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We wanted to stay here but the man who helped us was super unfriendly and unclear. The hotel was super dirty and didn’t feel good to us. Therefore, we decided to cycle bit further and wildcamp

Pensión Vallegrande -18.11673, -64.21590

Very quiet Walmart. There is a no truck and trailer parking sign. Had no problems in our car camper.

Walmart 42.49999, -78.69141

the road pallasca - Sacaycacha - Chuquicara is completely passable and highly recommended for those on two wheels

Be careful potential landslide -8.38915, -78.13971
Follow The Frogs

Trail head with parking as described by others. We are travelling with a second couple who is in a tent and there was good flat areas for their tent. Nobody around, nice and quiet. Beautiful stargazing through the trees. Would stay here again!

Guppy Falls Trail 42.96810, -76.38983

We drove with our Fiat Ducato (approx. 2.5m wide, 2.7m high) right into the workshop.
Staff started immediately to work on our brakes, as requested. Brake pads were organized from a nearby spare parts store.
After 45 minutes, including a nice chat, we were finished. Paid an absolutely fair price.

Servifrenos Brakes Specialist 4.81064, -75.69592

parking quiet evening and night , just sport People, we sleep one night

sao luiz -19.85470, -43.97516

estación de servicio ypf
los playeros muy amables te permiten pernoctar.
el el estacionamiento.
en la parte de atrás de los baños. muy tranquilo
los sanitarios muy limpios.
esta a una 20 cuadras del centro

Ypf -38.87138, -62.08457

We are parked in Row E, on the east side of the lot, effectively behind the Planet Fitness. There is a Class A near us with slide popped out, and two boat trailers with boats (but no car), and one empty car dolly. Plus signs saying, "No overnight parking" over here, but I think they are for the pet store lot next door. Seems like a free-for-all but no one has bothered us, and based on those trailers, no one cares.
Planet Fitness is 24 hours during the week, so that could be a backup option but their lot is hectic with criss-cross traffic.
We slept well overall. Someone was talking loudly in the near distance for a while overnight, but that's the only time we woke up and were slightly worried. Overall, I would sleep here again if I needed to be in the area.
Store closes at 11, and it's not too noisy and pretty dark too.
Good Google Fi service.

Walmart 49.89457, -97.06254

Village house hosted by Daniel and Ionella. As described. 16 euros for a one person night stay in one of their 3 bedrooms. Very good amenities. Shared shower, outdoor kitchen to use. Nice people. Village sounds (chicken geese rooster etc)

Rustic House Camping 43.76632, 24.84524

We parked at the end of the road. VERY quiet. Some mosquitoes but not bad. Road in fair condition but lots of limbs close to our van driving in. We heard ATVs until dark.

Dead-end FS road 46.35037, -86.62390

The road is still under construction from Huancayo until Huallanca. 20% brand new paved, the rest is gravel. Some parts are in bad condition - narrow and slippery/muddy.

It depends on the weather. In good weather no problem for any vehicle. But challenging during rain because of the mud. I did it with a motorbike, not easy but possible.

Road information -9.89822, -76.41544

A drunken local came and said we have to buy a ticket to continue the track. We bought a ticket for the Ausangate circuit in Upis (20 Sol pp). We showed it to him, he said it's for another circuit(?!). After some discussion he grabbed the jacket of our friend and wanted money and tried to hit him with his rope. In the end he gave up and left.
On the whole circuit we had locals asking for money. They say it's for the community. When you show them the ticket you bought from the community they find other reasons or stories. They might tell you, camping is free and the next local passing by will charge you. One old lady threatened us with a lot of big guys at the next house and that she will throw stones at us.
In the end we sometimes payed, sometimes not. Always discuss the price! Ask for a ticket, although it's worth nothing when you meet the next local.
Try not to get in struggle with them if you want to camp close to that place that night!
People are poor here and it's totally ok to contribute to the community by buying a ticket. But the way the locals behave and treat you is sadly messing up the wonderful experience of the Ausangate circuit.
Talk to the communities about it. Try to explain to the locals. Hopefully they will find a way to handle this and treat foreigners more friendly while still getting money from them.

Tickets for Ausangate Circuit -13.81671, -71.27287

You can ask for water at the lodge. They have a waterfilter in the kitchen. If nobody is there you can get water from their well. But if the waterlevel in the well is low, it might be a bit tricky.

