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Staying overnight is no longer allowed here. In the Squamish Area, you can only stay overnight in designated campsites. No Sign but they Control the Parking Lot.

Eagle view point 49.75294, -123.14095

Good stop for the night. It was quiet, only 1 train. Could not hear road noise - not much traffic.

Roadside 49.48536, -91.95937

little Dutch courage for the hike and you have a wild camp spot

king of the world place 61.99678, 7.47468

Nice spot for a night. 1-2 bars Verizon LTE. Dam with pond and rushing waterfalls 50’ from lot.

Orange River Reservoir parking/boat ramp 44.78437, -67.19146

Nice large and flat spot. Can accomodate multiple RVs. To access the site, turn on Matanuska road (on your right if you're heading towards Tok)

Hick creek - Glacier view 61.78942, -147.93860
Se Joga No Mundo

Good spot to spend one night. in front of tourist police.

Centro Turistico Artesanal de Puerto Maldonado -12.59153, -69.17740

22,000 for a double room with en-suite bathroom, which has cold running cold water and a western flushing toilet. The bed had a good mosquito net and the room was big enough for two bicycles.

There’s a little private porch area outside each room which is nice to chill on. You can order food from the restaurant to your room at any time of the day or night - but be warned it will take a few hours to arrive! It’s worth the wait though - the food is great.

East African Hotel -4.34811, 29.59628

not very level parking lot, stayed one night. calm from about 10pm but lawn mower starting at 5:40 am for whatever reason right next to me. good for pet walking, no open Fires, no weed and please do not poop on the mountain sign but nothing forbidding overnight parking.

Gravel Lot Under Powerlines 49.32222, -122.79407

Stayed here in our van on a Wednesday night. found a level parking spot and pulled in around 7 pm. Multiple wakeups through the night due to vehicle activity and people talking /arguing sitting in cars with loud music at 2 am, then 3 am. That being said, it's a convenient place to park, lots to do within walking distance.

Public parking of marine center 48.12003, -123.42949

first arriving, we did not like how dark it was. however, you are tucked away and undisturbed by anything else in the area. planet fitness in same parking lot. we parked between mechanic shop and hotel and slept fine. stayed 3 nights.

Cayuga shopping plaza 42.48215, -76.48176

big gravel lot, flat enough, right on the side of the highway. pretty basic. a bit noisy but it's good for an evenings rest.

Esso Truck Stop 50.10157, -108.48764
R.T. Van Go

Great rest area. I've stayed many nights here (not all at once). Road noise. Occasional road honking, yelling etc. Beyond that, and the occasional person pulling in late with music blasting, or revving the engine to make noise, very peaceful and safe place to spend some time.

Dismal Nitch Rest Area 46.24921, -123.86066
ioverlander user

i never saw so many gas stations as on this road. much cheaper than before the pass (sicuani). didnt saw any with urea after cusco

road with many (20+) gas stations -15.38945, -70.15798

I arrived around 6:30 and it was loaded with cats lined all up the sides of the road with cyclists. I turnaround was too full to park, so I parked down the road at a closed road, entrance (big road closed gate) By 7:30 enough people left (near disk) so I moved up to this spot as it is quieter and further from the interstate. A sheriff's patrol car went through as I was parking but didn't stop. Another vehicle pulled in near me later to stay and that's it. very quiet. a good overnight spot.

Pull out by park entrance 47.51066, -121.84414

Parked and slept on the opposite of the Big Ben Restaurant.
Felt save and was quiet during the night, except for the beautiful sound of the waves of course.

Enjoy :)

Beach parking -8.07549, -79.11908
@la van à Van

save and keep for later sorry


Heather Lake Trailhead 48.44736, -122.46580

Access has been blocked by a landslide. Only accessible on foot now. Possible to carry your bicycle over. Nice secluded camp spots in the trees.

At the bridge -22.19246, -64.63803

At the north end of the bridge, there's a track leading East and West. Part of the eastern track has fallen away leaving a narrow path wide enough to ride around for Motos and cycles. There's a large selection of flat open spaces, some hidden by the bushes.
For vans, turn West for a wide, flat parking area.

Near the big bridge. -22.02041, -64.65827

Control for prevention of Fly Fruit asking if we have fruits. Peachs, apples and citrics are not allowed, bananas can enter. Also had to paid AR$600 for fumigation

Fruit & Fumigation -32.22062, -67.78442

Second Night here ( first one 3 weeks ago) no problem. Quiet with some road noise. Useful for Joshua Tree.

California Visitors Welcome Center 34.12005, -116.42673

nice little place. we ended up staying on the opposite side of the river. pull-outs for both sides of the river are located on the north side of the road. the area on the east side of the river has multiple spots along the road. the area on the west side of the river only has one. please pick up after yourself.

A river runs through it 51.14211, -117.84783

Lovely Yukon Campground. Very clean pit toilets, boat launch and nice camp sites with picnic tables and fire pits (free firewood if you can split it). $20 CAD. Site #16 is right on the lake and level. Perfect for a camper van or small RV.

Lake Laberge Territorial Park and Campground 61.07713, -135.19777

Pretty decent place, paid $55 for one night tent spot. Bathrooms could have been better but overall not too shabby. I would stay again in the future if I had to.

Tip Tam Camping Resort 40.10005, -74.27112

Sublime ! Merveilleux coucher de soleil. TrèS tranquille.

The Arches Provincial Park 50.11362, -57.66436
Roadtrip 2020

We tried to stay overnight here but we were not allowed to. Maybe just bad luck depending on the person who’s responsible for that day.

City parking Poblado 6.21176, -75.57408

got here late after dark, looks like the description is spot on.

In the Aspens 37.37178, -107.90132

Ficamos 1 noite no estacionamento do Horto. Bem tranquilo. Sem água e energia, mas gratuito e silencioso a noite.

Horto Mercado, Itaipava -22.40460, -43.13524

Still a very good spot for a nice free shower. It was very clean !

Provincial Parks Tillebrook Day Use 50.53731, -111.81020

A little abandoned coal mine. not much to see unless you are like us and pretty much like old machinery.

There is one truck, mining machine and few other staff.

Amazing landscape around. Access see wild camp.

Abandoned coal mine 63.65419, -145.79114

Lugar bonito e tranquilo, às margens do rio, com um pequeno riacho de água limpa e transparente. Mas, não vimos salmão nem urso. Está em um desvío, um trecho antigo, desativado, da Alaska hight way. Quem vem de Tok, a entrada esta uns 3 ou 4 quilômetros antes, à esquerda e, quem vem da Baía da Destruicao, um quilômetro e meio antes a direita

grizzly/salmon viewing spot 61.53960, -139.32254

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