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Parking place close to a restaurant next to Lago di Fedaia. Really beautiful view.
A lot of camping vehicles.

Lago di Fedaia 46.45752, 11.86662

If you don`t want to spend your time with other campers at the abandoned hotel, or at the other beaches here, take turn to the small road and it will bring you here. You can hide 2-3 cars here. It is stony, but almost flat and you can get to the sea too.

When you want to be alone in the busy area 37.44017, 23.12453

Nice area, friendly owner and locals who can help translate. Plenty of places to pitch a tent near drinking water and charging points. Good showers, good wifi

private camping 44.67108, 20.78501

I feel like the person who claimed they ran into possible traffickers (lol) more than likely just ran into an overly friendly yooper. That was my experience here a few old folks driving to see the colors. All of them asking 1000 questions. But all in all the place was a nice over night stay with all the amenities.

Teal Lake Carpool Lot 46.50646, -87.61553

As described before. Perfect stop over. We stayed at the campsite, nice and private. Clean shared ablutions. Good food at the restaurant, they even made a veggie meal only for me. Very nice atmosphere. Great manager.
We payed N$ 1.045 for 2 ppn in the camp, dinner meals (buffet style) and drinks.

Roy's Rest Camp -19.23293, 18.49995

There are many spots along this road. We were hoping for one further up but it was occupied so we grabbed this open spot. The only negative is the proximity to some power lines. the views into the valley below are great. It can be a bit windy.

We noticed this is a popular area. We stayed on a Sunday and rolled in at 3:30p to grab the last spot. If you are coming in after 4 you may be disappointed.

Great Starlink location, and decent T-Mobile and Verizon.

Grassland Valley View 46.94156, -103.58239

Very nice place near the lake! There are a lot of motorhomes here including some that stay here all the time. There is a place to get water in case you need, it’s safe at night but the locals don’t like if you throw water on the floor.

Lugar muito bom perto do lago! Tem vários motorhomes aqui, alguns que ficam aqui sempre, meio que moram aqui. Tem ponto de água e nos sentimos bem seguros a noite, passa policiamento e também pela quantidade de motorhomes. Só que os motorhomes que ficam aqui sempre não gostam que joguem água no chão. Gostamos e voltaríamos novamente!

Concha Acústica -15.16192, -47.60779

Delightful spot! Very peaceful and clean with no cars passing by. Stars are wild. Full bars T-Mobile.

BLM off Old Hwy 99S 42.01976, -122.59738

HUGE Parking Lot! I tried to park in Walmart next door but parking lot was busy & unlevel. I then noticed the same size parking lot next door much more level as well. I just asked the manager if it was ok to overnight park. He just asked that I park in the further corner of the lot.

At Home - Home Goods Store 39.07752, -77.56240

clean dump, thanks Soda Springs.
did not try the water

Soda Springs 42.65685, -111.59761

Beautiful views. Easy access to town. 26’ Skoolie made it with no worries 😃. Great cell service. Stunning sunsets.

Rampart Range Road 38.97596, -105.01032

local con mucha seguridad y espacio para estacionar, sin facilidades, pero de día abren un parque infantil en donde tienen baños y duchas. playa bastante amplia.

Pacasmayo police station -7.39872, -79.57131

Vegan cook - Alternative - Cafeteria - Plant-based - Wholesome
Cocina Vegana - Alternativa - Cafetería - Basado en plantas - Sano y Consciente
Calles Linares y Tarija, en pasaje Juan XXIII (el que baja al Teleférico Morado, paralela a las gradas de la Calle Tarija) No.187 Al frente del Hotel "El Nuevo Sol" 🌿Hr.Lu-Vier.08.30 a 20.00 Sáb. 09.00 a 17.00

Check Instagram: @cafevidalapaz

Café Vida (vegan) -16.49874, -68.13703

Overnight stop with 14 T Expedition Truck.
Warm and cold water pools plus restaurant.
Level stand with grass

Warmwaterberg Spa -33.76541, 20.90128

Safe area it seems. Stayed here no problems. Two others parked here also, 7-11 across the street open 24 hrs for restrooms if needed. Would reccomend

Cracker Barrel. CLOSED 34.13396, -117.39150

The dump hole is all filled up. It seems to me nobody is maintaining it. Non-portable water has no water. I don't see any portable water outlet.

Holiday dump station (free) 64.82539, -147.71403

A fantastic place set within beautiful grounds. Owner Jan is very overlander friendly and a great host. Short walk to shops, restaurants etc. Highly recommended

Millers Woodcabin -30.70679, 27.21729

Not a safe place to camp if not in a vehicle or bigger group. Club itself is not open regularly and Soon is not always around. Not recommended.

Country Club Caravan Park -30.70686, 27.21721

Bom lugar p passar a noite, posto fecha às 22 hrs, bem simples, tem banheiro.

Posto Rosas -22.63250, -47.05430

Ótimo lugar para estacionar e passar a noite, seguro, de frente para a praia do caolho. 30 reais por pessoa com direito a ducha e café da manhã, atendentes simpáticos e solícitos

Classic Praia Hotel -2.48365, -44.25362

Suberbe levée du soleil! L'entrée se situe dans la descente de la côte, à gauche, avant de se rendre à la marina ou la plage. Endroit très tranquille.

Random space above the town beach 45.74420, -81.80476
Clif Anderson

Easy crossing from Ecuador to Peru. After Peru customs there’s a SOAT booth for insurance

CEBAF Ecuador-Peru Border -3.51136, -80.25087

pessoal do posto Sim como sempre muito atenciosos. Abastecemos e nos deixaram dormir ali...super tranquilo.

Farroupilha -29.21989, -51.33107
Sonia Morin

Mon père est copropriétaire de ce lot et jamais l'autorisation de camper n'a été donnée. il s'agit d'une terre privée et non d'une terre publique. Quiconque se rend camper sur les lieux sera expulsé.

Saint Fabien 48.28758, -68.43575

This place is permanently closed.

Grande Digue 46.29514, -64.55938

Very safe place on the banks of the lake and with very good internet. We had a very peaceful night and the staff let us fill the water tank. They charged us 50 soles per day.

Xima Hotel -15.82281, -69.99526

Long beach with plenty of space for everybody. No shade, no dunes to hide

Bird watching beach place 37.38720, 22.76903

National forest campground. Trash and pit toilets(cleanest we have seen) about 14 sites with picnic tables and fire rings. Gravel roads are a little rutted getting to the camp.

birch grove nf 46.65182, -91.06624

srationnement tranquille en bordure d un parc. Quartier résidentiel. pas de restrictions affichées

Carnarvon Park 48.43927, -123.31871

right across the street from Nevada highway patrol. we were left alone in a bus and van. we stayed in the far end of walmart away from the doors with semis. kinda noisy but we deal.

Walmart Parking Lot 40.95450, -117.74831

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