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Dispersed camping sites along Wildhorse Creek

Wildhorse Creek 43.87154, -114.09576
Kiji Explorer

Nice treed site off hwy 40. A few sites for maybe 3 campers. High clearance vehicles best as the ramp in is rutted

Pull off highway 40 49.82232, -114.42541
Kiji Explorer

Absolutely spectacular meadow site within a thinned pine forest far enough off Hwy 40. No one else here but this location could hold about 3 groups

Sweet Home Alberta 49.84207, -114.41329
Koen & Aafke

Road is in bad condition but the climb up from Chachas is doable (and very nice views). On the descent the road seems to be deliberately destructed. Large holes, big stones. We left the road and walked a bit through the valley before we joined the road again, after the obstacles. Doable but takes some time. Valley is wet so not sure if it's doable with a heavy motorcycle.

Road impassible -15.35305, -72.15298

Water spigot available at BP gas station

Wytheville Travel Center 36.96553, -81.06812

Very nice place indeed! no mud when we were there, but if it's too muddy for you you can stop before this point in a grass field. Quiet and easy to reach using Google maps on satellite view.

Super idyllic river spot 49.32827, 81.46016

Posto muito tranquilo, ficamos do lado direito, vários caminhões costumam ficar por aqui também para pernoitar.

Very quiet gas station, we are on the right side, trucks usually stay here to spend the night.

Posto ale -5.18519, -40.64912

What a sweet spot! I pulled right down onto the riverbed and camped there all night. Great fishing, wonderful setting, and barely any bugs. 10/10 recommend!

Red Deer River valley 52.07191, -113.98284

Really friendly and nice staff there. Here we got our german car papers and driver license translated to russian. It was around 100 Lari for both.

Translation 41.69322, 44.80305

This is private land and has been closed to overnight camping

Santa Clara 37.12909, -113.66097

El lugar es hermoso y tranquilo, hay muchos pájaros y animales. Algunos sectores planos y con sombra para armar la carpa. De día había gente pero a la noche se fueron.
Recomiendo irse temprano por que cuando empieza a hacer calor se llena de avispas.

Lake View Wild Camp -24.47713, -65.27118

A superb campsite. Not many pitches, but lovely setting, very peaceful, and Este and Albert who run it are super nice. It is run as part of a community project, and they have a little shop selling a few things which helps towards it.

Toilets and showers are very well kept.

Worth a stay for a day or two at least.

King's Highway Rest Camp -10.61113, 34.17982

Updated Michi no Eli, very clean toilets. Garbage and plenty of parking.

Roadside Station AmagiGoe 34.85591, 138.92258

Place tranquille, à l’ombre à l’écart de la route principale. Accès à des chemins sportifs et superbe vue sur le lac en haut. Recommanded.

Mont Mussy 46.35495, 6.12002

FAKE! Insurance is not recognized by NIC Dar es Salaam head office. Don't buy it here. Drive to Mbeya.

We paid $60,- which is according to NIC way too much. And the Insurance papers are never recorded in their systems.

NIC Insurance -9.57864, 33.77481

Details about road in: about 12 miles of gravel and dirt. Generally good condition, some washboards.

Holiday Springs Campground 45.64113, -105.97919

Perfect spot with plenty of room at each campsite. Parking spaces are a little small but we manage to find one our 40’ skoolie fit on.

Louisburg Middle Creek Lake 38.50991, -94.67504

closed late sept-may every year.
fees $18/night - single site PER Vehicle
$36/night (2vehicles)- $18/night every vehicle after.

$10 visitor/day use fee
$9- senior rate(camping)

put toilets -bring your own toilet paper as they don't supply it

road can be rough the last 2 kms to site.

check in with camp host when arriving.

