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Bon spot, ont dort avec plusieurs personnes. C’est quand même écrit no camping mais ça devrait aller pour une nuit et ont est pas mal de camping car, roulotte et van

Yellowstone South Entrance parking bay 44.13273, -110.66511

Beautiful library in telluride. Wifi is great.

Public library 37.93637, -107.81115

ficamos na praça central atrás da igreja , em frente posto da PM , tem energia no "palco" da praça e torneira água na lateral da igreja , local tranquilo e muito seguro, ficamos aqui 06 dias

Praça Parking -10.74446, -47.53650
Familia a Bordo por el Mundo

In this YPF they do not allow overnight stays, parking is purely and exclusively for who the owners allow, attentive and careful because the owners are very racist and disrespectful. I suggest that you eliminate this place since we were very mistreated for resting in our Autohome, when previously the night before we had requested a parking permit.

IPF Millenium -24.21238, -65.28503

Nice and quiet walmart, slept undisturbed.

Sundance Wal-mart 33.43715, -112.55813

j y etais le 05/09/23 ok pour 2 places maxi 7m de long attention ou vous roulez car il y a du sable mou ,tranquille

Discovery Beach 47.93508, -64.47868

Nice little side street. Quiet, a few walkers this morning. Close to downtown but nice a green view to wake up to. No problems.

New Belgium Brewing 40.59175, -105.06731
Waka Nash

Beautiful site by the river when we arrived there were locals fishing and bbqing. Nice atmosphere, someone on-site all night. Hot showers and clean toilets. 4,000 ARS for 2 people, 1 night with van and no electric.

Puerto Del Sol, Gualeguaychu -32.98503, -58.49867

best restaurant in Valparaíso, also according to our guide. they have fresh fish and really good and varied dishes for nice prices. it’s a bit more expensive than average, but it’s so worth it. we ate main + dessert and drink and we spent 60.000 clp total (2 people). be sure to reserve a place to sit on the balcony for the view. we didn’t, but inside is just as cozy. nice waiters too! and they have an english and french menu

Fauna Restaurant (&hotel) -33.04388, -71.62716

Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper. We were told that it was allowed. It’s a large lot, but not very level and not the greatest one that we’ve stayed in but it was fine for the night. The best option in the area. Would stay again.

Walmart Supercenter 44.37983, -100.31390

Nice quiet and peaceful spot. Road must have been repaired as there are no potholes. No cars during night, only one in the evening. Would recommend to stay one night. Trees all around, no sun. Access to small creek. Further on the road we saw some bear scat and lot of blackberries.

Willemette National Forest 43.84451, -122.70801

We paid 25$ MXN for the parking for 24h. Spent a very quiet and fresh night. Perfect to visit the waterfall early morning. Toilets are 5MXN and only when the guy is present (might be 9am - 5pm)

Cascada Texolo parking lot 19.40321, -96.99357

Y intersection of secluded dirt roads. Enough space to get out of traveled lane, if anyone comes by, for a large van or similar vehicle. Didn’t explore too far though. Stayed last night and will again tonight (so hot). So far no other vehicles. Some shade as sun moves, if you move from intersection. Two bars(usually) Verizon LTE

County Line Rd 45.50783, -67.75776

Large gravel level parking lot with 6 camp sites around the perimeter suitable for tenting. No one else was around so we used a fire ring, using some wood that was left there. Very quiet location with very little traffic. There is a nice hiking trail which is also used for horse back riding.

Teaberry Lot (Michaux State Forest) 39.84059, -77.43490

Exit Brazil with a dog.
Very easy process. The guy from the Policia Federal just took our passports and brought them into the office. It took around 15 minutes until we got our stamped passports back.
Then you need to enter the building of the receita federal. We handed in our TIP and she had a look at our car/license plate. Then she closed the TIP and gave it back to us.
They did not care about the dog.
All in all an easy 20 to 30 Minute process.

Receita Federal and Policia Federal 3.85126, -51.82323

this is a free sani dump with non potable water and a slightly leaky hose behind the diesel pumps. yellow paint around the edge of it.

petrol serve usa 46.91244, -98.01228

lovely place. dry site is $15 and can be paid in cash to camp host Greg who is there in the evenings. if you want full hookup you need to book online thru the website. wifi is not free and is not very good, better to go to the library in town. dump is free if staying otherwise $10, and showers are free! his vegetable garden is free to camp residents too, he gave us cucumbers, jalapenos and tonatoes.

Wagner Park Campground 46.66065, -96.40769

there is a dump station with potable water here. free if staying, otherwise it costs $10

Warner Campground 46.66065, -96.40769

Entry French Guyana with a dog.
We drove up to the booth and handed them our passports and our insurance (our car is still registered and insured in Germany). As we are EU citizens it was a quick and easy process.
For the dog you have to show the paperwork to the customs. It seem like the guy did not really know, what to só. He looked into the EU pet passport and just said: all vaccines are up to date, so you're good to go. He even seemed a bit surprised that we showed him the documents.
We also went to a vet in brasil to get a health certificate. We did not get the official document from the Brasilian Agriculture ministry due to the fairly complicated process. It wasn't necessary, anyway.
Beware that we had a EU pet passport for a German dog. I don't know whether the process is stricter, if you have non EU paperwork.

French Guiana Border 3.86213, -51.82651

Perfect location! Super quiet and close to Cascade Falls trailhead. Couple of fire rings.

FR678 Loop Road Dispersed Camping 37.51440, -112.73604

Great spot ! Very very very quiet and relaxing at night. No amenities you have to be selfsufficient. No one disturb us. Absolutely No cell services.

Milk River 49.14491, -111.30670
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Translation -

sistarasta - 12/16/2022 The hotel is gone, the neighborhood seems quiet so we decided to park a couple of blocks away where there is a park at night. At 9.30 two neighbors from the neighborhood arrived saying that we had to leave, because they did not want crime or disorder in the neighborhood and they would not allow us to sleep there. Since we weren't causing any trouble and our son was already sleeping, we told them that we didn't talk to go and to call the police if they thought it was necessary. Half an hour later the police arrived and told us that we could stay. The night was quiet but to avoid problems better go elsewhere.

In front of Samay hostel -17.38865, -66.14430

local price, friendly
Precio local muy amables

Ruta 22 -18.50329, -64.09867

Très pratique pour eau potable comme indiqué dans le précédent commentaire

H2O 2 Go 44.08790, -103.20348

Beautiful little place. I'm here mid day or I would definitely be staying here.

Rock Creek rest area 49.32423, -115.17887

Glad we took time for the slight detour and enjoyed a soak.

Nass Valley Hot Springs 55.14093, -129.35386

We called in and were told we couldn’t use the showers unless we were a registered camper. Thought the price was too good to be true.

Loop Brook Campground 51.25697, -117.53789

Lovely place. CAD$23 per night plus the national park fee of $21 per day unless you have a pass of some sort. Some sites would be difficult to get level. We are at #16 which is right by the river and it required a lot of maneuvering to get level enough without blocks. The river is not bubbling it is roaring. In a tent it might be almost too loud.

Illecillewaet Campground 51.26569, -117.49692

amazing sunset and the rangers are really friendly, asked for one passports and gave us advice for the hike the next day. Asked them to refill our 6 liter water bottle and did so at the ranger house

Camping Libre El Huala -50.53040, -72.79117

6 dollars for 8 min hot shower. Was heading to Valdez from overnight camping at Tangle Lake.

Kenny Lake Mercantile 61.12038, -145.70089

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