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Small RV park on the water. Good views. Cost was $30 cash. Had to call Don on to register. 30 amp service. Water was non-potable. Has showers and washroom facilities. We stopped for the night and are happy with the place.

Goodyear’s Cove campground 49.42645, -56.10197

Technically illegal, but Police don't enforce it as long as you are stealth.

Alittle noisy, I don't mind so I can watch movies on my tablet.

I have seen quite a few other stealth vehicles camping in and around here.

obviously plenty of shopping and amenities.
two major grocery stores in walking distance.
fred myers and a safeway.

There are a few larger business buildings with large lots that could fit large RVs, but you would probably have to show up after hours and leave pretty early. In these building areas I have seen some tow signs but plenty of places without those.

Over all as for my experience, this area definitely will become a part of my regular rotation. I have already stayed in and around this area three times.

Gig Harbor 47.30515, -122.58195

Very scenic with spots overlooking a small canyon. Some spots have fire pits cobbled together from stones, must bring your own wood. Two portapotties are available, free. Terrain is ok for a Honda fit.

Capitol Reef NP - West Entrance 38.32721, -111.36366

Pull off, good view. Didnt stop, but a truck camper was in there

Pull out 48.52735, -124.35327

I wasn't able to find this place.

Nkondwe Falls -5.85169, 30.86265

seasonal campground where we reside and it is beautiful

Vermillion River Boat Launch 46.55282, -81.38087

Facilities are shocking for the $12 you pay p.person. Ladies showers the water hardly comes out of shower and ice cold even after donkey fire was made. Water at wash basins near camp sites switched off. Disappointed after a long day's drive.

Pioneer Camp -15.39505, 28.45140

Local muito Bom de Ficar, Policiamento 24hs, Muita Movimentação de Pessoas

Parque Ponta Negra -3.06857, -60.09513

I wasn't able to find this place.

BLM land in canyon 39.33182, -107.24281

Panneaux indiquants ´´No over night ´ le service à la clientèle me confirme qu’il est interdit de dormir sut le stationnement

Signs indicating ´´No over night ´ customer service confirms to me that it is forbidden to sleep on the parking lot

Walmart Supercenter - Helena 46.59325, -111.99153
Hans von Fintel

Unfortunately the prices have doubled (08/2023). For a room for one person they ask TL 1,500 which is at the current rate 60 €

Grand Hotel 40.74276, 40.24174

We found this place at dusk after first camping at the other camping spot on IOverlander at the 3rd lake. Around 6pm 2 men and one girl came with a car with very loud music and imediatelly they started drinking. So, we decided to leave and look for some other place. We found this one by chance, it's aproximately 1,5 km away from the other one. You're visible form the road ( this goes for all the camping spot at each lake because the entire valley is very narrow) , but no cars pass at night. We slept here two nights. You have a nice view over the lake which is more beautiful than the 3rd one. You have Tcell internet reception (H+) from 6pm to

Nice view over the 4th Lake 39.19780, 67.81723

A services with toilets, shower, shop and fast food. Camping overnight permitted and it’s quieter on the far side of the services

E40 southbound near Brussels 50.87945, 4.25214

As described. Beautiful campsite near the lake. 20€/night for a big camper (4 pers). Electricity. Warm (not very hot :) ) showers. 1 shower and 2 clean WC's for men, same for women. Iwner very helpful. 3km nice, illuminated paved bike track to the city. Taxi to Ohrid 5€, to Bay of Bones 13€. Diving in Bay of Bones (Amfora dive club, near Museum) 45€.
Campsite quite big, but could get crowded in july-august. Nicest camp around, people say, due to the vicinity of lake + town. We didin't hear any music or disturbing noise in the night, as others described.

campsite next to the lake 41.09161, 20.80042

spot on the edge of the lake, there are not too many mosquitoes, perfect for staying

spot by the lake 46.61916, 80.63230

nice spot on a water reservoir. no mosquitoes but some litter

River spot 45.69018, 80.30249

Really lovely little guesthouse. Very clean rooms and hot water. Wifi, when working, is fast. Staff very friendly. 60K for a big double with hot water and breakfast.

