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Wendy & Graham

No questions asked. 'Sin factura', the price was 5 bolivianos per liter. We filled up with 100 liters.

Gasolineria -18.59379, -66.92380

I arrived at 11am and was able to get into a room early with my bicycle. everything you need including hot showers and a generator during loadshedding. the WiFi didn't work very well in the room but was good in to the restaurant.I tried to book another night but they were fully booked. probably best to phone ahead. 430r for 1 person in private room with bicycle

Namaqua Lodge -31.60978, 18.73587

Tent camping or camping in my vehicle is what I'm looking for. Just someplace away from traffic. Running water is always nice ; simple camp/eat/sleep and get and go! I have a kia soul that I've made into a little camper.

Stephen 44.05051, -123.09505

Nice place to sleep. You hear the waterstream from the turquise river. Sometimes a car goes over the bridge but this is maybe 1x in an hour. We are fishing now. No luck yet but i am sitting very comfy on a tree that is laying in the water. Watch out you dont throw your lines over the bridge wires (i did haha oops) . You can drink the riverwater and have a cold swim

Under the orange bridge -43.81050, -72.35482

nice restaurant after 4 km of Pisa on the right side of the Cusco road , good BBQ , chef and staff very friendly. I recommended

restaurant bar Nusta Restobar -13.43148, -71.87392

We found the place, it’s on the main street loon at the pictures to find de building. Not open on sunday

Purificadora El Mezquite 24.07102, -109.99228
Blake king

Crossed successfully USA to Mexico. Checked our drawers and a quick search under our mattress (sprinter van) but then directed us inside for FMM. They said no cards, and paid $80 US cash for 2 people.

Mexicali East 32.66982, -115.38867

Big Campground with small place for Caravans. The Campingsite has sewn better days, but the owner is very friendly and speaks near perfect english.
At the time of our visit, the pool had green murky water in it, and the toilets and shower were in a sorry state.
The site has an adjoining Restaurant and Zoo (?) which look to be perfect shape.

You can find the Campsite in Google Maps: "Camp el hasen"

Camping Al Hassan 34.40940, 8.75071

Great spot. Easy to pull in and level. Was busy with semi traffic most of the night though.

Large pull out 38.43900, -102.51386

Great spot for a few nights, or longer even, access to River, great for biking around and the price for full hookups, can’t be beat. The showers are beautiful also. Would definitely recommend this place, enjoyed our stay.

Myron B Hodge City Park 30.05104, -84.49831

Here they do oil changes and filers on all makes of vehicles and vans. They also wash your engine and car. We paid 325 Soles for gearbox oil, engine oil, fuel filter, air filter and oil filter as well as a car wash. Service was good and we could check the work.

Lubricentro El Sol Oil change,filters and car wash -12.01217, -77.08897

We were able to get our 20 lb propane tank for our truck camper filled here.

Gaspasa 25.12689, -111.71711

Big dirt lot with super fine powdery sand. Dead grassy area for dogs to do their business. Slept like babies.

Pemex Oxo 26.57946, -104.04931

Water tap in front of the visitor center, to be used with a hose

Visitor Center 39.32112, -78.07143

Nice river in a canyon for camping. Came on a Sunday with lots of locals enjoying the river, but nothing too crazy. The dirt road down has some low hanging branches but nothing too bad for our 10.5ft tall, 24ft long motorhome. Take the first dirt road after the restaurant. Pay 40 pesos at the village to enter the area. Banos, grills and trash cans provided (though nobody seems to use the basura which is a shame) spent the first 15 minutes cleaning up our camp area before we enjoyed the cool river.

Also: there is a family of stray dogs in the area, a mama and papa and 3 little pups. They are very friendly but mama is protective of the pups (rightly so). Feed them what you can, I think they live off of scraps from the weekend visitors. Our dogs got along with them fine.

Rio Nazas 25.27825, -103.76088

we do like to come here sometimes, now we just spent 2 nights here and this morning found a paper with a threat on our windshield... ”tonight these windows go out, move out !” nothing official but a post-it... jealousy ? real threat ? we don't know but not taking chance of course...

Near Visitor Center 33.85771, -116.55920

A Great 4x4 & custom fab welding workshop, sale and repair of parts and suspensions.
They can park their car and spend the night or a couple of days in the workshop.

4 Wheel Garage 24.06805, -110.30444

We showed them bananas and apples in our lunchbag...had therefore not to open our van. Passed smoothly.

Fruit Control 16.30247, -89.41637

Great quiet spot along the Natchez Trace Trail. A few picnic tables, with bbq pits & garbage … perfect for a night

Traffic was only a handful of cars after dark

Turpin Creek-Natchez Trace 31.64364, -91.21373

2800 pesos p.p.
cozinha espaçosa, área comum com Internet e aquecido. Banheiros organizados mas não muito limpos.
pelo valor por pessoa deveria ser mais limpo.

Camping El Relincho -49.32589, -72.89008

Good hotel. Safe parking, rooms are clean and spacious. With AC, hot shower, average WiFi. They have a restaurant and serve a simple breakfast. Close to the beach. We payed 250 cedi for a double room.

El-Kwaba Hotel 4.93280, -2.34137

Popped by here for the shower. They have them roped off and instead have a mobile washroom station with just toilets. Maybe damage from a storm that they need to fix up. Nice park regardless

Free shower and park 29.36377, -94.76049

tem uma torneira próximo as flores, mesma rua da prefeitura (there is a tap on the sode of Hall street)

Igreja de Santo Antônio (Santo Antonio's Church) -6.18726, -35.09130

The owner rised the price. Now he demand 100,000 guinea francs if you want to pich your tent. I refused to pay that scam. There was no water, there is a bar in the museum area with noisy music, no place to charge your phone.
I offered to pay 30,000 francs as other people did but he refused. So I took my tent and placed just outside the museum. Beside an agricole bank, for free.

Boké Museum 10.93344, -14.29564

In the middle of the Town. Quiet and safe. Security cameras and the police said it's was ok to stay. Free. Some playground for kids and good green area. Some shops around the plaza . Free wi-fi.

tilaran central plaza 10.47033, -84.96755
El tip viajero- rv park Lima Perú

Cold showers in the mens bathroom, free nd clean

Grifo repsol san luis -9.14605, -78.51133

Good place to get water on a wide street that is easy to pull up parallel to the building and it is a quiet street.

Purificadoras San Rafael 24.00252, -104.66437

To add to what's stated below: this is an amazing natural park. It's not just dinosaur footprints, it has huge rock formations, the biggest cave in Bolivia and a 8 huge canyons.

Yes, you need to hire a guide (and transport if you want). These are all local people, so the money goes to the local communities and protection of the area. For a guide and transport we paid about 130 bol p.p. with 6, this was a full day. very reasonable if you ask me. As stated below, easy to find fellow travelers to share the costs at the guides office between 7.30 and 8.30

The road to the park is 80% finished and thus most of it is a very good and scenic tarmac road. So yes, it's a detour, but we thought its absolutely worth it!

N.P Torotoro -18.13706, -65.76454

Nice sand beach along the warm lake. You can rent a chilling spot with shade or just put your towel and enjoy the breeze. You can also have lunch (in summer) at the “Cantina” or have a drink at the little bar.

Playa Pirayu -27.22795, -56.13975

I was told that they don't have gasoline at the moment. Not sure if it's true. Have a german license plate.

Tambo Quemado -18.27510, -68.99934

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