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It’s a free lookout with a small roundabout, scenic view, camping table, no toilets, entrance to the trans Canadian trail. There is no any signs saying “no camping or overnight stay”. I’ve stayed in the night and till noon next day. There are curious locals come to meet strangers, they say you can stay for a night here. It was nice.

Christy’s Look-Off Ceilidh Coastal Trail 45.78827, -61.48092

We accidentally found this spot looking for the ATV trail that is at the bottom of the hill and found our favorite spot yet! The grass is pretty tall but if you keep driving you’ll see the “road” end and find a spot with a little more open spot which is where we camped. The view is amazing, it’s quite, we did not get bothered by any wild life besides the beautiful chirps in the morning from the birdies. No cars came up at all. To get up we passed an opened gate that had no signs anywhere and just went on up (thinking it’d lead to the ATV trail) we stayed there 3 nights and I’d highly recommend it!

Beautiful mountain top 44.11123, 72.53712

We came here by kayak to snorkel. The seabed is really beautiful! There are lots of corals and fish. The depth goes from 5m to about twenty meters, the visibility is excellent.

Black Coral Wall Dive Site 16.08355, -86.91690

The bridge here is not true. Do not go here. You can only pass by little boats.

The bridge -16.56593, -69.03861

established camp sites with fire rings. not well maintained. toilet doesn't have TP, etc but close to lava hot springs. there are at least 2 dispersed locations that are passed on the way here but they are backed up to the train tracks. a few other campers have come in. good for free camping!

Poutnef River Lower Access 42.64230, -112.00456

beautiful top of the mountain spot! logging road but off the road. no one bothered me and no one drove by except one guy in a truck this morning. 360 view, beautiful sunset and sunrise(: no fires up here! too windy! stay safe! 3 bars LTE

above the clouds 45.69170, -123.75330

There are spots on both sides of the river. Traffic dies out after sunset. Peaceful night. No bugs despite being by the water.

Kolob Site by the River 37.25178, -113.13945
Cameleon vagabond

Showers at 1$ for 4 minutes. Ask for tokens at the reception

Showers at Backeddy Resort and Marina 49.75677, -123.94027

super unfriendly, super expensive, wanted 18.000 for 7kg bottle. bad place.

Alquiller de Vajillas -24.80848, -65.41326

#Bordercrossing with dog!!

Border crossing itself went really fast and easy until they found out we have a dog. We didn’t have any health certificate or Senasa papers (stupid of us but we heard they are really easy with dogs and thought otherwise we will go to a veterinarian in Copacabana).
Well after half an hour of talking and begging they didn’t let us pass with our dog. They said the first senasa in Bolivia would be in La Paz. They said our campervan and we could pass but our dog not. They made it really clear that it would be illegal if we would pass with our dog in any other way.

We went back to the guy from the aduana of Peru to cancel our tip and he suggested that 1 of us would walk with the dog through a different path over the border. One of the guys accompanied one of us (we gave him something like 40 bolivianos) and the other person took the campervan through the border. They advised us to do it in the same way when passing the border of Ecuador.

Advice: just take care of the right papers for your pet! If you don’t have the right papers then first arrange your appointment exit/entry stamps and your Tip and after cross the border by foot with your dog on the leash. In that way it won’t be any problem because by foot they won’t control anything.

Fruits and vegetables are forbidden (even you’re on a big big market ;)).

Yunguyo/Copacabana Border Crossing, Peruvian side -16.22688, -69.09542

Outside but hot and free and not in a super busy place.

Haskell Beach free showers 34.43302, -119.91560

Just perfect. Came with a Steyr Truck. Repaired the steering gear, steering boot. Solved electrical problem with the display.
Oil and filters change. Helped to weld the exhaust pipe.
Amazing job. So friendly and helpful - thanks so much

1/4 de Milla Car Servis -24.80637, -65.41638

Weird campsite, our section did not have fire rings which is unlike every other national park I've been too. Some of them do and some don't so double check, you are not allowed a fire without one! But it did come with power which is so unexpected. And two motorhomes to a site, no privacy. Our neighbour was up all night opening hatches and shining his torch in our windows... good location but definitely a step down in quality from others in the area.

