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ENG: Quiet place near the city and the lake without services. We spent 4 nights without any problem. The place is 100 meters from the naval army. We feel very safe. We recommend it.

ESP: Lugar muy tranquilo cerca del lago y del centro de la ciudad. Estuvimos 4 noches sin ningún problema, nos sentimos muy cómodos. Dejábamos la camioneta estacionada y caminamos por toda la ciudad. Al lado de Prefectura Naval. Se recomienda!

Near the Lake -40.15954, -71.36297
Mohammed Khatib

I've stayed here for 2 weeks, I have a 40ft bus rig. there was another RV around too. the street is wide and somewhat quiet. cars come and go but not a main traffic route

it's against a wall with no apartments or houses around, just by a huge bus station. no one bothered me here and it's close to a lot of shops and restaurants. including the famous arizmandi pizza!

Street Parking 37.83406, -122.28225

awesome place to spend the night, the only level spot was taken by a very large RV and it's towed vehicle so it made it in here so whatever you're driving can.. probably.
he might have a few new scratches somewhere underneath but it still looks drivable, I'll attach a picture.
good place for jumping off to explore Death Valley and the nearby Japanese-American camp concentration camp at Manzanar. beautiful scenery, beer should look up the Alabama hills because there's a lot to see in this area and from what I understand a lot of stone arches that I have not yet begun to explore.

Whitney Portal Rd 36.59374, -118.10676

we spend one night and start the hike very early in the next morning. just pay 40.000 Gs pp plus 10.000 if you want to buy globes (for ropes when climb). no pay extra money.
beautiful place and Victor was very gently and help us fixing our van with a wheel problem.

Cerro Tres Kandu Trailhead & Camping -25.91574, -56.15246

Paradise in the Middle of the jungle. waterfall, fresh water, you have to park at the entrance. no sign but follow the path, Walk about 20min. and enjoy !!! you can find the road on mapsme... Not for rainy season !!!

Cataratas El Jardin de las Delicias -17.86425, -63.51378

lots of pull outs, nice area, quite, not far from town, no other cars, dirt, good road

Flat gravel pull out 36.75946, -114.06892

Overnight parking not allowed. We got the security knock.

Costco (Additional Parking) 29.96684, -90.11036

Ótimo estacionamento. Chão nivelado para motorhomes com energia elétrica e água. Possui banheiros limpos com água quente e espaço com churrasqueira num deck com vista. O espaço é silencioso e o atendimento é ótimo.

Estacionamento Capilha -32.50252, -52.58321

I can’t believe how many times we’ve driven past this and had no idea about this amazing hike into lava flow and ancient dry river bed. Nice basic campsites. A couple of other campers but quiet and secluded. Don’t skip the hike - only 1/4 mile from camp!

Fossil Falls Camping 35.97302, -117.91043

amanzing camping for all, cyclist/ motorhome
perfect place and safe. ask before the police open the bath.
free camping

camping fodaaaa! para todos, ciclista e motor home.
precisa antes passar na municipalidade e pedir para abrir os baheiros que sao incriveis!! agua quente e calefaçao. nao paga nada.

Camping municipal Cerro Sombrero -52.77930, -69.29576

This spot are actually 2 pull outs. One is smaller right next to the road which is pretty hard to level and would only accommodate a suv or small van. The other one is a pretty large pull out which actually has 2 levels. On the east side it slopes down where you can find a spot which has room for 2 vans, is level, grassy and pretty much out of sight. I stayed on the big pull out itself which is easy to level, is in sight, no traffic at night (dead end road to Dillon Beach), amazing views and is half packed sand and half granite rock. No honkers, no annoying youth and no one seemed to mind. Traffic starts at around 730. You are pretty far away from the road; my opinion the best spot to stay on this whole area because the campground on Dillon is a capitalist $¥!| hole. Stayed here in 2019 as well and since then no signs. Can get really foggy and/or windy so mind the forecast!

Sculptured rock Indian site (small pull out) 38.25021, -122.94472

Amazing laguna infront of the mountains.
If you take the road from here to Tupiza it is one of the most beautiful roads in Bolivia through the mountains. Sin pavement but easy nice road.
very very beautiful

Laguna de tajsara -21.79158, -65.10472

This is the parking lot of Cono de Arita. We arrived at night and slept here, to wake up with the sun rising behind the Cono. It was a quiet night, only a few cars and buses from the mine passing before 10 pm. From 09am some tour cars arrived here to visit the Natural Monument.

Esse é o estacionamento do Cono de Arita. Chegamos à noite e dormimos aqui, para acordar com o som nascendo por detrás do Cono. Foi uma noite tranquila, somente alguns carros e ônibus da mina passando antes das 22h. A partir das 09h alguns carros de tour chegaram aqui para visitar o monumento natural.

