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Recommend avoiding camping here. The day guard will instruct you to pay at the store for the camping fee. The night guard 'Luis' will come over demanding a second payment and won't leave. Overall, not worth the hassle of staying here.

Grutas del mamut 16.74124, -92.58576

We tried to enter the park after 14:00 and the ranger didn't allow us to go. There was no coverage for cell phones and no WiFi, so you can't buy the tickets. We asked if we can sleep there at the entrance but were refused. Ranger told us several times it is not possible to camp inside the park outside the original campsites. Price is 41000 CLP now and will go higher. We went back to the town and spent night in the campsite there-much more cheaper! Next day we entered the park and left around 8pm. No rangers and control and it was possible to enter the park. Actually lot of cars were entering.

Hidden place close to the entry -38.77819, -71.63933

quiet place to spend the night, bathroom structure old and not so clean, restaurant staff very solicitous faucet with drinking water available on the patio of the gas station in red clay.

local tranquilo para passar a noite, estrutura de banheiro antiga e não estava tão limpo, pessoal do restaurante muito solicitos torneira com água potável disponível patio do posto no barro vermelho.

Posto RC -9.82834, -45.33878

Really nice place and hot shower.
Graciela is really welcoming.
1500 pesos per person for camping.

La Casa Azul De Graciela -53.80023, -67.67292

Free Camp on the side of the road. Max 72h, free public clean toilets and dumping points.

Caravan Hotspot -35.10041, 147.37138

lugar maravilhoso e calmo , bom para família na beira do rio Mogi!!! estamos de kombihome em 4 pessoas, tem água e energia (trocar uma ideia com algum funcionário, eles mostra o quiosque que pode usar a energia e água!!) ficamos aqui no final da orla perfeitoooo de frente pro rio , sábado e domingo bomba de turista pra quem trampa com artesanato igual eu é checkouro

Cachoeira Esma River Side -21.92674, -47.37060

Have stopped here twice for a one night stay. Both times there were a few fishermen at the entrance/canal but back by the marked spot only a couple of boats putting in the early morning hours. Felt safe and super quiet. Of course there’s mosquitoes 😅

Boat Ramp 25.76771, -80.67286

what a wonderful host Eddie thank you. A must for car lovers. the area is partly residential. with uber you can get to the city center for 4-8$. extremely good WiFi. please contact Eddie beforehand as he has limited space!

El Carmen parking 13.71288, -89.25991

We loved to stay at Chuparosa RV park, it’s a wonderful place. Beautiful garden, flowers and birds are everywhere. Every year the trees get bigger, there are more flowers and there’s always fresh fruit. The RV sites are big so you can enjoy your privacy but you can also enjoy the company of other travellers under the big Palapa with fully equipped kitchen, fridge and freezer, drinking water is for free. Clean toilets and hot showers, possibility to do laundry. They have a very nice and clean swimming pool. My husband is paralysed but even for him it was possible to get into the swimming pool and enjoy the coolness of the water. There’s also ramp to get under the palapa. John and Hannele do everything they can for there clients and they know a lot of nice walking trails to different beaches and good snorkelling places. Its a place to come back.

Chuparosa Gardens RV Park 15.68806, -96.24120

very good place to see wildlife, we saw Hippos, Antilops, and Lions on the other side of the river. beer from the tap. we payed only 180 pppn

Ndhovu Safari Lodge -17.91236, 19.77134

We parked our car here for two weeks while we went home during Christmas. We've asked the security and they said it was okay to park, also for two weeks. We put our phone number and Instagram account on the window so they had a way to contact us. When coming to UAE they even send us a message welcoming us back and informing us the car was safe and looked after.

Really great because it is hard to find a (long term) parking spot that is safe, affordable and accommodates high vehicles (2,30). So please ask them and inform them if it's okay. That way we can continue using this facility

Dubai Camel Racetrack 24.58049, 55.29154

Unfortunately the person in charge of taking foreigners past the entrance checkpoint is not willing to let foreigners camp unless they have a car. So travellers on bicycle, motorbike or on foot won't be allowed.
He was rather inflexible on this. I had to camp about a mile away from the site

Babylon 32.54137, 44.42512

Open time slots on the hour: 10am-4pm.
12000CLP each. We didn’t reserve, showed up an luckily they had space for us. Group size per hour is still 15ppl. Great guides. If you show up early and waiting in the car park, look for the brave foxes nearby..

Reserva Natural Penguino Rey -53.46078, -69.30601

We had a problem with our 12v fridge and José Luís was very helpful. He is an excellent professional and human being. He stayed all day with us and only stoped until the problem was solved.

