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Really good guy, very helpful to us with our van and some tire issues we had. He has a clean shop and he can manage engine issues as well. He charged us nothing to check our issues out

Peña Mechanic -38.90305, -70.07030

We stayed here in 2020 right before covid and it was bad. They clearly upgraded the bathrooms since then. It was quiet on a Tuesday, except for some music from the nearby food truck area. 1700 pesos for two and a van. Hot clean showers. It is an election year, so some love has been put into this place 😁.

Camping Municipal Chos Malal -37.37183, -70.27509

nice, big and flat parking in front of the beach and sea. beautiful place and beautiful sunsets. it was very quiet a night, although there were other overlanders the two nights we spent there.

Beach parking -42.57631, -64.27629

Went there to check and change oil and engine after a red light oil. They told us to leave the car here. Apparently they changed the oil sensor and charge us 950000 ARS. We went to another taller in Punta Arenas to get another check, and shows me that nothing had been done.

Integral Automotive Center -54.81991, -68.33747

Little tienda for groceries. It’s in a little hamlet with 3 abarrotes

Abarrotes Martinez 22.00467, -102.71625

Awesome place to have potable water for free :))

YPF Drinking Water from hose and tap -54.79067, -68.22647

O estacionamento é muito seguro e tranquilo. A polícia passa com frequência. Há uma torneira com água potável. Em frente fica a piscina com duchas e banheiro. É perto o suficiente de lavanderias e comércio em geral para se ir caminhando. O parque é enorme e muito agradável.

Parking is very safe and secure. The police pass by frequently. There is a tap with drinking water. Opposite is the swimming pool with showers and bathroom. It is close enough to laundries and general stores to be pedestrianized. The park is huge and very nice.

parqueo de jipiro parque -3.97441, -79.20258
Chateau Ski

30 amps available during winter. Toilets are available close to entrance. No water or dump station. Fee was $36 for one night, drop in envelope.

Three Islands State Park 42.94066, -115.31644

perfect at this spot. the view is perfect and very quiet.
a lot of spot everywhere. we have a 24 foot and find with any problem.
there are some bigger VR.
if you have a 4x4 you can find a spot more deep on the side.

Peralta Trails 33.36569, -111.39625

Very Nice place to stay while you're in Cotonou. Direct on the beach, a bit hidden from the road. some trees for shadow. Also possible to "swim" in the sea when the waves are not too strong. We stayed there 4 nights. Chill, peaceful, quiet

Between Trees and the Sea 6.34469, 2.26581

They have Bencina Blanca for MSR stoves.

Cacharrito Austral -47.25522, -72.57603

Trucks are not allowed here anymore - even if they are caravans. The police waked us up at 4.30 a.m., to tell us, we have to move. After a long discussion (because of sleeping children), they allowed us to stay until 7 (they didn’t come again). Thinking it was maybe the wrong position at the beach, we tried it one week later again, but had the same situation. The police came in the late evening at 11 p.m. and ask us to leave. The smaller caravan beside us wasn‘t ask. You can try, but be prepared to get a visit of the police and have long discussion.

Beach 24.76837, 50.75002

Nice rest area, clean restrooms. The car lot is far from the road so it's pretty quiet. Slept great. Good TMobile.

Guadalupe County Rest Stop 29.61484, -97.79961

What an amazing place this is! Very nice and helpful owners (Dutch), superclean facilities. Pretty much of the beaten track. Had a great stay!

Hostel & Camping Alouatta 9.78457, -85.25460

This is very recommendable! So much fun! It does help if you speak some Spanish to understand what people shout etc, but you’d be fine without as well. Part of the game is insulting (but with smiles on your faces) each other: the other part of the audience and the luchadores. So funny how crazy people go!

We went on Tuesday (Martes de Glamour). Parking was not an issue: there’s safe parking all around for 80 pesos. Don’t go with the guys on the streets: there’s several estacionamientos around the block. It starts at 21:00, but from 20:15 there’s youth boxing matches that are also interesting. There’s 5 or 6 (I lost count) rounds of Lucha Libre. For us it was all men except for the last round: women. Some are amazingly acrobatic and others are very funny. It’s a real show! It ended at 23:15 for us (but you could leave earlier if you want. Most parkings close at 23:30, so don’t hang around too long afterwards). No need for reserving your tickets on Ticketmaster: locals all buy there tickets evening of. We arrived at 20:00 and had all the choice in seats. Tickets are $360 for rings 1-3 and $240 for balcony. In the rings is where the show is, so that’s fun!

