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update in 2023.still same .there8s a couple of 'bars' at the shore selling sodas-beers.but didnt noticed a restaurant yet.and Very few people around.on a Sunday.that sayis a lot.bring food -gasoline

Porto Jofre -17.36104, -56.76696

No supermarket inside. Closest one is 8 min walking.
The parking is big and cheap, we didn't stay the night but just 2h for 200 TG.

Shymkent Plaza 42.31448, 69.58756

Stayed for the night with 3 other van/cars. Heard a lot of delivery trucks, but otherwise great spot. Didn’t get the wifi from the parking. There are signs at the other end of the parking but not this part. We were at the intersection of Railroad St and 5th.

Fred Meyer 42.05275, -124.28942

Basic hotel in a nice and quiet neighborhood. Wifi is slow, AC, tv etc. Good shower and bed.
Hotel looks new and is very clean.

No window in the room.
Secure indoor parking.
We paid 60.000 cop for a double.

Aguachica, Hotel Nejaru 8.31106, -73.60044

Great spot to spend the night. Good level parking lot and quiet after dark. One other visitor parked next to us. Any sized unit can park here.

Dobson trail parking lot 46.04096, -64.78678

Excellent facility. Easy to find and easy to park. We used our own hose to refill the water. Highly recommend.

Work and Play Limited 46.07516, -64.82336

Bustling little local cafe. Good coffee, yummy breakfast burritos and biscuits and gravy. They have wifi but super slow this morning!

Rise and Shine cafe 45.17507, -113.88948

No one bothered us. Not a 24 hr Walmart though

Mankato Walmart 44.16550, -93.95185

My car is a sprinter van and it's fine.
The owner is very nice, the wifi is fast and there is electricity.
20.000 per person.
You can see beautiful birds and the campground is quiet and cozy.

Hostal Cabana La Isla 5.58356, -75.79096

Beautiful gravel road through amazing landscapes close to the mountains. The gravel road on it self is doable with 2x4. The problem is that there are a view crossings through water (from the mountains. There was one crossing where we thought we couldn’t cross with our 2x4 campervan so we took a path to the right and finally came back on this road. In rain saison we doubt if it’s possible with a 2x4

Gravel road with great views but some obstacles for 2x4 -15.43290, -72.64279

Just a little off the paved road to spend the night with amazing view. Not sure what’s in the lake but if you drive down you’ll eventually reach the lake.

Red lake and Mountain View -15.60484, -72.75645

surprise realy nice spot Almost direct to the beach.

this is the last parking on the road to the beach.

quit, peacefull,

in daytime locals come and go but not bussy.

not the best place for a swim.
rock's no sand.

then you can better park at one of the parking's you will pass to this spot.

but there it is realy bussy.

locals are friendly and there is no problem to stay overnight here.

in the evening some runners and bike rider pass by.

further the sound of birds and sea.

nobody seem's to care about youre stay.

hike trail.
bunkers ww2 nearby.

great for a overnight, some will like it and stay longer.

beach parking 46.10916, -1.13783
Impressions of my world

900 lira for a single now, including breakfast.
Good moto/car parking.

Devin Hotel 37.77092, 30.55019
Impressions of my world

Was turned back at the gate today saying ‘no camping’, so apparently camping is not open in September.

Golcuk Nature Park. 37.73538, 30.49414

Easy access and very clean sanidump. Fee is $5 to pay at the registration desk

Denali Campground Registration 63.73326, -148.89920

Nice campground, for tents caravans etc
paid 10€ per night

Agia Galini 35.10014, 24.69420

Laundry room with washer-dryer. ATM and coin exchange machine. Free WiFi, toilets, and electrical outlets for charging our appliances. We recommend it!

