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Turn right when you get to the beach. Sign with rules at the end of the road. Excellent beach camping. Very small amount of traffic. No garbage bins. Sand is hard , no difficulty driving on it. Perfect.

Freeport Beach south of Brazoria NWR 29.04253, -95.16416

very nice free camping. nice lake view. Very little to no traffic noise from the main road.

Black Kettle Campground 35.74975, -99.71875

Large signs everywhere. No more dry camping permitted here..had stopped last season but casino eliminated RV dry camping per customer service.

Casino Parking Lot 34.16273, -114.26990

Going to san lui potosi, take the road on the right just before the bridge. A little up the hill.
You can hear the highway so light sleeper, avoid. Ok for 1 night

Off highway 57 21.88987, -100.78303

This IS NOT the location. See additional entry.

Nelson Gomes Hotel 11.53278, -14.76005

Great place for the night. Felt very safe with 6 or so other vans/mini vans and a couple rvs. It does get very busy at 7am on weekends so make sure to get moving early

Cracker Barrel 29.33401, -81.05910

VERY basic. 10k. Ok for a night if you're heading for GC. ignore previous incorrect entry. Building is about a 100m off the main road before you enter the town. Electricity and running water may not be available. There's a well. Town has food supplies etc.

Nelson Gomez Hotel 11.53281, -14.76003

Restaurant with some decent food. When we came here he gave us a menu, we asked whether everything was available, he said no and he took the menu away :-D . The food we got however (the only available veg. dish) was very good and we paid only €4 in total. We spent the night in front of the restaurant, which was fine for them. There are rooms available though, but I don't know about the price.

Rock Valley Restaurant and Hotel 28.19733, 81.71090
No Fear Reizen

We visited this place in november’22. Great welcome by Assan which is a friendly straight person. Will help you with all your needs. The place is quite settled on the south bank of the Gambia. No running water but you can use river water for everything. Including drinking, they say. We did not. Possibility to fish, make a tour by foot and swim in the river. Worth to visit more than one single night!

Assan and Renata's Private Paradise 13.53604, -14.74892

This place is open! Really nice place and no problem to drive in with a truck of 3,20 high. We also stood under this big trees. Enjoy!

Lakeside -46.84616, -72.80622

Stunning views, quiet, except for the frogs, cranes, ducks... no one around. flat, private, nothing but the moon. Cell phone good on Verizon and att

Bois D'Arc Paradise 33.55984, -93.70035

We spent a quiet night here in a big rig. Parked on the side near the garden/auto center. Wifi was available here, cell service was good on Verizon and T-Mobile.

Walmart 34.99886, -101.92365

Took the risk, but … at midnight a ranger sent us away. In the Park is „No Camping“. Obviously! So decide on your own … we don’t like stress at night.

Beach access ramp #43 35.23592, -75.52736

Nice pull off off of 184 between Salida and Buena Vista. Trail continues down to private property but confirm using OnX that it is on national forest land.

Site is near last chance Prospect mine. Fun to go check out the old site.

Beautiful views of collegiate peaks.

One could also head north off of 184. I walked over there it’s a little bit more rugged. Less views. But more protected from the wind. Also better cell service over there too.

I regularly had one and sometimes two bars of Verizon LTE.

Sunrise and sunset were epic.

Did have a little bit of trouble leveling but I’m not super picky. Would be tough to find a tent spot.

Last Chance Prospect 38.62925, -105.96275

viajando a turismo em carro pequeno,pernoites aqui. lugar calmo e seguro

Posto São Gonçalo 10 -8.67821, -39.26272

bom local pra armar barraca. lugar tranquilo.o único problema é o som dos caminhões na rodovia a100 metros

Roadside -9.24009, -39.07609

Nice and clean place with plenty of flowers. 3 bedrooms, one dining room, one big kitchen, one common bathroom and one ensuite bathroom.
All fenced and secure.
Good Airtel connexion.
Please call +265 88 452 6093 Vincencio
Or +265 99 22 9 199 0
Email is [email protected]
Recommend it !

Price is 100.000per night for the whole house.

Southern Region Waterboard Guesthouse -15.35788, 35.30484

Good option to visit Seville. Bus stops closeby, about 25 mins to Plaza de Espana, 1,75 pp. On weekdays the bus goes every 30 mins, on weekends every 90 mins.

We paid 23 euro per night (2 adults, no electricity). Laundry/dryer 4 euros per token. Pool was still open early november. Mini-market with some essentials if you’re missing anything. Places are small and not all are level so might be a bit difficult to find a good spot during high season.

Camping Vilsom 37.27769, -5.93667

Almost perfect.
After one night official people from Southern Water Region thing came by and explained it is illegal to camp here as the river is inside a protected area.
They first asked us to leave and finally agreed to fine us 5.000 kwa ha so that we stay. They issued a proper receipt.

If you really want to enjoy this place, you better go at the very end of the road, arrive by night when no one can see you, and make absolutely no noise. Otherwise you can also be fined.

And of course, respect the place as it is protected area.

Zomba plateau garden forest -15.35753, 35.30605

Nice woodoven pizza and hostel, close to the beach, hot shower, very quite, it’s possible to use the kitchen, 30 sol per night

Pizzalia -4.10966, -81.05608

Follow steep tarmac roads, they turn to gravel and keep going until you see a decent sized gravel area with a great view.
If you fancy some fun on the trails carry on and eventually take a right up to a wind farm (maybe a bit too much fun for some)
You could certainly get bigger trucks to the camp spot but maybe not beyond

Off -road Track 44.40342, 8.46010

We slept here 3 night, it is, indeed, very quiet even on Friday nights. The price per night is 300 000 riali.

Parking at Jan’nat Park 29.61294, 52.47669

Entrances are blocked today with those large cement Jersey blocks, entrance is not possible. I don’t know if this is a seasonal closure (this is November)or permanent. Looks like it could be good when opened.

Rest Area Route 25 eastbound 41.55212, -70.50307

There are several spots with fire pits just a few meters off the paved access road. Far enough away from the highway to just hear faint background noises. Nice views, and due to the accessibility made a great quick overnight spot for us. Also, good Verizon coverage.

Several spots on power line road 35.83735, -114.53793

New, small, beautifully landscaped campsite from an emigrated German couple. Toilets and showers are being built at the moment. 10 euros a night. Shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Camperstop 37.60894, 23.03778

Quiet night in the woods. Good sized pull off. Don't park to close to the edge. It is a steep drop off. Woke up to one other car who stayed the night.

Pulloff on Hwy 1 39.85505, -123.72985

we stayed last night, with no problem the information center is completely closed, there's a couple big RV space is the parking lot, but the restaurant/bakery open and they make the best apple crisp pie.

Apple Annies 32.27227, -109.84111

Planned to stay 2 nights, stayed 5!
Lovely park with water, electricity and sewer for 300 pesos per night
Highly recommend

Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park 19.53382, -101.60977

Came in last night, it was full! But with my van, I was able to park by the fence facing north. Real nice. Took pic of sundown. I decided to stay out for today then visit cavern on Monday to avoid the crowd. I would come back again. Nice!!!

Sunset Reef Campground BLM 32.11981, -104.42466

just a corner parking lot on the beach .10000 x 24 hr. noisy at night til all the malecon with bars open.but I survived ..

Beachfront Parquadero 8.42131, -76.78682

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