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Very nice and clean fish market. You can buy fresh sea food and also have a lunch.

Mercado de Pescados y Mariscos 11.24446, -74.20568

Unrestricted parking at this spot and around the Hope Mausoleum, i hav stayed overnight a few times, there is a bar & grill and Shell gas convenience store on Canal St

N Anthony Street 29.98073, -90.10809

Super quiet night here! Only a handful of cars passed the whole time I was there, and none at night. The views really are gorgeous and it's a fun spot/road to walk your pet on. Really nice to go to sleep with the sound of the river. Also nice and flat! Definitely no service though.

Pull off next to river 47.82565, -121.51682

They didn’t let us fill RV propane tank. But if you have a removable tank it could be posible.

Panagas 9.13398, -79.61829

Clean hostel with modern furniture.
Free wifi and printing.
Parking in the street.
Small common area with small kitchenette and very little shelf storage in the refrigerator.

My wife, I, and our two small boys stayed in a 3 person private room with public bathroom for $55.000

Our friends stayed in a 4 person with private bathroom for $65.000

Refugio Hostal Coyhaique -45.57545, -72.06908

we arrived with the late ferry at 23.00 we parked right at the office because of the information on this app. we heard the next morning that it isnt allowed anymore. they have a huge parking lot about 150 meter further. there you can park and sleep.

Galeta Gonzalo Administration -42.55986, -72.60473

Beautiful soak. Springs are hot. We had the place all to ourselves for 2 ours, and then another family came. Very quiet. Road out there is gravel and fine. No problem for friend la and their small Mitsubishi minivan.

El Sauce Hot Springs. -44.02939, -72.53319

As described. No indication but works well. Perfect.

Seaford Water Treatment Plant 38.63603, -75.61772

We spent a night here. We asked the employee at the post if it was safe to spend night, he said yes. The post closes at 11 pm and opens at 06 AM. The clerk said we could park inside the station if we wanted to. We prefer to stay on a lawn next to the GNC supply, next to a white wall of the station, rather than park in the large space behind the station. We feel safe, a little noise from trucks and planes that land in Mendoza. We supply our motorhome water, there is a tap at the station a few meters from where we are.

YPF full -32.92982, -68.75425

Luis the owner gave us a room for 800AR. Wifi now is faster than what they have in Susque. Clean room, hot shower and friendly owner.

Hospedaje Venavidez -23.76526, -66.43863

pequeño camping a dos cuadras de la playa, muy arbolado y su dueña muy amigable. Hay una despensa, baños y duchas muy sencillos pero limpios. Nosotros con Sprinter 413 entramos medio justos, así que no recomendamos para vehículos mas grandes. Tiene tomas de corriente 110 w, y de 220w. Tiene despensa en el mismo predio
small and quiet camping area full or trees, 200 mts from the beach. We do not recommend for big rigs (we drive a MB sprinter 413 and felt just ok) . Very nice owner, who also runs a grocery at the camp. 110w and 220w sockets available. 35 rpp and no charge for the van

Camping Beira Mar -32.19179, -52.16493

Very nice place to camp. One our favorite in Patagonia. This place has almost every bing you could want. Hot water showers, fast WIFI, nice cozy Refugio to hang out, and a gas/propane stove to use. The owners are also super lovely.

The only downside is there isn’t much space fir camper vans. It’d mostly for tent camping but even up to a sprinter van can fit inside. But during peak season, there may be lots of tents. But it’d definitely worth to check out if you’re looking for an official place to stat.

Also 4000 pesos per load of laundry is a great deal!

Camping Calafate -47.25410, -72.56863

outside ATM says out of service, but inside one works

ATM Banjercito 27.96798, -114.03686

not here nothing. does not exist. ....... .

Military Checkpoint 29.03354, -114.15109

Asphalt paving plant. Wide spot in road, but don't use this as a pull-out even just for a quick stop. I wasn't there 2 minutes middle of day (adjusting clothing for riding motorcycle) and out of no where comes a guy (very unkept, probably a worker?) asking me for something I believe. I don't speak fluent Spanish, but he was wanting something or for me to do something? I dont think he was asking me to move (not park there) Place wasnt even active, but there are some trailers up there, must have onsite housing. Anyway do not recommend this for even a quick rest stop.

Asphalt Plant 29.44583, -114.32986

Spent one night. Charged 100p (single on motorcycle). Sign does say 150p. No problems accessing for me. Very pretty sandy beach, secluded as noted. You only see one house to the south from camping. What you get isn't fancy, basically a spot by the Gulf. Pit toilets leave a lot to be desired. Palapas are plywood (not great appeal). No tables, which would be very handy. I was the only one there.

