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very big very busy... sigh says no trucks overnight but the parking lot is filled with rigs and full size motor homes...only going to sleep for a few hours then hitting the road....

Walmart Parking Lot 36.85694, -89.58414

some grass next to a gravel road - 1 km of the 219 (main road). on a cliff next to the ocean. can't wait to see it in the morning 😁

Grand Étang Coast 46.55947, -61.03670

Wonderful stop just before Amarillo heading west on a cross-country trip. Right by the highway, easy access , super clean restrooms open 24/7 with lots of overnight parking. A few other RVs parked for the night and the HWY40 noise is pretty soft, specially if you park right behind the building. Trucks park further away so running engines are not a bother . Great safe overnight stop.

Texas Travel Information Center 35.19156, -101.72573

This place is permanently closed.

Casa Campestre -22.91134, -68.20677

This place is permanently closed.

in the park -32.30800, -58.09545

long nasty road to get in, and no obvious signs. But we made it, looks like a lot of work going on for improvements/repair. Here for a week, and hoping we have a great time. $2160mx for a week. 30 amp power is good, water pressure good as well.

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26634, -103.42247

Wide parking area in YPF petrol station. Showers available: womens free, mens 100 pesos 8 minutes. Near the highway. Some noise from a generator on the back of the petrol station, better park a little farther to sleep. Tyres service.

YPF Río Segundo -31.65192, -63.85769

There is no one to get the fee, but there is a Box to drop the fee by yourself. People who don‘t do this, make problems for all Otter overlanders!

Larocque Bridge St-Stanislas de Kostka 45.21839, -74.11472

Overnight parking or Camping forbidden

Wild camping Devil's Garden 37.58898, -111.41523

Perfect view for camping with tent. Easily accessible with loaded bikes.

Cennet vadisi 40.08225, 29.99143

Small , shared acc as well as private rooms .
Clean , friendly , convenient, breakfast included .

Italian Histal -40.76421, -71.64355

Small , shared acc as well as private rooms .
Clean , friendly , convenient, breakfast included .

Italian Hostel -40.76421, -71.64355

Wide Wadi with many trees and many options to stay. We camped on the edge near the rocks, so you will be safe if there is a flash flood.
On the afternoon some pickups drove through. At night it’s completely quiet.

Nameless Wadi 19.90659, 42.14557

Hotel restaurant. We slept for 2 days in the parking lot with our 4x4 truck. No height limit, we didn't pay for the pitch but we went to eat at the restaurant in return.

hôtel restaurant 30.32629, 75.56215

Nice spot close to the fields. Some villagers were passing this spot but nobody disturbed us. It is nice to walk around. We stood here for 3 days without any problems.
TNM connection was ok.

Fields -15.53350, 35.19579

Ok, but totally overpriced. Too few ablutions for the amount of campsites.

Oewerzicht Farm Cottages and Camping -34.09247, 19.65256

We were coming from Malawi and wanted to enter to Mosambik when the system broke down. So after waiting for the whole afternoon the police at the border in Mosambik told us to go back to the Malawi side.
A lot of friendly Military is there who told us that it’s no problem to sleep here and made us feel very safe.
The night was quite noisy but I guess that’s what you’re already expecting. But no issues and safe

Parking area before border gate -15.57929, 34.47882

this is a farmers field - nowhere to park!

Hill view 41.68650, 26.50603

Not so nice anymore the people from the gas station..They asked 12 times the official price. After a hard negociation we paid 5 times the price, as we were really in need of, caution!

Diesel 29.64518, 52.19362
Nomad Katia

Basic but very friendly hostal owned by a motorcyclist, Eugenio. He tries to help you with everything, gives you basic breakfast. Secure parking for motorcycles, cars and vans. Because of the gate's lateral width, probably big rigs won't fit. The wifi wasn't working, Eugenio shared his cell phone with mine (hot spot). 3 rooms and 1 shared bathroom. DON'T stay in the first room ("C"), facing the side of the hostel, because there's a bakery that makes A LOT of noise during the night, impossible to sleep. The other 2 (with 3 beds each) are good. I had to move on the second day, and slept well then. You can use the kitchen, there's hot water. Close to everything.

Hostal Chocolate -39.28203, -72.22336

Mesmo lendo os comentários anteriores, nao conseguimos vagas em campings da região, pois estavam todos lotados, resolvemos arriscar e pernoitamos no estacionamento do supermercado, chegamos 8 PM e ficamos com as luzes apagadas e tentamos ficar o mais invisível possível, estacionamos próx a rodovia e ninguém nos perturbou, tivemos uma noite tranquila

Walmart parking 30.17958, -85.80271

overnight at this service station, friendly staff, wi-fi, clean barhrooms, the place closes at 11pm and open at 7 an bit it is bright quiet calm

Puma -42.50689, -71.43260

Basic rooms 10k per night. Centre of old Portuguese town. Short walk to market. Good parking for motorcycles. Power.... sometimes.

Hotel Maimuna Cape 12.16608, -14.66254

MULTI RED bank atm machines- no charge to use but maximum withdrawal 400pesos per day.

MULTIRED Banco de la Nación -8.11078, -79.03054

camping for pitch a tent and motorhome in cuesta miguez down s.o.s ruta40. big space and protect wild with free wifi and safe. no water but perfect.

camping selvagem em posto de ajuda s.o.s com internet free, tem um grande galpao embaixo que protege da chuva e do vento. a vista é maravilhosa . nao tem agua.
fica no meio da cuesta miguez, perfeito para descansar e seguir viagem.

Roadside -50.34999, -71.58810

Nice spot for the night. Relatively quiet, enough that you can let the ocean lull you to sleep. It has definitely changed alot since some of the photos. The road to the beach is gated and an excavation is underway adjacent to the parking area. To get to the beach you need to go down a steep hill or squeeze between the gate to get to a roadway.

Cabot Trail 46.53133, -60.41758

stunning view point where you can hike to using no charge for natures wonder @a.truck.called.wanda

View point -4.78269, 38.24459
Alveto Expedition

Had an amazing adventure tour with Oasis Palm Tourism near Dubai! They are offering all sorts of tours and experiences in Dubai: from desert safaris to boat cruises, for your preference and budget. We tried the desert safari tour, with thrilling and heart pounding dune bashing adventure at sunset in a reinforced Toyota Landcruiser with a very experienced driver, there were free camel rides, professional photographers... we then drove to a beautiful camp site in the desert with comfortable red chairs and tables all around a platform stage. We had a delicious buffet dinner with soft drinks (alcoholic drinks on personal choice) and witnessed 3 artistry performances: Tanoura Dance – Fire Show –  Belly Dance show. Everything was organised and executed to perfection and we were left with fantastic memories of Dubai.
For more info:
+971 42628889

Oasis Palm Tourism Desert Camp 25.15286, 55.63862

Really beatiful place. The road is OK. Don't drive here in night, easy to get confused with directions. We cleaned it a bit and played with pebles.

Playa La Cebada -31.01313, -71.64569

Coming from the north the entrance is on its southern side. I added a photo of the entrance.

Playa La Cebada -31.01313, -71.64569

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