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We wanted to do the glacier tour. At the Tourist Information Center they told that the boats run at irregular intervals.
For us this meant that there will be no boats in the next 5 days! ... and the weather was good.

Glaciar O‘Higgins -48.91955, -73.12063

There are no more flights on the glaciers

Fly Over Glacier -48.46739, -72.56439

Beautiful spot with established camping spots, each with plenty of space for a vehicle and a few tents when the lake is low. Yes, it's a bit muddy when you wade in, but the water is clean and refreshing. Drive down the boat launch and the further away from it you go, the more peace and quiet you'll have. There were two other cars and 1 motorbike when I was there, at least 50m apart. Completely silent night.

Lago Rosselot boat launch. -43.99624, -72.31074

Farm camping with the option to plug into power. $30 a night, $10 dollars more for a power hookup. There are goats, dogs, horses, a pig, and a forest to explore. There is a full bathroom available for campers with a hot shower. I did a farm stay with my skoolie for 3 weeks and I recommend spending the night here. The owners and the property are lovely. You can also have a fire alone or join the family and farm volunteers for fires!

Snow White Sanctuary Campground 30.21022, -93.66338

Very good and cheap restaurant. You get 4 rounds. The best tomato salsa with aioli. Palenta with beed or a vegan hamburger. A civiche and a delicious desert. And big portions! You can. Choose out of a fresh “cervesa” wich they have many. Its a beer brewery! You can also choose a nice fresh lemon lemonade homemade. And that all for 9€

Rural -34.11445, -71.73289

great spot, tons of whales. pack in pack it out please. let's not let this beach look like Tecalote.

Playa San Pedrito 23.36751, -110.20152

1/4 mile off 90 in Marathon on left on 385. 7:30-5pm m-f closed weekends. Call 432-386-4422 to make sure driver is there to fill tanks.

WTG Fuels 30.20115, -103.23719

Great spot outside of Las Vegas! The lake bed is pretty busy with ATVs and trucks so I wouldn’t recommend staying close to it, but there are plenty of spots around it to choose from. Good enough Verizon reception for work where we stayed! Easy for us to get to with our 2WD Promaster.

Jean Roach Dry Lake Dispersed Camping 35.76826, -115.26637

Nice place to stay while visiting Tamarindo. A bit outside of the Center but close enough to walk to everywhere. You can use the bathroom from the camping (but if they see you, you had to pay). We stayed here for a couple of days and feeled safe. It can be busy during the day but in the morning and night it is quiet

Informal campsite on beach 10.29580, -85.84500
Peter Rujabuka

Clean place and camping is $10ppn. Chimps, baboons were around and I could hear elephants at night.

Kibale River Camp 0.42028, 30.40133
Rachel Vickers

We loved this campsite. 5 different sites spread across the guest farm. We had a really warm welcome and the campsite had great facilities. We stayed at 3 elephants campsite and would highly recommend. Lots of walking trails from the campsite to explore the area - and a rock climbing area for any climbing enthusiasts. We paid N$250 per person, per night.

Omandumba -21.51701, 15.58321

Stayed here for a night while cycling through. There are tunnels every 5-10km you can choose from. We set up our tent on the other side of the tunnel away from the road. Cool place to camp but be prepared for train noise 5-6 times during the night.

Railway service road (cyclists and bikers) -31.89343, 18.29697

$200 per night without power, $250 with. You get an extra long extension cord to bring the power in. Water at sites. There is a dump station but it is inside the toil so you need a long hose and you will be dumping uphill. Not the best. But nice camp and close to the Centro.

El Padrino Campground 27.28482, -112.90184

Good campsite to relax, set in a beautiful garden. It's now possible to park inside under some trees.

We took the shorter road downhill. It's in good condition and gives beautiful views but it's very narrow and not recommended for people afraid of heights. Our next stop was Tarija so we took the second road (see comment from Feb. 2018 for details) to get out of the canyon which is a much easier option.

Pasalo Bien Camping -21.94271, -65.46307

Very good small RV park. Good WiFi, water and electricity on each site. Host, Asael, makes you feel welcome and it’s always checking if you need anything. Showers and bathrooms are super clean and with hot water. We get here for 1 night and ended staying 4. We payed 400 pesos per night for 2 people and our Sprinter van 170. Highly recommended. Very near Todos Santos town, we took a bus for 26 pesos to get there, it only takes 10 minutes.

