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Probably the fanciest hotel intown, payed 2300 INR for a nice room. Big parking lot guarded, didnt check how large is the gate exactly. Nice owner, speaks perfect english and helped me to find a wroking atm who accepts foreign CCs !!

Garipati Palace Hotel 20.89273, 74.77381

Still there, nothing changed. Confirming location and existence. ;-)

Solar equipment 12/24V shop 47.90790, 106.95016

Just wanted to confirm that this place still exists. :-)

Nomin (in mongolian HOMNH) supermarket 47.91104, 106.97656

A bit sceptical we took the dirt road as described, with the village of Ksar Mellab a bit too close for comfort already. However, this place is amazing! Follow the track, and you will end up in a sandy oued with plenty of trees around. We arrived at 14h, stayed the night and saw nobody (quite the achievement in Morocco ;-) ).

Breaking bad 31.54826, -4.82128

Same as previous person, foreign card works here (not at Banco Estados), but fee is now 8000 CLP

Bci ATM -41.96708, -72.46919

Nice Camping at riverside and close to city (walking distance)

Camping Piedras Coloradas -32.22254, -58.13089

Really nice place at the river with good facilities: benches, tables, shades, bbq, good WC and shower block, playground. Locals can come here for picnics. Day use and Camping 5000 Pesos/Person
Seems like the place changed its name because there is no sign „Catemu“

Bordestero -32.80019, -70.99329

We were with 5 overlander, but were told by community workers to move somewhere else or risk a fine. They also told anywhere was OK, but just for 1 night, then go to yet another place. Strange community policy. The town is very busy but many streets have an overlander sleeping in them. I think they just don't want to create another hotspot where everyone goes like previously next to the beach.

Peaceful riverside -40.15858, -71.36018

just before the road starts to climb steep there is a sign

Sendero Padre Garcia -44.57833, -72.41081

We spent a night on the banks of the river in front of the Tuunteytas hotel. We talked to the owner and he told us that it was a safe place.

The sunset looks beautiful and it is very calm. There are no services of any kind.
Pasamos una noche a orillas del Río frente al hotel Tuunteytas. Hablamos con el dueño y nos dijo que era un lugar seguro.

El atardecer se ve lindo y es muy tranquilo. No hay servicios de ningún tipo.

Next to the Pilcomayo River | Al lado del Río Pilcomayo -21.27722, -63.46506

Primitive camping along Snake River. Found a great spot with at least a little privacy. Wasn't busy, very few cars since it's so late in the season. Perfect for the night

Snake River 43.60216, -111.64538

Gate locked and no one here at 530pm on a Thursday. No signage to indicate whether it’s temporarily or permanently closed.

Camping El Dique -35.54265, -69.64375

As described - long, flat and level street with plenty of truck and RV parking on both sides. Felt safe. Road is level with parking on asphalt. Lots of trash and weeds next to road, so don’t plan to walk the dog. Other RVs and trucks present for the night.

Side Street 37.11368, -121.01841

Clean, basic, but full with locals. No muscuito net above the bed. Friendly owner and had a good night. cold shower outside available. 150 for a night, locals pay 100.

Faro family guesthouse 5.33840, 37.44389
sonny jadun

stayed overnight here. Nice and quiet. No security issues. Regular truck and traffic noise. if sleep light, get ear plugs. Beautiful rest area with grill and picnic tables.

Hwy 90 EB&WB Rest Area 29.31400, -99.38479

I didn't stay here, but I stopped and walked my dog. There's some pretty cool trees on the trail. There's no longer a "no overnight camping" sign posted anywhere (or even a post where the sign world have been), though can't say if it's allowed or not.

Redwood Grove Picnic Area Free Camp 39.75071, -123.81899
sonny jadun

By chance stopped by here. By the time good done had a great friend in JP and Alan. What an amazing overlanding outfit. Installed my propane tank on Rigid Swingout bumper. Amazing job. Any issues, please stop and see JP.

Basecamp provisions 29.53657, -98.44444

Still nice - We were alone this time .. As other people said there are some dogs but if you shoot them with a water-gun they go away :)

Parque Estatal El Ocotal 19.81092, -99.75090

Has a dump station with rinse water. Didn't stay here.

Welcome center Mississippi 30.49709, -89.66903

There is nothing anymore that resembles a fuel filling point here.

Petrol/diesel -29.31192, 28.54147

Everything (still) closed, only two guards present, no information available

Bokong Nature Reserve -29.06951, 28.42566

Prefect little spot for a night. Some vans also parked here. Just be discreet and respectful so it'll stay that way!

Jefferson Avenue 47.51053, -122.18035

We took this road when driving from Liberia to San José, as part of Road 1 was closed. The road is very bad, but doable without 4wd. Also, they only open at certain hours, because tractors might be working.

Road in bad condition 10.03264, -84.54111

Stunning view of the viaduct along a simple gravel track, looks like it would be busy in peak season.

Roadside 44.97770, 3.17786

The casino has NO air filtering system. After about 5 minutes of being inside the casino I literally couldn't breath and was choking on cigarettes smoke. My jacket reeked of cigarettes smoke.
And I'm from Vegas. I've been to smoky casinos. But NEVER like this one.

They don't allow overnight parking at the moment.

Snoqualmie Casino 47.51934, -121.83989

Quiet and safe place to stay, with hot shower, bathrooms and good Wifi.
We left our Campervan here for 2 nights to go to Lima with public transportation and stayed 2 nights in the city. If you want to leave your car here and go to the city, talk to them in advance, so there is no confusion. There are some regulations about when to use big amounts of water because it's a place in a dry area. And there are some dogs and cats at the refugio. One night for 2 people in the camper costs 40 Soles or 10 Dollars.

Refugio Lima -12.09727, -76.78055

we stayed here for 1 night but we could have moved in here we loved it. she charged 100 pesos per person for a nice place with a view of the river, water, a(cold) shower, toilets with paper,a picnic table, a swing above the river. just amazing

Paraje y Camping San Efrén 22.56845, -99.34950

Spent the night and it was relatively quiet. Signs say parking is allowed for 24hours max. There were 4 or 5 other campers.

It appears that they do somewhat enforce 24hour rule. Some vehicles had a sign taped to the door, saying they would be towed, if not moved by the 3rd at 11am.

Walmart at Tsawwassen Mills 49.04157, -123.08224

Not the best campingsite but it was good for one night between Potosi and Sucre. It's very close to the road and a little bit noisy in the evening and in the morning.

C'est pas le meilleur site de camping sauvage mais c'était très bien pour une nuit entre Potosi et Sucre. Le spot est proche de la route donc un peu bruyant en soirée et le matin.

Wild Camping -19.41118, -65.19063

Arrived here during the day and took a nap and nobody bothered us.
But when it turned night there were multiple cops taking turns and we woke up to some lighting flash lights in our van and talking in spanish about how they can open the van. When we opened the door and they were about to try some corrupt police bullshit we told them that we talked to the other police before already and they said it’s allowed to sleep here. They then said its okay and left. But since that was like the 3rd time that police bothered us and it would most likely continue the whole night, we left. There’s also not a lot of street lights there which makes you an easier target for either corrupt police or thieves.

It was quiet but not worth the stress

Quiet parking with shadow 20.98417, -89.64361

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