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Área muito espaçosa para estacionar, bem tranquilo e silencioso, ( não sei aos finais de semana). o lugar é muito bonito.
tem chuveiro atrás dos quiosques, podem usar a vontade pois é da prefeitura.

Praia dos Coqueiros, Aracruz -19.94086, -40.13572

There is a gate across the road! We could not access the road . Hope to find something else of the main road

State Forest Road next to bridge and river 48.13573, -92.76036

beautiful low key quit spot. no signs to not park or camp overnight. someone left just as we arrived. kinda like right in town outskirts. no washrooms or water but the gestation has portapoti and gas, air groceries.

Ranklin Gen7 Gas Station 46.53255, -84.25895

Indeed one if the most beautiful campgrounds we've been to. 22$ per night - payed with an envelope at the entrance

takhlakh lake campground 46.27963, -121.59962

We didn’t drive down the hill because we got here late. I wouldn’t take anything longer than 30’ because of the 1st turn. We stayed at the top for 3 nights. It wasn’t super quiet, each evening the locals drove down to the bottom but didn’t bother us. We woke up to people camping next to us at the top even though there’s plenty of room by the river. That being said, I wouldn’t drive alongside the river if there’s any chance of rain. Mud will become very soft, but there’s designated spots. This is a hidden gem. Don’t ruin it. Take a trash bag with you if you explore.

Very limited T mobile. Good starlink. Good for working nomads.

Cauldron Linn 42.49798, -114.12699

Still here. Just want to see your TIP and passport.

Aduana Control Point -4.02772, -80.96284

The carabineros told to go there to buy gasolina. Very expensive (2800 / litro de gasolina 95). We bought 10 litros. The other location on Ioverlander is far more interesting.

Almacen Virgen -21.22542, -68.25599

We got 20 litros of gasolina 95 for 1800 pesos per litros. It was closed but we asked some people where to find gasolina. At first, we were send to the other location on IOverlander where it's much more expensive. But finally someone came back to us and made a call to his friend, who opened the place. Just after that, a Chilean traveler also came to buy 10 litros for its moto. Its seems like the best place to buy gasolina here.

Gasolina -21.22388, -68.25389

A double room for 2 with private bathroom and one big bed and balcony is 600 nowadays. WiFi too slow to be useful.
Water pressure too low for really hot showers, but it’s okay.
Parking on the street for 20 per day, give the money to the guy that guards the cars. Hostel staff will direct you to him. We felt safe parking there.
Excellent location!

Transit Alexandria 31.20029, 29.89890

Stayed last night without any problems - a couple loud boat horns over night. Then I believe the ferry started back up around 5:30 and there were horns every 15 minutes or so. Soo if you’re a light sleeper or want to sleep in, I wouldn’t recommend it. But the view of the river was worth the noise for me.

Sault Ste. Marie - Free overnight parking 46.48816, -84.30533

Great spot for the night. Tons of space. We were the only camper on a Wednesday evening. 15 to 20 minute walk to restaurant in evening and bakery in morning. Felt safe. Area is apparently under surveillance.

Colisée Financière Sun Life 48.44072, -68.52097

Wero is a wonderful host and so accommodating. He is a motorcyclist and welcomed us with our bus to stay. We were able to use his shower and toilet and put our tents up in his garden. He took us to his breakfast spot and it was fantastic. You get a whole spread for just 45 pesos per person, we of course covered his.

We left a donation to him personally for hosting us so that he can continue to host other overlanders.

He even had a small cabin you can use but we just stayed in our tents!

An Oasis 18.86424, -97.04232

Trailhead parking. Large grassy site to park. No amenities. Quiet but lots of mosquitoes. Very sloped area.

