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amazing! but yes there are lots and lots of bugs. definitely recommend screens and repellant.

Mono Lake Panoramic View 37.89626, -118.95841

According to my credit card statement, this place only charges $5 for a dump. Not $8 or $10.

Expressway market and car wash 44.03808, -121.28474
Mariana Tazima Fujiwara

Decided on last minute to stay there, were almost the only people in the camping. Each campsite has own ablutions and costs NAD300. Wind was too strong (more than usual) that we decided to stay in the room for NAD600 a night, good decidion as the room was confy and has all supplies (could fit 4 people). Staff Clerence was very nice and helpful, the camping owner wasn’t friendly at all.

Buck's Camping Lodge -22.11192, 14.28180

A cafe with a fantastic vegan menu del dia! Soup, salad, main dish, pudding and a juice all full of flavour and delicious. 135 pesos.
It's also a nice space to sit and relax, do some work or read with a book shop and plenty of plants and greenery.

La Jicara 17.06974, -96.72514

Right down town so very convenient, but costly. The local brewery, laundromat, and grocery store are right beside it which what attracted us!

Camping Geoparc 48.52104, -64.21601

Still accessible. On the contrary to other grass fields in the area, it has no "private" sign. Local shepherd passed by and said hi.

Valley Mountain View Near Uvac 43.37232, 19.97960

Awesome free campground! There are maybe 8 campsites each with a picnic table and fire ring. Good cell service and a pit toilet.

Meadow Lake Campground 45.44445, -111.73160

Good spot, we staid here for one night, dog friendly, next to a small river.

Next to the road but quiet 0.92126, -77.51379

We had an amazing morning coffee tour, starting with a walk along the estate. The staff is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of details about the coffee trees (as well as lots of other trees, plants and vegetables). We went through the whole process of coffee making, learned about the different types of grading and ended with a delicious cup of coffee. They also sell some of their coffee in bags. We paid 100,000 UGX pp, absolutely worth it.

Kingha Coffee Company Tours -0.92150, 29.65856
Waka Nash

This is a lovely site, very park-like. The showers are hot and bathrooms clean. Alex, the super friendly owner, is pretty much always on-site on his scooter making the camp perfect. The vehicle entrance is a large black metal door which is always closed but if you carry on up the road you will see the house and hall. If you call out or walk in someone will come out to help you. 5,000 ARGS a night for 2 people in a van. You can contact Alex, the owner, on WhatsApp +54 93764626356

Camping El Lago -27.47124, -55.84869

Like in the descriptions before, keep right to the immigration table after the car inspection. The staff was very friendly, just a quick look into our van, no questions about alcohol,weapons...
We got the TIP here too. Paying with card is possible. We paid aprox. 50 Euro for our RV. The processing was completely finished after 30 minutes.

Banjercito - Cancel MEX Import Permit 32.54607, -116.94023

Homemade food of the best quality and very cheap.
Stopping point for lunch for truck drivers.
No scales, but they charge for waste.
If you're in the region and have to have lunch, you won't regret it, it's a better and cheaper roadside lunch on the trip.

Restaurante do Luiz -24.55952, -53.13065
Clancy Abroad

Great campsite for viewing lions. There is a permanent artificial waterhole about 200m from the campsite, and we saw 7 lions there one morning. We also had 3 lions visit our campsite another morning. You have to be very careful, no fences.

Kaa Campsite -24.35975, 20.62303

Cop came by around 2am saying they don't allow overnight parking, asked us to leave at 5am

Epsom Boondock 43.22373, -71.31676

Very quiet lot at night. All lights are off. No no-camping signs. One other car was parked here. Walmart is a minute away if you want a lit up lot.

Home Depot 34.66573, -86.01053

Clean dump site but with no water to clean your equipment afterwards.

Chevron 51.07247, -114.16054

Mi estancia fue muy agradable, ☺️ disfrute mucho la tranquilidad y las áreas verdes. Me relaje mucho! Me encantó! Los baños limpios. No todo en silencio. Tiene todo lo que necesito para acampar y el personal te apoyo con lo que necesitas!

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

Friendly guys and easy process. In september 2023 they continue not stamping the passeport. Cpd is stamp here, no problem. After that the bad track is not finished at all. It's bad until Magda. But possibility to do Nice wildcamp. People are really friendly.

Custom and immigration Cameroon 6.85133, 11.61731

$4.20 showers Inc tax. As others have said a little three person men’s area and women’s cubicles. Women’s nice and clean men’s shower clean, though grateful for flip flops in the changing area. Really good when I’m the road!

Community Center Pemberton 50.31829, -122.80034

$5,$7 and $10 machines, couldn’t really work out if the $7 machine was bigger so did 3 $5 washes (been on the road just over two weeks and did bedding).

Drying was $1 for three minutes then 2 minutes for 25 cents, making 51 minutes $7 which we did two machines (one high one low) and that worked pretty well for us, decent place nothing much else to report

Pemberton Suds 50.32152, -122.81002

So many pull outs but think this is the one, great view, so dark at night and totally quiet after about 11 !

Pull out 50.41593, -122.28045

Très joli parking au bord du St Laurent, il n’y avait personne à part nous. Aucun panneau signalant que le parc était interdit aux véhicules la nuit et pourtant, réveil en fanfare à 3h du matin par deux gardes qui nous ont gentiment demandé de partir.

parc 45.42196, -73.96507

This is an ordinary shop selling drinking water in 20 liter cans.

Agua Purificada 26.99202, -102.06725

Coin operated agua purificada, 14 pesos for 20 liter.

Agua Purificada 27.04583, -101.54727

Just drive up to the gate and ask if you can fill up your water tank. A very friendly guy assisted us, didn’t want anything in return.

Wster treatment point -16.72715, 15.35100

Clean room with squat toilet (hot shower is outside) for 15.000tzs, simple but comfortable

Local Guest House -3.04040, 37.05128

Around this location you can find a lady who exchanges to Neira.
Give her a call before coming here to confirm the meeting point.
Her name is roqayat and the number is:

Neira exchange lady 6.46696, 2.62463

A real treat for those who like to enjoy a good German beer and a crunchy pretzel in a relaxed atmosphere.

In case the owner is on site, he may give you some valuable travel tips. He loves 4x4 off-road tours and is an excellent photographer (

Galeria Hopulus - German Brewery 4.66369, -74.05112
Poder Americano

🇬🇧Laundry service for baskets of clothes, according to the common load of a home washing machine.
USD 5$ per basket.

🇪🇸 servicio de lavandería, por cestas de ropa, calculado según la carga normal de una lavadora de hogar. Costo de 5 dólares por cada cesta.

Lavandería Lechería (laundry service) 10.19875, -64.69223

Para fazer o certificado de boa saúde para viajar para outro país. Custou $180 mil pesos. Feito rapidamente, dão cópia física, cópia digital e já enviam também o documento na página do ICA. Dão todas as orientações para fazer o documento. Precisa agendar horário. Telefone: +57 317 3420175

To make the certificate of good health to travel to another country. It cost $180 thousand pesos. Done quickly, they provide a physical copy, a digital copy and also send the document on the ICA page. They give all the instructions for creating the document. You need to schedule an appointment. Telephone: +57 317 3420175

Doctor Guau 10.40487, -75.55384

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