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Point next to the camping, we were here after the season, where the camping was closed. We roasted meat and enjoyed the river, which was great, warm, flowing water. 4G great of course.

Informal Camping -31.79393, -65.00999

Wonderful place with river access. Peaceful. Very nice view.

Riverside wild camp -36.30007, -70.36233

$25-This place has 8 sites with water, 30 amp and dump. Sites are on dirt but level and next to horses so a bit fragrant outside your RV but in a good area to see Santa Fe. It is gated with a code, FCFS, call and you’ll get the gate code. 505-316-5141. You drop you cash or check in a box. Use Paseo DE La Pueblos not Richards Rosd to get here. You can dry camp here too.

Santa Fe Rodeo Fairground 35.64119, -105.99793

Truck stop with water ( at Pump) banos regarderas and dump station. Big parking, Security guard very friendly

X stop travel center 21.62932, -101.06823

Before to Portezuelo. From the bridge you have to choose the right way. There are some houses. In the spot it's a destroyed house. you have to enter into the land and walk in the direction of the river. There are a lot of places that you can put the tent. Only with bikes or walking.

near to a river -28.46677, -65.64042

Lago Cabrerà is nice, but definitely not a highlight or mustsee. In the background you see Vulcano Hornopiren and Yate 🌋 You can also hike up to Volcano Hornopiren, there's a sign to the right, a bit before the lake. We didn't do it (it's about 1.000 m in altitude, so probably at least plus 2 hours one way). The trail to the lake is easy and boring (through forest). We started at the end of the ripio, it took us 1 hour 50 min. You can park at a house, they charge 2.000 Pesos. Even though we have a 4x4 we didn't drive further up and in the end we're glad we didn't. The road is so bad that you are faster by foot. And very narrow, not many possibilities to park and turn around. Also very tricky if another car is coming...

Trailhead Lago Cabrera / Vulcano Hornopiren -41.92159, -72.47198

Water works here today, and I was able to fill up water jugs. I was on the truck and trailer side.

Free threaded water spouts 33.02807, -111.77194

Great mechanic shop, Tito, the owner speaks perfect English. After 3 incredibly frustrating weeks of various mechanics not being able to fix a cylinder problem with my car. We were put in touch with Tito through a friend. This guy fixed my head gasket in a couple days and completely saved the day. I can’t praise this guy enough. He genuinely seems passionate about what he does. Thanks so much Tito!!!

Tito’s mechanic shop 24.14357, -110.32698

gaz station. we were there on Sunday. it was closed. the nearest one is in esperenza

Torres del Paine -51.05792, -71.80509

Surprisingly good buffet style restaurant next to the petrol station. Food is very good quality and a wide variety.
They bring you as much as you want from the barbecue meet which is different varieties as well. R$49/person
The drinks are expensive though - 11.90 for a 290ml bottle of Coke

They also offer sushi but it was not good - the fish was stale and the rice was clumpy and sticky.

Leitão Churrascaria Rodízio -7.88318, -34.90408

little minimarket but not sure about when it's open

El Gauchito -44.74580, -72.21335

Spend three nights here, quiet and safe place. At the weekend many people come to spend the day at the beach. There are public toilets and showers, I think they charge 1.5 soles per shower. It is recommended

Playa Punta de Bombon -17.19018, -71.79298

Hotel with AC rooms for 10k. Safe parking for bikes and cars! Promised us running hot water but you need to ask him to switch it on before each shower and it isn’t hot (though we had a kettle and could mix it in the bucket). Rooms are spacious, large bed and sheets seemed clean. Worked out to be the best option in town for us after checking the other places. Walkable to all the street food as well!

Hotel La Boussole -2.48121, 15.74907

Wanted 15k for a very dated small fan room with bucket shower. Told him I can pay 5k max for it but he said no. Found the RHB hotel next door for 10k with AC, running water and spacious / much cleaner rooms. Can’t recommend this one!

Hotel du Centre -2.48079, 15.74886

Very nice setting. If you need a change from street food it’s a good place to come for a burger (4k). Not the best ever but was nice enough for a change! But even if you want a nice space to do admin it’s a nice place to grab a coffee!

La Palette -4.25611, 15.27835

I didn’t want to make this a warning signal as that seemed dramatic but I did want to warn anyone else from going to this mechanic. Details below.

In a nutshell:
Roman overcharged us and claimed to to swap out a part which he did not actually swap out.

