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Landcruising Adventure

Another good parking lot. This time near the harbor, next to the only-for-pedestrians part of the old town. Lovely spot!

Paraty -23.22110, -44.71350
Landcruising Adventure

Spent a quiet night in the parking lot next to a bar/ restaurant which is only open during daytime. Beautiful view over the bay.

Trindade- wild camp -23.34347, -44.71235
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night in a parking lot, 20 mrs walking from beautiful bay and beach.

Toque Toque -23.81648, -45.53423
Landcruising Adventure

When you sleep in the car you don't have to pay extra for using the campground and its good facilities. Entrance fee: R$ 5 per person.

Price: R$5 pp

Salto Morano National Park -25.17752, -48.29703
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night on Praça William Michaud. Nice and quiet. Used the shower and toilet at Restaurant Guaricana, situated on the same Praça whichi is owned by the friendly Joãn Luiz and Gladys.

Guaraqueçaba -25.29785, -48.33047
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night in the parking lot of Pousada Lanjareias, on Rua Ermelino de Leão.

Pousada Laranjeiras -25.42945, -48.71122
Landcruising Adventure

Camped on the property of the friendly Dutch couple Gerrit and Menna, owners of Vitorius Restaurant. We could use their shower and toilet.

Vitorius Restaurant -24.79940, -49.95453
Landcruising Adventure

Follow the main road into the village until you can drive no further (only a path continues, to a waterfall). Camped in the street.

Lavras Novas- wild camp -20.47825, -43.51240
Landcruising Adventure

In the parking lot of the University, across Igreja Fransisco de Assis. You have to get permission at the Faculdade, situated on the premises, in order to park your car here. They didn't mind us sleeping in our car). Quiet place.

São João del Rei -21.13918, -44.26042
Landcruising Adventure

Approximately halfway between these two villages, on a remote path on the right side of the road. Top location for rough camping. Beautiful, remote area and stunning sunsets.

Between Luminárias and Carrancas -21.53395, -44.84432
Landcruising Adventure

Stayed in the center of the village, on the main square. No problem to spend the night there, although the local pub stays open until the early hours on Saturday.

São Thomé das Letras -21.72222, -44.98602
Landcruising Adventure

From Visconde de Mauá to Itamonte via off-roads is an awesome drive which we recommend. We spent the night on the property of a friendly farmer.

Northeast of Itamonte -22.23575, -44.83487
Landcruising Adventure

We camped in the village of Mauá, next to the church. Nothing special, but a quiet place.

Visconde de Mauá -22.33272, -44.54068
Landcruising Adventure

It only cost 1 reais per person, but then it is a worn down place, and not very clean. Simply because we couldn't find anything in the neighborhood did we spend one night here.

Price: R$1 pp

NP Guimarães, Camping Salgadiera -15.35610, -55.82880
Landcruising Adventure

On this route you'll find a sign saying Cachoeira Tres Barras, follow the track which meanders all the way down to a spectacular waterfall in a beautiful remote area. Perfect for rough camping.

Northeast of Do Cipó National Park, between Morro do Pilar and Conceicão do Mato Dentro -19.09992, -43.48730
Landcruising Adventure

On MG 01. Beautiful spot for rough camping, on top of a hill between low trees and bushes. Nice sunset.

Southwest of Do Cipó National Park, between Jaboticatubas and Almeida -19.47292, -43.78838
Vamos Viendo

Cabañas bien puestas y equipadas, tal vez un poco cerca una de la otra. Estacionamiento amplio, pero sin sombra.

Cabañas Pisco Elqui -30.12587, -70.49469
Landcruising Adventure

Beautiful spot alongside the river. Sanitary facilities are clean, but too much garbage lying around. 25 reais a night (2 persons + car) was too much money considering the facilities. But spotting a jaguar, blue macaws and an iguana made it definitely worth the money. Owner is Oscar.

Price: R$25 per couple + vehicle

Pousada / Camping Porto Jofre -17.36072, -56.76690
Landcruising Adventure

North side Pantanal: 28 kms beyond Poconé, towards Porto Cercado Rough camping near two ponds. Another beautiful spot is 1 km further down the road, next to the 'caiman bridge'. There we saw an even larger range of birds.

Two ponds wild camp -16.42363, -56.42217
Landcruising Adventure

Hostel Natura, situated outside the city and nearby the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. The owner Anwar speaks good English and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We slept in our car and paid R$10 (2 persons and car)

Price: R$10 per couple + vehicle

Hostel Natura -25.60492, -54.52457
Jose Perez

The last time I been to Playa Blanca was back in 2007, there used to been brick cabins and clean restrooms always clean. Unfortunately I don't know what happened to the campsite, I heard that the state governor that time sold the property without the owner's consent and was forced to closed down I been going to that property for 20 years till it was shut down.

South of Playa Blanca, San Felipe 31.06876, -114.85084
Landcruising Adventure

Beautiful, quiet rough camp on top of a hill.

East of Entre Rios -21.42011, -63.94228
Landcruising Adventure

A few kms north of the city, at a YPF petrol station. Quiet place, toilet and cold shower.

YPF Station -21.47357, -64.75833
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night at the lovely, friendly, clean Hotel El Torre (price around 70 *bolivianos* for double room). The first time we were in Tupiza, we parked in the same street and slept in the car. It was a quiet night and without any problems.

Price: Bs.70 per double room

Hotel El Torre -21.44565, -65.71862
Landcruising Adventure

About 70 kms northwest of Tupiza (towards Uyuni). Quiet place, friendly custodian of the mine who let us camp here.

Mina Candelaria -21.10172, -66.05282
Landcruising Adventure

20 kms northwest of Ihla Inca Huasi. Fantastic spot for rough camping. During the day maybe 2 or 3 tour-cars stop by but during the evening we had the place to ourselves.

Salar de Uyuni, Isla Pescado -20.14203, -67.81015
Landcruising Adventure

Village Colquesa. Beautiful place to spend the night. Walk up to the volcano or watch flamingos.

Salar de Uyuni, Volcano Tunupa -19.90130, -67.62500

De camino a UlanBataar en agosto de 2007 durante el MongolRally paramos la segunda noche a dormir es éste precioso y solitario lago.
No hay nada cerca y no sabemos si es o no seguro.
Nos bañamos antes del anochecer, cocinamos con nuestro campingaz y luego dormimos en la tienda.

Tolbo Lake 48.60465, 89.97786
Manuel Festoli (Manny Festo)

Nice friendly place when I stayed there. Clean suites with kitchens. Nice pool area. Off street gated parking. When I called they described their Hotel as a "residence hotel" for longer stays but, if you call and they have available suites, they will happily rent nightly. I would highly recommend this place.

Calle Agustin Olachea S/N, San Vicente, 23300 Todos Santos, B.C.S., Mexico

[email protected]

Phone # +52 612 145 0394

Santa Rosa Hotel 23.44204, -110.22377
Aux Memes

Owner at Camping Aux Mêmes.
We'd love to see you soon.

Camping Aux Mêmes 43.42655, 0.61359

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