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really nice and beautiful place! we enjoyed it very much. as previously said the road through Google maps in funky since the road is not exis at this map. go with Google maps but when you come close to the end of the road look for a new flat dirt road that goes with electricity lines, the road is very good and easy.

we arrived to the spot and found another Overlanders which was even more fun! with our 2×4 we couldn't go up the small hill so we couldn't be directly on the beach but the other overlanders did it with 4×4 no problem.
still we had great grass to put our car.

when the wind is blowing the bags are OK. just make sure you come there with stuff to put on yourself in the sunset and come with musquito net otherwise it can be hard. we had all that with us and we had great time! great water! no shade.

very recommended 👌

Beach 21.15502, -90.09398

Super endroit où on est resté deux nuits. La première nuit on est arrivé après les heures d'ouverture du bureau d'information donc nous n'avons pas pu demander la permission mais nous étions avec un autre VR et tout s'est bien déroulé. La deuxième journée nous avons pu aller s'informer à l'intérieur et la jeune fille qui y travaillait nous a dit que techniquement nul part en Gaspésie il était possible de passer la nuit dans les stationnements et il était même possible qu'on ait un ticket. On a décidé de prendre la chance quand même et dormir une deuxième nuit et nous étions avec 4 autres VR pour la deuxième nuit. Il n'y a donc aucun problème à y passer la nuit, c’est un super endroit avec tables de pic nic et internet gratuit. La brasserie Frontibus à 5minutes à pied est un bel endroit à aller visiter également!

Visitor Information Center 48.99452, -64.39722

beautiful place with quite and amazing beach. super relax.

there is a small ruins that goes inside a perfect beach. we were alone and the water was clear and nice. there are some boats of tourists stop to take pictures but not much and they also stay for 5 minutes. the place is really beautiful and we highly recommend to go there, super quiet.

there are mosquitos! bring some spray and net with you.
they way there is unpaved road with lost of hols in it but with our 2×4 we managed with no problem at all (in the rainy season). you can put directions also through Google map San Joaquin Park. it will bring you there easily. if you take different roads and wandering around the area, you can also see Flamingos (closer than in any touristic tour) and they are also inside the beautiful pink salt lakes (in the noon its more colorful than the morning)

we didn't slept there since we arrived at the morning and didn't know about the place before. so we slept on the official public beach between two restaurants which was also nice.

enjoy and don't miss it!

San Joaquin park 20.83619, -90.40563

parked here for one night at the beach between two restaurants. was very quiet. a local guys that gard the two restaurants and sleep there told us it's safe and ok to sleep. he also gave us a plastic table and chairs to cook and seat. was very nice and friendly. it was during weekday so the beach was super quiet. there was light from the closed restaurants. it's a bit on a road so sometimes at the night there was motorcycle pass but not to bad. toilet and cold shower were available only in the morning inside the campsite that is also the public toilet of the beach for 10pesos

Celestún 20.85688, -90.40208

It was 75q for a tent and additional 25q/person. Renting their tent is more expensive but don't remember exactly (around 300q).

Camp AKT 14.53813, -90.87839

Crossed from Bolivia to Argentina. Very simple. Competed Jurada Declaración on my phone prior to crossing. Bolivian side asked for a slip of paper with QR code which they gave me when entering Bolivia. Argentinian side didn’t check vaccine status, nor health insurance (covid cover). Once approved, I was emailed a voucher with QR code which detailed my entry date. No stamps on passport. 10 minute process. Backpack was scanned through radiography machine.

Villazon, Bolivia to La Quiaca, Argentina -22.08999, -65.59622

We spent 2 nights in this area.
First night on this spot. It is pretty flat, easy to level. There is a fire pit. Place was clean except the shotgun shells. We could hear shooting during the evening.
For our second night, the spot was taken, we went a bit further. The new one was super flat, flat but was smelling ... dog food !
We had 2 quiet nights.

Deep in the wood 42.15840, -122.79965

We were having engine trouble 1 mile from here so we pulled in. RV camping is primitive and a big open field for $50/week. Outdoor showers are amazing and the staff is so nice. Good att signal but they also have wifi if you’re near the trailers. Theyre building a community center. Dogs were off leash, no issues.

Luna Mystica 36.46739, -105.66052

De toute beauté! Très paisible et ressourçant 🌊🌾🌿 Aucun dérangement pendant la nuit. Nous étions seuls avec le paysage.
⚠️Attention aux petites voitures chemin très rocailleux.

Ceilidh coastal trail 45.69565, -61.44618
Gaetan De Waele

yep, shit bucket. other than that, beautiful surroundings and great spot

Multiple easy access spots 38.08873, -120.12127

Clean, hot and free shower in the changing rooms next to the pool and the gym. Plus, you can fill up your water bottles. We went on a Tuesday morning and there was nobody. Thanks Ste-Anne University!

Douche propre et gratuite avec de l'eau chaude dans les vestiaires du centre sportif. Accessible par la porte près de la patinoire et se situe près du gym et de la piscine. En plus, il y a une buvette pour remplir les bouteilles d'eau. Nous y sommes allé(e)s un mardi matin et il n'y avait personne. Merci à l'Université Sainte-Anne!

Centre Sportif Université Sainte-Anne 44.43213, -66.11838

Slept there last night. Quiet spot with no visitors on the beach. There was only a couple of locals who came to picture the sunset.

