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Venta de comestibles a granel , variedad de semillas , frutos secos, deshidratados, moliendas entre otras !

Almacén Algramo -34.28921, -57.23762

Parked our Landcruiser here during the day and had no issues. They do require you leave the keys there as they double park vehicles and will likely move your vehicle to let someone else out. Prices were $17-26 pesos per hour based on vehicle size. We parked for 5 hours and paid $130 pesos.

Oaxaca 17.05995, -96.72289

Walked around with our dog for a bit and had no issues. Not sure why the last review said not dog friendly.

Mercado 20 de Noviembre 17.05789, -96.72704

550 pesos Argentinos / 1kg de roupa.
ambiente limpo, organizando, pessoal amável e atencioso.
excelente custo/benefício

Laundry Club -50.33832, -72.25253

A definite must place to go if your vehicle needs servicing. It is a family business and the son, Mauricio, speaks decent English. We needed to change oil, have our breaks looked at, and have our general vehicle inspected after many kilometers on bad roads. And the prices were very fair for their work. Super friendly and they do their best to work around your travel schedule with quick work times.

Only thing is they prefer to be paid in cash and price their services respectively. So they super appreciate it when you show up with a stack of bills!

They have room for all size vehicles. 100% recommend.

El Dante -31.43499, -64.16911

Showers now $18. Myself and my partner where both able to use the facility for this price. Very clean and towels provided.

Pilot Travel Center Madera 37.01869, -120.13309

This purified water shop is owned by Sabodi. Very kind and honest, very very very cheap water. Super interested in travellers, and dream to go to Ireland visit one day so Irish travellers he will love you.

We found the place on googlemaps and showed up. It looked closed but we asked and neighbors told us to knock, Sabodi was in his house just next door. He came out and nicely opened the water house to refill our jerrycans. It was already night and we had no plan for the night so he even offered us to sleep in front of his house. We would never have asked but the offer was so nice we accepted.

Highly recommended !

Purified Water Quench Ur Thirst 17.51421, -88.20127

Nice little wooden ferry and a pretty place at the river, too. A Lot of moskitos though. Expect to wait a bit, before you can cross to the other side. There are also dolphins and caimans in the river, so you have something to watch while waiting.

Rio Yucama -14.11643, -66.78070

Great spot. Easy pull in. Just filled up with water 👍

Dump Station and Potable Water 35.82830, -106.21076

Passamos 2noites bem tranquilas. Era durante semana, praia linda, quase deserta Enfrente ao Beach Tênis, com gramado super bem cuidado pelo jardineiro, que nos cedeu água. Internet boa da vivo e claro.

Beach Tennis Cotovelo -5.94771, -35.15349

closed at 3pm, just in the moment we arrived, what a pittoresken, it looks amazing

Puebla Fantasma 21.02724, -100.79070

huge, clean area, a lot of cars around, we do not feel very good, so we went to palador

Soccer field 21.15137, -100.94547

huge, amazing area, lots of space, nice views, some Level, some mex came around asked for cigarrets or beer, leave when we dont gave them anything, some bikes passed, quite at night, perfect place to sleep

Near Parador Turistica 21.15719, -100.97349

Middle of nowhere is right! We drove north along the coast from Todos Santos, in our 170” 4x4 sprinter! Ride was fine, probably doable in 2wd with high clea jo rance, but in our opinion it is not big rig friendly, small towable but that would be our limit, that’s our .02 cents. We came across s lot of deep ruts other then that it was a nice ride. We made it to lighthouse just as sunset was going down! It was beautiful! Although in the excitement to catch the fading sunset (which was amazing) we rushed up dune and got stuck! Lol, deep soft sand with heavy rig! we aired down, shoveled a little and got out! We settled in to enjoy the night to head further north the following day!
Met the only local , Jesus who lives just down the road from lighthouse. What a friendly nice man, we gave him some cerveza’s just to make his evening more enjoyable, he then came down for a chat and headed off home after a nice conversation.

