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Road closed, unable to access spot. Sadly

Under powerlines 49.47999, -115.05142

Construction undergoing so unable to stay and park there

Forest Service Road 49.49684, -115.03782

Place is closed. It is an active road maintenance gravel depot with trucks and freaking helicopters landing. Photos uploaded. Please camp somewhere that is not a worksite. Road maintenance happens all year and they need room to work, including safe areas to land helicopters which are used to ferry supplies in and out.

Gravel Pit - Closed 64.46490, -138.20577

There are not a lot of hotel options in Rio Grande. Posada San Jose is one of the few, and it has some positives and negatives.
a couple of blocks from Zona Centro
cheap... 300 pesos for a private room
very accommodating proprietor. They let me park my Harley Davidson in the lobby overnight. It was an effort requiring the help of four people to lift it up the steps, but we did it.
parking only for small vehicles out front or a bike in the lobby.
It's a bit of a dive and sketchy.
Rooms are cubicles within the confines of the larger building, somewhat like jail cells, but you have privacy and your own bathroom.
it's definitely a 1 or 2 star at best.

Posada San Jose 23.82537, -103.03534

We stayed here on two different occasions within a week.
- secure parking inside the hotel; we parked literally outside our room
- half decent water pressure
- slow but functional wifi
- ceiling fan worked; no A/C, but not needed at this elevation
- seems like the best option in this small town
- friendly staff
- 500 pesos for 2 double beds / two people
- decent restaurant next door, Pemex half a block away, groceries and Oxxo a few blocks away

- hot water was inconsistent
- sheets and towels are threadbare
- no toilet seat in our bathroom
- shower curtain was quite mouldy; it was washed and only had a little mould on our second visit

Hotel Trinitaria 16.11670, -92.05524

Just wanted to add 2-3 bars Verizon LTE, 50mbps download 4mbps upload, very useable for videos etc. Great clean place!

Fort Sage OHV (Free) - Diamondback TH 40.06054, -120.07234

An awesome view ! Even with this summer smog.
The road is quite calm at night.
We didn't see wildlife but definitely heard coyotes !
Very accessible with a minivan (Toyota sienna), maybe I wouldn't try with a big big rig.

Frenchman River 49.35060, -108.42199

The reception was closed so we drive directly to the sanitary block. There are many showers for women and men. The water was hot and the place was very clean.


La réception était fermée donc nous avons roulé directement jusqu'au bloc sanitaire. Il y a plusieurs douches pour femmes et hommes. L'eau était chaude et l'endroit très propre.

Provincial Parks Tillebrook Day Use 50.53731, -111.81020

Hot water was a little hit or miss. Wifi was slow and unreliable. A/C worked great. Cleaning staff came by every day. Staff generally were very polite and attentive.
699 pesos/night for 2 people/king bed.
Secure parking is available behind the hotel, complete with a guard armed with a pistol. Very tall vehicles may not fit through the opening (regular height Sprinter would fit). Motorcycles are allowed to park inside.
The area around the hotel wasn't a nice-looking area, but was busy with foot traffic and we didn't feel unsafe. I'd say this town generally isn't a nice-looking town - just a busy, dirty city.

Hotel Cervantino Tapachula 14.90727, -92.26229

Nice brewery with strong WiFi and veggie options! Love coming here

Cadejo Brewing Company 13.67839, -89.29928

There are two no parking signs but just beyond the sign I do believe there is a space that is not addressed. At least is my perception I pulled up here for a night and had no issue.

Pull off by bike trail head 42.17124, -72.62632

The roads at this intersection entering and leaving the town here were blockaded today by its residents. No violence, just impassable. I was told the blockade would be lifted tomorrow. There was a line up of trucks waiting to be able to get through.

Blockade 16.71824, -92.04380

The trail to this location is temporarily closed due to wildfire damage.

Silver Falls state park BLM 44.82536, -122.61537

decent place to crash in town. 190p for the dorm now. has A/C stored my moto in the garage. wifi works decent downstairs, but very spotty in the room.