Buanderie Saint-Marc 46.55639, -72.73867

This is a large wooded area just behind the seafront. When I arrived at 15:00 hours it was full of locals and I didn’t see another foreign vehicle. I asked the locals, the jet ski business and the cafe on the sea front if it was ok to stay the night. They all said yes and I was offered a key to the cafe toilet. I tried campsites before arriving here but they were either stupid money, or I had to get my kit off and expose my nads to all on a nudist site! Arrive with everything you need or use the cafe in front of the Hotel Materada which is priced for locals

Materada sea front 45.24840, 13.59273

Quiet place despite the train (11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.), a few children in the evening until 7:00 p.m., parked in the shade.
endroit calme malgré le train ( 23h30 et 5h30), quelques enfants le soir jusqu'à 19h00, garés à l'ombre.

Praça do Zoológico de Pedra -19.12261, -44.31813

Medium size parking, 50 reales if you want to sleep there, restaurant on site

parking taille moyenne, 50 reales si vous désirez y dormir, restaurant sur place

Estacionamento na Gruta de Maquiné -19.12520, -44.35270

There is no one to guide us, they are in a meeting, explained the vifile to us

Museu Cedro Têxtil -19.29277, -44.41518

Small hospedaje, very clean, good wifi, very Nice owners, washing machine,... a bit more expensive than the camping, but perfect for a rest! there is a garage for (motor)bikes, good kitchen, cómo área, and a small Courtyard. would come again

la casa de Li en -29.15409, -67.49798

Well worth visiting. The ruins are really beautiful and the history very interesting. 500ks entry + 50ks transaction fee pp entry (foreigner) but no cash or card so you will have to get someone to pay via mpesa. There are guides around who will help with that.

We were guided by Alphas, a Gede Ruins Community Guide. He was really excellent (we are english speakers) with a wealth of information about the place, and had a good sense of humour so made the whole visit really fun and interesting. One of the best guides we have had in East Africa! He is on whatsapp at +254729289507 otherwise might be on offer at the gate on arrival.

We were told by the ticket office a guide price should be 500ks plus more if deserved. Guided walk was only for the old city walk.

Gedi Ruins -3.30709, 40.01845

I was parked in this square for about a month, a quiet place with local people. In the surrounding area there are several hostels at good prices.

estuve parqueado en esta plaza alrededor de un mes, lugar tranquilo con gente local. a los alrededores hay varios hostales a buen precio.

Plaza José Olaya -9.52763, -77.51953

There is room for multiple vehicles here. It's a parking lot to the start of the park and trailhead. Large lot, at least 8 cars/vans/trucks would fit, not suitable for big rigs or vehicles with a tow. One side of the lot is sloped, but the other is mostly level. 3 bars of inconsistent Verizon here. No ''no overnight parking'' shown anywhere. It's near a river, but it is hard to see or hear through the thick foliage. I stayed last night, not one person came through after dark on a Sunday night. Super dark, super quiet.

State park parking lot 44.44173, -72.74021

New place. Behind grey building, corner of Main Street and Hebrew Avenue. Between town hall and Irving gas station. 3 washing machines and 3 dryers. Price : 2x1$ lonnies. Very clean.

laundry 46.35531, -62.25512

This is away from the crowds. It’s a bit rutted to get in, but my spot is super flat. I have a high-top cargo van (Nissan) and it was fine. My Starlink has a bit of an obstructed view, but it works. Plus, T-Mobile works well at night to stream.

Home for the Week 35.30178, -111.83315

Yvette was an amazing host! It’s a great spot to stay thats up in the hills of filandia. Willys jeep will come get you if you want to explore the town. Her hostel is adorable and we used her kitchen multiple times to cook our breakfast and dinner. She charges COP 28,000 PP (half for our 5 year old son) she also offers horse tours I did a 2.5 hour tour with her ( COP 120,000) and it was amazing!! I highly recommend her tours it was definitely a highlight of our trip to filandia!

Steel Horse Finca 4.67276, -75.66826

An incredible view to fall asleep to, very quiet. Adorable owners. Wifi and toilets available. The price is now 30,000 pesos for the all family and the vehicle and the dog in total

Voladero las Águilas Ruitoque 7.04306, -73.09061

stopped for a nap, sketchy to get here and lots lots of crap, including car parts. so sad.

Squid Cove 50.89807, -56.97330

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