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Taking a small narrow asfalt track down to a soccerfield you will find this spot by driving a bit to the right where the road ends.
The small track leaves the mainroad just abov this point.

Nice place along the river and under big bamboo trees. Flat and stony.

Along a river under bamboo 28.05029, 83.79698

Nice spot. We did not use the facilities so cannot tell but it was nice. You can park all around the Gas station. Would recommend to park behind the building as there are electricity plugs

YPF gas station -29.71437, -57.21662

Cracker Barrel off of the freeway. It's in a busy part of town, right next to the stadium. Was in town for a concert and called ahead and they said I could stay overnight. There was an RV here, but I would NOT park here if you aren't in a campervan. There is no designated RV spots and its very tight. WOULD recommend if you are in a van, I enjoyed this spot. Would NOT recommend if you're traveling any other way.

Cracker Barrel 33.53784, -112.26083

From the outside it looks closed but it isn't. Pool and restaurant are on site but while we were here they were not open. Nice friendly place with big pitches for 70dh.

Camping les Tamaris 31.68658, -4.95933

very nice landscape and beautiful star gasing. quiet and safe. we put our 4x4 behind the rocks so no visible from the road.
we dont know if it is allowed or not because the next morning, we showed a lot of forbidden signs :-( but we slept very well and nobody disturbed us.

Near Solitaire. -24.06693, 15.97998

I stayed here and hung out with Nacho. He’s a sweet guy trying to keep coco’s corner alive.
It’s free to stay overnight but for courtesy you should buy something or just give him some $.
Felt safe, then wind was a howling at times but no problem with me. Had a good night sleep.

Nuevo Coco's Corner 29.54903, -114.33967

They fill propane tank. Easy and quick.

U-haul rental 30.17295, -92.06885

We stayed here after Volcan Conchagua and before crossing the border. Adonay greeted us and was super friendly and let us stay on their property with a shower and bathroom. There’s also a little tienda.

Flower Nursery - Adonay law office 13.57811, -87.82039

Delicious ecuadorian food, and cheap ($3 menu)
we tried the menestra with meat and rice, another day we tried shrimps with a delicious sauce, rice, tomato and avocado.
every plate includes soup, spicy sauce, juice and little dessert. They invited us cheese with fig, a tipycal ecuadorian dessert.They also have burguers and fried potatoes.
The family running this place is very kind, loves to meet travelers and they are VW lovers.
Riquisima comida ecuatoriana, y barato($3 menu)
probamos menestra con carne y arroz, otro dia comimos langostinos con una salsa riquisima, con arroz, tomate y palta. Cada plato incluye sopa, salsa picante, jugo y pequeño postre. Nos convidaron higo con queso, un postre tipico de Ecuador. Tambien tienen hamburguesas y papas fritas.
La familia que maneja este lugar es muy amable, aman conocer viajeros y son fan de vw.

DELICIOS & CHEAP RESTAURANT -1.40048, -78.42800

Very nice place run by Yunuen (she also speaks English and German) with shisha, good music and good tortillas, and tacos.
Lokalated: at Guadalupe Victoria 61

La Shisha, Espacio Cultural 16.73705, -92.64325

Scouted this place, decided to move on because while it is a beyond gorgeous location, nestled as it is between natural bulwarks and outcrops, it is busy, and the ground bumpy, so that there were few possibilities for our 34’ motorhome. Also, a larger than comfortable for us percentage of those in residence appeared to be in economic distress.

Bet flooding occurs in a downpour.

Craggy Wash Camp 34.59354, -114.36132

great place to camp before you take the ferry. friendly staff, good bathrooms and a small kitchen / commun place. 5000 CLP

Doña Martina -41.96250, -72.46687

Very nice simple campsite in walking distance to village. Yes, you need to level your car but with ramps or stones no problem. Bathroom OK, 4.000 A$ per night and one campervan with two persons.

Pumamarca - Luna Garcia -23.73986, -65.50986

Wonderful guest house with welcoming staff and owners. It feels like you are staying in a family home. Swiss and Benin owners super helpful with local logistics. Nice clean rooms with Aircon and excellent food in the restaurant. Very secure neighborhood.