35 sites to choose from, 75% reservable- 25%first come first serve.

no holding sites as you'll get evicted.

bears in area, must keep a clean site or risk eviction, hosts are very strict on this- trying to keep the bears and campers safe.

beautiful lake, lovely to paddle, electric motors only so it's quiet

10pm-8am is quiet time, no music or loud parties allowed. park is usually dead quiet with the odd person sitting by the fire, enjoying the sounds of nature.

gate is locked 10pm-8am to respect quiet time and campers sleeping.

Sayres Lake Recreation Site 49.31593, -122.33347

We went to visit crazy Dave. We were very disappointed. The man didn’t tell us any new or inside information. Also he was attracting a lot of attention while telling his story with an American dramatic way of engaging (way over the top!) everybody in the square was watching him yelling. Also he didn’t understand personal space and came way to close a few times.

While telling his story 2 times a guy came to get some drugs from him. Also did Dave ask us at least 5 times if we wanted some drugs, laughing it off after we ignored it.

Overall an awful experience. Don’t visit Dave as he only feeds his drug addiction with the tips he receives.

Crazy Dave's prison story -16.50200, -68.13518

Possible but you have quieter streets in Calistoga - no knocks if you’re stealth

The laundromat 38.57909, -122.57864

Parking place close to a restaurant next to Lago di Fedaia. Really beautiful view.
A lot of camping vehicles.

Lago di Fedaia 46.45752, 11.86662

If you don`t want to spend your time with other campers at the abandoned hotel, or at the other beaches here, take turn to the small road and it will bring you here. You can hide 2-3 cars here. It is stony, but almost flat and you can get to the sea too.

When you want to be alone in the busy area 37.44017, 23.12453

Nice area, friendly owner and locals who can help translate. Plenty of places to pitch a tent near drinking water and charging points. Good showers, good wifi

private camping 44.67108, 20.78501

I feel like the person who claimed they ran into possible traffickers (lol) more than likely just ran into an overly friendly yooper. That was my experience here a few old folks driving to see the colors. All of them asking 1000 questions. But all in all the place was a nice over night stay with all the amenities.

Teal Lake Carpool Lot 46.50646, -87.61553

As described before. Perfect stop over. We stayed at the campsite, nice and private. Clean shared ablutions. Good food at the restaurant, they even made a veggie meal only for me. Very nice atmosphere. Great manager.
We payed N$ 1.045 for 2 ppn in the camp, dinner meals (buffet style) and drinks.

Roy's Rest Camp -19.23293, 18.49995

There are many spots along this road. We were hoping for one further up but it was occupied so we grabbed this open spot. The only negative is the proximity to some power lines. the views into the valley below are great. It can be a bit windy.

We noticed this is a popular area. We stayed on a Sunday and rolled in at 3:30p to grab the last spot. If you are coming in after 4 you may be disappointed.

Great Starlink location, and decent T-Mobile and Verizon.

Grassland Valley View 46.94156, -103.58239

Very nice place near the lake! There are a lot of motorhomes here including some that stay here all the time. There is a place to get water in case you need, it’s safe at night but the locals don’t like if you throw water on the floor.

Lugar muito bom perto do lago! Tem vários motorhomes aqui, alguns que ficam aqui sempre, meio que moram aqui. Tem ponto de água e nos sentimos bem seguros a noite, passa policiamento e também pela quantidade de motorhomes. Só que os motorhomes que ficam aqui sempre não gostam que joguem água no chão. Gostamos e voltaríamos novamente!

Concha Acústica -15.16192, -47.60779

Delightful spot! Very peaceful and clean with no cars passing by. Stars are wild. Full bars T-Mobile.

BLM off Old Hwy 99S 42.01976, -122.59738

HUGE Parking Lot! I tried to park in Walmart next door but parking lot was busy & unlevel. I then noticed the same size parking lot next door much more level as well. I just asked the manager if it was ok to overnight park. He just asked that I park in the further corner of the lot.

At Home - Home Goods Store 39.07752, -77.56240

clean dump, thanks Soda Springs.
did not try the water

Soda Springs 42.65685, -111.59761

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