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We stayed here 1 night in our Van and enjoyed the nice location, nice garden, grassy area and nice people. 3 meals included it was 100 pP. to camp, good meals included. The price for a guided tour was 200 per Tour. We have done the Sao bernardo tour with Osmans son and liked the experience walking through the cave through the river. Nice, interesting tour. Recommended.

(Note: road to the area terra ronca was so , so. was doable for us in a 2 wd in dry weather but not too easy)

Pousada & Camping Terra Ronca -13.72361, -46.35302

Nice, quiet site. During day some locals came to relax in the shady area. In night we were alone. Access is no problem in the dry season. We enjoyed to stay here.

Arenal Wild camping on small peninsula 10.53128, -84.90467

Excellent food and prices! Leave SanDiego and eat here, just off 5 in Santee California

El Rancho 32.83633, -117.02267

This address is the right one not the other one listed. Very friendly but you need you need your own hose with a hose buddy . With a hose clamp would go faster. 17 pesos for 15 litres

Agua Purificada 23.13741, -109.70632

Great spot. Directions are easy, plenty of room, only one car here when I arrived late. Little windy so more of a park and sleep situation.

Martinez Road Dispersed Camping 34.99802, -105.78561

We parked for free on the street near the bus shelter and walked 5 minutes to enter the park. There are shady and sunny spots available and there is free access to the beach adjacent to the national park if you want to skip the park. We enjoyed the park and the wildlife, for the record

Free Parking Manuel Antonio National Park 9.38947, -84.14718

Free wifi at the Super Chedraui in Valladolid. Big parking and good supermarket as well.

Super Chedraui Valladolid 20.70180, -88.20197

The cleanest and nicest laundromat yet!
Big washers and lots of dryers. The dryers are a bargain at .50 cents for ten minutes.

Superstition Express Laundry 33.41440, -111.55376

Honestly in my opinion the best Riad for the money, via Booking a good deal but really really nice, close to the north gate and the sweetest host.

Riad Fes Centre 34.06693, -4.97495

hi, i'm traveling, by plane, to Jordan april 16-20 from NL-EU. i travelled overland also, so i know that it can be conveniant that i bring something (legal) from NL-EU. contact me on

Jordan Customs For Foregin Cars 31.90048, 35.94181

Very well stock mechanics shop with Luba, oil and spares available

Cacharrito Austral 2 -47.25228, -72.57855

Fantastic store sells food, beer and chainsaws. Looked closed from outside with all the shutters down and only a small door entrance

Supermarket and Ferreteria -47.25369, -72.57423

Estacionamos no estacionamento da paróquia Sagrada Família (Importante pedir autorização na secretaria paroquial) apenas para pernoitamos. local seguro e com câmeras. Em frente a praça Cesário Sibien que nos pareceu seguro também.
Na praça, em frente a quadra de areia tem um Chuveuro com torneira (precisa de um adaptador de bico) somente o cano de 1/2" com rosca.

bairro bom, estruturado e aparentemente seguro.

Praça Cesário Sibien / Paróquia sagrada família -28.94425, -49.49706

On street parking to the rear of Domino Sugar. no "no parking" signs. only signs here are to prevent blocking the entrances to businesses.

stayed the night, wasn't bothered by anyone. 10 min walk to the free taxi boat. or 15 min to Federal Hill Park.

Gasoline Station 1 min drive

1100 Key Hwy E 39.27179, -76.59687

we wanted to go to the end of the road, so here we are. :) here is not really much to see so we decided to have breakfast in this Restaurant. service was good and breakfast was great for 3,50usd per person.

Fonda El Cholo 8.15616, -77.69337

Just a turnoff to take a break. TX allows 24 hrs at rest areas and picnic areas. Small lunch areas w a roof. No services except trash cans. 1 5G tmobile bar. A bit noisy during the day..Probably quieter at night

Picnic Area I45 Nbound 31.13678, -95.97909

There is a police checkpoint on the way between Mzuzu and Chikangawa

Police Checkpoint -11.52720, 33.94716

Nice and clean campground, just arrived todas from Mendoza. Its a hiden place on the right hand side befor the intrance of the city of Tunuyán.

Camping La Araucaria -33.55534, -69.01636
A sudden leap into boondocking

A roadside pull off parallel to the highway with a bench. fairly level. room for 32ft motorhome but more suitable for smaller vehicles. a little close to the road but good for a night.

Huecos Bench 31.87169, -106.04875

Comida muito boa! O menu está de S/13 a S/15 com entrada, prato principal e bebida.

Bruce's Restobar -14.07686, -75.73976

It’s so cheap and so clean, perfect place for a backpacker. Bed with net, hot water, big bathroom, fan, no electricity cut. 3 dollars.

Blue Lodge -11.89779, 33.59260

very beautiful place. almost missed this place because of not knowing better

Mirador Calabocillos -35.32583, -72.42505
Sanddragon II

Bocha helped us to refill our German 3 KG gas bottle with our own adapter. It took few hours but we are so happy to have the full bottle back. This probably the last place before entering Chile refill is available. The price is 800 peso per KG now.

Private gas filling -48.75414, -70.24326

This place was quick and easy, almost $5/gal though.

Marina boat & RV 33.98381, -118.44172

Useless to go there. They are very Nice but the consul told us we can get the visa at the border (Lomé) for max 30 000 CFA for a short time (1 week, transit, I think).
On internet you can't get the visa when you travel by land, because the form requires a "plane number, flight number" so can't apply online when you travel by land.
You will get it at the border.

Togo consulate 5.36151, -3.99302

Picnic area, boat lauch (and kayaks, canoe, SUP). Water spigot at the back of the large shelter at the back of the park. Possible to refresh or take a swim in the river (good current!).

Ivey memorial park 29.95411, -82.92788

this looks like the old bonita Creek Rd crossing the new paved road. a couple of large spots just off the pavement. Usable Verizon service. quiet and peaceful with amazing views. There is city water and put toilets just down the road ½mile at Riverview campground.

Bonita Creek Rd 📶 32.90079, -109.48743
Danes on the Road

Still free dumping as of today - but be aware that it is only for privately owned RV's.

We came in a rented Cruise America RV and was rejected, since it was owned by a company and not a private person. For a company to dump here, they need to have an account with the treatment plant.

Walnut Creek Wasterwater Treatment Plant 30.27876, -97.65236
Danes on the Road

Dumped here today for $5. Not the nicest dump station we have tried, but it was the cheapest we could find in the area.

Park as close to the dump station as possible, as it is higher than the road, so you will have a hard time getting the necessary gradient.

Landa RV and campground 29.70802, -98.12925
Danes on the Road

Water spigots were unfortunately closed and taped off when we stopped by, but the electric outlets weren't taped off. We didn't check whether they had power, though.

The pavillions are nice, clean and has grills / barbecues with lids. Definitely seems like a great place to spend a day (and maybe a night. Be sure to check the signage).

Restrooms were decent, but we wouldn't want to wash our clothes there the way they looked today.

Veterans Park 29.55039, -98.27548

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