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Great location to visit Washington. We stayed at B46, which was flat, and had good T-Mobile service. Bathroom is dated, but clean and functional, though only one shower with shower curtain for privacy. Only a handful of campers when we were here.

Greenbelt National Park 38.97886, -76.90065

Passamos uma noite aqui e já sentimos que tudo é muito estranho. O local, como já falaram é muito sujo e não tem nada organizado, tanto a casa como o jardim. Mas o pior foi que o dono passou a noite usando drogas (cocaína) e estava completamente drogado ainda pela manhã, falando coisas sem nexo e pedindo dinheiro para fazer uma aposta. Fomos embora na hora. Só dormimos no local pois era o único que tinha tomada disponível por um preço normal nesta época do ano(setembro), estava chovendo e beba do muito.

ALERT! This place is not a camping! -40.75228, -71.64746

If you are going from Makurdi to Katsina, don't take this road. Big pot holes everywhere, a lot of checks points (also with locals guys and they are really unfriendly). It took us 2h for less than 40km... Take the short cut from Makurdi to Yandev, it's fast and a good road, only 1h !!

Horrivel road 7.49039, 8.60234

édit : overlanders travelers were at calabar and they didn't want to give them a visa because overlanding is " too dangerous". But 2 days before they gave for free a visa to à backpacker traveler... So for these overlanders, Calabar called Lagos and after that they accepted to do a visa but asked 10 000 FCFA per person or 15 000 nairas.... We, we did it for free at Abuja embassy, easy and fast (need an appointement) but it's a lot of kms and in Abudja we didn't find a place to stay in our car, have to take a room. So if the informatic system is working at Lagos, better to take it here and pay, I think.

General Consulat of the Republic of Cameroon 6.43111, 3.41134

Lovely hotel on the beach. Perfect stop when traveling to and from the Huaquillas border at Peru and Ecuador. They have covered parking with secretory cameras, nice spacious rooms, AMAZING food. Motorcycle friendly. Pool and daybeds on the beach.

Villa del Mar -3.71979, -80.75519

Nos pareció el lugar más lindo y tranquilo de la ciudad. Hay espacio para mascotas.
Por la tarde suele haber movimiento pero a la noche dormimos súper bien. Seguro.

Quiet and beautiful place. In the afternoon there are people but at night we slept well. Safe.
Good place for pets.

Plaza Cívica -21.44546, -65.72471

Toll booth when driving to/from Colon. You can pay in cash. For a regular vehicle it is $2.30.

I am adding this so that you know you can drive on this section and pay cash.

You need to enter/exit at the other marker on iOverlander.

Toll booth 9.26302, -79.70015

Neat free spot to camp. No one around. Peaceful and quiet. No shade.

Cattail Bay 46.09981, -100.58986

they do also ice cream and pizzas !
and the toilet is very clean.

Rubis -15.32742, 28.68449

An abandoned house next to the road. No roof but if you were desperate it would give some good shelter from the wind. Didn't use it myself. No water accessible. probably on private land and only cyclists would be able to get to it.

abandoned house -32.81910, -69.69188

Nice place, quiet and a lot of different spots but might be already taken my anglers.

Water area with dam in Horné Orešany 48.47249, 17.41668

Nice, clean laundromat with lots of machines at a reasonable price. Parking is limited and there is no room for anything bigger than a van or pickup.

Dolly’s Coin Laundry 39.83034, -77.23421
Dr. Logic

place for a couple vans. might be tough to turn around for really long trailers. swampy area with a ton of bugs until September but beautiful with a long closed logging road that switchbacks up the mountain.

Pretty Pond 44.83951, -109.57874

Leokop campsite not operational right now ('under construction') but Sandford campsite further into the park is. We paid 260r for one two international adults. Nice view over lake but campsite fairly old. Ablutions ok. Seems open to wildlife to wander around the campsite.

Leokop Campsite -28.00048, 29.88804

The 360 vista view is breathtaking. I stayed here 4 nights. I would have stayed longer except for the people that kept coming into my dead end camp. As a solo woman, it is nerve-racking. I had a ranger, a forest service worker, a pickup looking for an abandoned vehicle, and this morning at 5:30am what looked like a tow truck yelling to see if anyone was in my vehicle. I was told this is a popular spot for locals, abandoned cars, and meth by the ranger and forest sevice guy. I would have stayed here longer had it not been for all the pop-ins making me feel anxious.

Gorgeous views-remote road 45.24801, -121.78225

No overnight camping here, we stayed one night and we’re fine but had to come back for a second because another site fell through and got “the knock”

City Park Rest Area 48.41031, -114.36118

Magnificent camp. Quiet, private, beautiful scenery. About 15 minutes off the highway down a dirt road. No problem for a car or van, but could be tight for a large rig. There is a bridge with a 5 ton limit you need to cross. A couple of vault toilets on site. Seem to be multiple spots down the road.

Wick/Beumee Wildlife Habitat Management Area 41.60928, -106.31193
M Crow

Propane supplier on a dead end road. nice place

LG Jordan oil & gas 35.73283, -78.84772

Quick process by submitting visa extension and vehicle documents, officials are nice and attentive.
The Receita Federal office is within the area of the Port...

Proceso rápido presentando la prórroga de visa y los documentos del vehículo, los funcionarios son agradables y atentos.
La oficina de Receita Federal esta dentro del área del Puerto...

Receita Federal - TIP Extension -6.97202, -34.83850

Quiet Street parking near Wawa you can rest and go to restroom nearby. Some other campers were here too.

Street Parking near 24 hours Wawa 40.09471, -74.97635

Iveco Workshop near of Trabzon. Highly recommended. They are very helpful, got Çay and Turkish coffee. Have a lot of parts in stock

Iveco Workshop 40.92071, 39.72650
Argentura: Argentina Off-The-Gringo-Trail Travel Adventures

Wonderful stay with Jorge and his friends. He can take you along some adventures around Catamarca. On the outskirts of the city, so it is best if you have your own transport or not looking to spend lots of time in the center, but rather exploring or chilling
Great for couples since rooms are for 2 people.

At the time of visiting:
~7,000 pesos = ~10$/night

La Casita Hostel & Suite -28.45041, -65.73382

typical PF lot, has an overflow section shared lot w the nearby commercial biz. Lots of spots. spent a night w no problems, no signs saying no overnight parking

Planet Fitness overflow lot 41.51085, -72.80869

New place serving Ethiopian and local food. In a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Gaia eco hub 0.65324, 30.27742

free Wifi, good coffee, good food. open 24 hours

Penny's Diner 38.39669, -113.02062

unfortunately, now it's 15$ for the day pass

YMCA Lake View 41.94260, -87.67005

Showers open again. Indeed $2 for 5min. Requires a Kananaski conservation pass to park though which is $15 per day. That being said “Wilderness Wednesdays” are free apparently so we got lucky!

Nordic Center $2 showers 51.09034, -115.38428

Three level, paved sites with picnic tables. Traffic noise near by. Close to ferry terminal.

Roadside rest stop 58.36474, 7.78835

free cold shower and washrooms on a nice beach

Montrose beach 41.96472, -87.63544

very recommendable. we stayed one night. very friendly owner, everything clean and tidy, very good food and beer on tap :-)

Landi Campsite 41.10056, 20.02897

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