Baja Serena At El Pescadero Town. 23.36793, -110.17389

Juste amazing view ! We did it with a 2WD. We also saw a lot of dolphin but no whales. Spent 2 nights there really calm

Corona Bluff Viewpoint -41.78044, -73.90338

We have tried with a Defender to go until the beach with no success. We have finally slept in the wash and by foot we have been to the beach. Very quiet place! There a lot of possibilities along the track to sleep.

Track off Hwy5 30.51717, -114.65442

If you pass by here, stop the time to take a photo at the geographical central point of Chile. They take into account the Chilean zone of Antarctica.

Si vous passiez par ici, arrêtez vous le temps de faire une photo au point centrale géographique du Chili. Ils prennent en compte la zone chilienne de l’antarctique.

Centro Geográfico De Chile Monument -53.59833, -70.94524

As described: very loveley place with Julia and her son Omar as owners. with a great hospitality. At night there is traffic noise. we stay here a few days and visit the Pyramid and the village ( go there!). and it was very secure to leave our van for 150 pesos a day when we were 3 days in Mexico Ciudad.

Rancho Viejo - teotihuacan pyramides 19.68044, -98.82432

we could not find this location with our Osmand navigation. I think it is the water tap on the campsite Viejo Rancho. we were there a couple of days but our hose was too short. It is clean water from deep in the grond, so that was a pity.

Agua 19.67677, -98.83846

The restaurant was closed but we were permitted to camp here anyways. Francisco the care taker was on-site most of the time keeping things tidy and answering questions. When our fridge ran out of juice he let us keep our food in the kitchen fridge. There is one outdoor shower and 1 semi enclosed shower. No toilet seats but paper and a clean facility. Smaller rigs could next to the restaurant in the shade while larger rigs would need to park in the lot across the street. We were able fill our water tank with a non potable water with a hose. 120 pesos per person per night. 20 pesos per device for internet access. There were plenty of hammocks and chairs.

El Capi 15.69187, -96.23592

spent the night here really nice and friendly staff. clean bathroom. no problems.

Gaz station Puma 13.51159, -88.25103

Nice village. Lots of opportunities: walk in the forest, renting a pirogue, swimming. The chief of the village, Gabriel, has been very helpful. There is a Bai nearby, called Whali Bai. 45min easy walk. You can also sleep in the miradour if you bring your sleeping wear. Lots of elephants during the night. Beautiful to sleep there.

Beforehand, we called Sonia, the 'tourism development manager' from WCS. She offered a trip to this Whali Bai for 140.000 cfa, while this Bai is not even IN the park. We said no thanks, went to the village and talked with the chief. In the end, we paid 40.000 community fees (2 persons) and 5.000 cfa for a guide (which you dont need but its obligatory).

Bomassa Village 2.20424, 16.18584

Ferry to cross the Sangha river and visit Pokola, Bomassa, etc.

One way:
* 25.500 cfa for car including persons
* 13.000 cfa tax
* copy of your passport
* copy of your visa

copyshop available in town.

Ferry Ouesso to northern Congo 1.61420, 16.06231

Nice camping with lots of space and direct access to the wonderful beach!
The owner is very friendly and welcoming.
3000pp/pn, showers, toilet, drinking water and electricity if you need it

Camping Casa Viva 9.15014, -83.73245

You can find a small shop here, with bread, coffee,

Lemsid shop 26.54044, -13.83735

Fuel station you can sleep there, bew ine

Station Road Boujdor 26.34745, -14.17171

Absolutely incredible, this was one of our best spots in 1 year SA! Access only with 4x4 because of the very sandy parts 8km before this spot. Very clean and Nobody else Here. ENJOY ❤️

Campos de Piedra Pomez -26.58808, -67.48399

we turned back here on our way to Laguna Diamante because of the bad road. there took a small river the road away and the detour was too sandy for us.we did not wanted to get stuck here with our 4x4 truck

Bad road -26.35440, -67.12751

This spot is hard to access in the winter as the road is only cleared up to a certain point. The road was also fenced past this point so we stayed off a bend. There seemed to be a permanent resident at the earlier spot. We had one other camper stay near this spot. Good for a night.

Williams Az 35.28834, -112.13372

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