Hostal Tres Central 16.75599, -93.11603

Garden hose right by the side of the entrance of this lovely community garden. I used to fill up my water tank.

Height Garden Society Community Garden 49.28022, -123.01900

Great spot. Road must have been fixed. Plenty of room for big rigs. We are in our van down by the river and lovin it!

Island Bar BLM 45.41807, -116.26058

Kind of a disappointment. Lots of flies from the elk farm across the road. Not many spots, just a big parking lot. We moved up to the bar campground a mile up the road.

Salmon River BLM campground 45.41366, -116.30237


Sara’s Campground 42.11266, -80.15182

Came here CYCLING. We paid 15Q/pp/night. Stayed 2 nights. Very friendly and helpful ppl. Cold shower, toilets. We even could pitch the tent in an empty big closed room. The guy is Eric.
We recommend.

Monte Carmelo 15.33685, -91.49451

5 star reviews on google for good reason! Small shop is always a plus where you can talk directly with the mechanic. Squeezed us in last minute on a busy day to look at our brakes. All around great shop and guys working!

fulton automotive 40.70014, -111.81394

You should be careful with scammers. A man pretended to be a conductor and charged us 2.5k on the first daladala. In the second, for Paje, they told us it would be 3k, but we paid 2.5k and the collector accepted it. It's sad, but I don't trust anyone who offers help spontaneously.

Darajani Daladala Bus Terminus -6.16584, 39.19271

$41 via Booking in a double room (they charge 5% if payed with card). Good room and warm shower, fast Wi-Fi. Helpful staff, mainly in the restaurant. Delicious breakfast, with 3 different kind of fruits (a feast if you compare it with West Africa hotels).

Rainbow Hotel -6.81906, 39.28600

Women-owned motorcycle shop - a rarity in Pakistan! Has a selection of bike clothes, helmets, accessories, plus some basics like oil and filters. Good place to shop just to support women bikers in the country.

Throttle Inspiration Motorcycle Gear 33.51824, 73.10527

Very quiet lot with plenty of spots and no issues. Some road noise of course, but not terrible.

Cracker Barrel 41.08654, -111.98662

Many campsites along the creek. Campfires are allowed, but with caution. Some swimming in some spots. Aboriginal land; respect the environment, no soap, detergent or grey water within 50 meters of the creek.

Robin Falls -13.35100, 131.13588

Quite the crossing! Steep drive down to the water, and then was a pretty deep crossing (water splashed onto our hood for sure), but got across without a snorkel. We caravanned with a couple, who got stuck on the east bank climbing out, quite muddy, but some locals filled in the holes quickly and helped push them out and they made it! We were able to climb out on our own power, but definitely slippery.

River Crossing 6.82994, 11.69901

Fairly flat spot next to river. Below road - traffic noise was basically zero with the river as noise cancelling. Big area. Big rig friendly. Might be bothersome for two 2wd if it rains. Can pitch a tent if you like.

Great spot next to river 50.64222, 86.36187
Larry B the LLB

Sam's Club allows parking in their lot. I was not a Sam's Club member and asked in the store and they indicated it was fine. I didn't tell them whether I was a Sam's Club member or not but after I saw the value of things in the store like pre-made sandwiches, drinks Etc that I use while I'm on the road I signed up immediately with a half price offer of only $25. T
he lot is relatively quiet and is well lit. The local Walmart apparently per the last entry on I Overlander does not allow overnight parking, but I checked here first and had no problem at Sam's Club.

Sam's Club 47.51670, -111.32038

Nice campsite for 10.000 per person per night. Including good Italian restaurant, place to do laundry and a hot shower.

Macondo Camp -11.44085, 34.04258

Second-hand (consignment) sport gear and outdoor shop with plenty of choice and great prices. They also buy gear if in good condition.

Changing Gear Outdoor Shop 60.73682, -135.10009

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