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Same as Henriette. No power but rooms light from solar panels. 12.000 TSh/night.

Mwanga Guesthouse -6.93715, 33.52227

very nice owner, the price is now 300pp.

Jinka, Eyob Hotel and Camping 5.77765, 36.56641

Pasamos una noche al lado de la laguna. El lugar es muy limpio y bien entretenido, se nota que tiene que recibir turistas los fines de semana. Eso si hay varios perros que ladraron en la noche; sino la laguna muy linda, se puede dar la vuelta paseando.

San Isidro -17.40640, -65.89813

Veterinarian. I only bought food for my dog but I saw medication for pets too.

Vétérinaire 13.77865, -13.67997

Laundry. Zacharria is a young man very nice and honest. Our clothes were very clean and dry in few hours.

Diabycounda services 13.77863, -13.68001

Lovely English speaking vet. Very kind and professional. Received a health certificate for a land crossing for 525 Q highly recommend. Parking is difficult and easy walk from the town

Hospital veterinario zoo mazcota 14.74751, -91.15171

We parked our van here for the night after a visit to the Cueva de las Manos. Partially wind protected (but after a very windy day the night was almost without wind) by the hill. Perfect for a quiet night under beautiful stars. The Cuava closes at 7pm, so there wasn’t any traffic anymore, since this road is only used for the Cueva de las Manos. No cell reception with Claro, clean except for the little shed with some empty bottles (offers or waste? Not sure).

Next to cueva de los manos -47.20854, -70.70580

We hiked from our camp at Rio Sapo, as we read about this. Found trail following road from camp, turn right just as you come to river on road (500m from camp) mostly easy to follow until last couple hundred meters (overgrown some) but follow your instinct to this pin. There is a fork at this point and stay left, follow the sound of the inviting falls.
Once here we see a trail coming from above with handrails but no people.
Amazing pool for amazing swim.
Came back two days in a row and were all alone.

Waterfall 13.93832, -88.09036

Beautiful big rock arch. Good gravel road leading to the arch. Easy doable with 2wd. Huge space next to the arch to camp. No fence. No internet or phone signal at the arch.

Rainbow Arch 27.04973, 37.76552
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

We arrived at 19:45 on a Tuesday and there was a car doing donuts.. we left…

best place in Puerto natales -51.74244, -72.49382

visite du site sympathique. plusieurs petits musées (le planétarium était fermé). 5$ adulte, 2,5$ enfant -13 ans. possibilité de parking payant aussi mais nous sommes restés stationnés au parc pas loin, gratuit (sans problème).

Mitad del Mundo -0.00267, -78.45291

Paved parking lot across from Milledge Baptist Church. Parked here during the day on a Tuesday. Probably not a good spot on the weekend due to services. I think it would be okay for a stealth camper or van to park overnight (definitely a few cars that have been here a while). We are a 26.5ft Class C so we didn’t want to stay overnight. About a 10/15 minute walk to Five Points with lots of bar and restaurant options.

Milledge Ave Baptist Church 33.93231, -83.38374

We stopped here because the spot at the end of the road was too small for a rooftop tent. The place looks very rustic as everything is handmade from reclaimed material. We paid 8000 colones for two persons and our rig.

PS: the pizzas are made in a wood fired oven and taste amazing. They definitely deserve five stars.

Bar'coquebrado camping 9.89584, -85.58383

The road coming in has been redone and is perfectly driveable. However, there is a large house at the end of the road now. The spot might fit a small van but not much else. In the evening all the locals come here to fish.

Playa Barco Quebrado 9.89072, -85.59319

Amazing spot under the palm trees. The road coming in is very narrow and heavily rutted so we highly recommend walking the road first before deciding to drive down it.

Playa Matabuey (Lagarto) 10.12606, -85.79634

Very nice and quiet place with amazing view. We came for one night and stayed three. Enough space for our 20ft Van. Very friendly people, they will build new bathrooms next time. Donated 350 for all.

El Derrumbe Hospedaje 16.16856, -96.49809

very loud area but didn't have any problems, couple other people in the parking lot

Cracker Barrel 32.93339, -80.04826

We did not found this place. There are two gates, both closed with a sign saying ‚private property‘. No other sign, bell or anything…

Chicamocha Vibes 6.75327, -73.09600

Música a todo volumen junto a nosotros hasta las 6 de la mañana. ¿Por qué algunos chilenos son tan desconsiderados?
En realidad un lugar agradable sin ruido de la calle, pero un montón de basura.

Loud music next to us until 6:00am. Why are some Chileans so inconsiderate?
Actually a nice place without noise from the street, but very much garbage.

Bosque municipal -37.34488, -71.82721

Pulled up to a 2nd rig. Sign posted free camping for 3 days max. Great spot. Quiet. Next to a community center. 2/3 bars verizon

Rampy Park 33.25882, -103.31186

800 pesos 3 kg. Limpio, seco y doblado. Entregado a la 13h, recogido a las 20h. Muy buen servicio.

Lavanderia -23.57777, -65.39336

confirmed great spot for tents around here. wind protection as well

Riverbank -44.55687, -72.47292

good place to Stop fot lunch, vending machine , picnic area and bathrooms.

rest area 36.01133, -87.37801

Only complaint is that the parking spot on the river’s edge is fairly close to the one lane bridge over the river, and the trucks use compression brakes when they slow down to cross the bridge, even in the middle of the night. We parked under a huge tree, above the high water line, in a dark sandy area. 4x4 is helpful for about a 4 meter stretch to get up high above the high water line. Friendly Ticos were hanging out at sunset and one other group pitched a tent, late in the night. We felt very safe. Very shady and nice sound of the river (when not overpowered by the sound of the trucks). Lots of bird life and folks were fishing in the river as well

Rio Arenal 10.50143, -84.59477

very clean and easy to use. it only takes coins. owner came out and was very friendly, she speaks excellent English!

20 pesos for a garrafón.

Agua Alcalina de Cinco Filtros 19.68699, -101.17680

just in case this helps anyone else, to get back here from the centre you want the combi that says "Roja 3" on it! 3B also worked. 10 pesos per person

great place to sleep overnight. the military convention was just packing up when we arrived, we only stayed one night but it was a great, quiet sleep. dog park for our dogs to play in, and lots of locals walking their pets around the area. very vibrant and well utilized park!

Public parking lot Free 19.68370, -101.18171

Very nice location right next to the beautiful lake - nice for swimming, fishing. Simple but clean showers and toilets. About 3-4 places for tents and a lot more space for campers. 1800 ar.pesos for two people+1tent+1car. You can also rent kayaks at this place.

Guanaquitos -25.28444, -65.35724

Stayed the night gave the proprietor $50 pesos he was friendly. Two nice lab sized dogs. Made some salsa and gave a bit to the proprietor. Trees had lots of oranges but they were no really sweet tasting. Pretty quiet at nite. Would stay again.

Hotel El Galopeado 27.67145, -113.39804

nice central hotel. parking free at the public parking spot right next to the hotel
. just let the guard know that you stay in the hotel. price 900 pesos

Hotel Dolores Alba 20.96497, -89.61892

Super quiet while we were here.
This is the easiest spot to get to, we found the road to the other two spots was waaaay too steep. Would've burned a lot of gas trying to go uphill again. Just take a right further into town and you have a smooth ride going slowly down!

Wildcamp at the lake 0.19761, -78.21510

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