Ribona Guesthouse 0.18660, 30.05520

very nice camping spot for tenting. everything is very clean, and free (showers, wifi)

Main Spessart Camping 49.82092, 9.58464

Abs hostel/guesthouse is cheap, clean, and has a laundry machine. Highly recommended. It has double rooms with private bathrooms for 2,000 som or about $20 and also has dorms (not sure the cost of those). There is a very clean kitchen and a laundry machine for 100 som per load. It is well located and the owners are very hospitable. There is space inside the gate for parking motorcycles and probably two cars. Fast wifi too!!!

Abs Hostel 40.51898, 72.79719
Suenito on the wheels

Nice place next to the tourist attraction, but during the day you will see only cows, couple of dogs, and horses. Very quiet.
Nice wind, no shade.
Next to the river, but not impossible to swim because of the cows.
Magti 4G

Nice quiet place, no ppl 42.10586, 42.58233

As a foreigner, the say you can only get a single-entry transit visa for 3 days (to Kazakhstan), which will take 7-10 business days. Tourist visa are possible exclusively for people with a permanent Georgian residence.
If you travel with your own car, apparently you still need your car documents translated (even though at the border nobody cares about translated documents), otherwise you need to show them bus tickets or similar.
Please note that with the new E-visa you can go to Russia crossing the Georgian/Russian border at verknhii Lars, but (as for now) you cannot exit Russia at the Kazakh border and will be sent back.

Russian visa center 41.70580, 44.77738

Tried to get us for 2000pppn and ultimately accepted 1200 total. These guys will take advantage if you let them.

KWS Campsite 0.24285, 36.14328

Note: dogs or other animals are not allowed in the trading zone.

Entry to Khogos Free Trade Zone 44.24215, 80.34383

Experts in Landrover Defenders! Small workshop, but a lot of experience. They were able to fix our problem really fast. They also have a lot of spare parts or know, where to get them in athens.

Landrover Service Balomenos 37.05025, 22.07121

A Total with a big car wash station on the back. The pressure of the washer was the best we have seen since Namibia, very powerful.
Its 500 but we paid 350 (2.30$) as we did it our self. Good place for a clean up after Lake Turkana. Friendly staff.

Car wash at Total station 2.33043, 37.98541

Tor's Camp offers multiple accommodation options.
Our fully-furnished, self-catered tents offer an easier, private way to do camping. Each tent (fitting up to two persons) starts at $80 per night.

Our glamping site has two tents with their own private bathroom and shower facilities. The glamping tents are ideal for smaller groups who don’t have all their own equipment.

Our campsites - starting at $80 per night for 10 people and can accommodate up to 14 people - are an adventurous, cheap and exciting way to access the Maasai Mara.

The campsites provide the do-it-yourself excitement whilst giving campers access to hot water showers, charging points and a few other things to make life easier. Ideal for larger groups with some camping equipment.

Tor's Camp -1.35129, 35.13191

Amazing spacious campsite overlooking Sipi 3 falls. Staff very friendly, Isaac was an amazing tour guide and explained everything well. They did our washing for 1000UGX per item. We did the walk to all 3 waterfalls and it is a great walk thru villages and small farms. Here a few people approached us with a cameloen, when you take a photo, they want money.
45000UGX pppn. Food at restaurant was excellent, first time in Uganda that the chicken was not overcook and dry. Chicken curry delicious. Cost 30000pp for a meal.

Sipi Valley Resort 1.34266, 34.37720

This track is now closed off, but you can park on the main parking and the distance to the vulcano is the same.

The Volcano Site 48.18732, 99.84869

Short walk to the top of the vulcano from here. They are rebuilding the bumpy road to this parking, didn’t have to pay. LTE with Unitel.

nationale park khorgo Tsagaan Nuur 48.19370, 99.85436

This supermarket is new and has lots of stuff. We found pesto (red and green), which we didn’t see anywhere else. Lots of European chocolate, candies etc. Large parking space outside.

They also have tupperware, clothes, some camping gear, and more.

Big, well-equipped supermarket (Nomin) 48.96072, 89.96304

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