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Great spot just off the highway that is surprisingly quiet. Little tricky to navigate in the dark, but found taking the right turn after getting on the gravel path to be best.

Riverside 49.24783, -120.00724

camp on a peninsula and park in the lot over night

hall pond 42.46554, -71.15595

Beautiful grassy and flat area by the river.
The place is surrounded with blue rounded hills and you will find hippos in the river.
This bend of the river is actually a passage where a flat bottom boat is taking people and motorbikes from a bank to another.
There are some people on the other bank but they don't really pay attention to you.
150 meters on the right hand side lays a stretch of a sandy beach where hippos have their nap when the sun comes to its highest.
A chap from the village took us there. He looked happy with the KZ2,000 we gave him and took also KZ2,000 for the Soba.
We saw a bush fire at the foot the Eastern hill, around 300 meters away. A little windy after 5, and given the weed was quite dry, we decided not to light a fire on.
Definetly a place where we could stay way longer.

Hippos & Rounded hills -11.18369, 14.85759

Dormimos apenas uma noite 60 por pessoa, tem banheiro, energia, no lugar tem acesso a lagoa azul, fervedouro, Rio vermelho e cachoeira.

Lagoa Azul do Maranhão (Blue lagoon) -1.90599, -60.01080

The road has some sandy part indeed. Better with a 4x4.
The place is really beautiful and unique. We came across the park rangers next day when we left and told us we had to pay $7000 per person. We didn’t have enough money so he had us pay the national entrance at $1500 per person (what a difference!!)
Stay on the tracks and don t go offroad as you can really have high fines.
Washboard almost all the way. Took us around 1h from the road to here.

Bizare rock formations -26.58643, -67.48114

Whole area is fenced now. And there is road work going on so impossible to access the river. Plus at this time of the year, river is dry.

Gem next to the river -27.02626, -66.76537

added pictures. great for a base camp to explore newberry volcano national monument

Prairie campground. National forest 43.72682, -121.41889
Radio Baobab

Safe offstreet parking without height limitations. House of charming 77yo Amanda has comfortable en-suite rooms around nice swimming pool, with a/c, fridge, microwave, coffee machine,.. . Small basic communal kichten. Free filtered water. Fast wifi. Parking can accomdate vehicles up to 6m easily, longer will need a bit of manouvring. Big rigs might find the turn into the small street challenging (but possible). There is an simolar place next door with bigger parking. Book via or you can try whatsapp: +55 92 98128-5767. Price +- 30$/night for a double.

Amanda Suites -3.08932, -60.01436

super spot good bathroom and showers
and can refiill waters tanks
very secure
we paid 10Soles by night

Estación de Servicio San Jose -4.93081, -80.69768

Public free campground for caravans. Up to 3 days stay. Maybe possible to get water and electricity for a fee.

Aire de Camping Cars 49.60208, 1.11568

there is a peaje 5 soles pp for route maintenance, which is insane.
and a little bit further 20 soles pp for rainbow montain entrance, we entered at night and didn't pay, but on the way back there were people stopping our car to charge...

peaje 5 soles -13.89240, -71.25790

we arrived at night, there was no one here,this is the closest point to go from this side, you cannot go up more as they only allow motorcycle (you can pay here to get a lift to the top of the montain 80 soles voth ways or 60 one way) or quadriciculum which is a tour that you have to book from Cusco. So that's why you cannot go further. it's a business.

there are toilets here, we didn't have to pay in the entrance as we arrived at night, but in the way back , around 10am, we payed 20 soles pp for entrance and 5 soles pp for road maintenance. Be aware!
We did the trekking at 7am, not many tourists and it was sunny, at 9 am it got crowded.

machu picchu closest parking lot -13.86872, -71.28600

The 2 dump station is on the left side of the general store, you will see a sign when you get there.

The water is very close to the ground, so can’t flush with it or fill big jugs (you can fill those in the visitor center).

