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Always a nice stop Wow over after camping before returning to South Africa.

Kwa Nokeng Lodge -23.00108, 27.94017

I wasn't able to find this place.

Grin & Pickin's Campfarm 43.99187, -78.16134

Very helpful people. Not cheap but good service and no waiting time

Kaufmann Mercedes garage -27.37450, -70.33113

This place is permanently closed.

Silver Lake 50.39655, -113.81463

As discribed, wonderful place. We are cycling and were allowed to pitch our tent at the parking lot. There is a clean toilet and a sink, but that's about it. We bought a bottle of wine as we like it, but I am sure it's optional. The views from the terrace are stunning and although it is not far from the street there is hardly any noise (you can hear cars and trucks, but very distant).

Vinos Dubacano 31.25167, -116.17982

Great view of the entire valley below. Both of these sites were open so we chose the side with the better view. No fire ring on this side. There is one in the site across the road. Great location!

Travetine Road 45.04417, -110.70701

Great place. We loved it. Matt the owner was cool and helpful. Very close to Glacier.

Divided Creek Canpground 48.75234, -113.43182

We wanted to sleep here in the tent but the boss of reservation has changed and for this time it is not possible to sleep here. We went at the close gas station and after little discussion they showed us a place where we can built the tent. But they wasn’t really happy and we slept near by the toilets:)) so maybe do not count on this place…
And also crazy lot of mosquitoes:((

Réserve de Bandia 14.55754, -17.01841

Campground with hiker&biker sites (5$/person), warm showers 25ct/min

Rock Creek Campground 39.87712, -123.72504

Très bon endroit pour passer la nuit sans problème!!!

Sydney, gravel lot by the water 46.14053, -60.19794

mcd's! 09.14.2023.
big mac + spicy chicken nuggets + fries
sweet and sour sauce
chips ahoy mcflurry
coca cola

Scala shopping mall -0.20754, -78.42557

Huge spots for only $12, and it was nearly empty! Super quiet spot with lots of mixed shady and sunny spots.

Newhalem Campground. North Cascades National Park 48.66951, -121.26139

Quiet park in residential area. Sandy beach and playground. Easy access.

Wabush recreational parc 52.89792, -66.87270

chain across drive wy no signs indicating it closed for the season. banners still flying as if it was open. what a disappointment

Agapé Valley 38.13642, -105.28722

Very surprised at how clean the campsite is and the ablutions. Taps and electricity at each campsite. Lovely for a one night stopover.

Grünau Country Hotel -27.73263, 18.37846

Overnighted with several other RVs, 18 Wheeler, and a couple of people in cars. Not a lot to choose from in Butte…

Butte Walmart 45.96215, -112.50946

Great place!! Enjoyed walking around the whole park. It has lots to offer! I parked in the disc golf course lot and at 9pm a nice lady from the city honked and said she needed to lock up the regular park, but I could park at the pier (boat launch) since "it is open all night." So this spot is definitely open! I will be back. I loved it. The sunset is amazing and there's even a dog park.

Picnic Island Boat Launch 27.85788, -82.55082

There are signs every 20’ in the parking lot and driveway saying “No Overnight Parking”We were there on September 6. The PARK AND RIDE lots along I-91 and I-84 allow overnight parking.

Mark Twain house and museum 41.76631, -72.70273

pretty secluded but love the open space. beautiful views!

BLM off road area 39.16257, -108.53671
Jamie Z

This place is permanently closed.

Usha Usha Bar -7.15413, -78.52049

At a smaller pullout below the one indicated on map. Upper one had a car & then construction equipment.

Gibraltar Rock Pullout 34.47466, -119.68048

Não é mais permitido passar a noite as 23: horas nos solicitaram para sair só se pode ficar no camping ou no posto IPF

Costanera Bella Vista -28.51851, -59.03924

We didn’t stay in the guesthouse, but we came here for coffee and meals for a few days, waiting out some heavy rains.

It’s really the only place in town that’s nice to sit and have a cup of coffee. And it’s good coffee! The breakfast is really good here as well, the food is okay, and the Wi-Fi is fast. You’ll meet many other travelers here as well.

Fairfield Guesthouse, Cafe and Restaurant 47.47823, 101.45764

A very nice Hotel with classic Charme. Clean and reasonable priced at 700Pesos for 2 people. Secure Parking around the corner in a locked Garage.
Some Staff speaks english and all are very friendly.

Jardin de Tereza 16.25326, -92.13980

Typical local food, only restaurant around.

only restaurant around 46.12471, 106.38093

nice rooms in a colonial house
I paid 7000 Roupies, about usd 24 double room , wifi ,
they have a underground garage for cars , big and high car NOT ok, possibly parking on the street , video cctv, this hotel is located at the Karachi upscale neighborhood Clifton

Hotel SEVEN 7 24.83312, 67.02539

Nice and fairly hidden place, easy to access and good for a night. Mobile connection worked well so far (Orange).

Farmland 45.70725, 21.06487

Nice cozy hotel on the four rivers cycling route. Owner speaks English. Double room w private bathroom 34€/night on, maybe a bit cheaper if you book directly. GS 25 convenient store on the ground floor, free coffee, laundry+dryer 6500 W per load. Garage for bike/car parking. AC, mini fridge, toiletries in the room, free Netflix on TV.

Raemian Hotel 37.02557, 127.91990

busy area with fishermen in front of the lake, there is a supermarket nearby. You can light a fire

Area busy with fishermen in front of the lake 52.26680, 19.56116

I have never stay in Canyon Village
I want to stay tomorrow.
Can I reserve a site for a RV , for 15 of september?

Canyon Village Campground 44.73686, -110.47761

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