Pelican river north Hunter walking trail 48.12164, -92.78210

Wi-Fi available at visitor center.
Password is “information” all lowercase

Wi-Fi at visitor center 47.44913, -53.55662

We were just issued a $65CAN ticket, from a ‘peace’ officer, for overnight parking on the street. Apparently, there’s some bylaw that’s mentioned when entering town. We didn’t see it, and there were plenty of other RV’s/Van’s in town, so we had wrongfully assumed Jasper was RV friendly.

NO CITY CAMPING 52.88522, -118.08008

Go inside and ask. Convenient to use red hose already there.

Chevron 40.45591, -109.54189

Diesel, gas, propane potable water all at once

Essential Fuels + Propane + Dump + Water 61.13741, -149.88013
Miss Daisy

Excellent place, everything is good, electricity, water, fast internet.
50 riyals per car.
Try to avoid arriving on Saturdays, the day of the wedding, then the campsite turns into a parking lot.
Better to contact Luiza before coming.

Estancia Karimã -15.63193, -56.12741

It’s nice and quiet, as described before.

Lester Centre of the Arts 54.30902, -130.31095

Reliable spot with multiplie RV’s and vans. It’s reliable but only okay, the road is a busy ish road and people drive fast down it so can be loud.

I would not worry about people’s comments saying arrive late/people are watching. Seattle has no laws against sleeping in vehicle and this area will never be a “no overnight parking” because is a residential area and people don’t have garages so they will always need to park on street. Let the Karen’s write your plate down there is nothing they can do.

Street parking 47.62933, -122.31253

This laundromats extremely clean, well lit the washers and dryer’s. Worked fine.

Wash Tub Laundromat 35.16805, -106.56847

Price 'con factura' 9 Bol., price 'sin factura' 5 Bol. Very good service 🚐

Estacion de Servicio Internatipnal -18.00148, -67.13531

Side pull off on Beach. Beautiful. I have a truck with 30ft trailer and had plenty of room. Not enough room to make a uturn so will have to go across causeway and flip around somewhere.

Cheticamp causeway pullout 46.60180, -61.03439

if u need brakes or other parts regarding brakes this is thee place to go.

Freias .brakes shop -15.61137, -56.10102

Nice place, beautiful views and a lot of wind. There is a huge flat place to park

top of the mountain 45.37217, 23.65513

Great place to camp for the night, two other RV’s here and a handful of tents. It felt very safe as police went through once and awhile, also some of the lights are left on. at 3am the train went by blasting its horn, honestly not the worst thing ever but just beware of it! Also a very cute little town with some nice shops within walking distance of the campground.

Lewis Park Campground 42.04794, -104.95413

Dump station still here with a $5 donation. There is also a water spigot and hose to rinse, not sure if it is potable.

Dump station next to Lewis Park 42.04939, -104.95206

amplio parking junto a una plaza, con lugar donde parar con campers, caravanas, y poner tiendas. no expresa directamente que esta permitida la acampada, pero esta todo hecho para poder hacerlo. esta pegado al pueblo, cerca hay mercado y farmacia. tambien tiene baño publico, con agua y electricidad. muy buen lugar para pasar una noche. NO FUEGO, NO BASURA, SI RESPETAR EL LUGAR Y LOS VECINOS

parking de Castellfollit de la roca 42.21988, 2.54631

I don’t know there are many marked places for only one spot here… but there is a huge parking at the entrance of Hoodoo trail. One asphalt small for cars and ice-cream customers and one sand bigger. We slept on the sand, behind hills so you are hidden from the road. Very quiet. Not too far from pit toilet and garbage.
Parking is free, no issue at night. It’s more loudly at the morning because a lot of tourists but nothing disturbing.
We were alone, contrary to the spot at the end of the road, maybe more hidden but more famous !
When i go to a spot i love to see the place where I will sleep, not photo of attraction or beautiful landscape, so I added photo of parking for people like me.

Hoodoos Trail 51.37971, -112.53331

While the official campsite was closed (off season on thursday), we followed the road next to the entrance. We found a flat surface and another lake. Quiet and open area.

Next to TRQZ lake 44.80307, 26.04603

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