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Epic place. Such a cosy night by the fireplace and amazing hot showers. But most importantly really kind people.

Estancia Viamonte - Refuge for Cyclists -53.99367, -67.41444

wonderful place and restaurant at 200m to left from the beach.... i recommand it 🤩🤩🤩

Playa Organos 9.81591, -84.89466

Great place to stay. Other rigs present. No knocks on the door.... Low traffic. Bright lights so bring your window coverings. We travel with 3 huskies and there was space to walk them.

Home Depot Oakland Park 26.16712, -80.16413

it's not that easy to get the water because ther is no hose. tastes good, very warm. you need a funnel to fill in

water without hose 16.90162, 53.77017

Nice campsite. Not secluded, but convenient to both town and great hiking trails. Easy access in and out. Decent Verizon cell coverage as well. It was crowded in early March when I was here. It looked like there was a large equestrian group camped together, but I’m not sure if that’s normal for this time of year or not.

Picket Post Mountain 33.26893, -111.18696

Red lion charges $15 per 24 hours for parking. Accepts oversized rigs Location is an easy walk to the ferry terminal and downtown eateries. The parking lot is busy during the day, a plus for vehicle safety if you are taking the ferry to Victoria or??? At night the lot was quiet enough. Parking spaces are close to level. Stayed two nights. No issues. Pay at the hotel desk and they provide a pass to place in the vehicle.

Red lion hotel 48.11927, -123.42990

Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper van and was told that it was allowed. When we arrived at 7PM there were already over 8 vans, 2 RVs, and one SUV camper in the lot. Sooo this is a busy CB! It’s a pretty big lot that is level and has many RV spots as well for the larger rigs. Felt quiet and safe. Would stay again.

Cracker Barrel - Naples FL near I-75 26.15659, -81.68488

One quiet night here passing through. No signs and decent sized area. Was the only one all night no one even passed through while I was awake.

Coastal Trail Parking Lot 39.44279, -123.80688

Really nice place to stay while visiting Buenos Aires. We stayed 2 nights and 2 days there and no one bothered us. It is a really calm and quiet neighborhood with lots of places to park your camper. We chose this place over the others of the neighborhood because there was shadow from the tree so it was a bit cooler than the other spots.

Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires -34.61742, -58.36077

Qu’elle accueille chaleureuse merci à Peter, qui nous a aidé à réparer notre Van . Il m’as même ouvert son bureau car j’avais besoin de travailler avec une bonne connexion Wifi. Il nous a offert d’allez nous porter en ville pour visiter. Il y a possibilité de faire un feu et toutes les services fonctionne bien.
Un petit arrêt faut la peine ☀️☀️

El faro de Peter RV park 22.26950, -101.12364

Great spot. I was the only person most of the night, super nice and clean bathrooms. Visited by a local dog in the morning, big but friendly.

Rest area by Bear lake 41.85697, -111.36364

Conversando com o pessoal do posto, autorizaram que dormíssemos lá. Posto possui banheiros e água.

Posto Ipiranga -23.25565, -47.31250

Vraiment très Jolie et très tranquille. Directement au bout de la rue. Nous avons eu la chance de voir des chevreuils de l’autre côté de la rivière le matin. À quelques minutes d’un Blue Spring.
Mary & Dave (le petit Westfalia jaune)

Boat launch 29.85189, -82.61179

Perfect place coming from Puerto Rio tranquillo to spend a night sheltered from the rain and the wind.

Rio Abandoned House -46.21782, -72.80903

Juan, the owner, let us to take a shower into his shop. super nice guy. highly recommend. just on comercial time (Monday to Friday 6am to 5 pm).

Local comercial -21.12568, -56.49056

Traveling north, pull out left. There's an orange bridge that you can't cross with anything bigger than a car. Motorcycles and cyclist cross the bridge and will find space on the right side behind a fence. We parked our 2wd caravan before the bridge on the left side. Amazing view and sunset. No wind when we were here. River close by but water not recommended for drinking but okay for washing clothes etc. About 5meters next to the road and a bit noisy in the daytime. At night, it's okay. We've been camping in more busy places than that. (We're traveling with 3 kids under 6years, so sleep matters. trust us)
No trash or toilet leftovers.
Small fire place.
Keep this spot clean and have save travels.

orange bridge view -45.22521, -72.21887

Technically the park is closed, but the gate is open. About 6 inches of snow so you need 4 wheel drive. No water or toilets so you have to be self contained at this time of year. Pretty park. Met two locals who help clean up the park and left $5.00 in the fee collection pipe. Probably a very nice place in the summer

Williamson Park City of Shelby, MT 48.42441, -111.87457

Nice camp ground, 7.5usd for 2 w/ a car per night. Probably crowded and noisy during the weekend with local tourism.
At the park entry we paid 6usd pp, were not asked to take a guide, we did the hike alone.

Casa de Cristal 13.83356, -89.63193

her number +52 963 116 0374 if you dont wanna go through airbnb

El Jardín de Karmitha 16.24047, -92.15152

water was easy to access and had good pressure, but tastes a little funny

Murphy Express Gas Station 32.88802, -105.95933

gran lugar, buenos anfitriones.. zona de Camping limpia y linda, ojo campers o autos se dejan fuera de la zona de camping. Los baños y duchas impecables. Los salió 3000 pesos el camping por persona

Estancia La Angostura -48.63322, -70.64957

It's still there. A bit further down the road than you'd expect. Nobody around on a Tuesday afternoon. Cleaned up some litter and bottle caps and stayed the night...

Balneario Painima 3.56259, -75.14135

Very cozy state park. Water and dump are available by the bath house. Sites were very spacious and easy to get into. The State Park has a great display of a historical town from the 1900s.

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park 35.86558, -119.39208

Place as described, we had a quiet night. Maybe it depends on the day of the week but we saw/heard nobody all night.

Dominical beach parking Pazific 9.25169, -83.86469

Price - R250
How to Book - Can be done on website
Unique things - Sheep and chicken that run around
Ablutions - a bit run down, hot water works well, see photos
Better sites - Get the one that has a view, next to one of the guest rooms
Access - 1.4km of dirt, 8/10
Internet - WiFi at some of the campsites!

Bundu -28.22283, 27.07898

We stayed here on route to the border into Tanzania from Kivu Lake. A warm welcome, grassy spot in front of the workshops and next to the kitchen gardens. Cold showers but with powerful flow and clean, basic, compost toilets. 10000 Rfr pppn. WiFi at the restaurant.

Urugo Women's Opportunity Centre -1.92041, 30.49540
Wendy & Graham

Beautiful place. Quiet. Short 500m trail for some great bird sightings. 200 pesos each for entry and 1200 for the camper truck. Five swimming pools!!

Balneario Municipal -29.16126, -58.03359

I called ahead & confirmed it was ok to park overnight. She said it was fine, just that they weren't responsible if anything happened & to park in the back. Stayed with 3 other vehicles, no problems. Gets quiet after the gas station closes.

Walmart in Perry 30.10186, -83.58152

Great place to spend the night. Hot water for free, potable water is also available. Shower is expensive, but super clean (700 pesos for 5 minutes).

YPF - El Calafate -50.33162, -72.23061

Wonderful spot off 101 with beach access. This is a parking lot right down off the highway, great alternative to the other pull offs. A couple other RVs came late and left early. No T-Mobile coverage.

DeMartin beach picnic area 41.60352, -124.10058

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