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Historic site of Fairbank- free drinking water in outdoor faucets. One is close to the parking lot.
(31.7248738, -110.1869046)Fairbank
+1 520-439-6400

Juniper Flats 31.72487, 110.18690

Great place, quiet and lots of trees. However, there was no potable water anymore. Better refill before.

Wadi Indam Natural Park 22.76532, 58.00860

Walmart to the rescue again. After a full day at 2 beautiful beaches. Moonlight beach and my new favourite off leash doggie beach just south of moonlight beach. We watched the sunset from the mountain and found this Walmart.
The highway is very close but it’s free 🙃🙃🙃right. Rosie has already crashed I’m not far behind her.

Walmart outside San Diego 32.74049, -117.05325

This place is permanently closed.

Azoueiga Hotel 20.46078, -12.37039

We arrived at 16:00. Nobody was there. It is a nice spot not very visible from the road. Lots of hummingbirds were feeding on the beautiful flowers. We had Claro signal.

Enjoy! RobJansenphotography

Beer container Sierra Andina -9.10876, -77.68585

Just arrived (6PM) after a first run true it and the parking around town searching for other RVs. we didn't found anything. It is the only big parking in town. No signs visible. We park along the trees on the right.
Morning update: Best night since we arrived in Florida! Quiet, not To much light and this morning, there's two other RV :)

Walmart Chiefland 29.50108, -82.86923

Road is now open at this location

Closure: Road 88 Apache Trail 33.52643, -111.38985

Probably our 5th stay here, great to have a known quantity when we’re not out on a beach camping.

Hotel Hacienda Bugambilas 24.16782, -110.30581

Great 11 days so far..20 min from Sedona and Cottonwood. Great views..ppl are courteous. Nothing bad to say. Truck and 22ft camper

Javelina - Designated camping area 34.81171, -111.89321
Larry the Van

I called and was told by the person that answered the phone that the city of Flagstaff is no longer allowing camping in the Cracker Barrel parking lot

Cracker Barrel 35.19638, -111.61795

This place is permanently closed.

Hostal Maktub -33.41289, -70.60995

Fantastic place on the River side of the Río Negro. Busy on the weekends but quiet at night. There are endless spots for tents or motorhomes. We came here twice because it is such a magic place. Very clean! No toilet or tap water.

Rio Negro River Camp -39.11256, -67.61606

I wasn't able to find this place.

Roadside -33.45056, -71.35382

The hours of departure are approximative. I would advise to be prepared to spend some time waiting for the fery

Ferry to São Luis -2.50307, -44.52247

Ela está localidade na cidade e estado errado

Fazenda Borbulha -11.69679, -55.44803

By reservation only as of summer 2022! Sites that appear free are usually taken. Check the -they accept same day reservations for this cg-before you get into an argument!

Bonita Canyon Campground (Chiricahua NM) 32.01093, -109.35536

Convivial hotel that serves very good food. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Sylvette, the French owner, is very welcoming.
Prices are reasonable and in the normal range.
There is limited parking space available inside the walled area.
Phone:+222 4648 25 26 or +222 2205 50 56
WhatsApp: +222 2616 49 77
Email: [email protected]

Auberge La Guiela 20.46261, -12.36676

Still Possible to Camp at the Car Park.
10$ ppn.
Wifi works also in the Car Park and everybody is very friendly, they also let us fill up water!

Step Town Hotel -1.94128, 30.06528

The camp was closed at this time but nice security called owner who takes us to another nice desert camp 10min away!

Yazd Badiyeh Desert 31.84284, 54.59641

Very nice desert camp. You can stay in your car or in a room. Restaurant, nice big fireplace, shop … like the discription of the other camp. Nice sand dunes and you can also play with your car on the dunes! Irancell is working.

Desert Camp 31.82065, 54.61001

Clean nice place with friendly owners. Simple room with private toilet and shower was 500, bigger room 600

Mama Kynia 0.26121, 36.53680

Here you can find camping equipment and equipment to improve your 4x4 for desert excursions. Quality equipment👌

Offroad/camping shop 33.30061, 44.44665

Vegetarian friendly. We discovered this restaurant thanks to an Iraqi friend. It is the best restaurant we have tested in the country for the moment. There is a large room for meat lovers. And a small room next door for vegetable lovers😉

Saj Alreef Restaurant 33.30905, 44.44223

Change money XAF to USD, EUR and other local currencies. Necessary for USD needed to enter Angola.

Credit du congo (for Angola visa) -4.79513, 11.85329

As the first one on the road was closed, I went there and it was super quiet, fine and with a nice view indeed. You'll probably see rabbits and hear a lot a birds.

Bush Camp Quilmes -26.47733, -66.02332

the best camping in Botswana so far 🇧🇼
camp 100pppn
rooms with kitchen 790 for 2

Tuuthebe Lodge -21.39770, 25.51540

Posto 24 horas com muitas comodidades. passamos aqui duas noites muito tranquilas. Banheiros livres, wi-fi livre boa, muitas torneiras, tomadas e muito espaço para estacionar. Veja nas fotos. nos acompanhe nas redes sociais.

Posto Santa Cecilia -6.36791, -43.97217

good car wash in the city center of Bandar Abbas, prices negotiable

car wash 27.18257, 56.26525

Yes, VISA worked here, good to know! Big filling station.

Tawaqal Petrol Station -7.79569, 35.69412

Novo posto. Ótimos banheiros limpos e com chuveiro quente. Amplo espaço para estacionar com bastante caminhões. Wi fi mediano mais perto da conveniência. Passamos uma noite. Tem restaurante, lavanderia, barbearia, lava jato, farmácia, açaiteria, borracharia, troca de óleo e até igreja! Passamos nos outros 2 postos que estão marcados aqui no app mas esse é o melhor.

Posto Jorginho -12.68318, -39.67346

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