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When driving on the gravel roads along the river there is space for cars/vans/tents everywhere. We camped right next to the small hill with stairs. Easily accessible for all sorts of vehicles. On/off LTE signal with Unitel. No people around when we went, some cars passing in the distance once in a while.

Plenty of space along river 48.94695, 90.06221
Des routes & nous

Very nice camp! Very quiet.
Still 500 pppn.

Shower and toilet very clean.
Only cold shower but with lot of pressure.
Big family of vervet monkey are leaving around. Bats are leaving in the mango tree, if you sleep under it they will spray your car 😅

Fire pit and wood for free.

Mango Tree Campsite -3.43293, 38.55329

No petrol or diesel available. Went to close by town and had to purchase petrol from street sellers. They charge 10000 for 1.5 lt bottle.

First/Last Fuel Station -2.50693, 30.85487

This is a small flat spot for one night next to power line track. We could still hear noise from the road. Full LTE signal. Nobody bothered us during the night.

Bush Camp under power lines -2.54157, 30.86197

Good mechanic, workshop is now big with car ramps. Did charge me a little more than I thought, perhaps as I’m a tourist but 60,000MNT for about 1 hour labour on my motorcycle and a few small rubber parts.

Recent photos added.

Doctor Auto 47.99586, 91.63650

2 ATM inside the Hilton : withdrawal is limited in somoni (don't know the limit), not in dollars (at least untill 200)

ATM 38.56338, 68.81162

Really Nice hostel, you can sleep in dorms or private room (we paid 40$ for 2 for private room). It’s really clean, staff sooo friendly ! We met lot of international people. The Area is safe (more than in the city center) and you can find many option for food around. There are a kitchen & a pool

Gallivanters hostel -6.74987, 39.28663

Very nice spot with good view. You can Hide from the street. Easy acess

OK quiet spot 42.30450, 75.87247

We arrived after dark to the Monastere (after 9pm)and couldn’t get in so found this trail to camp on. Quiet night. Saw a motorcycle and a few people walk by the main trail/road in the AM but saw no one look down.

Outside the Monastere 5.04930, 9.96836

Make sure you ask if any tourist trucks are coming!
I had the pleasure of setting up camp and watch 3 massive truckloads of people arrive, one right next to me, very loud croud and music late in to the night.

The private Camp sites are further away from the "overlanding" campsites and are a lot quieter.

Sitatunga camp -20.07478, 23.35503

•24hr laundromat with laundry service
•Restroom and free Wi-Fi
•Did laundry in the evening and slept on the back side of the building where other cars were parked - would still recommend leaving early but was not bothered.

Clean Wash Laundromat 42.86583, -109.87850

This is the clinic where you can get post bite vaccine shots.
2 if you have already been vaccinated before otherwise maybe more, ask the doctor.
when you get into the building don't make the queue and turn left until the end. there you will see a sign for anti rabies treatment.

Clinic anti - rabies 42.87136, 74.58813

good restaurant with
one Katchapuri and one Margherita

Meiman Restoroom 50.41886, 80.25348

A flat spot along a dirt road which is not used nowadays. The road is not in any of the maps, but you can use satellite view to see it. Nobody passes by here. This particular spot has only space for 1 car, but you can probably find some other spot for more or bigger vehicles along the same road.

Since it is only about 1 km from outskirts of Ohrid and with a clear view of the city, you can hear lots of noise from the city, e.g. music, reving engines, cheers from the stadium. If you want peace and quiet, you need to get further away.

There is 4G reception.

Ohrid View 41.10539, 20.82734

A small grassy area between the end of the track and the beginning of the water.
A few fishermen and passers-by.
Very pleasant sunset.

bupi lupane dam -18.96276, 27.77730

We are riding on the Kenyan bike odyssey and was originally going to stop at Bogoria spa resort 13km north, but they wanted 2500ksh per night each to camp. we decided to keep going to come to this camp.

when arriving in town at first it doesn't seem like much, but the camp is like a little oasis from the heat. big shady trees, camped 20m from the warm River and there are private thermal spa pools to relax in at the back of the camp.