Full story:
Roman and his shop took my car in to fix a cylinder misfire I’d been dealing with. He did a diagnostic and concluded the cause was a faulty fuel injector that was missing a bearing and it would be 10,000mxp to fix it (overpriced). Out of desperation we agreed to his price. When we got the car back the issue continued after not even 10 minutes of driving. I tried to write with Roman and his tone seemed very dismissive and told me the issue was fixed and to keep driving and keep an eye on my fuel levels. Something about his tone didn’t sit right with me. A few hours into our journey home to LA my engine started skipping and the engine light started blinking on us. We found an honest local mechanic in Loreto who showed us that one of our fuel injectors had a missing bearing (pictured) but said that wasn’t the cause of the issue. The overall issue was my head gasket which was later fixed by another honest mechanic who charged me the same price that Roman charged us to *not* swap out ONE fuel injector. I tried to give Roman every benefit of the doubt. But I’ve now dealt with 8 different mechanics who have helped me resolve the issue and have a pretty good range of costs and ethics at this point. Long story short, Roman took full and complete advantage of us and didn’t even swap out the part he claimed to replace. Thanks Roman 🤬

DO NOT TRUST THIS SHOP - auto doctor 22.89127, -109.91851

No parking (not even for bikes) and certainly didn’t feel safe parking on the street. Cheapest room I was quoted was 45,000 so left right away.

Bliss Hotel -4.25687, 15.27780

Second time back to this area. Excellent spots, level, big rig friendly, roads were in good enough shape to maneuver, great views, etc.

Lots of trash compared to one year ago. Grab a trash bag and glove and pickup before you leave - this area is maintained by volunteers and located really close to neighborhoods. Let’s do our part to keep it available to nomads.

Charouleau Gap Trailhead 32.50692, -110.88687

water is lock with a pad lock ,probably for the cold time (mid March check -in).

Hurricane Valley Heritage Park 37.17598, -113.28993

You need to open water in black box (photo) behind to start tap. It's free, clean, safe water.

Water next to the lake -32.95704, -69.19583

$55 plus a deposit which gets returned. Clean and free showers. Cheap laundry facility that’s nice and takes quarters, but no change machine in site. However you can use an app to pay and activate machines. Basically a parking lot next to the overpass, but it works and your a short walk to Fremont street.

Main Street RV Park 36.17530, -115.14202

I Spent the night here, quiet and as of mid march empty I was the only one there, qe parked right next to the water, some spots have been closed down probably for how close to the water they are or flood risk, as today reservoir is not dried out its got plenty of water and a bunch of wildlife can be heard throughout the night and day. mostly level spots. and slow internet speed through Tmobile.

Prewitt Reservoir Boondocking 40.40993, -103.39106

Safe gated parking for motorbikes and cars. Cheapest economy room (no breakfast) costs 20,000. They only had rooms left for 45k but let us sleep there for 20,000. Clean linen, hot water (though sometimes brown), AC. Nice restaurant 100m down the road “Palette”. Worked very well for us 👍

Résidence Hoteliere Moungali -4.25677, 15.27786

Convento Francescano run by young guys extremely kind. They very happy to have guests and they offer food and drinks. They have also few rooms available, but I slept on my van. Toilet and shower with running water.
Really nice place, safe and quite.

Catholic Mission -10.70952, 14.97466

Plenty of parking behind this abandoned building. Many have partied here before as evidenced by copious beer bottles and broken glass. Not personally staying the night, as I just stopped by to check it out on my way back to town, but this is a very remote area with no “no” signs.

3 bars Verizon LTE.

Abandoned Building 32.93116, -110.74682

Perfect Stopover between Lanquin and Guatemala/Antigua.
It’s a nice Restaurant/Café with a big Playground for children’s. Also Horse Riding available. The food was good and fair prices. Delicious Cookies and Coffee.

Café La Granja 15.32460, -90.38122

The pizzeria la Tana serves neapolitan pizzas with first class quality. They use the best Italian ingredients and the prices are totally ok. By far the best pizza we have eaten in Argentina. SERVICE TOP! And outdoor seating available.

La Tana - best italian Pizza in Argentina -41.13587, -71.30825

We were going to stay here, however they wanted 500 pesos to camp in the parking lot in our truck camper. Or 700 for a room. Outrageous prices in my opinion.

Hotel Puerta Del Sol 16.09856, -93.76622

Stayed one night at the parking lot, a bit of wind protection (3 motorhomes huddled close together). Amazing view, especially at sunrise.

Hosteria El Pehoe parking -51.09417, -72.98393

Parking lot for Salto chico trail, 600 m, and also Mirador de Cuernos trail, 2,3 km. VERY windy, and almost NO wind protection. Not suitable for high rigs. And no overnight stay allowed, the trails close in the evening.

Salto chico trailhead -51.06473, -72.99689

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