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beautiful campgrounds.. no sun to charge solar but worth it.. nice showers and flush toilets

Rock Creek Campground 39.87760, -123.72521

Quiet place to spend a night. In the morning a bit traffic around, but not too loud. Felt safe. You can park also on "S Orange Ave" by Demonstration park, but there is a bit more noise from traffic.

Tegner dr. street parking 34.04883, -118.11119

Asked to camp, solo traveler and the owner wanted to charge me 1000. She said I could get clean water and a toilet to use. Not sure where the campsite was

Moved on to a wild camp spot

Namahamade Lodge -14.98450, 40.75830

Just past Vadsø this is a good spot for a small tent, out of sight of the road and overlooking the sea. The town of Vadsø has a shelter that is not too appealing, so if you push past town this is a good option. There are sections where campers/RVs pull in, but closer to the sea there is a drop down which is good concealment for a tent if travelling by bicycle. No water source, so stick up in advance. Some passing traffic at night but camp spot is totally hidden.

Wild camp overlooking Varangerdjord 70.06121, 29.88212

The hotel is for sale, ie. closed at the moment

Hotel Canarias Sahara 28.49896, -11.33170

Beautiful, paved, level site beside the fjord. Picnic tables and garbage can. Incredible views. Very little traffic at night.

Roadside pull off 61.17305, 6.87205

Got a the cheapest room here for 45,000. Double bed with a toilet, no showers. Running water in the tap and no internet. Yep quite basic.

Zochid Buudal Hotel 46.37570, 96.26035

As the others say, the beach is very empty….also very disappointing. Soooooo much plastic garbage everywhere, lots of mosquitoes, very windy. All in all, would not recommend. You can find better!

Doka Expedition on the beach 41.84658, 19.50254

Stayed the night with other campers. No issues. Good for a night passing through.

Walmart Sussex 45.72635, -65.53250

A sign of relief amongst the overly gentrified tourist places. Great prices. Great food. Real cantina vibes. Try their passion fruit jugo de agua. So good.

Corioncoro Restaurant 10.42041, -75.54581
Avaleur De Route

Rest Area près de la route mais peu passante. Nous sommes arrêté pour un nuit. Quelques voitures se sont arrêté. Une autre roulotte a passé la nuit sur place.

Rest Area with nice view 45.58303, -70.17913
Avaleur De Route

Sur Google map il n'y a pas de Buanderie. Cette endroit est petit mais ouvert. 3$ pour chaque lavage et sechage. Machine en bon état relativement neuve.

Buanderie 46.11596, -70.66635

For 250 pesos for a shared dorm bed, this place is great. Clean and modern, walking distance to Zona Centro, strong and fast wifi, two comfy hang out spots, a kitchen, a restaurant in the rear, secure parking for all except the biggest of rigs, English speakers, and lots of guests are a testament to how great this place is.

Hostal Séptimo Arte 20.59935, -100.39606

Arrivé vers 22:00. Tout est tranquille. Le matin avons eu une belle vue sur les montagnes. Il y a une école en face. Il y’aura de la circulation sous peu donc .Nous repartons à 7:15 Très bien dormi. Il y’a une pancarte indiquant pas de flannage sur l’église

Church 47.67084, -68.97917

Thanks to CGOAB - lovely spot here for cyclists with a tent. Doesn’t look like a goer when you crest over the little ridge but our three-man fit on the flattest bit very nicely. Very quiet night and gorgeous morning sun.

Pull out with beautiful view -10.31588, -76.72523

Beautiful grill area next to the cycling path direction Susch. There are two big tables, a fire pit and most importantly a little hut full of already cut logs, I mean this is heaven. Perfect to pitch a tent. Alternatively just 30 metres from it there is a small hut, next to it there is a big grass field that seems unused. There is also a small fountain but that's property of the hut, but when I was here there was no one and everything was locked.

Grill area next to cycling path 46.72678, 10.08065

fuel was cheap and propane is right across fuel pump..

Ultramar 47.97409, -66.94274

grand camping, beau terrain. wifi. module de jeux pour enfant.

Camping Amqui 48.49952, -67.46040

South African troops made camp here for a few days in 1915 during WW1.

Remnants of a human sojourn -22.72830, 14.89864

Lugar muito tranquilo, com água e wi-fi. Tem um lugar do lado do restaurante já com as marcações onde os motorhomes podem ficar tranquilamente.

Posto Barracão -26.25860, -53.61326

Park near the garden center for Walmart wifi, strong signal all night . Many trucks in the back and far corners. Quiet at night.

Walmart Supercenter 40.74534, -99.74052

Nice place with a great view! Hardly any cars passing.

Poggio delle Aquile 43.65063, 12.68673

No roadblock today. No issues observed anywhere between Ocosingo and Palenque.

Road Block 17.28074, -92.03412

No roadblock today. No issues observed anywhere between Ocosingo and Palenque.

Rope block 17.10336, -92.14630

No roadblock today. No issues observed anywhere between Ocosingo and Palenque.

blockage by zapatistas 17.02250, -92.13322

Not suitable for big rigs, very narrow parking lot

Children's playground - Estación Buque Varado -20.24036, -70.14573

Good spot for a night before crossing to Argentina. You can even go down the road at the beginning of the parking so to be hidden from the road.
Military came around 7pm to know what we were doing. Very professional and kind.
Also this road from SPA to the border is all the way steep. So if your car tend to heat up take your time!

13K from Hito Cajun -22.91628, -67.91334

Still no water here. Tap not running. There is a place to put air in your tire for free.

Copec Station -22.91460, -68.19150

Today they had no diesel left. And also no money to change. So be careful to have enough full cause next station is at 116km in Susques

YPF -23.23817, -67.01910

Chile to Argentina
Very easy process and well organized. Everything in the same building. If there is a line of trucks just pass them.
The Senag guy searched a little the van but he just opened 3 cupboards, not even the fridge.
Very friendly people. 45 min it was done

Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina -23.23720, -67.02305

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