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Excellent tour usd143 for 2 people including tax and fee. Tour took 2 hours instead of 1 and the guide took good pictures for us too!

lower antelope canyon 36.90307, -111.41094

The road to Primeros Pinos is well maintained but after the Parque the road is closed. It was not very much snow when we have been here so I guess in winter they do not maintain this road as the RP46 a little bit south is maintained very well and you can take this road.

RP13 closed in winter season -38.87257, -70.58063

Some hiking trails and access to a boardwalk that goes through the bog. Very cool, worth stopping by if you’re in Bangor.

Orono Bog Boardwalk (in Bangor City Forest) 44.86277, -68.72877

Locals blocked the road several times coming from Comitan. They said itisblockedsince 4 days and nobody was able to say for how much longer. We tried to go around on backroads but the hole area is blocked.

Roadblock 15.84981, -91.96700
Se Joga No Mundo

We stayed here one night. Safe and quite. Out of the season.

In front of Police -16.65555, -72.67921

great place to park and surf right on the water edge. look for Villa Peter sign from the highway for the tunnoff. easy road from hwy to water edge.
YOLO Family Vams

Beach 26.76303, -113.52027

This is definitely a place to check out if you enjoy plants or have some free time! It is FREE and open to the public, there are two ‘longer’ parking spots in the parking lot but you would have to back out of them so it is not ideal. But other than that about 40 ish regular parking spots.

Botanical gardens 41.15562, -104.82988

Nice new campsite from an italian couple. We were there with the bicycle and a tent. It has a clean shower and toilets. There is also a pool. If the door is closed, you can call them via whatsapp (the phone number is on google).

Agri Camping Italiano - Eucalyptus 41.68911, 19.64140

was absolutely beautiful for a little break hike but signs say no over night parking or camping. yet perfect tostop and explore

Chippewa River Bridge 46.92958, -84.42574

Close during la siesta and open at 5-7pm. We don’t know for the morning sorry

Pago Facil & Western Union -33.00620, -58.52153
Radio Baobab

Excellent & free! Full campsite facilities, very clean and well maintained. Lovely refreshing shower. Hike (5km) to the lookout is worth the sweat, we saw monkeys, tapir and heard a lot of other animals. They do require 3 day in advance warning by email… we sent an email a few hours before we arrived, they hadn’t seen it yet but it was ok. Very friendly rangers.

Parque Nacional Viruá 1.49022, -61.00259

5$ incl. taxes, cash or debit (you can also tab your phone), clean washroom, 2 shower stalls but „communal“ changing room. Not many people, hot water and no time limit, overall a great experience. And they’re open from 8am-10pm.

Bruce II Sports Center 47.58286, -59.16354

Filled directly into tank for local price. No problems at all. Very nice pump lady.

Gasolinera Flores -17.06226, -62.63598

Level street parking in quietish neighborhood. No parking time restrictions. Next to a storage place so not much traffic.

Street Parking 45.53449, -122.58961

Corrupt police stop. We managed to be slow and annoying enough about retrieving documents that they lost interest in us fairly quickly.

Checkpoint / Toll -17.07354, -62.63280

Pleasant place to stop for a picnic or a walk or bike ride along the paved pathway beside the lake. Pit toilet and picnic table. No water. It's down a long dead end road off the I-90.

Coeur d'Alene Parkway State Park 47.62949, -116.70693

A little difficult to get to but a nice location. Road is potholed and tilted, and I didn't feel great about going down it in our B class. Don't go all the way to the end but turn around where you see a concrete block. You will get the best views and experience when you walk down further close to the water.

Grebe's Nest 47.64126, -52.97802

Good hot (electrical) shower
Price update: 200 pesos per person
We didn’t sleep over

YPF -27.40919, -55.90194

This was a great shower. It is a relatively new facility and the shower was clean, the water was hot and there was good pressure.

Pohénégamook 47.45699, -69.24044

Asked the person at the camping registration to take a shower and she said I could go. I offered to pay and she said that it was ok for free. Very kind lady!

Chignecto Centre 45.59742, -64.95162
Jamie Z

First visitor in five years!

The gas station up the road was out of fuel, so I checked this place. They still sell gasoline. I paid about the same as a regular gas station, and had no trouble with my motorcycle, so it must be at least decent quality.

Leymebamba -6.71022, -77.80448

Waited 30 minutes but there was a big big line. Probably takes about 1h

Work in progress 2.23335, -76.77956

so beautiful, not crazy loud at night and amazing for sunsets and sunrises

Very Large Turnout 49.25306, -123.05919

Sign says campground still closed for the season

State Park Campground 38.98057, -123.69896

Some locals stopped us and told us we had to pay tol for the road maintenance. This is separate for entrance of the mountain. It was 5Sol per person, but weird that it’s not per vehicle

Tol checkpoint -13.87870, -71.27104

With navigation apps it was not possible to get to the indicated location. Instead we were sent to a parallel road on the right that lead to a big parking area with tents and toilets, 45min walk from the top. Created a new location for this.

Car parking near Rainbow Mountain (1h walking up) -13.86842, -71.28579

ficamos 3 dias aqui no local, durante o dia tem muito movimento local mas nada que atrapalha, durante a noite é bem sossegado tem um guarda que fica no local, nós sentimos bem seguros. no local tem dois pontos de água mas ficam escondidos e bem camuflados. tem 2 pontos de energia tbm nos postes em frente a casa do salgado e conseguimos a senha do wi-fi tbm. YT: DOIS A MAIS NA ESTRADA

praça de Ituberá -13.73573, -39.14688

Good place for one night when you go to Guinée or you come in Senegal.
You are at 50km of the frontiere.

Near to the road but quiet and no one in rainy season.

Under the tree 12.97373, -13.75259

A couple of RVs in numbers slots. Im just car camping. Going to try it out. Free hot shower was great! For RVers, I saw a dump station on the way in.

Elk City Lake Park - Car/Tent Camping 35.36593, -99.41557

All as described. Perfect spot. Owners gave us two kaki fruits before we left. The market is extraordinarily beautiful!

Camping Ecological Park Casa Tzocomá 14.95004, -91.11014

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