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Camping on locally owned property downtown Cabo, very safe! Great location! Bathroom with hot water shower, wifi, feels further from city yet only steps away.. 20 minute walk to the beach..

Cabo Surf Safari 22.88279, -109.91559

Found this lovely campsite by chance (didn’t stay overnight). Some new pit toilets, picnic tables, BBQs, lake has gravel bottom, good swimming. No cell service.

Norris Lake Provincial Park 50.48372, -97.41887

Tried to stay here - was closed for the season on Sep 5.

Cougar Campground 46.05520, -122.29165

Brand new no overnight parking signs. Some scary people around here at 6pm on a Wednesday. Did not stay for the night.

Youghall Beach Park 47.65719, -65.62306

Dark place no restriction signs I had no issues overnight

Boat ramp 42.15334, -72.62459

Central location in Glennallen. Pretty much everything you want in one place. They prefer you park by the solar panels. We were told they do not have access to WiFi, but told us we’re we could try.

Hub Of Alaska, Tesoro Gas Station, Glennallen/ Glennallen Visitor Center, Alaska 62.10830, -145.47963

Pull through site on 182 north. Good for one night.

Pull through site on route 182N 44.61652, -68.07222

No restriction signs posted …. Pretty dark at night and fairly quiet. No issues for me overnight

Pride gas station 42.16144, -72.61400

Bicycle Garage on the highway 101, parts and repair

Bluebird Station Bicycle Garage 45.01159, -123.97855

Nice secluded place that’s quiet and away from civilization. Has 3 easy trails that leads to a waterfall. Spent the day here. Gravel road and no Verizon service.

Silver and golden state park 43.48250, -123.93233

propane is still there. its now a Esso gas station

Esso w/ Propane 49.14159, -122.86822

Ya no dejan dormir aquí. Hay muchísimos aparcamientos en todo los lados muy cerca de las playas. En playa blanca pague 20.000 noche por van y 15000 para el día casi pegado a la playa

Terpel Altoke Baru 10.27580, -75.52543

Water fill works, but no blue tap indicating it's potable. It also geysers water, so expect to waste about half the water going into your tank. Would not recommend. Gas is more expensive than across the street, too.

RaceTrac 33.97537, -83.98688

Great gravel parking with public washrooms. Some grass with picnic tables too. Other campers and vans were staying with us. No problem at all to sleep. Leave no trash please.

Bow River Pathway 51.06448, -114.15208

Street parking alleys and options no issues overnight

Street parking 42.20819, -72.59767

Movie night outside I don’t know the schedule
This is the exact location

Outdoor movie 42.20683, -72.59900

still all as great as described. eddy is a super nice and chilled guy. he even let us pitch our tent under his roof in case it rained at night (only works for small tents). camping is still free and he now also has a wifi that we could use. highly recommended. also bioluminiscence was awesome as well ;)

Eddies Bioluminescence 9.83270, -84.89419
Jamie Z

Crossed from Ecuador to Peru today with a motorcycle.

First, immigration. The guy took my passport for about ten minutes, typed some things into his computer. Then stamped it and handed it back.

At aduana, the man asked for my import document and my passport. He took several photos of my motorcycle.

He apologized for the long wait, I think he called it texted someone else. Finally he gave me back my passport and told me the completed import document stays with him.

I took a photo of the document with the exit stamp on it, just in case.

The whole process took about 30 minutes.

Immigration / Customs Ecuador -4.97699, -79.11522
Jamie Z

Stopped here on a Wednesday evening on my motorcycle hoping to camp.

It's a busy place. Three or four cars, some motorcycles, and mototaxis. Lots of people.

One guy came over to chat. Friendly enough, and if I were more social, I probably could have hung around and camped later, but this was not lonely at all.

River Beach -5.32971, -78.79706
Jamie Z

Small pull off next to a river.

It's close to the road, so some road noise. Relatively hidden from traffic, though.

Good for bicycles or motorcycles. You could park a van down here, but there's not a lot of space.

I have a weak Claro signal.

Riverbank Camping -5.43819, -78.82013

I stopped here for a snack break and to get out of the headwind on my way to Los Penitentes. For cyclists I think it could be an option to camp - I would definitely have used it if I'd needed to. There are two tunnel parts and the front of the second one unfortunately is used as a toilet. But you could setup camp in the first one, in-between or maybe at the back of the second. Just watch out for cars pulling off the road into the first part. No truck debris any more. Water runs below but too far to reach unless you have a long rope.

Mororcycle camping in abandoned tunnel section -32.73390, -69.56736
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Just opened, very close to Misfits campground, Mancora Beach house Terazza del Amor, cafe and bar.
Beautiful seaview, nice breakfast (juice mjamm) for 15 soles and lovely owners.

Breakfast with oceanview -4.09787, -81.05049

a bit tight for my Winnebago Revel, but I made it. surprisingly no one was here. absolutely stunning views at sunset.

Smith Mesa Rd (BLM) 37.30094, -113.12990

also, I use Google Fi phone service (combination of T-Mobile and US Cellular) and had good signal.

Smith Mesa Rd (BLM) 37.30092, -113.12992

I wouldn't bother these people on this road for a night stay. there really isn't enough room to park out of the way. however, I stopped here, parked and went down to the AMAZING little beach and ate my supper. highly recommend this stop for a quite supper or lunch. it was absolutely beautiful! a couple of locals were down at the beach and said they know people stay at Cherry Point Beach, so I'm off to try my luck there! the woman said that they have toilets and picnic fables and things, possibly a shower even! let's check er out! if you're on your way here, stop by Soul's Toast in Malahat. woah! very tasty!

Roadside 48.65613, -123.54139

Place is as described. We really camp believe it’s free.
Buggy for sure, but the don’t seem to be biting.

Antero Reservoir 38.97535, -105.89579

Unable to access the road due to private road being closed and bridge closed.

Under powerlines 49.47999, -115.05142

Construction going on so unable to park or stay

Coal Creek Trailhead 49.49857, -115.04836

Road to access closed. Unable to stay here

Grid Road 49.48840, -115.04533

Road closed, unable to access spot. Sadly

Under powerlines 49.47999, -115.05142

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