José Luis Collado -- "best 12V refrigerator repair man in Buenos Aires" -34.62569, -58.52506

Nice place right at the big dune. 50 MAD per night. Good for being in king tours with camel or 4x4. Sometimes a bit loud because of quad entering the desert.
Restaurant open.
Toilet and showers clean
Friendly staff.

La Gazelle Bleue 31.09081, -4.00452
Jamie Z

I paid 300 pesos.

First room I got, #3 had bedbugs. They switched me to a new room, no questions asked. This new room, #5 appears to be clear.

Super slow wifi. Hot water. AC. Courtyard parking.

Obviously the bedbugs are a concern, but they can happen anywhere, and the folks here responded to my concerns immediately and without question.

Hotel Paso Hondo 15.68280, -92.01696

Its a parking, there is a toilet, and it close to the border. Nothing special. Walking distance to the centre of town. And still 5.000 per night.

parqueadero 0.82349, -77.64641

Lovely finca with a big terrace on which you can pitch your tent. Fernando and his family are very welcoming, we absolutely enjoyed our stay here. Breakfast in the morning if you want. You can take a direct bus to Salento (from there to Cocora Valley) just in front of the Finca. Highly recommendable! Muchas gracias.

Finca el Peniel 4.62714, -75.61866

The price is now 5500 pp for foreigners- at January 2023

Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego -54.83504, -68.44496

Dormimos uma noite bem tranquila. Tem água e tomada.

Mercado Municipal de Paraibuna -23.38640, -45.66392
Franz Schuster

Nice place to stay and not busy.Felt comfortable and safe. Travelling with family of 4 (wife and 2 daughters) Close enough to main area. Walking distance down the road or along Beach. Heard that the place was very busy and crowded during Christmas holidays up to New Years. 150 tents or so.

Camping Paradise Point 10.29621, -85.84457

Beautiful, peaceful lake. several camping sites with picnic tables. I preferred parking my van right on the shore by the boat ramp. Several other campers but very quiet still. I was there on a Thursday. No facilities other than trash cans and picnic tables. Perfect!

Rosie Jones Park, Lake Murvaul 32.04598, -94.47448

we recommend this place ! when we arrived we where welcomed with open arms. my husband was doing some work on the car and they brought a piece of cardboard so he wouldn't get dirty. afterwards we had a good dinner in the restaurant and a nice breakfast the next morning. all very affordable for a roadside restaurant and tasty. everyone was very friendly right down to the woman at the toilets. and it is very clean. but it is still a Pemex so there may be some road noise

Pemex cafe km118 19.85623, -100.04204

Lugar tranquilo para passar a noite, possui banheiros limpos

Graal Holandês -23.46961, -48.77642

Convenient and safe spot to park for the night, but definitely NOT quiet. The facility sits at the intersection of two major highways. 18-wheelers with Jake brakes all night. Many stores and restaurants available here. Excellent cell coverage.

WV Welcome Center Rest Stop 37.36268, -81.04586
A sudden leap into boondocking

low clearance. 11 ft. ... can go to gravel area on far left but very iffy. I'm at 11' 3" and managed to get through going in the left lane gravel shoulder drop off. many air conditioner parts and antennas in the ditches. very little warning and nowhere to turn around.

Natchez trace exit to 241 35.43922, -87.47617

Parfait pour RV la nuit et le soir. Il suffit de repartir le matin pour éviter de se faire avertir.

Back Parking Lot 26.05453, -80.16627

Really cool place, you could set up your tent inside or outside. WiFi is working very well. The kitchen is ok. The place was really clean and the shower was really hot ! 5000 CLP per person.

Adonai camping -44.32589, -72.56029

On of THE spot on iOverlander, certainly the best spot we ever found since the beginning of our trip. Super friendly family welcome us. They live in a house, in front of the beginning of the path to the mirador on the hill. If gates are closed go ask them to open it. Shower with good pressure and restrooms. Incredible view on the valley and the hill. Hamac, tables, small mirardor and sound systems available. We've spent 2 days here for free, we were all alone, they close the gate for the night, after the father park his 4x4. $2 to walk up to the hill with the mirador. Police pass few times a day. It was super safe and very quiet. On WE it's a restaurant/bar. Don't follow Google GPS, go through the village Comasagua and then follow sign El Peñón. Bad signal with Claro.

Mirador El Peñón de Comasagua 13.60122, -89.37237

Great beach when it's calm and no wind. you check in at mini Market on the main road, cross the street, then pass the guard and down to beach. nice wind proof palapas are 600 pesos, 4 rather large but not as sturdy palapas are 400 pesos. no water or dump, just porta potties.
Beach is steep downhill worth lots of cone shaped shells.
we were there mid week, only a couple of overlanders. must check out by 11am.

Rancho Grande 29.78854, -114.39498

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