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Just to update, fees are not being collected for this place right now. There's a bag taped over the fee collection box, so it is free to camp! The sites are well spaced and private, especially further down the road, and it is quiet. A few obviously long-term campers but nothing sketchy. Cobb was too busy with hunters so I am glad this place is almost deserted.

Hog Pen Landing 30.23480, -82.45256

Great place to park, you’ll never be right tight against another camper because it’s that huge! However beware of the wind in the winter time, it just funnels right through and you’ll wake up extra cold!

Parc des Écluses 45.31655, -73.91364

Bridge has been blocked off by big cement blocks. Cannot access

Cayoosh Creek on Forest Service Road 50.58455, -122.09357

The directions written down by busbusbus are exemplary. Follow them turn by turn and you will arrive easily and in good order. I had no problems in my two wheel drive, heavy Promaster (Ducato) van. The location is gorgeous and silent and bug free in a November cold front. Strong Verizon signal too. With fees and taxes it cost $31 for two nights and I wish I could have stayed longer.
To Reserve:

Tate's Hell SF - #47 Oxbow (Pickett's Bay) 29.87362, -84.69644

Came in around 1 am. Deer were everywhere! Saw 1 or 2 every mile down the parkway, slowing our trip but making it much more interesting. The parking area was empty. We pulled our camper van in sideways and slept until 9 am undisturbed. Only a few cars passed in the morning. Nice scenic route in the morning to get to New Orleans

Turpin Creek-Natchez Trace 31.64364, -91.21373
David J Cattell

Very large pullout just before the official campsite. Nicer than earlier pullouts off 58. Bigger with more privacy but good views of the sky. So less creepy than some. Room for multiple vehicles or big rigs.

Large pullout off NF58 44.11385, -124.09548

They don’t allow it anymore…
Slept there 2 nights ago, all was fine, 2 other vans were there.
Last night we got the knock from a security guard, saying they don’t allow it anymore. He said we could go south of the lodge, behind the water tanks, basically right next to the south lodge lot, on park property. There are no camping signs but apparently that area gets checked rather seldomly. 2 other vans there. But wouldn’t bank on it.

Hoover Dam Lodge and Casino 36.00976, -114.78377

First place I had to leave because of the flies. After 2 hours I gave up, they kept coming into the car through the smallest holes in the muskieto nets.
But such an amazing area. I drove 80km east to another spot on the river, but was met with the same flies 😢.

FREE Wild Camp by River -43.84706, -68.80887

In full view of the road and close to it so lots of traffic noise and right in front of somebody's gate. To avoid.

The Rocky Wall -43.85400, -68.49345

“No parking overnight” signs have officially been placed here (end of the lot). There is a street directly in front that doesn’t have signage (for now) so if you drove here you could just cross the street and station yourself there.

Waveland Beach 30.28251, -89.36874

I had a great dinner here.
The restaurant popular with locals and with good reviews.
Churrasco is roasted meat served with some steamed potatoes and beans. 40Q for a quarter chicken 🍗
The other option is hamburger with fries which costs about the same. This was the dinner menu.

Churrasco Los Panchos 14.76072, -90.99253

Great quiet road off the highway with plenary of spacious pullout spots. Insane number of stars at night. Watch out for debris further down the road, especially if driving at night. Looks like someone cleaned out their camper and just abandoned all the junk - which had blown around the area.

Fire road off of Old Woman Springs Road 34.42486, -116.78836

we paid 100pesos per person. had a restful night and a shower in the morning they have water but you better fill your water tank in the village. but on the way to this place we saw several wild camping spots.
if we hadn't needed water we would have camped in the wild

El Cardenal Camping and Cabañas 18.31188, -97.61509

We slept on here one night, good spot in front of a small park. 1 other van here with us!

Calle La Veta 33.45271, -117.65570

Clean Coin Laundry/Laundromat
many washers&driers

medium load 4.25$, dryer 25c for 10minutes

Coin change right beside the laundry: At the carwash station (on left hand if you stand before the laundry) there is a blue change automat on the wall.

