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A great place for overnight close to the NP of White Sands. Many RV are here. Safe and quiet

Holloman Lake 32.80730, -106.12241

Awesome new camp site's with private bathrooms and small kitchen

Opuwo - Opuwo Country Lodge -18.04680, 13.83393

Parking lot in front of beach. we got water and power. we stay 3 days. quiet,safe and ship.

Praia do niquin -9.83800, -35.88892

Parking lot close to the beach, quiet and safe. we stay for 3 days and pay 75.00 including power and water.

Estacionamento defronte a praia com luz e água (não tem descarte) pagamos 75 reais pelo estacionamento por 3 dias. Quieto e seguro. Gramado necessita limpeza. se não tiver banheiro ,Eles tem serviço de ducha e banheiro. excelente para grandes equipamentos.

Praia do niquin -9.83788, -35.88896

Very nice spot right across from the Wildlife Refuge. Look for the old windmill. Good level and quiet spots with only a few other vans and trailers.

Cibola Nat. Wildlife Refuge 33.36379, -114.66611

Great place to stop when the sun is down it’s generally quiet but you can definitely hear the traffic from I-8 but that doesn’t bother me. Some pioneer historical stuff right nearby.

I8 rest stop 32.75736, -116.48419

The Secret Buddha is a sanctuary for travellers in Medellin – it is nestled in Medellin’s southern suburbs where travellers can both enjoy the tranquillity of the Buddha while experiencing the authentic local suburbs and culture.

The Buddha is inspired by ‘organic architecture’ – an expression of nature’s interconnectedness and supremacy over the built-world. Each room is a labyrinth of artisanal finishes and artistic treasures.

We offer Shiatsu massage therapies, personalised home-cooked meals and yoga and meditation areas.

The rest of Medellin is easily accessible – 20 minutes by car/Uber to the city centre or alternatively a 7 minute bus ride to the local metro station.

The owner (Mariano) is a traveling chef and Mezcal expert who established the Secret Buddha 15 years ago as an expression of his life and the philosophies which have guided him.

The Secret Buddha 6.13705, -75.63522

20$ / night direct at the river and the trailhrad for the Corona Arch with is brilliant and about 1,5hrs hike for the loop

Gold Bar 38.57457, -109.63353
Anne Heathcote

Friendly (and clean!) Walmart. Don’t really care where you park (I asked). Highway noise pretty consistently thru the night but the lot itself was low key especially for a Saturday night.

Walmart 35.40957, -99.37824

spent 1 night here . very scenic, line of trees offer some privacy from the road. very quiet at night with almost no traffic

Picknick area with nice view 30.62761, -104.01160

A paid (100 Pesos/$5 USD) public parking spot across from WiFi node with a passcode available on WiFi Map app. Must leave by 5pm. It can also receive a full day of sun if you have solar.

Public Parking Lot 21.16428, -105.22408

Parfait pour visiter Lima quelques jours.
L’endroit est calme, la vue dingue! Les quartiers aux alentours sont charmants et très sympa à visiter: resto, boulangerie, bars… on recommande à 200% !

Barranco ocean view -12.14303, -77.02489

Endroit idéal pour visiter la ville. C’est calme, safe et la vue est canon! Le week-end les gens viennent faire du vélo et promener leurs chiens.
On se sent en sécurité. Les quartiers aux alentours sont charmants et il y a plein de restos, bars, boulangeries etc… on recommande à 100%

Barranco ocean view -12.14304, -77.02489

Good stay. Average Walmart but very clean bathrooms! We didn’t get circled by any dirt bikes so I’d say it was a good night here 😂 no other campers we were the only ones! It was a very quiet parking lot.

WalMart 39.21610, -81.54670

Wonderful place to camp. Lots of space and very little litter. The campsite was very far away from light pollution. No permanent fire pits, but you can see remnants of others fire pits so we just burned in those spots.

