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Amazing and extremely friendly lodge. We do not comment on restaurants or lodges often, but it is almost mid september, they are still open, great food and very reasonable prices (12 inch great pizza for 24usd, enough for 2 persons to eat). They have fast internet, let you just sit inside, they have toys and games for kids. Very recomended!!

Tangle Lakes Lodge 63.04566, -146.03908

Posto YPF novo, com grande estacionamento de piso cimentado e lavanderia (300 pesos) ducha (300 pesos). Excelente lugar.

YPF -31.36607, -63.99988

Awesome campsite, bathroom and lakefront spots. Need a camping pass that can be purchased at Canadian Tire or Parks Canada offices. $30 for the year.
We call it Crownland.

Abraham Lake 52.28985, -116.37256

clean quiet close to town definitely a lot of yellow jackets and mosquitoes

Corral Springs 43.25282, -121.82140

Small pullout at the highway. There’s a small path leading to the river. Walk maybe 5-10 min and you are at a small pond with beautiful clear water. Photos should help guiding

Kennedy River Pond 49.24872, -125.37088

This site accepts overnight camping. Absolutely no signs indicating that there is no overnight parking!!! There is a sign indicating « village relais ».

Stationnement Village Relais 47.84173, -69.88506

Thx WAY off courses The GoldenAcorn is in the US just across the border from Tecate B.C. MX, in Campo, CA.

Golden Acorn Casino 31.88287, -116.68527

Just South of it is another entry with the real coordinates

Trout Brook Tentsite 45.17363, -70.40915

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 0.63112, 37.66003

Umoja Sambaru Womens Camp 0.63112, 37.66003

This place is permanently closed.

Kevron 38.47815, 70.94940

hacemos tour para las islas de los uros y visitamos dos islas flotantes y contamos con un parqueo de la comunidad que es gratis y el pasaje es 10 soles qué es ida y vuelta en la primera isla donde les explicaremos cómo está construido una isla y las actividades que acemos en la isla , Alfredo Jimmy y su familia Ana son gente local de uros pueden contactar ce al WhatsApp +51954626396

Puerto Kalapajra Tour to Uros -15.81251, -69.99352

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 60.50772, 25.71806

iso- valkee 60.50772, 25.71806

This place is permanently closed.

Off Hwy 101 46.57177, -123.91297

Parked right across the cattle guard. The road beyond evens out but to get to the first two spots noted along this road you have to pass over a rough patch- too rough for our 26.5ft Class C.

Decently flat space right off the road. Traffic here is minimal so it didn’t bother us. Beautiful view and mostly quiet.

Photo with the tree is where the original marker is but we couldn’t get to it in our rig.

19 m east tonapah hwy 6 38.10327, -116.91111

large enough for 2 small TT or a few vans. nice n level. right off the road but along the river, which sounds wonderful! it has remnants of a fire ring but there's no fires allowed anyway. I'm sure traffic will calm down after dark.

Large Pull Out along Skate Creek 46.66926, -121.74219

The place is temporarily closed

Protection Mountain Campground 51.32809, -116.03539

Nice Windy place! I moved to the beach! Better for the wind.

Parking PK25 23.90032, -15.78733

If you are towing a trailer I would not suggest this spot it is very tight and the road is a dead end it took a lot of effort to turn around

Taylor ranch road II 43.62774, -110.54371

This spot is posted jo overnight camping

First pull off nat. Forest 43.63113, -110.56481

Beautiful stay near a River with really water in it. Perfect place for the night. Totally alone

Finca de Chañaral -26.64311, -69.85748

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Ruisseau du Goose Neck 45.38877, -71.91266

Very friendly people. There is eletricity and water.

Pousada Avambaé -28.54546, -54.55834

At the moment here, free Starlink. We suppose from the gas station office.

Crane Flat Gas Station 37.75329, -119.79696

Water from tap must be boiled.

Visitor Information of Marystown 47.17698, -55.15155
Jay & Alana

This is a very nice family run campground right off of 16. Bathrooms and showers were very clean. All sites have electricity (30A & 15A) and water. Some have gravel pads where some are grass. There is decent privacy between sites but this comes at the cost of Starlink cover in some sites. Low T-Mobile and Verizon service. We would definitely stop here again if traveling through the area.

Painted Rock Campground 51.98066, -105.95774

We also stayed in the museum, ask in town for Cesar, he’s really nice and helpful. There are public toilets down the road for water but they closed at 6pm so stock up before then! Great cozy place to put your tent up out if the wind for the night.

Ondores Municipality -11.08375, -76.14667

This place is permanently closed.

Elk Falls Parking Lot 50.03843, -125.32927

This place is permanently closed.

Circle K 44.78584, -69.73162
Jamie Z

This place is permanently closed.

Cal Payes-Cafe & Restaurante -6.22971, -77.86770

This place is permanently closed.

Aire de Repos 47.85333, -69.55797

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