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As described. Huge lot and only a few cars. Have stayed a few times passing through Buffalo and always feel safe and undisturbed. The bathrooms in Tops are clean and they have aself serve recycling station to get rid of your empty cans etc.

Parking lot adjacent to Tops Supermarket (a demolished Kmart parking lot) 42.83191, -78.78656
Se Joga No Mundo

Good space, water and bathroom available. The cost is 7 soles per night.

Ótimo espaço, tem água, ducha e banheiro. Cobraram 7 pesos pela noite.

Gas station Andree -14.24219, -71.26197

Nice place for a night by the river. We didn't see anyone and we couldn't hear the road. Accessible for any vehicle

River Bank 42.25051, 75.82998
1 Motorcycle 2 Kiwis

The road is a real mix, from broken seal to big pot holes, some thick loose gravel, and some mud holes. It is clay based in many parts, so it will be slippery if it has rained. Despite that, we were able to ride at over 50km/h in a cautious state, for the most part. We came north and turned off onto the ED4 road, which was sealed and took us to the A27 road, which is nice seal all the way to Atyrau... straight and boring, though.

Bad road A-26 49.17585, 57.71182

We parked at end of the street. At the beginning, we were very uncomfortable because it was in the middle of the city but after few hours we felt good and safe. We had a very good night

Next to Neuromedic -5.70803, -78.80425

facile d'accès. cependant, pas d'eau pour faire rinçage lors de notre visite!

dump station esterel 46.02891, -74.05467

The drive up is gorgeous. The campground itself is far too dense. Campers are close enough that there is absolutely no privacy.

Grayson Highlands State Park 36.63899, -81.48608

The place is nice, lots of shade. It's clean. But there is not a lot of services : showers are cold (but you can pay 1000 pesos for a hot shower), no place for charging (but you can pay 500 for), no Wi-Fi, no toilet paper, no place to cook. Less than 10min walk from city centre. We paid 7000 each for sleeping in our car.

Quilarcay -22.91666, -68.19498

Fill propane tanks . In Estes Park near Safeway

Loaf & Jug 40.37995, -105.51423

It’s a beautiful area as everyone has described with many spots along the road. Take the hike to the falls; they’re only about three tenths of a mile, from the trailhead and worth the look! Grateful!

Zigzag falls 45.31409, -121.80822

Pasamos una noche. Estacionamiento de Laguna Garzon, no hay servicios pero es muy tranquilo. Sin contaminación luminica. Vimos noctilucas en el mar INCREIBLES.

laguna Garzon -34.79853, -54.56383

Estacionamento público com área reservada e algumas sombras de árvores. Almoçamos utilizando a mureta. É ao ar livre mas é bem tranquilo

Estacionamento na Lagoa Iriry -22.50947, -41.91533
Road Warrior America

Extremely emotional historical site where people split on the Oregon Trail to go either to California/Utah or to Oregon. Wagon ruts still obviously visible. Highly recommend visiting if only to pay respects to overlanders of a different age.

Parting of the Ways/Sublette Cutoff 42.28497, -109.05916
Road Warrior America

Historic 35 mile gap in the Rocky Mountains at almost 8,000 feet where over half a million Americans crossed the Rockies on the Oregon Trail. The weight of history can be felt here especially when you see the miles of wagon ruts still visible today. I was moved to be here as an overlander in a completely different age, crossing the same route pioneers did in a fraction of the time. Great spot to stop and take in the history.

South Pass, WY 42.33029, -108.97310
Road Warrior America

Only gas station for some distance as another supposedly along the way was closed/broke down and was relieved to not be on fumes by Rawlins as a result.

3 Forks 40.44101, -105.75553

Yes, large parking area in the courtyard but there is no gate securing the compound so I don't know how safe it is. But the location is prime, AC really cold... too cold. Pool on premises, hot showers, wifi was weak, TV, potable water in lobby (bring your own bottles), helpful staff... Spanish speaking only. Acayucan is not a great tourist destination but if need an overnighter, this is probably the nicest in town... also the priciest.

Hotel Arcos del Parque 17.94985, -94.91260

Nice area close to Flagstaff. Level spots with privacy.

Fr 222 off of Hwy 180 35.26885, -111.76236

At the end of the gravel road, you arrive close to the edge of the river. A magnificent sandy beach is at your disposal. Enjoy a magnificent sunset with the population of shorebirds fishing alongside you.

No name. 52.49103, -107.69855

Friendly. Site is getting work done to improve, but toilets and showers are dire. Breadman calls each morning. No pool, as someone suggested.

Camping Bellevue 34.01501, -5.56243
Road Warrior America

Most people have no idea this is out here but the entire INL complex is neat to drive by in general, great museum

Nuclear Power Museum 43.51141, -113.00648

Beautiful sunrise here! Got here after sunset but I imagine you could see the sunset beautifully as well since it’s a little jut out on the Sound. Had no issue with parking one night, but I’d say park at your own risk since there are signs saying no overnight parking.

Broad Water Beach Lighthouse 30.38991, -88.96418

The bridge is renewed. Cars fit through it. No big rigs. After the bridge the road gets very difficult. Definitely need a 4x4 and good off-road skills. Deep mud, shallow river crossing, many rocks mostly a narrow road. Not many cars, mostly the jeep taxis.
Before the bridge it is a nice camp Spot next to the river. And hiking from there is definitely worth it. Beautiful area!

Broken bridge 42.39442, 78.45379

And in 2023 it's still there. Try to avoid the weekends as parking is tight with the tourists on the Caminito del Rey

El Chorro Free Water 36.90878, -4.76017

Wow! what a treat this place really felt like we had a little holiday. Lovely bar and restaurant area with free hot drinks all day and cake at 3pm. Bar meals during the day and a set menu at night which sounded delicious but we cooked for ourselves because the campsite is also lovely, private bathroom and a kitchen area with table and benches and view over river, grassy area. There is also a very nice swimming pool with sun loungers. We did a morning tiger fishing trip which was great fun and then had a full body massage in the beautiful spa in the afternoon......OK so its not really hardcore overlanding but was really really lovely to have these treats!! Great team and so friendly!

River Dance Lodge -17.99595, 21.35682

Nice place with a very friendly owner. We can recommend.

Bush Baby Campsite 0.61436, 36.02117

Very nice laguna! Perfect place to stay. And because it is not high (just 1700m) it is so warm….road is perfect. Not rocky at all.

Laguna Mamacocha -15.67910, -72.24398

On the sign it says that this is the worlds largest Spring Lagoon. Very nice place to stay. Water is clear and nice for a swim! In the morning a nice guy came and wrote down number plates but he said it is very fine to stay here. Road to here totally fine!

Laguna Mamacocha -15.67909, -72.24425

Nice place to stay a night full hook ups

Coal River RV park 59.65740, -126.95424

we tried to get to this place. the land bridge was too corrugated, we decided to turn around.

Ocean spots 28.03678, -114.11938

Very quiet. Only us and some birds. Nice!

Gravel pit 62.30666, -150.05131

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