Nous avons dormi là hier soir. Emplacement tranquille avec personne sur la plage et seulement quelques visiteurs pour prendre en photo le coucher de soleil.

Comeaus Hill Park 43.68541, -66.02432

The positive: Very nice and friendly people, green and nice place, more or less quiet during the night (dogs and chicken make most of the noise), restaurant closes early so no noise from there. Cheap, paid 450 pesos for 3 nights. 10 min walk to either Gate 1 or Gate 2 of the archeological zone, and the bus towards the North Central Bus Station in Mexico City leaves at Gate 2, about every 15 minutes.
The not so positive: VERY basic and rustic: not hot water, only cold showers, shower head cannot be regulated. Toilets: bring your own - paper, in this case. No electricity on the sites, only 2 sockets for electricity at the work shed, so you have to park your camper there to charge. Water: non potable, so filter is necessary IF you decide to fill up - the water pressure is so low that it would take hours. NO dump station!!! Internet only works close to the restaurant, average velocity, not on the sites. So we basically paid for a safe parking lot. Didn’t use the restaurant, so we cannot comment on that. But the coffee is good :-)

Mi Mexico Lindo 19.68820, -98.85202

Pretty popular area. Gets lots of traffic but quieted down by 10. Great place for large vehicles. Several busses and trailers. Because of the amount of people, you’ll probably have to ask to share areas. There is a sign posted saying campsites accommodate multiple campers but each night I asked people let me share and were super friendly. If you’re looking to meet new people with a great view, this is a good spot. I had signal off and on. But not the best.

Dispersed Grand Teton view 43.76411, -110.55185

Typical Walmart. A bit of a meeting spot for people so a little noisy. Two other campers besides us.

Walmart Greenwood 44.96640, -64.92161

Viñedo Tierra de Peña produces natural wines, which is a challenge (no pesticide, herbicides, sulfide, yeast, etc.). Nonetheless, the wines (Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, Muscat) are fruity and have a nice body. Luis and Beki are happy to receive visitors, let them experience their wine making processes (August-September) and serve some of their precious liquids for tasting. The price range is 500-600p/bottle. We stayed in our motorhome on their premises for two days (400p/night).

Viñedo Tierra de Peña 20.71158, -99.94239

Nice big campground, most spots are very open without trees, some of them are more covered. Had a very hot shower the first night, only just warm the second night. It's just a push button. The handicap shower you can control yourself. Even though it's full its quiet.
Saw some Elk.
There has been 2 bear sightings on the campground in the past 2 weeks so be very bear aware, as always.

Whistlers Campground in Jasper NP 52.85133, -118.08162
H Leroux

Used the dump station, great setup. The staff indicated the water is safe to drink so if you have your own hose you just disconnect the black hose that is there for rinsing tanks.

Info Center 46.17525, -74.60296
H Leroux

Great spot we arrived around 8:30pm, quiet. We mountain bike therefore we were ready to go in the morning with the trails right there.

Visitor Center Parking lot (à Tremblant ) 46.17552, -74.60255

Nice spot for the night! Lovely to here the sound of the river. We arrived late, so did not make campfire, but as previously stated, lots of driftwood.

Whirlpool Canyon Rest Stop 59.62442, -127.08511

love this campground, 2nd time to stay. woodsy, next to a creek and right down the road from hot springs and also toketee falls. we stayed a couple of nights. we're able to find a spot (Tuesday-thursday) with no reservations, but sites were mostly all booked up for the weekend. some mosquitoes but not crazy. pit toilets, no water and no cell service at all. will come back again.

Toketee campground 43.27320, -122.40376

Nice spot with some decent views of the bay despite some trees blocking the view a bit. Large, level parking lot with room for 4-5 vans.

Cape Blow Me Down Trail - South Shore Outer Bay 49.06163, -58.30517

très grand parking, assez éloigné de la route, donc relativement calme. sécurité 24/24, toilettes propres, douche froide. bref, fait le job...

Petrobras Service Station -23.85002, -56.51384

Stayed here one night. Some noise from trucks overnight, but nothing loud.

There's a nice dog park just to the east.

Walmart Sandpoint 48.30829, -116.54169

beautiful camper place with simple toilet and shower, 2 km away from the city, 10 camper pitches and payment machine

San Pellegrino camperplace 45.85425, 9.66480

As mentioned, they only fill propane at 4pm. We were there at 530pm so left it and picked it up the next day.

Irving Parkway 49.58605, -57.90583

Wonderful place. Very clean. Marcia is very nice. Good bathroom with hot water. Near the lagoon. Delicious food. Place and kitchen where you can stay.

Camping Vô Tárcio -31.41918, -51.20504

Free WiFi. Walked right in. The first floor has an open seating/booth area with outlets for you to plug in your electronics.

Public Library 52.87735, -118.08351

So the only faucet I saw is in the front of the building. There’s a bunch of potted plants/flowers in front of it. And it also faces the road which makes parking difficult as it fills up quickly. I, personally, would not bring a jug or anything as you’ll probably smash the flowers underneath the faucet. Not to mention there’s tourists and locals walking by. I filled up at the location just outside of town by the Alpine Village.

Tap water 52.87767, -118.07945

Great campsite, very clean and quite place… river is very close by and it is amazing for a day chill… great for kids as well

Cowichan River 48.77288, -123.89563

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