Lake Louise Campground 51.40842, -116.17053

Nice little hostel with a big garden, pool and big dining area. Kitchen is available for guest's use. I paid 6.000$ for a private room.

Hostel Barreal -31.65224, -69.46767

Still closed as of September 2023. Water will be at the visitor center. Not the vault toilets.

Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center 41.28341, -124.09203

There is no show tonight. I went to the welcome center and ask the manger if a could spend the night with my 20 feet camper and she refused. Too bad the parking is huge and level.

Medora Musical 46.91564, -103.54586

You have to pay the Day use entrance fee for the State Park 5$ per person. 5 minutes shower costs 0.50 cents. All very clean and good facilities.

Molly Stark State Park 42.85232, -72.81485

pratique, propre, merci à la ville de baie Comeau.

Baie Comeau 49.19014, -68.31202

Sanitary inspection.

The guy there told us it‘s a disinfection for pest control and charged us 20Pesos.
We paid, but when I saw that he waved two cars behind me trough without paying I stopped and went to get my money back.
Got it back.
It‘s just 20Pesos I know, but it‘s about the principle.

PVI Guerrero Negro 27.99165, -114.01302

Large parking lot off the side of the building. We’re in a truck camper so plenty of space. Sign in the lot says to remember to lock your doors. Seems pretty quiet so far.

Cracker Barrel - Jonesboro 35.80879, -90.67504

Cute campground. Lots of full timers. Pool and playground. Bar up front. Has hot showers and laundry. Came and got a day pass to use showers and laundry for $5 dollars. That’s usually for a pool pass but they let us have it to use the showers.

Hay creek campground. 44.48944, -92.54911

Call to head and asked if it was OK to purchase a day pass which is usually for the pool but we used it for showers and laundry and they allowed us to. It’s five dollars a person. Showers had hot water and we’re in decent condition. Also had laundry in the same building as a showers for a dollar to use washer and a dollar for dryer. Not bad in a pinch as there’s nothing around here that has accessible showers.

Hay creek campground 44.48959, -92.54927

Right off the highway! Amazing steaks and BBQ for a super great price…spent the night in my van in the hotel parking lot that it backs up to. Huge grass lot to walk the dogs. Super nice people, great drinks and food for a nice deal! If you’re traveling along i80 it’s a good place to stop and eat / sleep (: Would only suggest cars/ vans in the lot overnight but quite a few obscure trailers and one big rig while I was here!

Skeeter Barnes 40.66391, -99.08729

4x4 and High Clearance recommended. Attempted the free camping further down the road but turned around halfway as roads were very tough to navigate in a one-ton truck w Truck box camper.

Curtis Canyon Campground 43.51223, -110.66075

As described. 30 Soles pppn with private bathroom. Big parking. Clean room. Friendly owner. Hot shower.

Villa Azul -8.13318, -78.05712

I drove through today without any problems.

Ruta 3N -8.13299, -78.05753

I drove through today without any problems. Road is still collapsed in some parts, but with a new bypasses.

collapsed road in a tunnel -8.66729, -78.01322

Not as large as I expected, but there’s still room for several smaller rigs or two or three larger rigs. Our 27 foot class C fits fine. The site is fairly level. It’s very quiet except for the crickets.

Large open field good for RV or tents near Yosemite 37.82617, -119.95865

Very nice rest area with nice toilets and well lit.

Hwy 287 Rest area 44.90178, -111.59326

I wish I didn't have a fear of heights and cliffs.. we had to back two vans back down the mountain.. know your limits... if you have those fears don't do it!

Usal Beach Dispersed Camping 39.83130, -123.84628

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