Uchullujilo -13.90201, -71.32561

Spot for 5 or 6 campervans. Panoramic view of the city of Ignatius. Presence of a garbage can, a picnic table and dry toilets. Slight road noise. Staying overnight seems allowed. no ban

Tower Hill Scenic Lookout Ignace 49.40417, -91.62706

There was a big group of cars & tents before the turn out to 302C in a large group spot. at least 3 established sites on 302C. good view of the southern sky for StarLink. quiet. Road had the typical potholes, not too bad until just past this spot. Super clean, really nice find.

FR-302 Dispersed Camping - Rabbit Ears Pass 40.37492, -106.66989

So quiet, great views of the Saint Lawrence. So many mosquitoes! Park office closes early in the "off" season. Be careful when choosing sites, we accidentally picked a 20amp, which worked but not great.

otherwise, it is beautiful, and yes I would come back.

Glengarry campground 45.14933, -74.46257

bruyant mais magnifique vue et accès sur la plage. seuls en ce mardi 5 septembre

Halte Routière Port-Cartier 49.69295, -67.16900

We stayed one night here. Too noisy for us. A lot of traffic (motorcycle during the night is very noisy). Safe and nice place though.

San Juan Del Sur – Malecon 11.25047, -85.87332

Beautiful spot in the inside of the horseshoe bend of the Arda river. Cross the bridge, pass the Vulture centre, keep left at the junction, after about 100 metres there is a dirt road that takes you all the way to the river. Marvellous views of the cliffs and the vultures. Very quiet.No facilities and internet signal weak.

On the horseshoe island in Arda river 41.65113, 25.87172

Excellent comedor run by a friendly lady. Really good food (eggs, bacon, beans, great tomato salsa) cooked over wood and served with proper coffee. worth a stop. May also be possible to camp if necessary - worth asking.

Comedor el eucalipto 16.39813, -95.76294

Camped here for 1 night on the way to California. It’s in a convenient location just off the freeway. Developed, flush toilets, no showers unfortunately, there are not water spigots for the regular campsites, there are water hookups for the rv sites. Paid $20/night for the regular campsite. Nice cool temperatures at night in early Sept.

Hualapai county park 35.09775, -113.88543

The road up is rough, but a fun drive if your vehicle has a bit of clearance. 4wd probably recommended but definitely doable with 2wd in dry conditions. When I got to the top there was a Honda Fit that somehow made it up there so it's clearly a matter of skill and courage. The views are incredible and a great spot to spend the night around Whitehorse.

cell-tower 60.65952, -134.88345

Amazing place especially at sunset! Really quiet and peaceful. Enjoy the stars at night 🤩

Lone Mesa Campground 38.64442, -109.81984

we asked inside and it was the usual. park at the far side where the pickup is located.

this place is not permanently closed

Walmart. Bradford 44.10920, -79.59878

Great spot for 2 or 3 small campers, vans and 4x4 overlanders. Nearby the lake.

Lakeside 56.81251, 16.41323

This is a beautiful hotel right on the beach… they also own land 3 minutes away, also ON THE BEACH where you can camp for free. Stop by the hotel first… to let them know you’re here. No charge for camping. You can eat at their restaurant, and use the bathroom during the day. They have WiFi too. They speak perfect English and Spanish.. you can text JC at +1 786-218-4367 - he’s an overlander based in the U.S.A., this is his and his mom’s place.

Bungalows Villa Del Mar -3.71966, -80.75531

7 large pull through parking spots and about 20 standard parking spaces. Stayed overnight while doing repairs. No potable water. Worked fine for one night. Lots of traffic at the dump station.
The lights at night are super bright. Would be a hard sleep without blackout curtains.

Camping World - Good Sam Members Only 47.66673, -117.14027

33 degres, and mosquitos when you go the other slide of the road, we go to à pusada, dona carmida, better and free too

Brumadinho -20.14209, -44.21269

Ok place to spend a quiet night. Friendly locals nobody cared, that we had pitched a tent. I wouldn't recommend to light a fire or shit right next to the parking - otherwise this place will probably be closed soon. Fishing is strictly prohibited. Please keep this place clean!

rybník Vožralý (pond called Drunk) 49.01223, 15.31608

Follow the service road along the coast. There are several spots between road and coast you may want to pull into. This one is tugged away from sight between wind battered pine trees and juniper brushes (G&T, anyone?). There is a small beach, the water is forever shallow. Armed with swimming shoes one needs to wade about 100 meters into the water before it even reaches knee depth (depending on how tall you are, of course). Other then the sound of the waves rolling in, the wind in the shrubs and the occasional seagull, there is absolut tranquility. Download you favorite streaming shows before you arrive. This is one of the few places left without any internet! Please be respectful towards nature, take out you trash and don’t poop into the bushes, so others may enjoy this place, too!

Petesvik 57.19394, 18.14975

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