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We were charged a $20 flat rate for dumping and water.

West Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park 44.65527, -111.10534

Propane fill up available at front of business in parking lot

Erie U Storage 40.04612, -105.05892

Very well kept park. Ok restroom. Water. Great for a night.

Campo City Park 37.10319, -102.57707

Great location. Beautiful views. I have a 40 ft bus and found a decently level place to park.

Hualapai Peak Ranch BLM 35.16305, -113.96011
Henk vd Walt

Beautiful camp site. No power, gas geyser for hot water. Indoor and outside braai, pizza oven etc. Main access road only accessable by 4wd when wet. Second camp called Kholo Camp also available

Zwakala -23.90086, 29.93296

Not many spots are easily accessible along these roads. Very quiet during the week but extremely crowded beginning Thursday due to a mountain bike meet up. If you take the road to the right at the Y, there is a big level spot on your left just before the road starts to go up the mountain. After that, the road is steep and narrow with big rocks. Close to Cedar Breaks NM. Good TMobile & Verizon coverage.

Bear Flat, Dixie Forest 37.68045, -112.85857

some cars passing in the night. but a lot of space and a nice view.

Lake Side View 69.35758, 19.99859

Awesome Mexican family restaurant.
Mostly local families eating here.
Portions are Huge and the food is fantastic.

El toro guero 24.14824, -110.32908

Super place for a night. Very quiet as I was alone in my parking lot. I wish more parks would allow 24h parking duration as they do here..

Shawinigan Parc des Chutes 46.52578, -72.76320

Great spot! Didn’t get here till 1 am but was able to find a nice parking space. Nobody bothered us and it stayed very quiet throughout the night and into the morning. Unfortunately, the bathrooms were overrun by homeless.

Park in the street 33.76548, -118.16701

A nice beach somewhat hidden at the end of the road away from the Time Square area. The location has wilderness on one half and developed rest area on the other half. Some white sand and shallow waters. Bathrooms, Showers, and picnic area near parking. I don't bother paying for parking. Be aware there can be heavy traffic along the 865 on the island during the day that is slow!

Bowditch Beach Park 26.46400, -81.96800

Nice camping with pool, wifi, electricity , we pay 300 mxn 2 people on a Motorhome full hook up, we spend three quiet nights here

Trailer park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn 21.21205, -86.80346

Stayed 1 night. Nice spot, clean toilets but not 24hrs. Splash pad, kids park, soccer field. We were there on a Friday night. Local teenagers were there till midnight. There are train tracks near by so don’t be surprised to hear trains.
No signs or anything indicating no camping.

Smiths Falls - Lower Reach Park 44.89181, -76.00649

Super propre! Bien reçu au bureau avant..

Un spot enregistré..

Showers 48.39845, -71.04634

This place is currently closed. You can only use the dump and water fill station.

Hite camp ground 37.87657, -110.38391

Visible from the street but still a very nice place to stay. When vehicles drive on the bridge there will be some noise but you can get used to it. Very few traffic at night. Overall really recommendable!

Colorado River Rimming near Hite 37.88946, -110.36483

As described above. There is a loading ramp too for those emergency’s!

Ngumban Cliff Rest Area -18.74893, 126.11352

Quiet parking , between the church . No indication for the night

Parking museum 46.67341, -71.70661

Anciennement village les écureuils. salle de spectacle dans ancienne sapristi de l eglise. 5a7 sur le balcon de l eglise. Gens vraiment sympathique, Entrez prendre un café pour encourager la belle place

Parking museum 46.67335, -71.70695

Just a small parking lot, but definitely a good overnight.

Bramble Wildlife Management Area 41.42305, -96.69363

Very nice Campsites, some close to the lake. No problems with mosquitos end of June. Lake good vor kayaking.

One Eye Lake Recreational Side 51.96671, -124.91205

Just crossed the border to Angola from Namibia at Oshikango. I wanted to cross at Ruarkana, but they don't process visas, they only stamp.
So went to Oshikango. The exit from Namibia was quite easy. Immigration stamp, Carnet stamp, then road tax exit receipt. Then I could leeave. No checks or controls. Entry Angola also quite easy, just a bit confusing.
Nobody asked for my PCR test (which I paid 800 Nad for🤬) Bug masks are required still.
The person handling the visas was extremely friendly and professional and even walked me to the customs office when we were done at immigration.
He needed the printed e-visa, my passport and my name, contact number, mother name, father's name, and my destination on a piece of paper. No copies of anything else.
You have to pay 120 USD for the visa. That is supposed be done at a bank, but it's not next door. So the visa guy let me give him the 120 USD and then send the receipt via Whatsapp. He is not supposed to do this, and whether the money ends in his pockets I don't know.
The people stamping passports were not very friendly and were busy talking to other people rather than looking at your passport.
After the stamp, I went back to the visa process guy to get a copy of my passport and visa and entry stamp. This I needed for customs.
At customs they also wanted registration paper, copy of driver's license (both sides) (Wasn't interested in the International drivers license) Photo of motorcycle from both sides, photo of license plate.
They do a TIP. No Carnet handling. Then you get a payment order of 6600 Kwanza which you bring to a bank and pay at the ATM. This was not easy as the ATM's didn't accept my credit card. A fixer helped me find a local guy who paid with his card, then I gave him 240 Namibian Dollars.
Back at customs the processed the papers and went out and checked the Vin number on the bike and asked me to open my bags. But he never looked into them.
There are lots of guys who will change money for you. I changed 100 USD for 35.000 Kwanza.
Once past the border you come to a roundabout (right side driving in Angola!) And if you take a left in that roundabout, then right after, there's Unitel.
You get I think it was 6 GB for 5000 kwanza valid for 30 days. Simcard was under 400 kwanza.
I Normally don't use fixers, but here Lukas helped me, and it would have been hard to handle the payment thing without him.
They don't speak English - except the visa processing guy.

Santa Clara border crossing Nam-Ang -17.39118, 15.89123

Gravel parking lot. Stationnement en gravier.

St-Lazare Arena 45.39608, -74.13942

Cheers from The Overland Embassy!

Come visit!

Shipping - The Overland Embassy 9.01440, -79.48675

Great location great little town. stayed here for two nites with no problems. There was one other van there for one nite also. Loved it

Municipal Parking Lot, 51 S. Main St., Waterbury, VT 44.33598, -72.75546

I just got woken up by a cop at 1:30am who said I can't sleep at this park. I've been here before with no issues. It's up to you if you want to take the risk or not.

Eisenhower Park 29.60108, -98.56427

Arrived at 4PM with plenty of spots and did not fill up over the evening. Clean pit toilet. Nice view of the sunrise with bison and prairie dogs around.

Sage Creek Campground (NPS) 43.90970, -102.39129
Dana Muscatello

great place to land for the night. Free for 1 night. we enjoyed a wine tasting & Blue Heron cheese. if you’re traveling with kids they’ll love the animals. animal & road noise. not the most quite but easy & safe

Blue Heron French Cheese Company 45.46704, -123.84218

Dificult to park for a big rig. All too small

costanera -27.29490, -54.19628

grand stationnement asphalté devant une écluse, tranquille, table de pic nique.

Iroquois Lock / Écluse Iroquois 44.83051, -75.31386

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