B&B Chez Rita 6.35398, 2.42251

Great place to stay. Very busy on a Sunday, cars parked everywhere but as soon as 6pm hit, everyone left and was very quiet. Felt safe as there were other overlanders.

playa uva 9.64313, -82.68704

Nous sommes venus la première fois, hier samedi (18/03/2023) vers 15h. C'était ok !

Mais, aujourd'hui (19.03.2023) la nouvelle fille/femme ici vers 11h15, a pris notre argent : 300 pesos cash, au début, mais n'a pas rempli notre réservoir de carburant. Nous n'avions aucun moyen de prouver que même notre affichage dynamique sur notre tableau de bord.
Ainsi, comme nous savons que tout ce que vous faites dans ce Monde vous revient, elle recevra quelque chose de mauvais comme un boomerang.

We came the first time, yesterday on saturday (03.18.2023) at around 3 PM. It was OK !

But, today (03.19.2023) the new girl/woman here at around 11.15 AM, has taken our money : 300 pesos cash, at first, but hasn't filled up our fuel tank. We had no way to prove that even our dynamic display on our dashboard.
So, as we know that everything you do in that World returns to you, she will receive something bad as a boomerang.

Gasolinera Pemex : Arnaque/Scam 29.90355, -112.67766

Few flat places. Road and train noise. Hard to get down to the water. Some car traffic and other people.

Shasta Lake 40.77022, -122.31247

Its a nice place but the showers are cold and the wifi at the reception is not working at all

Centro Vacacional la Trinidad 19.35950, -98.15239

Place to extend your passavant. We went there 2 days before the expiration date of our passavant and people who work there told us they couldn’t do it in advance… We told them we wanted to go to Varela and they said that won’t be a problem because there is no check point between the office and Varela. We came back 4 days after the expiration date and he gave us 15 extra days. Very friendly :)

Douanes - Get Passavant Here 12.40125, -16.19683

Everything as described. Nothing has changed.

In the middle nowhere 34.95198, -117.43944

Practical place because you can do sim card, grocery shopping, get diesel ... around the hotel. Regarding the rooms, really cheap for Lagos BUT really not clean ... the one we get was SO dirty that we decided to sleep inside the car on the parking lot (we paid the room). We were with other travelers who had better rooms so it depends - the staff is really friendly :)

YMCA Transient Hostel 6.44277, 3.41953

Great quiet spot in March, with thousands of migrating snow geese flying in at sunset. Looks like great hiking, but didn’t have time this trip to explore.

Pierce Creek campground 40.69564, -94.79194

Such a beautiful place! We pulled up and the main gate was closed but not locked so we pushed it open and drove up to the winery. Luis greeted us and showed us to the camping area. It’s a beautiful spot overlooking the vineyards at the valley (much prettier than Valle de Guadalupe in my opinion). Camping is free here but encouraged to buy a bottle of wine or two. They have 16 selections - can definitely recommend the Tempranillo. He is planning to open up to tastings soon and has just built new toilets. Super quiet and peaceful place to stop for the night

Vinos Dubacano 31.25381, -116.17682

Self service laundry directly in the street close to nice cafes and bars. 20 shekels for washing and I think 5 for drying.

Self service laundry 32.05716, 34.76814

Clean ablutions. Close to town (you can walk to town) traffic noisy. Safe camping with guarded gate 24/7

De Bakke Santos Campsite -34.17523, 22.13496

closed as for now

Terramar Restaurant 29.04500, -114.15333

signs on the road but nothing here.

Agriculture Control Stop 27.99158, -114.01297
Chantal Rainville

Nous n'avons pas le droit d'y dormir. J'ai eu une contravention de $100. Ils sont tannés des dommages et rebus que certains laissent. J'arpente les plages pour nettoyer et c'est moche des fois. J'ai discutés avec le policier ils m'ont remis des documents que je vous partage. We are not allowed to sleep there. I got a $100 ticket. They are fed up with the damage and scrap that some leave behind. I walk the beaches to clean up and it's ugly sometimes. I discussed with the policeman they gave me documents that I share with you.

Jupiter's Beach 26.90006, -80.05920

Crackers Barrel
Quiet parking lot. Slept well. 6 of us here tonight.

Cracker Barrel #603 29.02497, -82.15493

posto 24 horas, permite pernoite. banho e lanchonete funcionam 24 horas.

Posto Décio Uberlândia -18.95342, -48.29612

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