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beautiful flat place to camp next to Route 7 (carretera austral) trees that cover you from the humidity and flat and clean terrain to pitch tents, ideal for ci lists. we find spring water running along the Route.

Rio Barrancoso -47.50725, -72.84227

The owner passed away and the place is closed.

Farm Inn 16.23602, -89.04350
Greg Walker

Rest for a while on the scenic Cumberland Plateau. Right off Interstate 40 (Exit 320 Genesis Rd - same exit as Bucees) in Crossville, TN. All sites have full hookups - 50/30 Amp, sewer, and water. Excellent free WiFi. Buddy sites available. Pull through sites. Splashpad and Playground for the kids. Open air Pavilion with massive fireplace. Indoor conference rooms. A clean, well kept, Pet Friendly RV Park.

Paradise On the Mountain RV Park 35.97969, -85.00078

This point on the map has posted "Bus Loading Only - Tow Away Zone" If you look at the photo supplied here, this photo is in a residential neighborhood and not in downtown Ft. Worth as is claimed by the narrative. I am recommending that this entry be deleted because the photo and actual location does not match at all and there are "No Parking" signs on one side of the street and "City Vehicles Only" on the other. Also there is a discrepancy on the ioverlander map and google in that google doesn't recognize there being a 13th street but the street signs show that the noted location is actually "Texas Street". As they say in Texas, "bum steer".

Quiet street in downtown FW w/ electric 32.74806, -97.32982

Privileged location, close to the footbridge of Barra in Balneário Camboriú. 5 min walk from Balneário Camboriú Central Beach, Unipraias park and Oceanic Aquarium. 3km from Laranjeiras beach. Area of ​​2 thousand square meters, electricity and water points by individual frames, abundant structure of bathrooms and separate showers. Great location.

Camping River Parking -27.00761, -48.60222

We had an issue with our pickup (with camper), saw several mechanic and found this man : Daniel. Fixed it and teach us many things about our pickup. Is not a big garage but is a really good professional (mechanical engineer) and a trustful man. There is no sign at the door but you can call him at ±56966404484

4LOCK TALLER -39.29464, -71.90835

Fantastic experience.
To get there we got through a village and asked for permission. Adults agreed no problem and millions of kids followed the vehicle and greeted us.
Then it was veeeeery hard to get them go back home, they stayed around us until night, no matter how many times we asked to be alone to shower and everything.
Apart from that it was awesome.
Sunrise on the lake, fishermen, nice sleep … good 4G signal …

At the sandy lake shore -9.74398, 33.89524

not really nice but a calm place beside the river, you will enjoy after India.
beware of low hanging Lines, you can loop them up, for big rig.

Between Bridges 27.79328, 83.54971

Es un pequeño paraíso natural en la Selva. En nuestro terreno hay agua limpia pero no filtrado y aprobado. Aún no hay baño pero se puede bañarse en un pequeño Estero. Hay la posibilidad de hacer una fogata u disfrutar de la naturaleza. Estamos a 10 min de Puerto Misahualli hay unas pequeños tiendas más cerca y 2 restaurantes.

CoatiSacha NaturalCamping -1.05036, -77.66298

Speed limit is 40kmh, not 50kmh. There were signs coming from the north.

Police Shake Down -13.97184, 28.67910

Here you can find every kind of oil, enjoy

OIL 35.92078, 74.31595

To enter Kosovo, it's now a small black building that says BKS. Still located on the left right before the welcome sign at the immigration booths. Also 15 euro for a motorhome for 15 days.

Macedonia Kosovo Border 42.14190, 21.30258

Get your permit here:

On my visit Friday night four other sites were taken and the place was silent. Decent Verizon signal. Lots of signs advising no trash facilities and the campground was spotless. Easy short gravel entrance road.

Dinner Island 26.49993, -81.13102

beautiful place along the river inside the national park. just park wherever you want because there's absolutely nothing.

Sala -3.07022, 39.21031

It's a shop for phones and electronics items. You can buy a Omantel SIM card here and the two guys from India (Kerala) make the registration for you.
10 GB for 1 month are available for 9 Rial (OMR) = 22.50 Euro.

Omantel SIM card 23.21628, 56.49216

Connect to the Wifi, open the browser. It ask for register

McDonalds 29.36238, 47.64941

Nice and calm place next to the lake to spend the night, not traffic around

Pacucha Lake -13.61940, -73.33075

nice place. on every campside is it possibel to park with the car under a roof. also with our Unimog.

Daureb Isib Campsite + Cactus & Coffee Tea Garden -21.21637, 14.86314

on hot days it is perfekt when car is in the shadow

Daureb Isib Campsite + Cactus & Coffee Tea Garden -21.21639, 14.86315

Good laundry place, run from a shop. 2500/kg for washing and drying, 3000/kg if you want it ironed. Done within 24 hours

Lavandería artesanías -43.18544, -71.86880

We have been here in the morning and they filled the fixed tank with ACME adapter without any problems.

Gas Areco -34.25533, -59.45732

This is the yard you have to drop your vehicle to get it shipped out of India. Its on google.maps at the right place, you drive under the building-entrance. Inside its organised the Indian way. Take a lot of nervs and patience with you. It took from 10 am to 8 pm going from my hotel near the airport, drop my car, do some customs paper work and get back to the airport-hotel. Full day experience. Welcome to Mumbai

shippin yard and customs 18.91464, 72.98976

Once again the same thing as stated on other police checkpoints around :
- they show you on their phone a photo of your car with a fake red number side of it (in our case 67) and claim it was a 50kmh zone.
- we told them we knew their trick and showed on IOverlander that they are well know for this.
- then we said their phone was not a validated device and that we asked for a photo on a validated device with also the report of the last calibration and the calibration date
- they were very surprised and pretended that they could call the officer to bring the proof but then they would have to fine us.
- « OK please do ».
- very surprised again. Repeated same thing.
- I said again OK please do.
- then they said to follow them on foot, that they would bring me to the officer.
- said no problem.
- they bring me to a random car and saw that I was ready and not willing to grease them.
- so they finally said « OK you can go, I forgive you ».

We left without having to pay. Which is another proof they are corrupted and had no proof whatsoever of an over speed.

Corrupt police -8.96685, 33.60255

Nice place to rest for the night. no issues. road noise

IH 20 Reststop - emergency overnight 32.45722, -98.64552

Better than nothing but not really nice. Interesting to see the jockys whil training with the camels. there are trillions of flys.

Camel Race Track 27.79525, 41.78910

We saw lot of dolphins but no sealions.

Very nice place not too close to houses.

Near the ocean -42.00159, -72.73359

The road is passable, but preferably with high clearance vehicles.

Road (Im) passable - high clearance preferred 6.20921, -73.51770

Huge Walmart with amazing grocery selection. fairly level lot. very busy during the evening but quiet at night. parked on the right hand side great wifi from Lowes and Walmart.

Walmart Eagle Pass 28.70018, -100.48236

We asked at the YPF if we could spend the night there, but they had no big parking lot. They said it's safe to sleep just across the street, that there's a police station 50m ahead and that they'll keep an eye in the car.

We felt safe, it was just a but noisy. Also it's slightly downhill.

Street next to YPF and police station -32.88359, -68.86010

Stealthed with an SUV:
A surprisingly quiet street parking considering it's not far from the highway, maybe 150 feet away. The thick line of trees block a lot of the noise. Across the street is a very tall cement fence blocking any view from the house, and there's limited street lights (and almost no traffic) at night.

Very little foot traffic even at 7am.

Street parking next to trees blocking the highway. 34.28319, -118.74187

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