Mexican wrestling 20.67138, -103.34256

Oasis in every sense of the word. What makes this place stand out is the ownership. Helped us out when we got bogged down in the sand on approach (on bicycles). For reference the hike a bike is less than 1 km advanced riders can ride it. Running low on groceries after we decided to stay for two nights. We did not say a word about running low, and yet chocolate lava brownie ice cream was waiting for us as desert after dinner on our second night. Unreasonable hospitality. Also liked the fair prices it is still 150 pppn for camping (also reasonable prices at the bar). Nothing but kind words to say, can recommend this place highly to other travelers passing through.

Mukuku Rest Camp -17.91615, 20.27937
Jamie Z

Tried to cross from Honduras to Nicaragua with a US-plated motorcycle. I talked to the border officials on the Nicaraguan side to see if they could process the vehicle and give me a TIP.

My Spanish isn't great, and they weren't entirely sure, but after some discussion and a phone call, they told me I could not enter Nicaragua here with my motorcycle.

It does appear that Nicaraguan and Honduran-plated vehicles do cross here, so it might be possible if you're from Central America.

I don't know if it would be possible to go from Nicaragua to Honduras here with a vehicle. My guess is that it would not be possible, but I didn't ask.

If you are on foot or bicycle, I'm nearly certain you can cross here.

Trojes Border Crossing 14.07800, -86.02700

Nice campsite. Has new toilets and showers with hot water and good stream. Two entrances - first next to the reception and bathrooms, second is upper by main road. You can park next to BBQs, there are also tables with banches and electricity. 800ARG/pppn. Shade, wind protection, good camping! Walking distance to the town.

Peña Blanca -23.19979, -65.33966

Dirt parking and pull-outs that are good for day trip if you're looking for hiking & mountain biking at the Placitas Trail System.

Beautiful views & dog-friendly, just north of Albuquerque & Bernalillo

Placitas Trail System 35.50690, -106.81315

Gambia to Senegal

Gambian side : very easy, didn't ask for any payment. Just a very extensive search of our vehicle although leaving the country which took more than an hour.

Senegal side:
We got a new passavant (we don't have. a CDP) for 2.500CFA.
one police officer asked 1.000CFA for a stamp. We refused to pay without receipt and told him we had called the embassy. He let us go without payment just afterwards.

Senegal Customs - Correct 13.14747, -16.57733

Beautiful spot along the river with table and a barbecue. Probably a day use for locals. Clean except for a few cigarettes (-_-'). Plenty of space for a few tents. Beautiful light and shade.

Next to the river -37.89590, -71.61428

We had to stay almost 2 Months in Calafate ( with pause) waiting fot our carparts, and we stayed behind the ypf with out popup camper. Small river there, fresh water to drink and wash, toilet and bin at the petrol station, aqua caliente non stop 😅,in the center close to the shops, bars. It can be loud during the night, mostly at the weekend. Place for 8-10 campers.

YPF Station -50.33824, -72.25839
Penelope S.Miller

Very busy and crowded campsite. we didn't try internet. Some toilets were not that clean, but did see maintenance crew clean. Some sinks near campsites were dirty and clogged. No electrical outlet at site. Shower facilities worn but clean.

Camping Los Coihues -41.15880, -71.41184
Cycling Fab

When there with my touring bike and camped one night (Feb. 2023). Perfectly quiet and just a bit exposed to wind.

Wild Camping Beyond El Toro 36.83690, -2.33348

RV spots in rear. Next to two hotels. Decently level

Cracker Barrel 32.48878, -86.41167

This is a rough road in and I didn’t go all the way out to the palms because of the really deep sand. I turned left up a rocky little hill and there was a fire pit on a flat open spot. No cell service Verizon

Vibrant Desert 28.48996, -114.06041

We recommend you this place to stay for a night and take a rest.
Let you be surprised by his unknown menu. You won’t be disappointed.
William runs this place, he has a bike shop where you can rend some to take a tour near the Dead Sea.

Be aware of dogs 😜

al numeria association (free camping for cyclists) 31.27149, 35.52609

For the Iveco drivers; Vito is a super friendly Italian fluent in French who specialises in diagnostics and services/parts for Iveco. You can reach him at +224627105221 or +393475709317

Iveco Diagnostic 9.53707, 13.67624

Perfect place. We did the open water in mares ecuador and lego our van here while we did our inmersions. Mares Ecuador took care of our dog. Peaceful nights even in weekends.

playa free camp -1.56269, -80.81777

Propane refill. Friendly and fast service.

Uhaul 31.77791, -106.42257

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