When I arrived I just pulled up towards the rope (gate) and waited for a family member I am assuming to present themselves from the house to your left.

Didn't try wifi (must pay), but it was visible at beach sites

Papá Fernández 29.83197, -114.40234

this is an unused open area that I think at one time had a building but has nothing there is no signage saying anything is restricted it's off the side of Route 1 in Oak Hill Florida and I think it would be good for a night there's a long end to talk into I think it's a potentially good place

Unused empty site 28.86880, -80.85058

Here are the coordinates for the entrance road, 20.955525,-105.348779. It does not show up on Google maps. Look at satellite view and you will see the dirt road going across the river/wash.

Las Guineas RV Park and Resort 20.95697, -105.34730

el lugar es hermoso. tiene baños, agua para lavar utensilios una vista privilegiada , estan prohibido llevar mascotas, cruzando la ruta tiene un sendero que sale al lago correntoso, muy recomendable.

Lago Espejo -40.68572, -71.69473

camping libre,hermosa Playa, vista y senderos, pasamos una noche en motorhome, no aceptan mascotas. cruzando la ruta un sendero que llega al lago correntoso. hay baños y una canilla para lavar utensilios. muy recomendable

Lago Espejo -40.68572, -71.69473

pretty awesome camping. amazing sunsets . quite some traffic but nothing bad. there are teddy bears cactus 🌵 so watch for the pups. but we have 2 dogs and it was fine
go get ya some. pack it out .

Palm Canyon Road 33.36594, -114.15522

Nice pull through parking. Some highway noise but otherwise quiet. Asked inside to confirm overnights are allowed. Did not have to level the rig, just put the tongue jack down and stabilizers. Much appreciated stop!! Cracker Barrel opens at 7 and closes at 9.

Cracker Barrel - Lima, OH 40.72685, -84.07359

Very nice view indeed! We were there on a 3 person tent and the flat spot was a tinyyy bit small. We had a bit of an angle down but it was fine. As said before, the pin here marks the split of the road. Walk 500m down the trail, then you’ll see a little hill, it’s up there. We brought our bikes up, there’s enough space. IF you don’t want to go up the hill, you could set your tent down by the path. Plenty of flat spots. It’s hidden from the road.

Ah! And, down the main road there are lots of cows. The night we were there they were having a bit of a singing competition going on all night… haha so that was the only noise. Quite charming :)

Camp site on the hill -38.15451, -71.41642

Plan accordingly. Between Chenqueco and Lonquimay there’s no resupply options. Lolco is a small settlement of 4-6 houses but there are NO tiendas here. We only saw one lady, she was kind.

If you’re planning to get here late, beware that there’s not a lot of people out and most houses and properties are fenced off. Wild camping might be tricky unless you ask someone to camp in their garden.

Lolco - no services -38.16723, -71.42269

Clean abundant water from spring :) We treated it just in case

Spring -38.20110, -71.44779

Cyclists only. From the main road, you’ll see a little sandy entrance leading to the lake. Go down for 10 seconds and you’ll see a fire pit. There spot is big enough for 2-3 tents, shaded.

The Laguna is gorgeous! And it’s easy to access it, water is cold and clean. We heard a few cars go by but you’re tucked away and they can’t see you. We were supposed to ride to Lonquimay but this spot was too pretty to miss! Enjoy and take your trash with you :)

Flat, beautiful and hidden (cyclists only) -38.30957, -71.50461

A principio nao se pode Motorhome...falamos com frentista, que nos disse q deveriamos pagar o mesmo que os motoristas de final fechamos por ARS 1000,00 com duchas em uma sala privativa dos caminhoneiros...tem agua...wifi...banheiro limpo.

Axion -41.07144, -71.16876

Be careful, somebody tried to steal something at night. Other than that very good and quiet at night.
When the gate to the stadium was open we could use the very clean toilets and fill up water.
We used the Metrobus in the main street to go to the city center. It's just 30 rp, but incredibly full.

Punjab Stadion 31.51031, 74.33116

Camping was open when we asked at the main guardaparque office (where you register for the penguin hike). Just ask! The guardaparque said they opened camping on Jan 5. There was a single bathroom open, toilet only. No showers, no power, no potable water. The short walks are great, and it was a nice way to break up the drive.

Parque Nacional Monte Leon -50.33478, -68.88465

It is a lodge with double bed rooms with shower for 300 or 350 kpn incl continental breakfast. Rooms are looking nice and clean. There is a bar, restaurant and laundry service.

Chedgars lodge -10.20568, 31.17011

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