pitches I had reserved because they were reserved (by me🙄)

Final straw was they then decided dogs aren’t allowed despite saying it was ok earlier.

A shame these issues let the site down as the facilities were ok.

In future well go to a friendlier site in Tarifa

Camping sureuropa 36.19119, -5.33495

this hotel has open air parking for my RV class B. dog friendly and many restaurants around here.

Hostal Imperial -0.20225, -78.48937

Spent two nights in a van on tent site. Quite and the showers are great and clean. Took the e-bike down to the public beach to look for hand blown glass fishing floats. The city hides them every day of the year above high tide mark. Did not find any, but also did not look hard. Mostly just sat and listen to the waves.

Devils lake rv and campground 44.96900, -124.01306

Pretty tight spots but a couple are right on the water. Not suitable for Starlink or solar. Saw sea otters right from our chairs. It’s nice that they have trash and recycling

Kwaksistah Regional Campground 50.52180, -128.02749
Jamie Z

I arrived to Peru yesterday on a motorcycle. I sent a WhatsApp message about an hour before I arrived to Jaen. They responded immediately and asked to provide a photo of my passport, vehicle document, and import document from aduana.

She quoted S/130 for one month, S/230 for two months, and S/304 for three months.

When I arrived, I had to wait about 15 for her to your type in information. She did not ask for additional documents.

I paid and she gave me a printed copy of my SOAT.

It turned out to be much quicker and easier then I expected, based on other comments I've read.

SOAT La Positiva / MAPFRE Jaen -5.71894, -78.80179

Small hill, green space which was nice for a night. We were in a 2wd. Full cell service. Train was loud but we slept really well. No signs and easy to get too. Heard of cows chilling around but they were nice

Small hill in next to railway 49.44480, -115.04776

GPS coordinates are a little off, but can be seen from highway. I like to avoid parking in areas designed for trucks, but there weren't many spots in front of the gas station where we felt comfortable parking our promaster. parked as far back and tucked away as possible to avoid taking truckers spots. if you can find another place, I would stay there before choosing here.

Wilton travel plaza 43.16922, -73.71640
Because I turned right

Bins for plastic, cardboard, aluminum etc

Recycling drop off 51.46088, -112.70470

Paved and level. Good for a night. Sewer dump here too.

Tourisme Québec in Dégelis 47.54475, -68.63067

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