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Definitely far from road. Wasn’t crowded in early September. Peaceful river, pretty flat, no litter. Views might not be spectacular for the Dempster, but still nice. It’s on one of the highest elevations of the highway so it does get cold.

Riverside 64.71583, -138.37675

Yup. It’s real! Just as described previously. Walked about a block to the local tavern. (Saturday is “ meat raffle “ night.) Ton of fun. Won a couple rib eyes. Great campground, friendly people. The nearby town of Wadena is a marvel in itself. Worth the minor detour.

Deer Creek 46.38977, -95.31937

Gran lugar para estar unos días , el lugar es una pequeña explanada que da con muchos miradores ideal para sus vistas al atardeceres
Algunas características =

-No lo recomiendo en temporada alta
-El lugar es muy turístico por lo que en el día no es privado , en la noche es solitario pero seguro.
-pasa la autoridad de policía fiscalizando, se sugiere tener una actitud adecuada
-hay algunos comercios cerca, no hay baños.

Cueva de Pirata -32.76594, -71.53448

Left here because there was an extremely loud party nearby.
Also a guy immediately came up for payment, it’s private parking, costs is 5Sol per night. We drove 5min further to the unused road and had a quiet night there.

Quiet place 15 minutes from Arequipa -16.36548, -71.53472

Sharp turn off the main road. Down a bit of a hill, take a right at the sign. One waterfront spot, a big open turn around, and a boat launch. Lots of flies. Ok for a night, but not the kind of place I’d stay at for too long. The train went by at least twice in the night, not terrible but also not great.

King hill/Snake River 43.00008, -115.21500

Great hostel with good WiFi. The staff is super helpful. They let us park our bikes inside the hostel, but only room for 1 or 2 and the. 2 or 3 vehicles fit in the garage next door. Food in nearby Colta or host will have taxi deliver it to hast for you. We paid $30 usd for room with 2 beds and private bathroom

Hostal Kucha Wasi -1.74957, -78.75202

Near the park entrance. Nice view. Not much noise from the road. Clean toilets.

Sweet Water 37.82409, -120.00383

Level camp sites on the auto side. had no issues overnighting in our converted van.

Gateway rest area westbound 64 38.54920, -89.76336

Close to the road but very quiet. I arrived late at night and was the only one there. It was very beautiful in the morning. Don't drive past the sign, it's $500 minimum to get towed out.

Sevier Lake BLM close to road 39.08121, -113.18628

hidden waterfall with a small pool to cool down- silent night- only jungle and some coffee folks
The way here needs skills, axe, saw, 4x4 plus a lil‘ 4low - nothing special but be careful with the several river crossings
Fun for the whole family

(The road continues but really not in the best shape)

small waterfall w/ serious overlanding 14.59951, -90.25654

Small pull off site on the side of the forest road. Large enough for a van or tent camper. Overlooks the open grazing field.

Forest Road 288 43.74622, -103.75250

It is a campground, on the front door we ask for water, it’s free just water. Awesome 🤩

San Clemente State Campground 33.40329, -117.60261

Slept in the car on this parking lot, had no problems. There are so many cars, so I don’t think somebody cares of checking if someone is sleeping there. Also went to free showers in the campground here.

Curry Village Parking Lots 37.73914, -119.56946

password: subway12. Nice location, lot of tables.

Subway 44.42750, -124.06751

Not a 24-hour planet fitness. Only open from 7am to 7pm.

24 Hour Planet Fitness 44.10568, -103.21306
Road Warrior America

Nice for an overnight! Slept well and no problems.

Blacks Creek Rest Area. I-84 Eastbound 43.47659, -116.10754

A lovely place amongst a whole lot of nothing in the area. Far enough from the highway that it’s barely audible. Full hookups are $45 and tent sites $27. The tent sites are pretty slopey and it would be difficult to get level. Access to tent sites is also definitely only for cars and vans as it is bumpy and narrow. The RV sites are not all level either but at least there’s a lot more room.

Brooks Memorial State Park 45.95231, -120.66769

We had no issues staying here for 3 nights. It was a great spot for us to take care of our needs in town and have privacy at night. Some party goers in the evening came to play music in their car on one of the weekend nights, but we were pleasantly surprised they left after an hour. No amenities. It’s a decent place to rest. Happy travels!

Princess Royal Sailing Club -35.06666, 117.87902

Stayed for two nights. Safe place, no one bothered us. Porta potty available. Sunday morning was busy because of the church and the farmer’s market. There is a small park right next to the parking so people walk here late at night and early in the morning.

Behind City Hall 44.31323, -124.10564

Cute gym, amazing shower. There is only one shower. It’s big, clean, has hot water, a sink and a bench. Best shower I’ve had in weeks. Worth the 8$.
*It’s not 24/7. The employee arrived at 12. When you are a member you can enter as you wish, but otherwise you have to sign in.

394 Fitness 44.42711, -124.06753

military stopped us. asked to look in the van, just stood outside and peered in for a minute. Separate immigration guy, quick check of passports. Military and Police then whispered that they wanted something and they want to make our process quick... even though they jade done their checks. Said no, they didn't ask again and off we went to the toll. 50mets

Bridge from Rio Save -21.14638, 34.56864

Posto com desconto no diesel comum tendo o aplicativo e abastecimento de água.

gas station Shell -2.89864, -41.72007

Nice and easy place next to the main road. Large flat ground to park. There is a restaurant and a water fountain (we didn’t try the restaurant)

Flat spot near restaurant 39.87367, 39.13044

Pretty level street parking, I was here from about 10pm to 10am and had no problems. I don’t even think anybody walked by my van and I felt safe here as a solo traveler :)

Astoria street 46.18862, -123.82511

Stayed the night after the ferry. No locals feeding foxes but there was one fox that did roam by. It is windy and loud if the fog horn is going off. Would stay again as the views are beautiful but not on a foggy evening.

Lighthouse Cape Ray 47.62011, -59.30239

Stayed here for the night, beautiful views. About 4 other rigs were here, though parked up further toward the lighthouse on the gravel.

Be aware: the 4km drive up to the light house is VERY bumpy, so many pot holes and the road is unsealed and dirt/gravel. We made it fine going slow in a 95 leisure travel, however please be mindful of what you're vehicle is able to achieve.

Near Fort Point 48.36034, -53.34804

Very basic lodge for 7000 shillings, good for a stopover between Bukundi and Gorfani along lake Eyasi. Ablutions and toilets outside of the room, not very clean. Locals all very welcoming!

Matala lodge -3.89080, 34.75962

Parking and some dilated buildings. We slept here due to the landslide. Very chilly with some frost during the night. Very quiet as we were the only people here from 4 PM till after 9 AM the next morning. Well worth it, a lot less wind early in the morning and the mountain peaks are clear.

Laguna Paron -9.00638, -77.68821

Nice and quiet spot between the road and the water. Neither would disturb you. A couple other vans and millions of stars? Yup, you’re right here

Ingonish Harbour 46.62891, -60.41641

Very nice place to sleep ! We stay one night here. Beautiful view on volcano ! We were with horses, cows, goats and birds. However, this place is dirty, a lot of garbage everywhere.

Wild camp 12.30957, -86.58020

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