Otherwise fine & free

FREE dump station & water North Rim 36.20430, -112.05343
Radio Baobab

Tap water in Manaus is not potable. But there are 3 taps here in front of the car wash (posto “equador”) where everybody comes to fill their big drinking water containers. It’s right next to the two big ice fridges. You can park right next to the taps. Medium pressure.

Next to Gelo -3.12992, -59.98527

A quiet place in front of the river. To get there there is a clean dirt road, no campers, yes camperVans

in front of the river 52.54201, 21.38908

Last Shoprite before/after the border. Good for getting rid of your remaining Kwanzas ;)

ShopRite -17.06563, 15.72945

In the rolling green countryside some 4 km from Wells lies this quiet working farm with campsite. It has a grass field where you can park where you want and also 6 gravel spots with electric hookup. Cost 20 ponds per night. Hot water shower for 50 p.

Pine tree farm 51.19834, -2.69944

no water available. dump fee?
right behind mcdonalds and the shell. beside the propane refill station

Shell 43.67437, -121.49939

Very nice spot for camping next to the lake. A small beach area with clean toilet and fireplace. Place for 2 small campers or 4x4 with rooftent.

Sjönevadssjön badplats 56.98128, 12.74809

A spacious rest area with a water hose in the front area. WiFi is available during office hours only. Clean and well maintained. There is an equivalent welcome center northbound on the Alabama side of the state line. Traffic noise died away to nothing after eleven pm as this is a Federal highway not an interstate.

Rest Area/Florida Welcome Center 30.99423, -85.40838

te permiten estacionar es este predio que pertenece al ferrocarril. sobre Av. Casey.
muy tranquilo.

playon frente a la estación -37.46197, -61.93130
Apenas por Aí

🇺🇸Mechanic specialized in diesel engines. Look for Gabriel who he will help with the greatest goodwill and dedication. Good professional.

🇧🇷Mecânico especializado em motores a diesel. Procurem o Gabriel que eleauxiliará com a maior boa vontade e dedicação. Bom profissional.

Mecânica do Gabriel - Mechanic in Diesel -2.89936, -41.75122

Took awhile to find this place based off the original post b it if you go down the road and take a left, you’ll see some decent camping spots. This one in particular has a fire ring and had a few other people camping a few hundred yards away. Overall I’d camp here again but it was 37f when I woke up so pack warm!

Between the trees w fire pit 39.00950, -108.08256

We found a nice sleepover spot while traveling on hiway 3 in BC Canada. It is just a few hundred feet off the hiway. it appears to be a part of the old road system, old asphalt, yellow line still visible deadend with trees growing in it. Nice and flat, clean. No trun around, so no good for big rigs. Room for several vehicles. Close to freeway so a bit noisy. worked out perfectly for us.

Road to Phoenix Ski Lodge 49.10427, -118.52998

update in 2023.still same .there8s a couple of 'bars' at the shore selling sodas-beers.but didnt noticed a restaurant yet.and Very few people around.on a Sunday.that sayis a lot.bring food -gasoline

Porto Jofre -17.36104, -56.76696

No supermarket inside. Closest one is 8 min walking.
The parking is big and cheap, we didn't stay the night but just 2h for 200 TG.

Shymkent Plaza 42.31448, 69.58756

Stayed for the night with 3 other van/cars. Heard a lot of delivery trucks, but otherwise great spot. Didn’t get the wifi from the parking. There are signs at the other end of the parking but not this part. We were at the intersection of Railroad St and 5th.

Fred Meyer 42.05275, -124.28942

Basic hotel in a nice and quiet neighborhood. Wifi is slow, AC, tv etc. Good shower and bed.
Hotel looks new and is very clean.

No window in the room.
Secure indoor parking.
We paid 60.000 cop for a double.

Aguachica, Hotel Nejaru 8.31106, -73.60044

Great spot to spend the night. Good level parking lot and quiet after dark. One other visitor parked next to us. Any sized unit can park here.

Dobson trail parking lot 46.04096, -64.78678

Excellent facility. Easy to find and easy to park. We used our own hose to refill the water. Highly recommend.

Work and Play Limited 46.07516, -64.82336

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