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easy to get to with 2WD, turn right off the highway then left when you get past the cattle guard and it’ll be just down the road on your right. nice spot for one rig any size, spotty connection, just about 15 minutes from grand canyon west. amazing skies on a clear day, could hear the coyotes in the distance.

Roadside 35.88100, -113.96985

Its a bit further on towards the park. Dooable in a Big Rig (12T).

But if you have doubts, take alternative route: follow detour sign at Tower of Pizza (turn right).

closed bridge -28.68297, 28.97701

Need to get eVisa on SNEDAI website, then bring the paper to the embassy to get stamped. No in person application here.

Cote D'Ivoire Embassy 14.69837, -17.45879

Lodging for up to 15 people, TV, internet, hot water, restaurant, parking, camping area, tourist experiences, interpretative trails.

Alojamiento hasta para 15 personas, TV, internet, agua caliente, restaurante, parqueadero, zona de camping, experiencias agricolas, senderos Interpretativos.

Posada Agroturistica Guadalupe 5.65609, -73.81095

Quiet, except for a few idling semitrucks. Bright, flat, nice view of Duluth from the south edge of the lot.

Thompson Hill Information Center (rest stop) 46.72531, -92.21918

This place is permanently closed.

Otres- Beach Road 10.56498, 103.55576

This place is permanently closed.

Otres- Beach Road 10.56498, 103.55576

This place is permanently closed.

Otres Beach 10.56794, 103.55391

This place is permanently closed.

Otres Beach - Sihanoukville 10.56958, 103.55450

Free showers and toilets in the restaurant

Showers in Restaurant 10.56817, 103.55377

since new ferry terminal is open this place is no longer relevant

Paperwork for Vehicle Shipping to Soyo -5.55231, 12.19416

This is located in the right side of the street as you are heading to Mulege.

For anything bigger than a car, park at the Mercado (store) across the street - it can handle big rigs (including longer ones).

Lonchería Bonfil 27.30201, -112.89505

We called this number and got the lavanderia +56997873298.
Laundry was done the same day

Lavandería Cote -46.62838, -72.67035

This place is permanently closed.

Bulldog Canyon OHV 33.47470, -111.53856

Side road parking with crazy view !
I sleep there

Inch Beach 52.14026, -10.01109

Lugar isolado, mas parece tranquilo, ficarei aqui e veremos amanhã. Não há ponto de eletricidade, apenas o poste com caixa e fios desligados.

Ladeira do paredão -24.51486, -50.40841

This place is permanently closed.

Bodega Aurrera - Monte Albán 17.07699, -96.75933

All new toilets and showers. Place still great value. Quiet on this Tuesday. Beautiful to relax and chill. Can hear the fish eagles.

Fish Eagle Camp -33.44921, 18.95545

Posto com ótimo atendimento e produtos de boa qualidade. Preço dentro do mercado em que o brasileiro está acostumado. Lugar agradável e limpo.

Auto Posto Serramar -27.70838, -48.80223

This hotel moved to a new place as if sept2022. These are the new coordinates: 4.668579, -74.11793

Hotel boutique Mendoza (moto friendly) 4.66859, -74.11788

Nice state facility with scattered camping spots (on the gravel only). Each spot has a covered table and fire ring. There is a centrally located pit toilet. Apparently this must be a party spot for kids. There are a lot of beer cans littered throughout and trash. Looks like they put up a new cell tower nearby. 3 bars ATT. Perfect stop for the day when I was headed back east.

Crowley State Fishing Lake (Free) 37.09976, -96.80521

Verbe caravan park kamieskroon Kitchen is available for preparing a limited menu. chicken or fish are the proteins.
vegetarian dish could be supplied. Fries are optional. pre orders are gladly accepted for the times when the day and the sights are so many and arriving late is the time constraint to prepare a delicious meal.

Camping Verbe -30.21343, 17.93082

Went there for a clutch replacement on a 790 adventure R. Fair price and very helpful.

Omar Echout 30.41278, -9.55575

The fee is $25 per night for hook-up campsite. However, you have to pay an $8 "reservation fee" even if you didn't make a reservations. They also add in taxes - so it is around $35 per night, considering the run down facilities (very bad road), not a "cheap site" at all.

LeFluer’s Bluff State Park 32.32868, -90.14357
Blue Sky Adventures

Stayed one night. Majority of spots were occupied by 5 pm. One person was running a generator otherwise was quite and not too buggy.

Rood Creek Park (free camping) 32.02592, -85.03516

I am From the Union Bay Community Club and the primary person who greats travellers stopping at the boat launch. Reading Bart Sampson comments of 2022-10-18 I was very disappointed with his experience. During that time I was myself travelling the western US and another member of the club was filling in for me. I will make enquiries about who this was.

About our policy on toilet facilities required on units stopping over night. During the pandemic there was no portable toilet available due to provincial health regulations. What we discovered was some travellers were using the walking trail near by as an open toilet. As well there were several people emptying makeshift toilets into the shoreline. At that point we added to our guidelines that persons stopping overnight need to have a proper toilet onboard.
The person you dealt with should have dealt with this in a more delicate manner and I sincerely apologize for their insensitivity.

When we politely ask someone without an onboard toilet we point out several nearby places. One at a provincial rest stop 3km south of Union Bay. Another area is again south of Union Bay is opposite the Buckley Bay Ferry between highways 19 & 19A. As for the Cook Creek site. I for one am very careful about recommending that area and am very specific about what area is safe up there. You should have been told the correct route. When you turn west up to the T to the right is an unhoused encampment that many people have had similar experiences as you. To the left is the crown land and forestry road you should have been directed to.

In closing I apologize for you and your partner being put in danger and the indelicate manner you were greeted. I will pass your comments on to the club president and members as a teachable moment.


Union bay boat ramp 49.57835, -124.88376

I wasn't able to find this place.

Castelo Das Dunas Camping and Motorhome -3.43181, -39.01106

Nice place To stay one night full hook up for $25/night
when we was in place we having bad odor
lot of wind

Clines Corners RV Park & Travel Center 35.01129, -105.66764

Can’t believe this is my first time camping at an RV park. Lots of trailers and rows and rows of them. This is a loud place for a pop up camper. One bathroom location with showers/sinks. Hook ups available. Made my reservations by phone (be sure to call 8am-5pm) and they are excellent at communication here. Checked in late and a message was left for me about where to park.

Shamrock RV Park 39.56872, -119.82314

Nice sheltered place within metres of the road. No passing traffic once the last ferry departs. Some fire pits and driftwood nearby. Water from river for cooking. Decent spot to break your journey.

Rio Bravo -48.00824, -73.10158

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