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This place is permanently closed.

collapsed road in a tunnel -8.66729, -78.01322

This place is permanently closed.

An 100 Road closed 7 am to 5 pm -8.46070, -78.15314

Pernoitamos aqui, abastecemos e tivemos água potável pro RV e local para descartar o cassete.

Shell gas station -21.09568, -44.22890

Got in late at night but Google maps got us there easily based on coordinates. Not a single vehicle went past us all night. Super quiet and serene. We had great cell reception on Verizon with Weboost.

PRIVATE PROPERTY 36.92748, -109.16700

Nothing works here… 100MAD for parking in a camp car park which used to be acceptable.
No water, no toilets, no showers, electricity required both of my 10m extension cords to get power to my vehicle.
We had water last night but it would appear that they turn everything off after dark… not much use if you want to wash, shower or use the toilets in the morning.
I wanted to top up my water tank but there’s no one around to ask etc… not impressed.

Camping Chez 32.27836, -2.34859

This place is permanently closed.

Walmart 61.30842, -149.53752

This place is permanently closed. The customer service person said they changed to no overnight parking a while back, don’t know exactly when.

Walmart - Eagle River 61.31015, -149.53316

stayed one night, in 35 foot skoolie. nice view of lake right off the road. road was quite at night. a exponential amount of bugs at dusk keep window and doors closed.

Eagle Lake BLM 40.67739, -120.65771

Beautiful open field, we drove in further along the dirt road to get some more privacy from the main road.

Coyotes are around but were not a problem for us. Some bugs but very manageable. Road out to the spot was in good condition - any SUV with decent clearance will be fine. Absolutely stunning stars and no one else in sight. Great spot!

Open field 44.16432, -107.65662

small, quiet campground at the base of the damn. a little traffic noise from the road but no too bad. Felt safe as a solo female.

FREE Dam Site Campground Fort Gibson 35.86442, -95.22955

what can I say, its a Walmart; traffic and lights. What i can say though is thanks Walmart for providing a place to top supplies and rest for the night. we needed fresh water and found a tap across the street at an unused / for sale car wash.

Walmart Grand Falls 47.05943, -67.75340

Had a quiet night with a class B along with a pick up truck. Sceptic toilet, picnic table. Lot of paved spot with a view on Nipigon river.

Nipigon Panorama Lookout 49.01698, -88.25790

nice hotel in downtown
i paid 50000 pesos per night
good rooms, clean, good Wifi breakfast and dinner are included in the price!!!

Hotel San Martin -23.64580, -70.39632

quiet small campground at the base of a damn. beautiful colors for sunset. Camp host came by to say there is a 14 day limit. stayed for one night. felt safe as a solo female.

FREE Dam Site Campground Fort Gibson 35.86453, -95.22954

Parked here overnight in a stealth van, no issues!

Municipal lot 27.27651, -82.56334

Beautiful area overlooking the beach and farms, camp sites are on a slope. unfriendly locals doing check in requiring 250 NOK for a to spend night. wouldn't even let me turn around without paying. Had to back out.
They still consider Sept High season. may still be worth it if your willing to pay to camp.

Utakliev Beach 68.18935, 13.53467

As described, nice spot off highway, clean bathrooms and hot showers. The place needs some TLC as it is for sale.

Trail Campground 50.29171, -107.81571

Small gravel pull through parking area with picnic tables and trash cans. I arrived in the middle of the night. It was very dark. Almost missed it. It’s right by the road, but otherwise very quiet. Perfect for a quick stop or sleep.

Blue Jay US-6 Rest Area 38.36932, -116.22839

The perfect overnight stop!
Plenty of RV sides along the river (nice atmosphere for a good night's sleep), some more leveled than others, some on pavement some on hard dirt.
Long stretch of nicely maintained grass patch to hold good 50 tents.
Two Restroom houses at each end, everything is very clean and open all night.
Decent AT&T signal. 100% recommend

Lander City Park 42.82120, -108.73697

Simplement Woww
Après 19h la circulation diminue beaucoup!

Cabot Trail 46.53090, -60.41770
Jay & Alana

Very nice stop with good privacy even when there are several in the area. The bridge is a bit noisy but the water drowns out most of the noise. Most spots lay flat without work to level. Starlink can be tricky but doable with a long cord. We had no bugs or critter issues on our stay

Racing River II 58.82422, -125.13567

Edited to revise road to 182 East (not north)

Pull through site on route 182N 44.61643, -68.07213
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This is a great spot to camp for a night or two while visiting the ruins and enjoying the peaceful valley. No potable water available. Brisk running stream and irrigation canal.
Bathrooms up at office during open hours. Consider taking a little trash when you go. And bury your poop.

Incallajta campground -17.61607, -65.40199
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Not as ruinous as I expected from reading others. But there is clearly no effort to maintain, restore or preserve this amazing place. Small info booklet given with payment. No guides available or offered. Approx one mile hike from lower camping to waterfall through major sections of ruins. Further to tower. Do a little reading before or after to understand the importance of this place. We thought the views up and down the canyon looked very similar to Sacred Valley, Peru.
Dogs okay. Can drive across water to visitor center to park closer, but not really a flat place to overnight.

Incallajta -17.61965, -65.39829

This place is permanently closed.

Daniel Guidi Estilistas -12.12943, -77.02961

in may June and July I stayed here often with no problems. I've read the newest comments saying it's closed? I'm going to push my luck and stay for the night. wish me luck!!

Bug Light Park 43.65406, -70.23427

Very nice and worth the stop. 100p/p. The wooden walkway is now all the way with fairytale characters. No muddy feet

Local “Geyser” 50.29217, 87.67166

It’s great for overnight but they do come by and check. It was almost 11am on my second day there and they told me it’s Squamish land / private property. Even though there’s no signs when you pull in, he told me they have signs about where their land starts. They took pics of my van and told they’ll be back in an hour… I was spooked!

Squamish Valley Hideaway 49.84684, -123.14888

nice quiet place. didn't drive all the way up to the fireplace, road had too deep ruts, but stayed right at the turn off from main road. yes it's about 8mi gravel road to get there, but driving slow I had no problems with my 27' c-class. stayed for a week, nobody came and bothered. it was labor day weekend, some kids did target practice and took out their off road vehicles. would definitely stay again if in the vincinity.

E Perkinsville Rd / Garchen Buddhist Institute 34.79010, -112.28514

Good bathrooms here. Small park with tables. Some shade.

Rocky Mountain House dump station 52.38137, -114.91651

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