Faro- Middle of Nowhere 23.75713, -110.66883

A lovely place indeed! Short walk to the beach, and still far away enough to not stumble over party people :) owner is super helpful and friendly.

Escondido 15.83289, -97.04350

Awesome spot! Very quiet and lots of dispersed camping. When the road has been graded there’s a berm but just have to find the entry spot - it’s only small anyways. Highly recommend.

S Ave 52½ East, east of Yuma AZ 32.73722, -113.73944

Traditional Teahouse and restaurant. The space is an old bathhouse converted to a cafe teahouse and restaurant. Decent food and good vibe with hooka cafe food and tea.

Recommended if strolling the bazaar and feeling like food or chill time.

Vakil Teahouse and Restaurant 30.29090, 57.08091

the new name of this place is Muya and the host Juan Jose is very friendly, helpfull and can give lots of information. His small hostel is really nice and super clean. We stayed outside in our camper and could use the toiletts and a super warm shower.
The teleferico works, but Kuelap is closed since last years earth crake. It will open again April 23.
highly recommended

Muya Kuelap -6.37505, -77.90981

Looks like a nice place, very quiet.

When I was there they were closed for renovations. Guard didn't want to let me stay on the parkingot either because they didn't have security in the evening.

Dumela Lodge -21.13200, 27.51359

Reasonably clean shower for the price of a $3 day pass.

Cora Harper Community Center 34.88899, -117.02253

This location will only fill propane tanks before 6 PM.

Tractor Supply Co 34.88924, -117.06557

This location will fill propane tanks until 10 PM.

Flying J 34.85429, -117.08114

Great place and good people. No free wifi though. Hotel wifi now requires password

fantasy springs casino truck and rv lot 33.72428, -116.19494

Restaurant and some rooms directly on the lake. Locals around but ok and music stops at 9pm after very quiet maybe different on weekends. We could stay on a flat grassy area directly on the lake it’s nice view.
Toilets are not very clean, shower we don’t use.
Downsizing was the price the manager ask for RWF 50‘000! We offered RWF 20‘000 no more, at least he accepted. Restaurant have very good fish for reasonable price.

Eden Garden -1.73291, 29.27056

The trail is not for car’s since bridge was washed away and was replaced by a footpath bridge no way for a car!!!

Congo Nile Trail -1.79113, 29.29660

friendly staff, clean toiletts but unfortunately no water (drought !) for the toilett unless by bucket. ordered vegetarian food at the restaurant which was nice and very very reasonably priced. they brought it to our place. Camping fee is 20$ for 2 and you can pay in TSh (best) or $ or we even paid with Kenyan Shillings. IMPORTANT for bigger campers: the entrance to the camping area (small dirtroad between offices and nice garden) is very narrow. our Landcruiser-Camper which is 2.10 over all could just make it after retracting the mirrors. otherwise for big rig it would be possible to stay on the parking, still inside the camp but not on green. due to a widely spread drought, the camp was completely dry, no greens remaining but will recover with rains. the nearby road is causing noise but acceptable for one or two nights. overall a good option near Arusha.

Meserani Oasis Lodge & Campground -3.40574, 36.50958

Posto com estacionamento amplo, wi-fi bom e funciona dentro do motorhome. Chuveiros masculino e feminino gratuitos e sem limite de tempo.

Station with ample parking, good wi-fi and it works inside the motorhome. Free male and female showers with no time limit.

Gas Station with Restaurant -24.95927, -51.57967

An emotional, thought provoking and insightful experience.

Kigali Genocide Memorial -1.93106, 30.05952

Best place to get your Dakouin. Might be a bit more expensive than street cantines, but it still seems honest.
Fresh beer, good food. Enjoy.

Chez Paterne 6.27744, 1.80444

Thanks to iO we arrived here before darkness. It‘s a quiet and safe place.

Off RN1 south of Oruru. Sora village -18.10518, -67.00465

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