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I wasn't able to find this place.

Tonala Church 15.65984, -93.15514
Se Joga No Mundo

This place is permanently closed.

Parking - Parque Arauco Mall -33.40471, -70.58075

This place is permanently closed.

Access Road for Fisherman’s Hut -3.99931, -80.99232

This place must be on the main road and not the beach

Access Road for Fisherman’s Hut -3.99931, -80.99232

Simple lodging. AC, secure parking. Easy checkin kind staff. Perfect for a stopover. I paid 3000 pesos/night.

Hotel Parador Ruta Natcional 81 -23.90608, -61.83793

Great selection of things you need and things you don’t. Good food next door. Cleanest and nice set bathrooms you’ll have on your travels

Stan's 38.37028, -110.70408

This place is permanently closed.

Top Life -20.22244, -40.25789

This place is permanently closed.

Phakamisa George Auto & Truck -33.92687, 25.60490

Great little hut. exactly as described in the previous comments

Refugio Ruta 9 -52.60487, -71.16095

Got here right as the sun was setting. Nice vault toilets. I see a campfire down the trail. Looks like campers in there but not bothering me. Some road noise but betting it gets quiet soon. GPS took me right to here

Woodlands Trailhead 30.67954, -94.69948

Lovely oasis! Tucked in with the palm trees, benches, grass, flowers, very clean toilets, short walk to town. $200 pesos for a night in our skoolie.

Paraiso Misional 27.28596, -112.89887

Small shed/waiting area on side of the road. bit cramped but sheltered spot for a small tent. I came alone on a bike and tent.. a 2 person tent can fit in

Road side camp -43.19257, -71.59629

Next to the road a small shed waiting area. A 2 person tent can fit in , bit cramped spot. I came on a bike and could not find any campsite available neat by. okay to spend one night.

Road side camp -43.19255, -71.59629

I wasn't able to find this place.

Lavanderia MR Clean 20.86246, -90.39743

Yes you are on highway 1. But, great food and service. Good stop for a night.

Mulege Brewing Company 26.87169, -111.93480
Bike Hostel

The Bike hostel is since december 2022 run by two new owners. Pily and Laura completely redone the place. All new decoration, huge place for store bikes, sky gear, etc. Beautifull garden with tipical ¨parrilla¨argentina. Complete kitchen and big commons areas. Also fireplace to relax and chill. Rooms with confortables beds, matresses , personal table and lights in each bed! Spacius and very clean bathrooms with hot showers. Everybody is welcome with or without bikes!

Bike Hostel -40.15423, -71.34147

Local tranquilo bem iluminado muito seguro , banheiros só ficam abertos durante o dia

Observatório Ambiental parking lot -23.80643, -45.39858

beach in the lake. very good localitation

Orilla correntoso -40.73960, -71.66910

The Beach is not really accessible anymore due to the amount of trash. Its by far the dirtiest beach i've ever seen, its comparable to some countryside trash-fields in india.

You can park your vehicle on the road to the beach for the night, its quiet all day and night but not nice at all to stay any longer.

Koh Kong Beach 11.58174, 102.97423

Quiet at night, nice view to the sea and sunset and a chilling breeze at night.
Near to the crab market where you can eat seafood - but not too near to be annoying :)

Not the beautiest nature spot, but due to the massive invests and construction sites for casinos, and hotels nature spots became hard to find here.
The place is artificial and not yet shown on google maps. It might become a new beach - or a private promenade for a casino, who knows..?

Windy Sea View 10.48860, 104.28679

Third Incarnation of the Otres beach since the others are gone for casinos.

Many locals enjoy the weekends here, bathing and karaoke on their mobile soundsystem.
Beautiful, cleanish beach, nice atmosphere and clean Water.
There might be streetfood available here too as it is at the weekend

Otres Beach 3 10.55466, 103.56199

This Restaurant offers public Toilet and Showers

Showers in Restaurant 11.61715, 102.98430

Clean, white artificial Palm-Beach with many restaurants, big hotels, casinos and tourists.

Currently the city area itself is a giant construction site.

Otres Beach 11.61713, 102.98431

Definitely the best place in Tanzania that if been staying since I entered from Malawi.
25000tsn for a room. Nice breakfast with chipati, cassava, eggs, bananas, pineapple and tea included.
In the evening I had dinner at the restaurant (rice with vegetables) for 3000tsn. Other options are available but price can vary.
Room was clean, mosquito net without holes and shower was warm enough for me (hot did not work, or I did not get it working, but still warm enough).
Staff very friendly and most of them spoke good English.
Would come here again.

Igawa Hotel -8.76685, 34.37707

delicious food. great breakfast and coffee. half an hour from Platjan border post.

Delicious -22.67995, 29.10608

Water fill on drinking water station. Center pipe has good pressure. Helpfully is drill pump!

Petrol station / Mosque 26.01157, 40.47122

Nice spot near the border to Bulgaria.
Flat place.
Good for fishing
At a small chapel there is water available

Place at a lake 43.80859, 22.23058

There is no water anymore or maybe only today not, but anyway - we could not take water.

At the mosque 20.51104, 45.60516

In the whole area we couldn’t find a fuel station where it is possible to pay with credit card at all.

Only at this one. There is even a car wash for trucks!

Aldrees 20.45240, 45.54846

excelente predisposición de Walter y su familia..
estuvimos con nuestra kombi @la.puriy y nos ayudó con todo lo que necesitamos

Refugio Kombinauta, for VW fans and all travelers! -32.85234, -68.70535

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