The staff at the camp and the people in the village are so friendly and always come up to welcome you to their village but afterwards leave you alone. we didn't get asked for money once the whole 2 days we were in the village which I think is a first the whole time we've been in East Africa.

Prices were 800ksh for residents and 1000ksh for non residents. definitely recommend if you don't want to spend the money at Bogoria spa resort.

Netbon-Kudu Camp 0.26506, 36.04646

always here and always good !
1075 com for 2 plate, 2 drink and 2 expresso.

Retro restaurant 42.21594, 75.75704

Nice waterfall! Pretty good road to get there as well (~20 min from the highway). Worth a quick stop. Was empty at 7am (a guy came on a motorcycle behind us so we could pay at the offices.

3000 CFA/person
500 CFA/phone or camera
10000 CFA/Commercial Camera
25000 CFA/drone

Ekom waterfall 5.06173, 10.02758

Nice camp site right by the (clear) river. No trees/shade and there are some buildings within sight, but there’s lots of open and flat space. No issue with the access road, it’s a good gravel road. LTE with Unitel and we didn’t hear the main road.

Orkhon river wild camping 47.18452, 102.78609

Went in the morning, not many people around. The entrance fee to the three historic temples is 10.000pp. Around 11:00 the monks at the active temple perform chanting. It was our first temple in Mongolia and we found it worthwhile, not sure how it compares to others.

Erdene Zuu Monastery 47.19965, 102.84237

She was a bit cranky but all very easy. Paid 79.200 for 14 day extension.

Immigration Office for Visa Extensions 47.85319, 106.78196

Praça João Mohana é o nome do local e é ideal para quem quer silêncio e sombra. Existe um ponto de energia e água perto da santa. Água só está disponível de vez em quando por isso pergunte aos vigias.

Praça Pública/ Públic Square -2.49017, -44.26739

Small campground within pine trees, steps away from the beach, always clean, good price (cheaper than the bigger one next door), family run and super friendly owner

Autocamp Paron Šime 44.27487, 15.47776

Here’s how it works (it’s a little complicated): Reach inside and flick the blue switch above the window (uploaded a photo of it). We first thought it didn’t work, but you have to wait around a minute, before the pump starts.

There’s a sign on the window saying “Morning: 12-01.30, evening: 5.00-7.00”. We are not sure what to make of it. Uploaded a photo of it.

New water pump in village 48.94504, 89.96890

Here you can have a (private) shower and rent a sauna if you want. No problem going together as a couple. Not the best pressure, but it’s hot. Nothing luxurious, but quite clean. If you rent a sauna, you get a cloth to sit on.

I have uploaded a photo of a translated price list (September 2023). No English spoken.

Showers and sauna 48.98507, 89.95783

This place is permanently closed. We found another one very close by (48.9850655, 89.9578333) that we have created here in iOverlander as well.

Public Showers - Hwy AH-4 48.98544, 89.95785

Nice place with a lot of people with cheap food around 200-500ksh. boiled beef is served on a big wooden plate cut with a huge knife in front of you, making it an interesting experience.

kimana fries local masai restaurant -2.79910, 37.53582
Road Warrior America

Historical marker pullout RE: Bannock War. Very close to road but a good spot for a few hours after getting tired past the rest stop and not really wanting to backtrack.

Bannock War Pullout 43.34213, -114.86343

I spoke with the workers at the tourist center and they told me that in the back there were some bathrooms where I could camp, the place is very quiet, and the town is beautiful. The bathrooms are left locked and they charge $50 to use them.

Hablé con los trabajadores del centro turístico y me indicaron que en la parte de atras habia unos baños donde podia acampar, el lugar es muy tranquilo, y el pueblo es hermoso. Los baños los dejan cerrados y cobran $50 por usarlos.

Centro de información turística -23.85936, -65.46549

Standard highway rest area. 24hr bathrooms and vending machines, and a grassy area to walk furry friends. Quite dark at night but felt safe. There were about 10 other cars and vans overnighting but there is enough space that everyone was spread out and not on top of each other. Great place for a night

Carleton Rest Area 826 42.04341, -83.35582

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