Coin Laundry Madera 36.93902, -120.05698

Good Place to spend a night. Quiet at night, first trucks pass by early the morning.

Parking of a trail 49.00235, -125.57559

All like it was said before. I just want to say: don't miss out on coming here, the most wonderful experience. We felt so welcomed and learned a lot about coffee farming. Highly recommended!!

Lunji Coffee Farm -8.87121, 33.35709

Easy and normal cracker barrel night. no issues. I left very safe and many other overlanders stayed. it's in a Plaza with a bunch of other stores, very well lit. no designated RV spots, but a few parked on the street behind cracker barrel. no strange activity. train around 930p and some construction this morning. nothing to loud.

Cracker Barrel parking lot 44.10414, -121.29683

An old hotel in the city center. The cheapest room with fan is 250 mxp (Nov.2022). With air conditioning, it costs 350 mxp. Parking, terraces along the rooms, and bicycles can be brought in the room. The room (economy) is spacious, decent, although whitewashing would be desirable. It seems clean though.

Hotel Plaza Sabancuy 18.97384, -91.18052

Beautiful place! It was a bit pricey. 30.00 USD (600 MX). However, this gets you a campsite. Each has a palapa, a water tank, a table, and electric (20 or 30 amp) Access to the awesome hot springs! Timing the tides, however, is a consideration on the hot springs. The beach is great for SUP or kayaking and just hanging out. I talked to the owner, and it seems changes on in the works to keep improving the area/campground. The Restaurant is now open, and while the menu is now limited, the food was good.

Puertecitos 30.34976, -114.64052

no signs prohibiting parking and no one bothered us. kids soccer league was going in the evening, but quieted down after.

Soccer park 38.53540, -122.80382

That was the most disgusting and expensive coffee I had in my life... there are many nicer and cheaper places around where you can enjoy relaxed atmosphere and good coffee.

Ozone 15.58523, 32.53753

Great place to stay during a visit to Warsaw. Beautiful, quiet place, very friendly staff and good infrastructure conditions

Camping Wok 52.17790, 21.14780
Fuga de Rotina

Public square in front of the beach. Nice place, safe. In the afternoon, people come to play soccer and futvolei on the beach.

praça de Porto belo -27.15340, -48.54290

Bom camping municipal GRÁTIS. Tem banheiros e duchas mas estavam sem água. Depois de umas horas apareceu um rapaz responsável e ligou as luzes e tomadas para utilizarmos. Não perguntamos sobre a falta de água.

Aicuna Camping -29.46538, -67.76678

Good spot very close to the beach. $6USDpn. Lovely family that run it who were keen to help however possible.
Stayed 3 nights and could’ve stayed more. Plenty of beaches and some nice food around or cook in the kitchen.
Simple but they said that they’re slowly ticking off jobs to keep improving it. A few dogs around but all friendly.

Camping Luna 11.45334, -86.10110

Easy access. Not sure if potable (no signs and didn’t ask) but filled up since others have already. Will report back if we get sick lol

Public Boat Ramp 32.79467, -117.21586

New owner, very friendly and rebuilding the whole place to European Standards. Clean. Swimming pool.
Wasn’t officially open when we came, but they were happy to welcome us for the night with our car. Camping / bungalow / tents no problem.
Éric +221781805862

Africa Safari 12.82198, -12.30257

We paid 16 pesos for 5 Gallons on this place.

Purificadora Sta. Clara 20.74695, -103.64340

Beautiful area!
If you stay on the “main” track, it’ll get you to the pool that’s naturally fed, but made by humans (really nice and refreshing!). Way down here is not too difficult!

We took a couple of trails (to the left) leading to the waterfall. All of them were, just as mentioned before, steep and super slippery. We fell twice haha so I’d definitely recommend hiking shoes, too!
So all in all definitely worth a stop, but getting to the waterfall really isn’t easy, but doable :)

Los Azules Cascadas (waterfall) 20.89699, -103.82045

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