Cono de Arita -25.01203, -67.74175

We didn't spend the night here, but the landscape from here to the Salar de Antofalla is really wonderful!
⚠️This path to Cono de Arita is not easy for any car: quite steep, with stones and sand. We do not need to use 4x4, but we recommend high cars for this stretch.

Nós não passamos a noite aqui, mas a paisagem vista daqui para o salar de Antofalla é realmente maravilhosa!
⚠️Esse caminho para o Cono de Arita não é fácil para qualquer carro: bastante íngreme, com pedras e areia. Não necessitamos utilizar 4x4, mas recomendamos carros altos para esse trecho.

View over Salar Antofalla -25.47259, -67.62397

Shower inside the pool’s change rooms. Just ask at reception, I don’t know how much it is because their system was down when I went.

Decent showers, classic pool showers

Leisure centre 49.16879, -121.96567

petit camping avec quelques emplacements abrités, toilettes propres et douches chaudes mais rien de plus. Pas de prises électriques et pas de WiFi. Très cher pour ce que c'est 7000 pp, nous ne recommandons pas.

Cabanas El Manio and campground -43.41432, -72.36649

Convenient location just off I-5. I parked in the SE corner with no one else around and couldn't hear the highway noise. They play music and ads over the speakers in the parking lot but those seemed to shut off at a certain time. Plenty of gas/c-store and restaurant options around, including a McDonalds in the Walmart parking lot that has wifi.

Friendly Walmart - Willows 39.52440, -122.21843

funciona con normalidad, precio de gasolina diferencial para extranjeros, debes negociar el precio del combustible, esto funciona si hablas español, pagamos 3.75 bol como los locales.

Gasolinera tiwanaku -16.57037, -68.67118

No reciben tarjeta!! debimos tanquear en Tiwanaku.

Fuel Station Mazo Cruz -16.75046, -69.72206

just a perfect place to rest if you arrive latte in Mazuko.
quiet, clean restroons, clean and cold showers. friendly staff.

Auto servico Dennis -13.11201, -70.37983

It's still nice out there: horses, cows, birds and a nice setting. Calm and quiet.

San Juan River -53.64953, -70.95983

Heading south, we checked out here. Quick process, and we got our passports and CDP stamped out of Gabon.

Immigration office -2.40078, 11.35671

Dedicated large open lot with restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings not far from Goblin Valley. Sign on the restroom says they will begin charging come Jan 2023. We saw other spots nearby that people were boondocking on as well. Stayed 1 night. Nice dark sky to see the stars including the Milky Way on this clear November night.

BLM between Wild Horse and Temple Canyons 38.65466, -110.65951

Nice camping with a huge pool. Open and filled when we were there. 600 pppn. Showers open from 8 pm to 11 am. The swimming pool for daily users from 1 pm to 7 pm. After 7 super quiet. In the weekends is suuuper busy but nice with friendly locals. Monday is the pool closed. But open for campers.

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81324, -65.41969

To complete my first review : we went to the national park's main gate in order to pay our fees. The rangers at the gate told us they have no knowledge about arrangement between lodges/campsites and the government that prove the lodge Can receive the fees directly. We finally paid by cash (they don't have the machine for visa) and it's 10000kwachas per adult, free for kids under 12. They have us an official receipt.
For info the lodge requested us 25700kwachas without better and normal to go directly to the main gate and show your receipt to the lodge if you want to make a catamaran tour !

Chembe Eagles Nest Campsite -14.01236, 34.85056

Indeed very windy, we stopped here in the evening when there was jo wind but it freshed up around 4/5 am. We didn't had any problems but woke up from the wind.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Pudeto Cafeteria -51.06133, -72.99083

The spot would be a lot nicer when it’s not rainy and muddy, but we still made it work. We parked our roof tent in the gravel driveway, which was visible from the road, but a better surface for the rain. Beautiful views though, would stay again.

Riverbank -44.55669, -72.47281

We slept here 2 nights. It was a perfect and quiet place in front of a beautiful park and superb houses. It is possible to play with your dog in the park. The place is directly in the old city of Charleston

White Point Gardens Park 32.77030, -79.93192

The gate is open from 8:30 -15:00. We arrived at 14:30 and asked if we could enter to do some birding and sleep inside our car in the park. The guy at the gate agreed in change for some paracetamols for his headache. While we walked, another park ranger passed us and said we had to pay near the Laguna. We didn't go there and the next morning the guy at the gate only asked for more paracetamols.

Enjoy! @RobJansenphotography

Gate with lock -9.46940, -77.46570

Small coffee place with nice cappuccinos and pies. We had the brownie which was very delicious. In our opinion they ask tourist prices for relatively small portions. But if you want to celebrate something, this is your place!

Enjoy! RobJansenphotography

Canttu -9.52961, -77.52763

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