DIRECTIONS: the destination is on google maps, makes it very convenient. However the directions stop at the entrance. We drove past a sign that said primitive camping (we thought it said private and kept going), that’s the entrance to the camp ground!

The Battlefield Park is closed until April, but you can still access the boat ramps.

Very ideal place! Remember to practice Leave No Trace!

Wildlife management area primitive camping 32.33129, -86.62593

Camping beside a river. The river is next to a sleepy town ( not much in town) and the river is used by the locals for recreation. We were visited by 7 police officers at night who just wanted to say hello & tell us that this was a safe area. There are numerous flat spots along the river that can be utilized by bigger rigs.

Tres Picos 15.88427, -93.53080

Gem of a campsite in all respects! just be warned the road to the campsite leads through villiages where young boys attempted to steal from the back of our vehicle while driving. Be on the look out...

Liwonde Safari Camp -15.07812, 35.22852

Excelente estrutura paqra o viajante, camping super completo.. São 3 fogões e 5 pias, todo utensílios de cozinha. Ponto de água, luz e descarte. Internet muito boa, e incrível recepção. Banheiros (chuveiro a gás) sempre limpos e organizados. Adoramos a experiência no camping, vista para a serra muito linda :)

Camping Mucugê -13.02577, -41.43876
Mary Garner

This place is permanently closed.

Lake Pleasant Sani-Dump 33.86136, -112.30844

Beautiful and peaceful designated campground right next to the river. It is free of charge!! Arrived on a Saturday afternoon and there were a few spots left. Picnic tables, fire rings, and trashcans throughout and a pit toilet. No other services. Fairly decent internet service.

Rood Creek Park (free camping) 32.02477, -85.03574

Free and safe, as there are always other RVs staying here. Police passes around once a day at least.

Municipal Camping - Ushuaia -54.83214, -68.42168
sage schlebach

Epic place, the best wifi in Namibia so far, east place to park and camp outside the hostel with a roof tent, owner is a legend

Lüderitz Backpacker Lodge -26.64547, 15.15664

Dormimos uma noite e foi super tranquilo, guarda rondando 24 horas às ruas ao redor. Não foi possível dentro do posto e também não podem fornecer água, mas nos indicaram ficar na rua paralela do posto.

Posto Shell V-power (Riviera) -23.80079, -46.02188

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -24.87672, 30.88792

Mac mac falls -24.87672, 30.88792

As others have described. We paid 42$ per night. Could not get the wifi to work. We took the bus to get to the French Quarter, it's definitely doable that way even if it takes a bit of time. $3 will get you a bus and trolley day pass, or $0.80 if you're a senior citizen

Jude Travel Park 30.01169, -90.00018

No propane only LPG No propane only LPG

Muscat Gas 23.55441, 58.21160


We did the Madera tren, a boattrip and had some nice food here (all of it highly recommended)

We asked, if we could stay overnight. They warmly welcomed us for free.

We even can fill up our water here.

Nice place with a great view!

The parking is not so flat, but we managed to park quite good.

Senderos De Chepu -42.04094, -73.98326
info is giving wrong information. wildcamping is allowed in Portugal (with conditions)..

Mertola river side 37.63967, -7.65916

nice spot. a little tight for our 25ft trailer, but found a good place.

Hualapai Peak Ranch BLM 35.16284, -113.95976

Just crossed but the immigration “system is down” so they can’t process 180 days. We have 7 and have to return to get 180 days. It means redoing the whole TIP and of course loosing the admin fee because it’s “not Banjercito’s problem the system is down.” And breath and smile. On the plus side they didn’t check the camper at all. All spices and products through. Also no dog check even though they saw him.

I will edit when “system is up.”

EDIT - we now have 180 days having returned today ( next day) and “the system was working) But some backpackers in front of us got 4 days. Another girl got the wrong day number as she said the incorrect figure in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish write down the days and show them. Once stamped there’s no changing.

Immigration & Aduana Mexico 15.70132, -91.99798

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